tagBDSMMelissa's Story Ch. 04

Melissa's Story Ch. 04


Author's Note: If you have not read Melissa's Story, Parts 1,2 & 3, I suggest you do before reading part 4.

* * * * *

The week following my amazing weekend with Master Matt passed quite quickly. I studied more sites on the Internet that gave me details of the lives of 24/7 slaves and my mind was constantly thinking about my upcoming decision. If my answer was to be in the affirmative what a big change it would be in my life. From the successful businesswoman with many friends to a live in full time position as slave to a BDSM Master. I knew that I could always go back to employment if the 24/7 situation did not suit. I made notes on a large sheet of paper, weighing the pros and cons of my decision, determined that I would look at both sides to make the most of my life at that particular time.

The hours leading up to 6.00pm Sunday dragged slowly by but I was amazingly calm as I finally picked up the phone and dialed Matt's number.

"Exactly on time, excellent Melissa." Matt took me by surprise with his first words.

"Oh thank you Sir," I replied, my voice quavering a little.

"What is your decision Melissa?"

Wow, Master certainly was straight to the point, I decided to follow his example.

"I wish to become your full time live in slave, Sir, if you still consider I am worthy and will still have me."

"Very good Melissa, of course I still want you, when can you move in? What are you plans for your townhouse?"

"Sir, I have arranged for a trusted friend to rent it off me. That means I do not have to sell or store the furniture. I can be with you on Monday week, I have to give a week's notice at work"

"Excellent Melissa, I shall see you on Monday morning in a week's time. I will make sure that you do not regret your decision."

Click, the phone went dead and I realized that I was shaking like a leaf. I had done it! I was going to change my lifestyle completely and become a full time slave. How my life had changed in the few weeks since my first spanking! What would the future hold? I couldn't wait to find out.

After a very hectic week and many unanswered questions as to my plans at work, I packed my personal belongings over the weekend and packed them into my car. Monday morning I took one last look around my lovely townhouse, slammed the door shut and headed off to my new life, driving carefully through the driving rain.

My Master must have been watching for my arrival as he strode across his front lawn before I could get out of the car.

"Park around the back Melissa, in the carport next to my car."

"Yes Sir!" I replied and followed his instructions.

Master followed me around and was standing beside my car as I opened the door. I dropped to my knees in front of him, my eyes to the ground, knowing right then that this was where I wanted to be, my decision was correct.

Master held out a hand, "Car keys," He ordered.

I handed over my keys, a symbol of any freedom that I had left.

"Stand and strip!"

My head was spinning as I quickly rose to my feet, strip here, out in the open? In the cold and rain, in view of the neighbors? I looked questioningly at Master and knew from the stern expression on his face that he was not joking. I lowered my eyes to the ground and quickly removed all my clothes, dropping them on the wet ground in front of Him. Before I realized what was happening a blindfold had been slipped over my eyes and handcuffs attached to my wrists. Master then raised my arms above my head and attached the handcuffs to a hook on the framework of the carport. I shivered as a gust of wind blew cold rain over my naked body and then yelped as clamps were attached to my nipples. That was to be the last sound I was to utter for some time as a ball gag was forced into my mouth and secured into position. I heard the sounds of my car's trunk being opened, my suitcases taken out and the trunk slammed shut. Master Matt's footsteps then receded along the gravel path to the house and I was left, alone and naked.

The pain of the clamps was intense as I stood shivering in the cold and wet. Many questions were running through my head. How long would I be kept out here? Could the neighbors see me? Had I made the right decision? This was not how I had pictured my first day as a slave, I was feeling sorry for myself and felt like crying. The wind seemed to be blowing stronger and the rain heavier and I was soon shivering uncontrollably. It was hard to keep track of time but I made myself keep as calm as possible under the stressful circumstances.

Suddenly I heard a door open and footsteps on the gravel. Without warning a thick leather strap exploded across the cold wet skin of my ass. I screamed into the gag at the sudden pain but there was no relief as the strap was applied twelve times. I sighed in relief as the cuffs were suddenly taken from the hook and Master guided me to the house, my bare feet hurting on the sharp gravel stones. Still blindfolded and gagged I was pushed around some corners without any words being spoken. We came to a stop and the cuffs, gag, nipple clamps and blindfold were removed, the sudden bright light taking me by surprise.

"Melissa, shower and clean yourself, dry your hair completely and report nude to the lounge room within twenty minutes. Bring your jewelry and all your watches and clocks with you."

Before I had time to reply the door slammed shut behind me and I was alone. As my eyes became accustomed to the bright light I saw I was in a small bedroom. A single bed, a chest of drawers and wardrobe stood on the cold polished boards. Through a doorway I could see a small bathroom equipped with shower, basin and toilet. Sheets, blankets and towels were on the unmade bed and I shivered again as I saw the chains attached to each corner of the bed. This was obviously my room and any thoughts I had about sharing my Master's bed quickly disappeared. I suddenly remembered my orders, had a quick warming shower, dried my hair thoroughly, applied some lipstick, collected the items Master had ordered and made my way to the lounge room.

Master was sitting in his favorite chair and I immediately knelt at his feet with my head bowed, awaiting his orders, the only sound was the clicking of the grandfather clock.

Finally my Master spoke, "Look at me Melissa."

I raised my head to see my Master's lovely smile and I smiled back.

"You have pleased me well Melissa, give me your possessions, go to the kitchen and make fresh coffee for both of us. I'm sure you need a hot drink, bring them back in here, there is a fruit bun too."

"Yes Sir!" I jumped to my feet, handed over my jewelry and watches and moved quickly to the kitchen. After making the coffee and slicing and buttering the bun I placed them on a tray and returned to the lounge. I was thrilled to be sitting at my Master's feet, sipping the fresh, warming coffee and waiting in silence for my next instructions. Just as we finished I jumped with fright as the front door bell rang loudly.

"Well don't just sit Melissa, go and answer the door."

"But Sir," I gasped as I jumped to my feet, "Like this, with no clothes?"

Sir did not answer; he just pointed in the direction of the hall and the front door.

I gulped and quickly moved to the front door. I had a quick look through the spy hole and was slightly relieved to see a lady of about forty standing there, a leather bag hanging on her arm. Taking a deep breath I opened the door.

"Ah, you must be Melissa, nice to meet you," the lady said as she strode into the hall.

"Nice to meet you too Ma'am," I replied holding out my hand to take her bag.

She ignored me and moved quickly ahead of me into the lounge. As I re-entered the room I was surprised to see her kneeling at Master's feet, her head bowed. I followed suit and knelt beside her, my head bowed and my mind racing.

"Melissa, take the tray and go into the kitchen, wash the dishes and sit on one of the chairs and wait."

I hurried to obey, wanting to show my Master and the stranger that I could cope with this, to me, unusual situation. I could hear their voices but not understand what they were saying as I washed and dried the dishes. Dutifully I sat on one of the kitchen chairs and waited. It wasn't long before Sir entered the kitchen with some lengths of rope in a hand.

My arms and legs were quickly secured to the chair and Master called out, "Come in here Mary."

I gasped in surprise as Mary walked into the kitchen; she too was nude and had clamps on her nipples and labia. Without speaking she opened her bag and laid out hair dressing equipment, scissors, brushes, combs, a razor and a silk cloth. The silk cloth was promptly fastened around my neck covering my body and Mary took up a pair of scissors.

I couldn't help myself as Mary stood beside me clicking her scissors, my hair had been long for years, almost to my waist and I loved it that way.

"Oh Sir, please not my hair, please I don't want to lose my hair, I have worn it long for years."

"Keep going Mary, I want it really short," Sir replied, then went on as Mary began to cut hugs lengths of my hair, "Melissa this haircut is for three reasons. One, it is to signify your new position in life, the change of corporate success lady to slave. Second, long hair gets in my way when you suck me and I want to see you doing that, I don't want my view interrupted by your hair getting in the way, Thirdly, it's possible for your hair to tangle with my whips and we both don't want that."

Tears were rolling down my cheeks as my long tresses fell on the floor. Having my hair cut was something I had never considered and I knew I had no say in it. I was glad there was no mirror as Mary continued to snip away the years of growth. Finally when she finished with the scissors she took the razor and with the aid of hot water and soap shaved the hairs off my neck.

"That looks great Mary, very sexy look indeed" Sir said as Mary removed the cloth, "You will be rewarded."

Sir then removed the ropes and pulled me to my feet. "Right both of you, to the dungeon now and no talking!"

Mary & I scuttled off to the dungeon where we both knelt facing the door, waiting for my Master to enter. We caught ourselves glancing at each other a couple of times and Mary looked at my short hair and smiled at me, which was encouraging. Sir entered about two minutes later and hauled me to my feet, leading me over to the gynecologist's chair. I sat as directed and placed my feet wide apart in the stirrups, remaining silent as Master strapped my legs and arms in place. My mind raced as to what was going to happen to me now, I was soon to find out.

"Mary you know what to do now." Master's voice rang clearly through the room.

Mary scuttled out of the room and quickly returned with a mug of soapy hot water, a shaving brush and safety razor. She knelt down between my legs and I closed my eyes in resignation as Mary soaped my pubic hair with the shaving brush. I knew that protesting to Sir would be useless but I felt quite humiliated as Mary put down the brush and picked up the safety razor.

"Hold still Melissa," Sir ordered.

As if I would start squirming now I thought to myself as Mary started to shave off all the hair between my legs. I admitted to myself that it felt quite erotic but wished it was Sir doing it, and not a female who I hardly knew. I jumped as Sir tilted the chair back to allow Mary easier access to the hairs around my arse, and once again forced myself to remain still as the razor scraped over my skin. It wasn't long before Mary was wiping the excess soap from my groin and she sat back admiring her handy-work. Mary looked up at Sir and licked her lips in a very suggestive manner, before gazing back at my shaven pussy.

"No Mary, not tonight, I think Melissa has had enough excitement for one day, come here Mary."

Mary dutifully rose and stood at attention before my Master, her eyes on the floor. Master suddenly grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her roughly over to the bondage table. My eyes nearly popped from my head as Sir threw her on the table face down and quickly secured her ankles and wrists. Sir bent at the knees and grasped a thin whippy cane from the rack under the table. Without any warm-up at all he proceeded to cane Mary with hard strokes. Mary shrieked in pain at each stroke and I counted twelve before the caning stopped. Master then went to a cupboard and took out two vibrators, a large one and a thinner one. These we roughly pushed into Mary's vagina and rectum and turned onto full vibrations. Mary was thrashing and sobbing on the table as Sir moved over to me and released me from the chair.

"Go to your room and wait Melissa, I will be there shortly."

I moved quickly from the dungeon with the delighted screams of an orgasmic Mary ringing in my ears. I went straight to my room and after using the toilet dared to look at myself in the mirror. 'Oh my God, is that me?' I said to myself as I looked at the shorthaired urchin in the reflection. I poked my tongue at the reflection and burst out laughing, if my friends could see me now! After a couple of minutes I began to like my new look, Sir had been right, a new look for my new position in life, I looked great. I moved back into my little room and began to unpack my clothes, occasionally running my fingers over my smooth bald pussy. After unpacking I glanced around my room to make sure it was tidy and sat contentedly on the edge of the bed awaiting my Master. How long I waited I do not know, the removal of all my timepieces made it impossible to gauge.

Suddenly the door opened and Sir burst into the room. I fell onto my knees at his feet awaiting his command.

"Melissa, lie on your back on the bed," Sir commanded.

I hurried to obey and spread my legs apart as I saw Sir preparing the corner chains to be attached to my ankles and wrists. I was soon secured helplessly, wondering but not worrying about what would happen next. My wonderful Master sat down on the edge of the bed and his fingers trailed up and down my body causing tremors of anticipation.

Master smiled down at me and I smiled back, "How are you Melissa, happy with your first day of being my slave?"

My mind quickly flashed back over the day. Tied and whipped outside in the carport, having my hair cut very short and my pussy shaved, I had never have imagined those things happening to me.

"Yes Sir, thank you, I have been very surprised and delighted with my time here with you today."

Master's fingers continued to trace patterns over my body as he spoke. "Very good Melissa, there are many surprises ahead for you but they can wait until tomorrow. In the morning we are going shopping. I am entertaining a Mistress friend tomorrow night and I want you to select the menu then prepare and cook the meal."

"Yes Sir, it will be my pleasure." I smiled to myself because I love to cook and I swore to prepare a feast they would not forget.

"Good Melissa, I have one more duty for you tonight."

As he spoke Sir rose from the bed and quickly stripped off his clothes. Once again I admired his physique but my eyes were mainly fixed on his hard cock. My pussy was suddenly drenched as Sir climbed on the bed between my legs. There was to be no foreplay as Sir placed his cock at the entrance to my shaven pussy and pushed forward hard. My Master fucked me hard and I pushed my hips to him as I strained against the chains. Quicker and quicker my Master moved, using his slut slave as his sex object, and I loved it! It wasn't long before Master orgasmed, pumping his sperm deep into my cunt, his moans and my screams filling the small room. As I collapsed back onto the bed I felt the chains being taken from my body and soon the sheet and blankets were pulled over my body.

Master kissed me full on the lips, a kiss I returned with passion. Then he rose and walked to the door.

"You have done well Melissa, I am pleased with you. Sleep well and stay here in your room until I call you in the morning."

With that the door shut and I snuggled own into my comfy little bed. I felt so happy as I drifted off to sleep, I was looking forward to whatever tomorrow may bring.

Master Matt pulling the blankets off me and lifting me bodily off the bed to stand on shaky legs as I was woken from a deep sleep. I was still half-asleep and it took me a few seconds to realize where I was. Master pushed me into a corner of the shower recess where he grabbed the shower with the massage head. Next thing I was hit by a hard stream of cold water and I screamed out loud with the shock.

"Melissa, spread your cunt lips!" The order was short, sharp and in a tone of voice to be obeyed.

As the cold water sprayed on my hard nipples my shaking hands went to my shaven pussy lips and spread them wide. Immediately the hard stream of cold water was aimed straight at my groin and I screamed out loud again. A mixture of pain and pleasure flooded through my body and suddenly my body shook with a huge orgasm, my legs gave way under me and I fell to the shower floor. As I lay panting on the floor Master turned the water to warm, grinned, handed me the shower nozzle and left the bathroom.

"The kitchen, dressed to shop, twenty minutes." Master called out to me from my bedroom.

I quickly showered and toweled myself dry, then applied my makeup whilst marveling at the change the new hairstyle made to my appearance. I quickly dressed, made my way to the kitchen and fell to my knees at Master's feet. I smiled to myself as his hand reached out and stroked my hair.

"Did you sleep well Melissa?"

"Yes I did thank you Sir, I was tired after an eventful day."

"Very good, well you should sleep even better tonight, toast and coffee for me, and make whatever you want for yourself, we will go shopping in an hour. As I said last night the menu for tonight is in your hands, prepare a list for the supermarket when we have finished breakfast." Master Matt said then picked up the paper and went back to reading the sporting pages.

"Yes Sir!" I replied and then busied myself in the kitchen, Master words of 'you should sleep even better tonight' ringing in my ears, what would happen later today?

After breakfast Master and I drove to the supermarket where he gave me some money and left me to do the shopping while he wandered around the shopping center. The studded collar around my neck created many sniggers behind my back from other shoppers but I did not care. I felt supremely happy and whatever other people thought was no concern of mine. Master was back at the car before myself and we drove back to his home where I was to spend most of the day in the kitchen. I heard the front door bell ring three times but obeyed my instructions to remain in the kitchen while Master attended to his clients. The only time I saw Him was for a light lunch of a salad roll and fruit.

I had decided on home made pumpkin soup, followed by roast beef with vegetables and gravy. Dessert would be my specialty, profiteroles filled with custard and a lovely smooth chocolate topping. Master had organized the wine and I happily busied myself preparing the meal, wondering what would happen later that night.

I set the dining room table for two people and was pleasantly surprised when told to set a place for myself. I was looking forward to the evening with whatever excitement it may bring.

Dinner was set to start at 6.30pm and at 5.30 Master returned to the kitchen.

"Everything ready Melissa?"

"Yes Sir," I replied as I turned from the oven.

"Very good, go to your room, shower and change into the clothes I have left on your bed. You will answer the door when Mistress Brandy arrives at 6.00pm. I am going to change, make sure the answering machine is on."

"Yes Sir." I said as Master turned on his heels and left me.

After checking the answering machine I went to my bedroom and found a very small French maid's outfit lain out on the bed. I quickly shaved my pussy, showered and slipped into the flimsy clothes. I decided that I looked very sexy and Master smiled approvingly at me as I moved through the lounge to the front hall. I felt very happy and relaxed, if I had known then what was planned for me later that night my feelings would have been very different.

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