tagLoving WivesMelissa, Our Roommate Ch. 10

Melissa, Our Roommate Ch. 10


"John, I'd like you to meet Biff and Kelly, my... roommates." Melissa motioned to each of us in turn and we shook hands with the man. It was awkward as it could be, but we were all trying to pretend otherwise. This was the first time we had met Melissa's new boyfriend. Actually, it was weird for me to even think of it like that - I didn't mind her having lovers, but a boyfriend meant emotional involvement and a potential threat to our rather unusual relationship. I had grown quite attached to our living and loving situation over the past several months, and I didn't want to lose Melissa.

My wife, Kelly, broke the tension simply by retrieving a good bottle of Shiraz from our wine rack and asking who wanted a glass. Three hands went up instantly and her laughter coursed through the room, easing some of the pressure.

I tried to imagine how Melissa's conversation with him must have gone. Something like, "John, I have these roommates, a married couple, and the thing is, well - I've been sleeping with them for months. Does that work for you?" No. My guess is that she hadn't told him the truth yet. In fact, Kelly had warned me to be careful of how I acted and spoke so as not to make things uncomfortable. As if I could have done a lot to the relaxed and easy atmosphere we already were enjoying.

Putting myself into John's shoes, I had to admit that it must feel strange to have your girlfriend ask you to join her in a foursome with her roommates. Even if she left off the details about the real extent of our relationship. The more I thought about it, the more convinced I was that Melissa had most likely given him the impression that this was a one-time experiment and that she'd never been with us before. Maybe she would have told him that she and I had been lovers long ago, before I was married, but that there had been nothing between us for years. Who knew? I took a big gulp of my wine and tried to stop speculating. But then again, I hadn't even known about this guy until last night myself, so I was adjusting too.

In fairness, though, the shock must have been a lot worse for him. After all, here's this guy who meets a gorgeous blonde, sexy, fun, intelligent - a real catch in anyone's mind. She has a good job, is great with people, and turns into a wildcat in bed, complete with pierced nipples and clitoral hood. What more could a guy want? But what he doesn't know is that after she leaves his bed, and most other nights besides, she comes home and sleeps with me.

Kelly patted the couch and invited me to sit next to her. I noticed that she had opened two bottles of the wine, which was wise because we had finished more than half of the first bottle already. She lit a cigarette and leaned back into the cushions, exhaling towards the ceiling. I noticed as Melissa followed suit that John got a displeased expression on his face that he quickly tried to conceal. Hmm... I thought. This could be a bit of a problem. Not that Melissa smokes heavily, nor does Kelly - in fact, they are more "social smokers" than anything else, except when it comes to the bedroom: they know I like watching them and indulge me quite often. But of course, a well-satisfied lover is more motivated to reciprocate.

We made some small talk for about a half an hour, which was enough time to drain the second bottle of wine and loosen up a little. During that time I sized John up fairly carefully. He was a nice enough guy, and good looking. I could see why Melissa would be interested in him. From what she had told Kelly, he also had a very large cock. I caught Kelly glancing at his crotch more than once and knew she was eager to get her hands on it. That didn't bother me; in fact I was rather turned on. Kelly had fucked several men since Melissa moved in, and while I didn't know about it until recently, I was happy that she was enjoying herself and liked having my slutty wife back in bed with me afterwards. And I had never yet seen her in action.

As far as myself, I hadn't been with any other women except for Melissa and my wife, at least since I met Kelly almost 7 years ago. I suppose they would have been okay with it since they were both getting around a bit... I say they, because the relationship had definitely grown to encompass the three of us as a unit, instead of being the married couple and the outsider. But the truth is, I didn't really feel the need to seek out other women. Between these two, I could barely keep up as it was. And they were so amazing about fulfilling, constantly, any fantasy that aroused me, I didn't see any reason to seek out other companionship.

Kelly sipped the last bit of her wine and made eye contact with John. Here it comes, I thought. I'd known that Kelly would end up being the initiator.

"So John... Melissa tells me you have a really big dick. Can I see it?"

She didn't beat around the bush at all, I had to admit. John seemed a little flabbergasted and looked to Melissa for an indication of how to proceed. I knew he would find no protection there; my hot blonde lover wanted this as badly as Kelly. Probably even more, because if it didn't go well, she was going to have to make some hard decisions. She smiled sweetly at him, kissed him, and unzipped his jeans, fishing out a semi-erect cock that showed great promise. Melissa stroked him slowly to hardness while he blushed furiously.

She hadn't exaggerated. Fully erect, John was more than a handful - probably about 9" long and rather thick. I'm not badly endowed myself, reasonably thick and nearly 8" long. But I could see that the women were going to have fun with him tonight. John was slowly getting into the swing of things, kissing Melissa back and letting him work his tool in her soft hands.

Kelly was already out of her seat and stripping off the skirt she had been wearing. She took a puff from her cigarette and lifted one leg onto the cushion of the loveseat so that her aroused sex was right in front of him. Then she put her hands on the back of his head and pulled his face into her. "Eat it baby," she whispered to him. "Eat my cunt. Looking at your dick has me all wet in there."

John hesitated briefly, probably afraid of Melissa's reaction, but Kelly didn't give him any time to think about it. She simply pressed her moist nether lips into his mouth and ground her clit on his nose until he started licking.

Meanwhile, Melissa had bounded from her seat to assume a similar position in front of me. However, on my end there was no hesitation. I love the exquisite flavor of her smoothly shaven twat, and her unusually abundant juices give me plenty to enjoy. Tonight she was actually dripping wet, with little rivers of clear liquid slipping out of her dark recesses to track down her inner thighs. I kissed her pussy and sucked her clit ring into my mouth, tugging gently with my teeth until the flesh of her clitoral hood was stretched taut. Melissa moaned loudly.

I continued to lick and kiss her eagerly, pressing one finger into her asshole and two into her eager cunt. Her cries and her scent filled the room and before long she experienced her first orgasm of the night. Unlike Kelly who has one big climax and that's it, Melissa is very multi-orgasmic and can go off like a string of firecrackers if you touch her right.

I hazarded a glance towards the loveseat to see what was happening there. Kelly must have grown impatient because she was already riding that thick piece of meat, groaning loudly. John had pulled her top off and was squeezing her large breasts and playing with the gold rings in her nipples. I figured that he liked her tits a lot, since they're noticeably bigger than Melissa's. They seemed to be having a good time, so I pulled Melissa down and sat her on my cock as well. She rode me reverse cowgirl so that she could watch them as well, and the position forced her to keep her legs tightly clenched, which increased the pressure inside her vagina. It was wonderful.

I could hear John talking, partly to himself and partly to Kelly.

"I've never... never done anything like this before... Never fucked a married woman... never... swapped... partners... "

Kelly kissed him, her tongue slithering through his lips to meet his. "It's easy, isn't it? Married women make great lovers," she teased him. "And so do married men, don't they Melissa?" she called over her shoulder.

Melissa had her eyes crunched up in climactic intensity, but she groaned out a complete agreement. "Fuck yes," she whispered, "I always come so hard with yours."

I think Melissa was so far gone that she didn't know what she had said, but I saw John twitch suddenly. Kelly pushed him firmly against the loveseat and kissed him harder, urging him to come inside of her, and he rapidly did so, tensing up and emptying his balls inside my wife. I sensed that it was time to let myself go as well and filled Melissa with my cream as I had done so often before.

In my post-orgasmic haze, I was vaguely aware of Melissa and John cleaning up and heading out the door. Suddenly my wife was standing before me, smoking and rubbing her nipple rings. "I didn't come yet, you know."

I smiled, knowing she had planned this. John's come was dripping from her puffy red pussy. She lay backwards across the coffee table and spread her legs, beckoning me to her. As I ate Kelly out, she started telling me in great detail of how what I had seen John doing inside her had felt. I grew hard enough to fuck her again for a few minutes and add my own load to the sloppy ooze inside of her, then went back down and finished her off orally. We tumbled into the bedroom to sleep.


It didn't surprise me so much when Melissa came to bed late that night and told us that she and John weren't going to see each other anymore. Even without Kelly and I in the picture, I sensed that there were some disconnects there, such as Melissa's smoking. She said that he felt bad and wanted her to reassure Kelly that he had enjoyed fucking her. But he had realized there was a lot to our triangular relationship that Melissa hadn't told him, and when she finally laid it out for him, he didn't react well.

"He asked me if I was willing to stop, all of it. Even being with Kelly. He said he wasn't willing to share me with anyone else, and implied that if we were going to stay together, I had to move out from your condo."

"And?" I prompted her gently.

"And I said I wasn't willing to do that. Any of it. I love you and don't ever want to give you up. Why keep dating when I've found the perfect guy already?" she laughed.

I felt her hands stroking my dick to hardness. Beside us in bed, Kelly was rubbing Melissa's shoulders and encouraging her.

"So does this mean you're not going to fuck other guys?" I asked her teasingly.

"Hell no!" she retorted. "Your wife gets to fuck other guys, I'm certainly not going to stop! But," she continued more softly, "I'm not going to let them come between us. That's just for fun. Plus, we all know you like having me come to bed after I've let another guy have me." She rolled onto her back and pulled me on top of her so that I slid directly into her waiting pussy. Kelly took turns kissing each of us and touching our bodies as we fucked.


Not long after the foursome incident, I came home one Friday afternoon to find both of my women sitting silently in front of the television. Now, when it comes to conversation, I often struggle to get a word in edgewise with either one of them, much less when they are together, so I was nervous about the lack of chatter for a moment. Then, they smiled at me and showed me their swollen tongues - they had gone out after work and gotten their tongues pierced together. I felt my loins stir, but they both smiled somewhat weakly and I knew they weren't up for any playing today. Oh well... There weren't too many times that I didn't have all the sexual attention I could handle, so I had nothing to complain about. And in a couple of weeks, oral sex would become even more fabulous!


Our story goes on beyond this, of course, and there are many other tales I could tell about our passionate lovemaking: the times we've had a second guy in and double-penetrated one or both of my wives... the incredible pierced-tongue blowjobs I get... the fabulous vacations we've taken (having three great incomes in a family gives you a lot of opportunities!) and our sexual exploits on them... the birthday where the ladies set me up with a sexy black friend of theirs since I had never experienced interracial sex. But I think I'll conclude with something simpler that perhaps best encapsulates the relationship we have now.

Late in the winter of that first year together, after their tongues had healed and even our in-home fun couldn't lift the dreariness of the bitter cold weather, we took a two-week vacation to St. Martin in the Caribbean. On the second day there, we wandered into one of the many jewelry shops in the Dutch capital, Phillipsburg. There, the three of us found and purchased a beautiful diamond ring that now sits on Melissa's left hand. It isn't the same style as the one on Kelly's, but then again, they are different women. I myself got a ring that went on my right hand since I was already wearing my wedding ring on my left.

When we got home, Melissa legally changed her name, and we settled in to our triangular relationship for good. It may not be official from a legal standpoint, but gay couples have made these same types of understandings for years. Very close friends know the truth of our relationship; with others, I have one wife in certain groups, and another in other groups.

But before we even left the island for home, we spent long days relaxing on lounge chairs at the nude Orient Beach, one beautiful topless women on each side of me, and their hands holding mine. And that's how we think of ourselves still: three warm bodies, lying together in public for all the world to see, and happy.

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Long trail

A long trail of crap leading to the sewer where it belongs. Damn all cheaters.

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fantasy land

the cheating etc. unreal. chance of stds ,including aids, real. bad choices in the name of lust.

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Didn't like the hidden initial cheating and cockolding though. Kelly should have been upfront since she thought that Biff would be okay with it. He screwed in front of her with her blessing. She did itmore...

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