tagLoving WivesMelissa, Our Roommate Ch. 08

Melissa, Our Roommate Ch. 08


All of a sudden, I realized it had been more than three months since Melissa had moved in with us. I was actually shocked, both by how quickly the time had passed, as well as by how easily and naturally it had gone. After we finally had gotten rid of our last roommate, we had vowed to ourselves that we would never have another, no matter how tough the financial circumstances or how great the friend's need; it just created too many problems in the long run.

Of course, with most roommate situations, there isn't usually a love triangle that has the three cohabitants sleeping in the same bed as often as not.

I was finally feeling well adapted to the situation into which I had been placed. I had a beautiful, sexy wife with whom I was deeply in love. Our sex life was amazing. She was attentive to my needs, knew how to drive me wild, and practiced it often. On the flip side, I also knew that I got her off very powerfully and felt that she was very satisfied as well.

Then there was Melissa...my girlfriend? Lover? I didn't know what to call her. My wife's friend, who had also been my hot sexual partner since just a few days after moving in with us. She certainly seemed to have gotten over the heartbreak of breaking up with her ex-boyfriend. In fact, Melissa was doing very well for herself indeed. She was almost insatiable, sexually. I was fucking her at least four times a week, sometimes more. And she was also getting laid at least that often by her dates - a few steady guys and the occasional fresh blood.

The icing on the cake had to be watching Kelly and Melissa together though. All men fantasize about seeing their wife with another women. Anyone who tells you differently is a liar and probably insecure about his sexual talents. I had always dreamed of seeing Kelly with her face between another woman's thighs, or squirming on her back while a trio of slender fingers capped in a French manicure invaded her closely cropped slit. Now I witnessed such an encounter at least once or twice weekly. Actually, the best was watching them kiss. Their pink tongues playing between painted lips was always enough to stir my cock to full erection.


"Hi honey," Kelly called as she shut the front door behind her. As usual, she looked amazing. Her auburn hair had been growing out for the past few months, and recently she had made a big change at the salon. Now she wore a very stylish, shorter cut with cute bangs and a curl under in the back. The big shocker, though, was the color, which was essentially black. Kelly had gone very dark once before, but never like this. At first I teased her about being my "gothic princess", but she didn't vamp it up with the rest of the look, which would have been almost comical. Instead, with her new complement of intense red lipsticks and a few new outfits, she had a very chic Manhattan look to her that I found quite alluring.

She was getting home a bit later than usual, but she rapidly made it up to me. She set down her work bag at the door and lit a cigarette, sauntering casually over to me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me lustily. "Did you miss me?" she asked playfully.

I pulled her firmly to me and kissed her some more. "A little, I suppose," I teased her. She ground her hips against the erection that was straining my pants and nodded skeptically.

"Sure," she said sarcastically. Then, "Is your girlfriend home?" Kelly liked teasing me that way, calling Melissa things like my "girlfriend" or "other wife". She knew it turned me on to think like that, and if nothing else, Kelly liked to tease me. Since it was really her that started the sexual relationship between Melissa and I in the first place, I felt quite confident that there were no ill feelings in her remarks.

"No," I replied. "She had an early date tonight."

Kelly laughed, kissing me some more and slipping her smoky, wet tongue into my mouth. "You know what that means - sloppy seconds for my husband tonight." She was right of course. It was one of Melissa's greatest joys to come into my bed after one of her lovers had filled her up, and she often made her dates a little on the early side to ensure that there would be plenty of time for "afterwards". The guys just thought she was an early riser.

An interesting look crossed Kelly's face for a moment when she said "sloppy seconds", then her eyelids closed slightly in the calculated expression that is universally considered to be sultry on women around the world. She put her cigarette to her lips while rubbing my bulging crotch with the other hand. "Want to get into two wet cunts tonight instead of just one?" she asked sluttily.

That was an offer I simply couldn't pass up. I let Kelly lead me into the bedroom. She was walking backwards, pulling me by the hand. She made intense eye contact with me the entire time, a confident tigress stalking her prey. "Strip," she ordered me, watching and smoking.

It didn't take long with as horny as I was. In moments my shirt, pants, socks, and underwear were lying in a heap on the floor. But as fast as I had been, Kelly was somehow even quicker. By the time my undershirt was over my head, she was lying almost naked on the bed with her legs pressed tightly together. I say "almost naked" because she still wore her sexy, see-thru Calvin Klein bra. I nodded towards her tits.

"Still too soon to play with them?"

"Another week or so," she agreed, "And then the piercings should be completely healed. I want to feel you sucking on them as badly as you want to do it. Now get over here."

As usual, I was prepared to start at the bottom and work my way up. I love everything about going down on a woman: the taste, the smell, and the way I can make her move on my tongue, desperate to come. But as my face neared Kelly's twat, she spoke up.

"Not yet," she delayed me. "I want you to do it afterwards. Right now I need your cock inside of me."

Who could argue with that kind of request? I slid up her body and found her mouth with mine, kissing her aggressively. She moaned and arched her back, pressing her breasts against my chest. Her tongue moved in my mouth frantically and I felt her legs separate. With my body completely atop hers, my dick naturally lodged itself against her pussy and I felt a tremendous warm wetness emanating from her cunt. Almost immediately Kelly rocked her hips and I slid all the way inside her with a moist gurgle.

"Fuck, you weren't kidding about two wet cunts tonight, were you?" I gasped. "You're almost as slick down there as Melissa is when she comes in from one of her dates!"

Kelly had a strange, small smile on her face and wrapped her arms around my neck, kissing me hungrily. "Fuck me," she whispered throatily. "Fuck your wife's sloppy cunt." And I did. I was so turned on that I couldn't help but thrust my hips against hers over and over again. Sticky juices were slipping out of her with each penetration, coating both of our crotches. Again I thought of how much she felt like Melissa after another man had fucked her. The thought briefly crossed my mind that perhaps Kelly...but no. We had fantasized about her fucking other men, but never really talked about acting on it. There had been little hints, tickling my subconscious, but nothing concrete, and knowing Kelly as I did, it could all be an elaborate mind-fuck to tease me.

I must have slowed down my strokes, because I suddenly became aware of Kelly looking up at me with a question in her eyes. "Where were you?" she teased me, tickling my nipple with her fingernails.

"Sorry, I was just thinking...you're so wet tonight," I said.

"Mmmm," she half moaned, half said in response. I felt her pussy muscles clench around my cock and stifled a large groan. She wrapped her legs around my ass and pulled me into her until I bottomed out against her cervix. "That turns you on, doesn't it? You're thinking that I feel like Melissa?"

The sensation of the deep penetration and her rippling vagina made it hard to concentrate on her words, much less answer. I think my groans of pleasure told her what she needed to know, though.

"You've fantasized about it, haven't you?" she whispered, fucking me. She was actually thrusting upwards against my motionless body, ramming my cock into herself. When I said nothing, closing my eyes and smiling slightly, she continued. "I know you have. You've told me so. I know the stories you read online. I remember how you came in my mouth the night I fantasized for you about having a big cock inside me."

Somewhere along the line I had begun fucking her again, slowly so as not to come too quickly. She was really getting me hot, and I could tell she was turned on by the whimpers of pleasure that interrupted her words.

"And I know how much you like fucking Melissa when she's been with another man - or men. You knew she has done that too, didn't you?" Actually, I hadn't, but I groaned loudly at the revelation. "Tell me the truth," she whispered, her mouth close to mine so that I could feel her breath against my face, "Have you ever imagined it was me while you were inside her just-fucked cunt? Have you ever wished it was me?"

I gasped "yes" loudly and let the eruption happen. She'd known it would when she began her story. She'd known how much it would turn me on, and how I would respond. Kelly knew me better than anyone else ever had or would, and she knew exactly how to bring me off at the moment of her choosing. Once again, as I had hundreds of times before, I felt my powerful ejaculation coating the insides of her already sticky gash. It was a big load; I had been very excited. When I finally finished coming, she kissed me gently and asked me to take care of her now.

I slid down her body until I was facing her beautiful cunt. Kelly keeps it trimmed very short, with the assistance of my careful scissor work. It's actually better than shaving, since the appearance is very similar, but it doesn't get scratchy or razor-burned. Now there was come leaking steadily out of her. She was a wet mess and the tangy scent of her freshly fucked pussy was engulfing my nose. I glanced up and saw that she had her arms above her head, heads clenched on the wooden rails of the headboard. "Do it," she cried, "Eat me." She pushed her hips at me, trying to mash her cunt against my face.

And as I always did for her, always would, I kissed her there. I started slowly and let her reactions dictate my pace. When her pleasure intensified, I used more pressure, moved faster, and focused more on her clit. When she was too close to an orgasm, I slowed down and licked around her lips, tasting our mixed flavors and letting her slow down. She can usually take up to about ten minutes of this sort of treatment before her impatience overwhelms her and she begs me to let her come. Tonight she was so aroused that she reached that point in less than five minutes. I sucked her harder and moved my tongue against every point on her clit, dancing furiously with my mouth as her climax ripped through her like a whirlwind, accompanied by the disembodied screams of pleasure from the region of the headboard.

Afterwards, once she was satiated, I continued to kiss and lick her lovingly while she stroked her fingers through my hair. Her cunt continued, to my amazement, to ooze ever more semen, even after several minutes of messy oral sex and a major orgasm. I felt my cock stir again at the questions that hung in my mind, but decided I'd better save myself for the encounter with Melissa that I knew would be coming later.


I fucked Melissa that night of course. Her ripe pussy was as delicious as ever. She came to my bed slightly drunk and leaking come from both her asshole and her pussy at the same time. While I pounded away inside of her, she kept gasping loudly about what a whore she'd become. At first I tried to stop her, because I had reached the point that I cared a good deal for her and didn't like hearing her talk that way, but Kelly stopped me. She slapped Melissa and called her a slut, asking how she could even consider taking on two men and then coming into a married man's bed for a second helping. By the way Melissa screamed and came on my rigid cock, I knew that the role-playing was part of what was getting her off.

For the next week or so, there was little out of the ordinary in our household. I think I got laid every single night from one or the other of the women in my life, if not both. Kelly was especially horny and it was all I could do to satisfy her.

By Saturday night, the women were ready for a night of fun on the town. I was tired after a long week of work with little time during the evenings for recuperation - not that I was complaining, of course - but the idea of an evening with a couple of DVDs was much more appealing than chasing around the city from bar to bar. Although the ladies made a half-hearted attempt to persuade me, I could tell they really weren't that disappointed that I'd decided to lay low.

Nevertheless, when I saw the way they had dressed up for the evening, I felt my loins stir randily and wondered if I shouldn't make the effort. Amazing was insufficient to portray their appearance. Melissa had on a tight crimson halter-top that really accentuated her medium-sized breasts, and the clear outline of her pierced nipples silently advertised her lack of a bra. Her skirt was unconscionably short, barely covering the tops of her black thigh-high nylons. Kelly was still finishing up when Melissa came out and straddled my leg, placing a cigarette between her merlot colored lips. I instantly felt her wetness against my bare leg as one of her hands pushed up the bottom of my shorts.

"No panties tonight, eh Melissa?" I inquired teasingly.

"Jealous?" she whispered, wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing me with wet brief touches of her lips.

"Not exactly..." I responded, shifting my buns around as I felt her fish my cock out under the fabric bunched up around my leg. I groaned as she slid forward and worked my shaft into her moist cavern.

"We have a few minutes before your wife is ready," she explained, covering my mouth with her smoky kisses. She rocked her hips across mine, moaning softly. "I love fucking you. Do you know that?"

"Yeah...I love fucking you too. You're incredible," I said truthfully.

"Of course you love to fuck me. But do you love me?" she asked casually, although the result was electrifying within me. However, I had no chance to answer, because a moment later, she slid off of my glistening tool with a wet plop. Kelly had finally come in and announced her readiness. She smiled at the sight of my wet cock.

"Are we going to make it out tonight?" she teased Melissa.

"Of course," Melissa pouted, taking a drag from her cigarette. "I was just warming him up for later."

Kelly knelt before me and took my dick in her hand. She lowered her head and sucked my shiny length into her mouth several times before standing, licking her glossy pink lips. "She does taste good, doesn't she?" she said to me.

I nodded without needing to think about it. Melissa had the wettest pussy I'd ever experienced and liberally soaked me every time we fucked. But I was also looking closely at my wife. She wore a black, satiny pair of pants with a sexy flair at the bottom and a hot pair of high-heels. But on top, she had a virtually see-through black sheer blouse on that did almost nothing to hide her breasts or her newly healed pierced nipples.

"Christ Kelly!" I exclaimed. "I think Melissa's rubbing off on you - you're going to get a lot of attention going out like that."

She playfully swatted my cock and lit a cigarette. Exhaling a stream of smoke, she smiled smugly. "Do you have any idea how much these hurt going in?" she asked, touching her left nipple. "I'm damned well going to enjoy the attention after that!"

I put my hands up in mock surrender and gave in. "Okay, okay - but just watch out for that one," I cautioned, fixing Melissa with a ferocious stare. "She has a bad habit of fucking a lot of men, myself included."

Melissa laughed aloud. "Don't worry about Kelly. Your wife is more than capable of taking care of herself."


Some two hours later, the women were looking at each other over the dividing seat of a Range Rover. Kelly was in the front seat, her face flushed as the dark haired man plunged his cock into her depths. "Oh Christ, it feels good. Fuck me harder!" she gasped. In the back, Melissa had her own concerns as her lover drilled her into the leather seats. Their combined moans filled the air.

"God, you're a hot piece of ass," moaned Kelly's stud. "I can't believe you're fucking married - your husband is really missing out!"

"Stop," she commanded bluntly. "You're here because you have a big cock and because my husband is secretly turned on by this, even if he doesn't really know exactly what's happening yet. But the only use I have for your mouth is to put my pussy on it and make you eat me. So shut the fuck up." She pushed him onto his back and slid her cunt onto his stunned lips.

In the back, Melissa's lover said quietly to her, "Well, all I know is that I can take good care of you..."

"Oh no," she whispered breathlessly in his ear, "Kelly's husband fucks me better than you ever have or will. But it does take a lot to keep up with the two of us." She wrapped her legs around his hips and pulled him into her as he tried to figure out whether he was being used the way he often used the women he dated.


I awoke to Melissa's dripping cunt smearing its thick filling across my rapidly growing cock. Although it was a frequent occurrence, I hadn't expected it tonight since she'd been out with Kelly.

"What...?" I asked groggily.

"I told you I was warming you up earlier," Melissa told me, kissing me hungrily while I slipped up her creamy hole. I smelled a cigarette burning and glanced over to see Kelly fingering herself in a chair near the bed. Of course, in the darkness of the room, I couldn't make out the stream of semen that was leaking from my wife's pussy as well.

"But...if you were out with Kelly...and you got laid...?" my sleepy mind struggled to work out the obvious connection.

"I didn't fuck Kelly," was Melissa's simple answer.

Talking became a challenge after that as Melissa's silky cunt slid along my turgid shaft. I could feel the come running from her womanhood and coating my dick and balls, and knew that she had been thoroughly fucked by another man not long ago. But if that was the case, where had Kelly been? I stifled a moan as she rocked upon me, staring at my wife who was pressing a thick dildo into her own hole. I could feel her eyes searing into me as she easily took the girth of the thick toy inside of herself as if she was already well stretched out and thoroughly aroused. I'm rarely able to work it into her as quickly as that because she simply can't handle it until she is very excited.

Melissa leaned forward and kissed me ferociously. I could feel her nipple rings dangling against my chest and that turned me on incredibly.

"Do you like watching your slutty wife fuck herself while we make love?" Melissa taunted me loudly. My answer was a long moan. Melissa kissed me again and continued, "I think it's time we let you in on a little secret." I noticed Kelly standing next to the bed, the dildo hanging limply in her hand. I had a feeling I knew what was coming, finally. There had been too many signs, too many hints. Somehow I wasn't upset even though it would have been the logical emotion.

I felt Melissa rise from my shaft and sensed her hand smearing a mixture of cunt fluid and sperm across the puckered entrance to her ass. Then she pressed the tip of my cock to her asshole and slowly sat down upon me, as my wife climbed onto the bed and straddled my face. I was not at all shocked to discover the come leaking steadily from her pussy as she ground her clit against my tongue. My wife had been thoroughly fucked this night, and at least several other nights that I could remember now that I was ready to face the evidence. I ate her through screaming orgasm after screaming orgasm; she was at the height of arousal, knowing that I finally was aware of her infidelity and still eager to please her.

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