tagBDSMMelissa's Story Ch. 07

Melissa's Story Ch. 07


Chapter 7: No Pain, No Gain

I was interstate as guest speaker at a BDSM convention and whilst there I took the opportunity to catch up with Rob Carter, an old friend from my high school days. Rob had invited me to meet his third wife and "a few other friends of ours" at a dinner party. I unavoidably arrived a little late and after hurried introductions we were seated at the dining table. The "few" turned out to nine others, I would have preferred less to be there so I could talk longer with Rob, but nevertheless resolved to enjoy myself.

Rob had earlier advised that all his friends were "vanilla" when it came to sex so I knew to keep the conversation away from my lifestyle. This was easy as I was seated between Rob and his sister so most of our talk was on the good old days. An athletic looking lady with short dark hair at the other end of the table looked vaguely familiar to me and a couple of times I caught her looking at me with a "who is he?" look on her face.

Dinner progressed and soon most were relaxed and the conversation flowed with the help of a few glasses of wine. I overheard someone along the table complaining about the terrible sex show that had been on at the exhibition building. I grinned and laughed to myself, if the person knew that I was heavily involved it would have caused quite a stir.

I was eating my dessert when I heard fingers snap and a female voice cry triumphantly, "Gotcha!" I looked down the table to see the dark-haired lady gazing at me with her hand over her mouth in surprise. She had obviously suddenly realized where she knew me from and I waited for the shit to hit the fan.

Rob got in first, "Are you all right Emma?"

As all eyes turned to Rob I managed to catch Emma's gaze and I put a finger over my lips asking her to keep my lifestyle to herself.

Emma recovered quickly. "Sorry everyone, it's just that Matt reminded me of a triathlete from Canada and I couldn't remember his name. It suddenly came to me, sorry for the outburst."

The group laughed and I mouthed "thanks" to Emma as soon as I could. I assured everyone that I could no more complete in a triathlon than fly like Superman. When Emma had said 'triathlete' my memory was jogged as to her identity - Emma Burgess, the National Triathlon champion of 1997 and 1998. A run of injuries had resulted in her missing the Sydney Olympics in 2000 where she would have been one of the favorites.

After dessert we moved out into the large living room for coffee and liqueurs. I managed to maneuver myself so I could have a quiet word with Emma, who I noted had asked for hot chocolate rather than coffee.

"Thanks for not causing a stir at dinner," I said and laughed, "I could see you recognized me but couldn't remember where from."

"That's ok Matt," Emma replied, "I saw you and ummmmm, Melissa, on that TV documentary on BDSM, I must admit I found it intriguing."

"I have been really busy since that show and I fly home tomorrow. Fortunately I can trust Melissa to hold the fort and even take care of some of my clients if necessary." I replied. To change the subject I asked, "Why are you here Emma?"

"Oh I came down here to have a good heart to heart with my old coach." Emma replied, "I'm having trouble knuckling down with my latest coach, I just can't seem to get motivated. I fly home tomorrow morning at 9.00 o'clock."

"Really? So do I, perhaps we could travel together?" I asked.

"That would be nice, I want to find out more about your ummmmm." Emma paused.


"Lifestyle, yes that's the word." Emma smiled as Brenda, Rob's wife, joined us. "I'll see you at the airport in the morning."

"Ohhhh is there romance in the air?" Brenda giggled as she took another sip of port.

"Don't be silly Brenda, Matt and I have just met." Emma said, "We are just going to travel home together."

We all laughed and the evening quickly drew to a close. After saying our farewells Emma and I shared a taxi back to our separate hotels promising to look out for each other at the airport.

Fortunately we met before booking in at the flight desk so I was able to arrange that we would sit together. We made small talk about Emma's athletic career and after we were airborne she suddenly changed the subject.

"Ok Matt, tell me, why in the hell would anyone want to get whipped?" Emma spoke quietly so nobody could overhear us.

I laughed, "It's not quite as simple as that Emma. Some people actually derive pleasure from pain, whether it's from a light hand spanking or a severe caning. As the saying goes, it's different strokes for different folks."

"I find it hard to believe." Emma replied, shaking her head from side to side.

"Let me put it this way Emma. When you compete in triathlons, have you ever got to a stage where you think you just can't go on any further?" Emma nodded so I continued. "And suddenly you burst through the pain barrier and the running, or swimming or cycling instantly becomes so easy. The adrenaline just flows and you feel as if you are flying?"

"Yes, that happens in just about every event, and it happens to marathon competitors too."

"Precisely, but BDSM is not just about pain, although that does feature in most Dom/sub relationships. It can be so gentle and erotic, teasing and sensual, fun and laughter and sex with amazing orgasms. You are a very strong lady; you have to be so successful in your chosen sport. But many strong people from all walks of life love to give up control at times. How many times have you seen politicians in trouble for being found with a professional Mistress?"

"That's so true, especially the British, they seem to excel at masochism don't they?" Emma said with a laugh. "The queuing champions of the free world."

I laughed and waited for the next question.

Emma thought for a while and then surprised me by asking, "Does anyone see you to get more discipline in their lives?"

"Oh yes, discipline, stress relief, punishment for something they have done wrong, the love of giving up all control, pleasure through pain or to live a long-held spanking fantasy like Melissa. There are many individual reasons people come to see me."

"Mmmmm, ok, let me think for a while please Matt?" Emma asked.

"Sure, no problem." I replied, grabbing a flight magazine that I flicked through while wondering what my companion was turning over in her mind.

Fifteen minutes went by before Emma whispered to me, "Matt, would you mind if I phoned Melissa and had a chat with her?"

"You are full of surprises Emma," I replied. "But I have no problem with you talking to Melissa." I took a business card from my wallet and passed it to Emma.

"Oh thanks Matt, you are so nice." Emma smiled at me; "Hmmm you class yourself as a Personal Trainer, that's a good title for someone in your line of business."

I grinned and replied, "Well it's ambiguous enough but also true, sometimes the truth has to be bent just a little."

The flight soon ended and Emma and I said goodbye as we collected our luggage off the conveyor belt. As I made my way out of the terminal I was intrigued to see Emma rush over to the telephones and quickly make a call, was she phoning Melissa already?

That question was answered an hour later as I walked in the front door of my home. Melissa smiled broadly and waved to me while holding up the telephone for me to see. My subbie mouthed "Emma" to me and gave me a mock yawn. I grinned and went to the bedroom where I quickly unpacked my suitcase and changed into shorts and tee shirt.

As I walked back into the living room and sat in my chair Melissa said, "Emma I must go now, Master is home. Unless we hear from you again we will see you at 11 o'clock on Wednesday, ok, bye Emma."

"Master! I'm so glad you are home." Melissa said as quickly knelt at my feet. "How was your trip?"

I patted my knees, "Sit up here my pet, are there any appointments this afternoon?"

Melissa grinned and quickly jumped into my lap, we hugged and kissed.

"No appointments today Master. I will get some lunch soon and we can have a quiet afternoon, unless of course you would like to have a session with your subbie? It seems ages since you turned my arse red, I'm aching for it at the moment." Melissa giggled and added, "I'm also as horny as hell."

"Your wish is my command Melissa. Hmmm that doesn't sound too Dom-like does it?" I laughed at my own little joke. "It is too long since we spent some quality time together my subbie. I think that's an excellent idea. Let's chat in the kitchen while you get lunch."

"Yesssssssss! Thank you Master. No wonder I love you so much." Melissa excitedly jumped off my lap and we went into the kitchen.

We swapped the news of what had happened while I was away, then I asked Melissa about the long conversation she had with Emma.

"Well it seems that her old coach was very strict with her and the results showed. Her latest coach is excellent as far as her technique goes, but doesn't push her hard enough at training." Melissa had the ability to sum up an hour's conversation quite succinctly. "As her old coach now lives interstate Emma is giving serious thought to coming here to get some of the discipline she needs. Although she didn't say so directly, she is also intrigued at the sexual pleasure that can be gained from BDSM."

"Very interesting my subbie, phone her back and tell her to wear running gear when she comes on Wednesday. I'm going to check my emails, you clear up here and I'll see you in the dungeon in thirty minutes or so."

"Yes Sir!" Melissa exclaimed gleefully as she gathered up the lunch dishes.

The kitchen noises soon ceased and, knowing how much Melissa loved the suspense of waiting, I lingered another thirty odd minutes before entering the dungeon. I stopped and gazed at the lovely sight that awaited me. Melissa had placed the massage table in the center of the room. Sitting on the left side of the table was a paddle, crop and a new flogger together with a heavy leather belt and a thin whippy cane.

Melissa was nude and had placed herself over the right half of the table. Her feet were on the cool slate floor with her legs wide spread. Her shaved pussy and arsehole were wide open and I felt the familiar stirring between my legs. My subbie had been correct when she said that it seemed ages since she had submitted, and I made a mental note not to let it happen again.

I stood behind my sexy girl and she sighed as I ran my hands over her buttocks, both of us loving the excitement of the familiar situation. I thought back to the first spanking Melissa had submitted to in the living room of my home. She had been so nervous back then, but determined to see if the reality matched her fantasies. Now here she was, my 24/7 trusting submissive, waiting for the familiar fireworks to fly her to the very heights of pleasure.

I scraped my fingernails down her back then stepped to one side and picked up her favorite paddle.


"Oh yessssss Master, that's what I need." Melissa hissed.

"Whack, whack, whack." I warmed Melissa's bum with the paddle, firm strokes making her cheeks bounce with each blow. It wasn't long before her white skin turned a lovely pink color and she was giving little yelps of pleasure at each sting.

When I was happy with the warm up I stopped and ran my hands over warm skin of her buttocks. Melissa moaned as my fingertips sensually teased her pussy lips, but all in good time so I changed the paddle for the crop. Quickly I beat out a rhythm with short sharp hits on my subbie's cheeks. I did not pause between each hit and Melissa was crying out as the leather tip drummed its pattern over her arse. The thick leather strap was next and used in a totally different fashion to the crop. Each blow was carefully aimed to crisscross the previous one and Melissa was jumping after each stroke. I paused deliberately between each wallop to allow my subbie time to settle back onto the table.

After using the strap ten times I paused and asked, "Melissa, you quieter than usual, is everything ok?"

"Ohhh Master, it's perfect, just wonderful." Melissa moaned. "Keep going, you build me up so well, I'm all ready to fly."

"Control tower to flight Melissa, you are cleared for take off, have a nice flight!"

I laughed and grabbed the new flogger, what better subject for its first use than my lovely subbie? The flogger hissed through the air and landed accurately across Melissa's cheeks.

"Yahhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhh yes!!" she cried.

The flogger rose and fell, each time with a little more force than the previous. Melissa was crying out with each blow and I knew from experience that she was close to entering subspace. Sure enough after eight stinging hits Melissa's body shook as the first orgasm swept through her body. I changed the flogger for the thin cane as I practiced sensual caning, a relatively new technique I had recently read about. Using the thin end of the cane I tapped lightly in a percussion rhythm using single taps, double taps and quick flutters of varying intensities. A few harder strokes were mixed with flurries so light I knew Melissa could hardly feel them. We had practiced the separate techniques previously but this was the first time I had used them all when Melissa was flying. My subbie's eyes were closed and she was moaning constantly as small orgasms continuously swept through her body. Sometimes she would have a fit of giggles but mostly the sounds were those of a very happy and climaxing young lady. I lost track of the time as concentrated hard to give Melissa exactly what she needed so badly. But the pressure of my cock against my pants was getting too strong and so I dropped the cane and started to gently spank and massage Melissa to bring her in for a landing. As my subbie slowly calmed down I stood directly behind her, rubbing her back with one hand while the other dropped my pants to the floor.

As she felt the tip of my cock rubbing against her labia, Melissa moaned and turned her head to look at me, licking her lips in anticipation. I thrust forward and my cock slipped easily into her sopping pussy. I stopped for a short time, loving the feeling of her walls squeezing my cock. Then I commenced to fuck her hard, giving my subbie her favorite delight of being 'used' by her Master for my pleasure. Melissa screamed as I reached forward and grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling her head backwards. I was in control and we both loved the familiar situation. No sex for nearly a week had made me extremely horny so it wasn't long before I was cumming deep inside Melissa's cunt. We both moaned loudly as our panting, sweaty bodies shook and Melissa collapsed onto the table with me on top. When I had regained enough strength I helped Melissa to stand and face me. Her legs were wobbling so I bent and eased her over my right shoulder in a fireman's lift. With my giggling subbie bouncing as I walked I carried her to the waiting hot tub that I had readied earlier.

"Oh Master, what a lovely surprise!" Melissa cried as I eased her down into the warm water. "I thought it was my position to plan these sorts of surprises."

"Melissa, all legitimate Masters care for their subbies as I care for you," I replied as I joined her in the tub. I then continued with a touch of sarcasm, "And it's not beyond some of us mere males to surprise the ones we love you know."

Melissa flung her arms around me and we kissed deeply.

"Oh I love you so much Master, I am the luckiest subbie in the world. Thank you so much for my flight, the caning at the end was amazing." Melissa giggled as we cuddled in the warm water. "Master I have a surprise for dinner this evening."

"Another surprise! What would that be my sexy subbie?" I asked as I switched on the jets.

Melissa said proudly, "Well I have prepared all your favorite cold meats, salad and fruit and I am going to be the table. You can use your hands and mouth to eat directly off me." Another giggle and she continued, "And I hope that I will be the dessert, I am self-saucing and I know you love the taste!"

"Mmmmm that sounds just lovely my subbie," I said. "Perhaps I will add some wine to the cup!"

Melissa and I burst out laughing, both of us looking forward to the forthcoming evening.


At 10.45 on Wednesday all was ready for Emma's introduction to the hoped for delights of my discipline and her submission. At 11.05 Melissa looked at me, shrugged her shoulders and shook her head, surprised that Emma was late and had not phoned. Finally at 11.12 the doorbell rang and Melissa silently let Emma in and guided her to the living room where I was waiting.

"You're late Emma!" I snapped.

"I couldn't help it Matt, the traffic was thicker than I expected." Emma said defiantly.

"No excuses Emma and from now you call me Sir," I barked as I rose to my feet. "Discipline starts with planning, you should have left earlier."

"I, um I'm sorry Matt, Sir." Emma replied.

"Sorry is not to be used in this home, ever, understand? Now come here and stand at attention!"

Emma moved to stand in front of me, looking down at the carpet, unsure of what was going on. I knew she had expected a friendly welcome and that she had been caught off-guard. As I walked around her I caught Melissa's gaze and winked at her, causing my assistant to suppress a giggle by quickly putting a hand over her mouth. Emma had dressed as required, I could make out the shape of a bra under an Athletic Club tee shirt. White running shorts, not the competition panties, contrasted with her suntanned muscular legs and she wore sneakers on her feet.

"Shoulders back Emma, head up straight!" I ordered. "Did you train this morning?"

Emma stood tall and looked straight ahead. "Yes Sir, I trained at swimming from 6.00am with my new coach for an hour and then went for a ninety minute bike ride."

"An hour's swimming? Is that all? You used to do ninety minutes and you never rode for less than two hours!"

Emma swung her head around and looked at me, "How the hell do you know that?"

"I checked with your old coach of course, and look to the front like I told you too." I was enjoying myself. "You said that he was a great disciplinarian and that was the reason for your success in the nineties. Melissa and I were at the pool this morning watching you, you didn't train as hard as you could have did you Emma?"

Emma looked straight ahead and stayed silent. She knew that I was telling the truth and that she was taking the easy way out with her new coach.

"Emma, do you REALLY WANT to be a champion again?" I asked in a firm but friendly tone. "I think I can help you but you have to take the extra steps yourself, your future is in your hands."

Emma bit her lip, knowing that this was a moment of truth in her comeback and her quest for the Athens Olympics in 2004.

"Yes Sir, I do, I really WANT to get back to and improve on my former standards."

"Very good Emma, now touch your toes fifty times, and count out loud."

Emma looked at me in surprise and then started to repeat the easy exercise. "One, two, three…."

I moved behind Emma as she exercised and Melissa slipped a riding crop in to my hand. At the count of forty I cracked the crop against Emma's tight shorts.

"Owwww!" Emma jumped into air and turned around looking furiously at me while she rubbed her stinging cheek. "What the fuck did you do that for?"

"You had slowed down, not putting as much effort into the exercise as when you started." I replied amicably. "You need discipline young lady and while you are here that's what you are going to get. Of course you can leave right now if you want to, it's your decision. If you're staying I suggest you start again from number one. Remember, no pain, no gain."

Emma looked furious but turned her back to me. She stood still; I could almost hear her mind ticking over.

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