tagLoving WivesMelissa, Our Roommate Ch. 07

Melissa, Our Roommate Ch. 07


Our sexual triangle remained largely at a status quo for the next week or so. My wife Kelly and I were fucking every night, something that had never happened with us even when we were dating. Not only was the quantity exceptional, but the quality was also as good as any man could ask for. Kelly was wearing sexy lingerie frequently. In fact, hardly a day went by when she wasn't wearing something that set my loins to twitching. Similarly, her makeup, hair, and perfume were amazing at all times. She was also quite consciously driving me wild by smoking sexily around me whenever possible.

Her appearance was fabulous, and her attitude and approach toward sex had also gotten very exiting. She was constantly trying to find new ways to arouse me more, not that I needed any additional assistance there. She was sucking or touching my cock far more regularly than in the past, where a short blowjob followed by sex was typical. Normally fairly vocal during sex, her naughty fantasizing had taken a big jump, and now she often talked about me fucking Melissa or eating her cream-filled pussy, or teasing my desire to do her with another man by talking about sucking a hard cock while I fucked her.

And then there was Melissa. In some ways, she was very different than Kelly. Long blonde hair as opposed to Kelly's shoulder length brunette tresses. Smaller breasts. A tendency towards glossy pink lips and blue eye shadows where Kelly liked darker browns and reds. Pierced nipples and clitoral hood.

But in other ways, they were so much alike. They both loved to tease in sexual ways, without being slutty. They both smoked sexily. And I was fucking both of them in my marriage bed.

It wasn't cheating, of course. Kelly had firmly pushed us together, and in fact only twice had I slept with Melissa that Kelly wasn't present. She had made it very clear that she didn't want to be there the first time, but wanted to hear all of the details. The second had happened a few days ago when Kelly got stuck working late, as had happened a few times recently. But we had also fucked twice with Kelly there, either watching or participating. Plus, I had gotten to watch Kelly's first bisexual encounter with her sexy friend not long ago!

So all in all, the past several weeks had been very good to me, especially the most recent ones. However, even with all of the excitement I had experienced thus far, I was truly just at the beginning of my discoveries, I began to realize.


It was Saturday afternoon. The work week had been very stressful in that mixed good and bad way: good because our client roster was expanding rapidly and we were preparing for software installations as fast as we could manage them; bad because we simply couldn't train people quickly enough to take the pressure off of the existing staff. Hence my need for some relaxation, with my feet up on the coffee table and a beer in my hand. I looked to my right where Kelly lay on the couch reading a home decorating magazine. She was intensely sexy even when she wasn't doing anything special, I thought - although she knew me well enough to easily pass on the subtle cues that would get me excited, without making it seem obvious.

Now, for example, she had simply clipped her shower-damp hair up in a twist behind her head, letting it fall as it may across her neck. She was braless under an oversized long sleeve T-shirt that was thin enough to reveal the dark circles of her areolas and the raised bumps of her nipples. Other that that she wore only a pair of pink cotton panties that I was able to see whenever the hem of her shirt rode up her thigh. In other words, she was dressed for comfort, but in a way that sent a gentle pulse of blood through my cock every time I look at her.

She saw my glance and smiled at me, blowing me a kiss. Then, as if entirely by coincidence, she reached for the pack of cigarettes on the coffee table and lit one. Without so much as another glance in my direction, she proceeded to smoke the entire cigarette while casually reading. Of course it kept me completely aroused and sneaking looks at her.

The whole afternoon was pretty much like that. She never really did bother to get dressed, and I found it especially exciting once when I glanced at her cotton-clad pussy and noticed that the fabric was moist with her juices. Apparently her teasing games had some effect on her as well, I noted. She passed me on the way to the bathroom, pausing long enough to give me a short tongue-kiss with her smoke flavored mouth on her way. On a whim, I followed a moment later and spied on her through a crack in the door.

She quickly pulled down her panties and sat down on the toilet. Though I couldn't see it, I heard the splashing of water as she peed, and then she wiped herself a couple of times with tissue. But as I had hoped and suspected, I saw her fingers flash over her clit several times and heard her soft moan and knew that she had simply touched herself enough to raise her own passion higher. I quickly scooted back to the living room as she flushed the toilet.

Early that evening, Melissa came out of her bedroom from a power nap, prepared for a date. She was dressed to kill. I felt my cock stir for the hundredth time that day when I saw her - hair curled up in a sexy-cute flip, glistening lips and shadowed eyes, tight black pants and a pink top that accentuated her 34B breasts. She paused long enough to light a cigarette and then strode into the living room accompanied by the clicking of her four-inch wedge heels on the hardwood floors.

"Well, what do you think?" she inquired of me, hands on hips and exhaling a stream of smoke towards the ceiling.

"I think you look good enough to eat," I told her lustily. Kelly smiled when she heard this.

"You're so sweet," Melissa cooed at me. She put a hand behind my neck and leaned down to kiss me wetly. "Let's hope my date thinks so."

"Is this the same guy as last week?" asked Kelly.

"Yeah, the same one," Melissa confirmed. "But I'm seeing a different guy tomorrow night, and then this other one I just met on Wednesday."

I playfully swatted her ass. "You little minx! You're not screwing around, are you?"

"Only with you," she laughed. Then the sound of a horn from the parking lot out front announced the arrival of her date. "Gotta go," she said. She leaned in for one more kiss from me, slipping her tongue between my lips briefly, then moving over to Kelly and doing the same to her. Then she was gone, the door clicking shut behind her.

Suddenly Kelly was in front of me, sliding down to straddle my leg and pin my cock between her thighs. "I want to fuck you," she told me firmly, "right now."


Minutes later we were in the bedroom kissing passionately. Kelly's hands were all over my back and neck, pulling my mouth into hers while our tongues dueled aggressively. I could taste her sweet saliva and my nose was starting to pick up the tangy scent of her pussy, as it grew wetter by the second.

"Oh, I'm so hot right now," she moaned into my ear as I ran my tongue down her neck. I reached up and squeezed her left breast with my hand, rolling her nipple between my thumb and fingers through the thin shirt she wore. She gasped as I pinched it gently.

"Still thinking about getting it pierced?" I pinched more firmly and pulled a bit.

She nodded, eyes crunched up in a mixture of pleasure and agony as I twisted her hard nub. I then slid down and bit at it through the cloth, raking it with my teeth to her aroused moans. Satisfied that she was enjoying it, I repeated the treatment on her other nipple then lifted her shirt. Both nipples were glowing red and rock hard from my attention.

I was about to slide down and eat her but she stopped me. "Lay down. I want to suck you."

I didn't need to be told twice. I slid off my jeans and boxers and fell flat on the center of the bed. Kelly took off her shirt and panties in front of me and stood naked, showing off her closely trimmed cunt and sexy tits. She opened a bedside drawer and pulled out a thick dildo, dropping it pointedly on the bed next to me. Then she climbed onto me in a 69-like position, kneeling so that her pussy was several inches over my face and taking my cock in her hands.

She bent forward until her breasts brushed my thighs, hanging straight out from her chest. She stroked my cock for several seconds until it was as hard as it could get, looking me right in the eye over her shoulder the whole time. Then she dipped her head down and closed her lips around the head of my cock. My view was limited by the position, so I could only imagine her crimson lips surrounding me as I felt the warm saliva coating my shaft in time with her bobbing.

I laid my head back and enjoyed the pleasurable sensations she was giving me. Kelly has a talented mouth, and when she's in the mood to show off, she can really do wonders. Tonight she really seemed to want my cock in her mouth and was doing her best to deep throat it, breathing warmly towards my balls as she pumped the base of my dick with her hand.

Suddenly I noticed her hips wiggling suggestively above me and she paused in her sucking. "Well?" she said expectantly. I realized shortly that she wanted the dildo and grabbed for it. Reaching up with the other hand, I parted her nether lips and was thrilled to see a thick, sticky string of clear pussy juice stretched between them. I put the head of the two-inch thick dildo to the entrance of her cunt and twisted it in her wetness until it was lubricated. Then I pushed it slowly up her snatch while she resumed her sucking.

If I'd thought she was giving me great head before, it was that much better once I penetrated her with the toy. "Oh God yes," she moaned around my dick, "it's so big. It's like a guy with a big dick is fucking me while I suck you."

My cock twitched in her mouth as she said that and I moaned reflexively.

"You liked that, didn't you," Kelly teased me, running her tongue across my cockhead. "Are you imagining that? Me being fucked while I suck you?"

I nodded silently, working the latex cock in her.

She lowered her mouth around me again and bobbed twice, then came up and jerked me as she spoke. "Keep fucking me like that with your thick cock," she said. "Oh honey, it feels so good sucking you while another guy reams my pussy like this." She alternated between sucking and speaking, always stroking my cock in time with the thrusts of the dildo. "Christ, it's almost too big - you're going to stretch me out for my husband," she whispered. "But don't stop, you're giving me the fuck of a lifetime. Keep going until you come inside of me."

I could see her getting into the fantasy now, clenching her crotch against the dong inside of her and moving her mouth rapidly across me. I felt my balls swelling with come, as her dirty talk got to me. "Are you going to fill me up?" Kelly gasped, carrying on the story. "Fill me up while I suck the come out of my husband's cock. Fuck me harder! Harder, you motherfucker! I love your cock inside of me...fuck me like you did last weekend!" At the last I felt a strange twinge, but at the same time it turned me on so much that I came right into my wife's waiting mouth. Her lips slid down to the base of my shaft and she gulped lustily, swallowing as fast as I jetted my load into her mouth. The shaking of her hips and her muffled cries told me that her orgasm had arrived as well.

By the time both of our orgasms had subsided, she was cuddled into my arms and kissing me softly. "Good fantasy?" she asked with a smile. I told her it was great and we relaxed in post-coital bliss.


It was much later that night when I felt the bed compress next to me. Melissa woke me with frantic kisses, running her hands over my chest.

"I need you to fuck me - hurry!" she whispered, pulling off her pants - no panties, my groggy mind noticed. Then she spread her legs and I rolled on top of her. Her cunt was a sticky mess, I noticed immediately. I rubbed my hand in the sloppy crevice and lifted it to her mouth where she eagerly licked it clean. It took no more than a shift of my hips and my cock slid right in to the hilt in her pussy, accompanied by her moans and a squish of thick juices.

"God, you're a fucking mess down here," I exclaimed. Her laughs shook the bed.

"That's one way of putting it," she agreed. "Another would be sloppy seconds."

"You didn't!" Kelly burst out from next to us. I hadn't even realized she was awake.

"Yeah, I just fucked the guy in our parking lot," Melissa admitted. "But I didn't come with him, and I needed more." She lifted her legs around my back and pulled me into her. "Fuck me already," she groaned, raking her nails across my back.

I was happy to oblige, hammering my hips against hers. The feeling of her cum-filled pussy clenching me was incredible, velvety and frictionless. I kissed her hard, looking into her eyes as I drilled her. I felt Kelly's hands roaming across our bodies, touching our chests, playing with Melissa's nipple rings, and reaching down to stroke her clit when our bodies parted. In the meantime I kissed Melissa, then kissed my wife, back and forth as we fucked. Soon I felt Melissa stiffen and squeeze my cock with her vaginal muscles as she came, her lover's semen squeezed out around me. I grunted and let my own eruption spill into her, adding my seed to the copious load that already was overflowing its container.

Next to us I felt Kelly slipping down. "Pull out," she told me. I did so, angling towards her slightly. She took my dick in her hand and slowly, thoroughly licked the combined loads of sperm and pussy juice from me until the only moisture left on me was from her saliva. Then she moved her head between Melissa's thighs and started licking at the creamy mess leaking from her.

"With all of the times you've eaten me after sex, I wanted to see what it's like," she smiled at me before turning her full attention to the steaming pussy before her. Soon Melissa's moans rose to a fevered pitch. The psychological thrill of having a woman eat two lovers' worth of come from her was tremendous, as was the pleasure of Kelly's tongue snaking across her clit and its golden ring. Had I not come twice already that evening, I probably would have gotten hard again myself listening to my wife suck the jism out of her friend with her hungry tongue and ruby lips.

Melissa started whimpering constantly and her hands slid down to encircle Kelly's head, holding her face tightly in the crevice of her thighs. I could head obscene, wet sucking sounds coming from Melissa's gash and saw Kelly forcing three fingers inside of her with jabbing movements. Melissa's excitement continued to build until she seemed to be in the throes of one long orgasm that held on for several minutes. Finally she went limp and weakly pushed Kelly's face away. "Too much..." she whispered faintly.


Kelly sat nervously in the semi-reclined chair as a heavily tattooed man roughly squeezed her nipples. Her shirt was unbuttoned and her bra had been pulled down to let her breasts pop free.

"Are you sure about this?" he asked her gently, in sharp contrast with the harsh way he was touching her. "Once you cross this line, there's no going back."

Kelly was afraid but aroused. The man's questions meant more to her than he realized, she thought. But in crossing some of those lines, she had opened new paths of exploration for herself and her husband. Having sex with a woman - hell, even kissing a woman - was one of those lines. Encouraging her husband to fuck another woman was another. And what about cheating on him with another man, she wondered? She knew that she would tell him eventually, and she had always known that the idea of her being with other mean aroused him, but how would the reality reconcile with the fantasy?

"I need to hear you say it," the man pressed. "Otherwise you can put your clothes back on and leave."

"Do it. Do me now," Kelly urged him.

The man wiped an alcohol pad across each of her nipples and their surrounding skin. Immediately an icy sensation went through them and she gasped in surprise. But that was nothing compared to the clamp...when he fixed it on the first nipple, tightening and locking it in place, Kelly squeezed both our hands hard. Melissa and I were sitting on opposite sides of her, watching her with concern.

"This is all going to be done in a minute Kelly," Melissa reassured her. "One clamp down, one to go. Then the needle, and it hurts like hell, but it's worth it."

The man latched the second clamp on her other nipple and again Kelly stiffened from the pain. "I'm going to put both of the needles in first, and then I'll put the rings in. That way, the worst is over quickly. Are you ready?" he asked.

Kelly nodded bravely. He started with her left breast and held up a thick, curved needle, much larger than those used for injections or drawing blood. With a well-practiced hand, he put it against her nipple and pushed it smoothly through to the other side. Kelly's reaction was instant and she stiffened and cried out, a mask of pain on her face. Tears streamed from her eyes.

"You're doing great," the man encouraged her. "Just hold still like that for one more and we're in the home stretch."

He quickly repeated the process with her right nipple, and I watched in sympathy as my wife fought the need to jump in pain from her tortured, bleeding nipple. But, like the man promised, once the needles were through, the worst was indeed over. He fed each of her new silver hoops into holes in the backs of the needles and slowly pulled the needles the rest of the way through her neatly pierced nipples, leaving the rings dangling from them. Next he adjusted each so that the small gap in their circle was facing downward. Into the space, he inserted a small ball using a pliers-like tool. Finally he wiped away the blood with a soft, moist towel and applied a coating of antibiotic gel.

"What do you think?" he asked, handing her a mirror.

Kelly still had tears streaming down her face from the pain, but she wiped them away with the back of a hand and looked at herself in the mirror. There, adorning her chest like shimmering beacons were the nipple rings she had been thinking of ever since Melissa moved in.

"They're sexy," I told her.

"Fuck yeah, they're sexy," Melissa one-upped me. "I can't wait to suck on those."

If that shocked the piercing artist, he didn't let it show. Rather, he gave some firm instructions about cleanliness, care, and waiting three months for 'any of that'. He also told her to forget about wearing a bra at all for the next couple of days, covering her nipples with a soft gauze pad as he did so, and that she should consider a padded bra for a week or so after that to minimize chafing. Kelly put her bra in a pocket, buttoned up her shirt, and rose to unsteady feet where we helped her out to the car.


By the end of the next couple of weeks, Melissa had been on a number of dates with a few different guys. A definite pattern had emerged: she was fucking the guys by the second date (first in one case) and then racing home to get into my bed for a second fuck while her lover's come was still warm inside of her.

"I don't know what's gotten into me," she mused as she rode my cock. "I've never been 'easy' like this before. Sure, I had sex with guys, but usually it was after several dates, and always with just one guy that I was dating pretty much exclusively."

I didn't really know what to say to that, so I just kept thrusting upwards into her. Her date had actually ended rather early this evening as it was a weeknight, so I had been wide awake when Melissa came into the living room with that freshly-fucked glow. In fact, I was pretty horny myself because Kelly was out for the evening at a movie with a girl friend, so I hadn't gotten laid yet.

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