The real nightmares arrived when I finally took myself to bed. I woke up several times in the night, hot, sweating and shaking from cataclysmic dreams of fighting unknown people and endless chases in which my agonised legs got heavier and heavier until I could barely move. And in the grey morning hours came the dream; the dream in which I was ramming a familiar-seeming tousle-haired girl from behind. I wildly ploughed her sopping, tight, hot pussy with my throbbing cock. We rutted and panted and snarled like wild beasts, yet this brutish encounter had an unreal, almost ethereal beauty to it. I thrust and thrust and thrust into her! The sensation of smooth slipperiness enveloping my cock was almost unbearably sweet! The sharp tension in my scrotum rose and rose, until, until, until...boil over!

Oh shit! I had just had a wet dream; the first since I was eleven or twelve! And oh Sweet Jesus! What was this? Realisation smashed through me like an ice storm. The boxer shorts I wore to bed were down around my ankles, as was the duvet! My palms were gripping marvellously rounded hips! My slowly softening cock was pressed deeply along the cleft of a gorgeously plump derriere! My freshly squirted sperm made silky yellow fabric damned near transparent! Oh My God! I had just humped my darling daughter's arse and come all over her!

What in the name of fuck was she doing here in my bed?

In my entire life I had never known such a cold gust of fear! Not even in Afghanistan, when the officer commanding an ordinary Army unit, a man so stupid he didn't even deserve the 'honour' of being called a Rupert by his men, trusted a supposedly friendly local tribal leader who promptly led them into a Taliban ambush; and my squad, on another mission close by, totally unprepared for the situation, had to go in and extricate them. No I never felt that depth of fear, not even when the RPG fired in my direction just after I had given that treacherous tribal leader a second, wider smile beneath his chin, exploded on a rock close enough by to cause a shard from it to pulp most of my left foot. The medicos did their best to put Humpty together again, but eventually, what remained of my foot had to go, plus half of my leg below the knee, and my warrior days were over.

What had I done to Melody? What must she be thinking? With an agonised groan I rolled away, as far as I could to the other side of the mattress. I made a futile attempt to drag my boxers and the duvet up to cover myself, but they were too tangled up to reach up past my knees. And my damned stump got in the way! What could I say to her? How could I possibly explain my actions?

"Melody, what are you doing here?"

I looked across the bed. My daughter lay unmoving on her side, still facing away from me. Her soaked nightdress clung to her backside as if it was painted on. The inescapable fear coursed though me again: the poor kid must be frozen with horror at what the one man in the whole wide world she trusted implicitly had just done to her!

"Melody...? Sweetheart...I am so, so sorry...I...I was dreaming...there was a girl..."

She didn't change her position, but...

"I wanted to be with feel your arms around me again...cuddling me...was the girl me?"

"She seemed a lot like you."

"But, was she me?"

"I...I think so...yes, I am sure she was you...but not you, if that makes any sense...not my daughter."

"That's Ok then."

Melody rolled over to face me. She grimaced...

"My nightie feels all cold and clammy at the back. Hang on a second."

Before I could stop her, Melody squirmed out of her nightdress and tossed it to the floor.

"That's better!"

I stared horrified at her nakedness. "Christ, Melody! What on Earth are you thinking of?"

I could not retreat any further without falling off the bed onto the carpet as Melody wriggled across the bed and snuggled up to my side, throwing one smooth warm thigh over the top of mine...

"Shushhhh, Daddy! You've seen me without any clothes on before!"

"But that was when you were a tiny little girl!"

"But I'm still only a little girl! You said so yourself last evening."

"Hell, don't you twist my words! It was just this moment I said 'when you were a tiny little girl'! You're a lot older now! Like I said last night -- you are a grown woman!"

"You mean with boobs and hair on my cunny...?"

Teasing me unmercifully, Melody ground her belly against my hip. It seemed as if I could feel every one of her pubic hairs pressing individually into my skin!


"But don't be afraid; I'm not going to eat you! Although..."

Melody glanced down at the fat semi-soft sausage lolling lazily on my lower belly, its tip still oozing the aftermath of my ejaculation.

"...him down there looks kind of delicimo!"

My daughter's saucy suggestion that she might like to taste my cock excited me at the same time as it staggered me. My sex stirred in response...

"Would you like that, Daddy? It looks like he thinks it's a good idea!"


She rested her cheek on my chest and murmured softly...

"Oh, don't worry; I'm only kidding! I wouldn't know how to anyway."

Was Melody telling me that she has never gone down on a guy before? In spite of my reluctance, my rod rose back to full stiffness!

"You mean...?"

"No, I've never done it like that. Jonno wants me to, but I told him I wouldn't until he agreed to do the same for me. But he doesn't like the idea of going down there for some reason; he won't say why not. He's missed his chance now though. When I got to my room after I left you in your chair last night, I texted and broke it off with him. He was only a status symbol anyhow."

"Only a status symbol?"

"Uh-huh, I am the girl at college who managed to snare The Sexy President of the Student Union. There was gossip that Jonno was having an affaire with one of the tutors; she left in a hurry a month before I started going with him. When we talked, which wasn't all that often - we seemed to spend most of our time together making out - I realised he was only using me for sexual release...and the certainty of a shag if he was persistent enough I guess...I suppose I was only using him for getting off too."

"So you haven't gone all the way with him either?"

Melody grimaced, "Not yet, but I suppose I would have in the end."

She looked up at my face, "Daddy, if I wasn't your daughter, even if I was still only teenager and all those other things you object to, if I asked you nicely to do what Jonno wouldn't do, would you kiss my cunny for me?"

The sensation of her hand suddenly taking hold of my hardening cock completely undid me...

"Uhhh! Uhhh! Of course I would, Sweetheart! But you shouldn't be..."

Melody let go of my weapon and swivelled around on the bed until her knees were level with my face and then she rolled onto her back with her legs spread wide. Her pussy lips were dark pink with excitement; her sparse fur matted to her desire-swollen flesh by her nectar.

"Then please Daddy; 'please, pretty please with a cherry on top', please ignore I am who I am and kiss my cunny; especially for me!"

"I can never ignore who you are! I cannot; I must not!"

"Oh please! Why ever not?"

She reached across and briefly squeezed my tool...

"Your cock is so hard; I know you want me! Besides, you've kissed me down there before!"

"In your dreams!"

"Oh yes you have; it was a long time ago though!"

"You're kidding me!"

"We were by the pool one afternoon. I didn't tell Mum."

"Aaaaah, I remember now! You were wearing that pink and white stripy bikini! There wasn't anything to tell, because I didn't 'kiss you down there'. You had just come out of the water and you lay down on your towel, and I was just about to blow a raspberry on your wet little back when you rolled over. And you were wearing those bikini bottoms, so I didn't actually kiss 'you'. This is different!"

"Because I'm naked?"

"Yes, because you are rather delectably naked; and what we doing here isn't playtime!"

Melody snaked a hand down her belly to her pussy and spread her lips to reveal the glossy, vibrant shades of pink and the proud little red nubbin inside...

"But I'd still love us to play though!"

It only took one look at Melody's sex exposed so invitingly and my resolve rapidly crumbled...

"If I did, you wouldn't ever have to tell anybody! But first, there's one thing I don't understand; why me?"

"Because I love you, and I know you will nice and caring and gentle. Please, Daddy; it'll be our secret."

A tear squeezed from the corner of her eye and rolled down her cheek. I could not bear to see My Little Girl cry. Besides, I wanted her like I had never wanted anyone before! The hunger to feel, hear, taste and smell her pleasure overwhelmed me!

Without further ado I plunged between her welcoming thighs, into steamy, fragrant heaven.

Faintly prickly, springy hairs, plump folds, heat, wetness, musky ozone smells and spicy, salty honey flavours greeted me. Smooth soft thighs briefly clasped my cheeks and then opened wide. Soft, panted murmurs of encouragement and slim fingers tangled in my hair drew me closer in. I teased her slippery opening with my fingertip and Melody begged me with her body to slide my whole finger inside. My tongue's first contact with her clit made her gasp. My whole being became focused on slippery moisture; clinging satin walls; her lifting, heaving, writhing torso; and her quivering moans and pants of pleasure.

I became utterly fixated on making Melody come, but at the same time to draw it out so that when her climax arrived she would experience an absolute cataclysm of pleasure. After many minutes of blissful torture I finally gave into her anguished pleas and let the magic moment arrive: the climbing tension; the quivering muscles arching her body like a longbow; the high-pitched almost unbelieving mewls of delight; the sharp gasps of achievement; and then the shuddering, devastating collapse.

Now that her orgasmic shocks had reached almost unbearable heights, Melody's hands pushed me away from her centre instead of pulling me closer. My face was bathed entirely with her juices; the taste and smell of her pervaded my senses. I looked on in loving wonder as this exquisite creature, my very flesh and blood, dove headlong into sexual ecstasy.

I should have felt guilty at this incestuous act we had just committed, but I could not. Instead I was filled with pride that I had succeeded in taking my daughter such amazing pinnacles of delight.

Slowly Melody came back to me. Tears of rapture streaked her cheeks. Almost creaking with the stiffness of her joints, she turned on the bed again until we were back face to face. Soft pouting lips sought mine with kisses of gratitude, of love.

"I knew it would be brilliant with you!"

"You are the brilliant one. How do you feel?"

"Wonderful; like I have a lovely warm furnace in my tummy that's heating my whole body!"

"Mmmmm, that's good."

I gently eased her onto her back again and leaned to softly kiss my daughter below her navel; her belly quivered under my lips. I moved south; faint faerie kisses inching down her trembling flesh until I reached the plump rise of her mound. I gently rubbed the tip of my nose in among the springy damp hairs, and in the start of her cleft...

"Again...?" Melody's question came out as an astonished squeak.

"Of course! Brilliant is about to become astonishing!"

"Oh God; I don't know if I can..."

But Melody parted her legs eagerly to make way for me anyhow!

And it was totally astonishing -- for the both of us. I didn't fool around teasing her this time; I made a direct and sustained assault with my tongue on her lovely, juicy pussy. Okay, so I teased her with my fingers -- she came with a whoosh when I flirted with her anus -- but I avoided penetration. Otherwise, I refused to be denied; determinedly hanging in there through two, three orgasms more, however vigorously Melody tried to push me away.

Finally, she managed to wriggle out of my grasp...

"Oh God, Dad, it's too much! Please, please, stop; I've got to have a pee!"

Melody flailed me away with her legs and took off at a run to the en suite without pausing to close the door properly. The explosive splash of her urine in the toilet bowl and her long drawn out sigh of relief made me smile with satisfaction. I guessed she would sit there for a while gathering herself together, so I took the opportunity to straighten the bedclothes. Hell, what a mess! Stains all over from Melody's orgasms and, of course, the precum leaking from my dick! A major laundry session was on the horizon, but that could be done later. The most important thing was to make the bed welcoming for My Little Girl when she returned.

When she eventually emerged from the bathroom, having freshened herself up somewhat, I was waiting for her under the warm duvet. She slid in and snuggled up to me...

"Help, I'm exhausted! And I ache all over!"

"But a nice ache...?"

"Such a wonderful ache; I can't describe how amazing I feel!"

"My tongue feels as though it has run the London Marathon!"

"You stink of me; why don't you go and wash your face?"

"I love stinking of you! Besides, it feels too nice all cuddled up like this for me to think of leaving."

"No regrets then?"

"No, no about you?"

"Not in the slightest. And no guilt either, it was wonderful."


"I love you Dad."

"And I love you also, my precious one."

I went to kiss her on the lips to show her just how much she meant to me, but my lovely daughter had fallen fast asleep. So I had to be content with just a tender caress with my lips on her forehead.

Slumber overtook me shortly afterwards, but I it seemed like only moments later that I awakened to find that we were spooned as before; only this time Melody's naked body was pressed tightly to my back, her pliable, firm breasts boring into me while her springy pubic hairs chafed my tailbone delightfully with the gentle sexual thrusts she was making against my arse. When she saw that I was stirring Melody kissed the side of my neck and murmured...

"I knew I could bring you back to life!"

"What you are doing would wake the dead!"

She laughed impishly, "I've been watching you while you were sleeping; you are truly beautiful!"

"That's the first time anyone has ever called me that."

"Well it's a fact."

She traced the outlines of my back muscles with her fingertips, raising the hairs on the back of my neck...

"I love your body; your muscles are so hard..."

Her hand moved to my shoulder and then caressed my bicep.

"So hard and ready to spring into action..."

Melody nudged the side of my neck with her chin.

"Just like my friend down there!"

My cock was indeed rampantly erect!

She moved her hand around and across my chest, twirling her fingers in the mat of curly hair and tweaking my nipples until they stood out like hard little bullets.

"He definitely looks like he wants to play!"

"And what kind of game were you thinking of, Young Miss?"

"His favourite would be Hide and Seek I think!"

"And yours would be?"

Melody ran her palm down my belly to my pubic bush and circled the base of my cock with her thumb and forefinger. Tantalisingly, hardly touching me at all, she stroked me up to the tip and then back down again.

"You know what I would really like! But you forget; I've never played that game before. What was one we played earlier on?"

"I honestly don't know what to call that. Hunt the Thimble?"

She laughed; breasts and belly jiggling wonderfully against my back.

"And this would be Tug o' War!"

She caressed the length my cock again, only this time gripping my shaft more tightly. A pearl of pre-come emerged from its eye. Melody spread the glistening fluid around the head with her thumb.

"Your cock is such a lovely thing; I could play with it all day."

"More lovely than Jonno's is?"


Melody gripped my shaft firmly and banged the head hard twice on the mattress. She was angry with me for bringing Jonno back into the picture. "That was uncalled for!" She stroked me again; now going back to being tantalising and soft. "I forgive you though, but only this once, you mind!"

"I won't mention him ever again!"

"Good! Now roll onto your side and face me; I want to look into your eyes when you come. Besides, my pussy is feeling lonely; she wants to play too."

My daughter continued her gentle fondling of my throbbing cock, rubbing its head in languorous circles on her soft belly, leaving gleaming pre-come snail trails on her fair skin while I worked my hand between her slightly parted thighs to insinuate one finger and then a second into her juicy, slippery canal.

"My, that feels so good!" She opened her legs wider and bore down her pubic bone to make contact with her clit on the base of my fingers, then lifted hard, burying my fingers further into her silky depths, again and again. Moaning incoherently with delight, she half rolled her upper torso onto her back, offering a passion-swollen nipple to my lips. I could just reach it; taking it into my mouth, rolling my tongue over and around it whilst sucking tenderly.

"Oh God; this is so what I wanted you to do to me when I was sat in your lap last night!"

I didn't answer; I was far too busy making oral love to her gorgeous nipple!

The heat of our encounter steadily rose. I wanted to come, but I knew instinctively that I mustn't; not yet! Melody was also right on the edge, but I could tell that she too was trying to hold it back. Suddenly she moaned...

"I c-c-can't..."

She wriggled my fingers out of her, in the same movement wrenching her bloated nipple from my clamped lips, and then forcibly pushed my cock head down and between her now closed thighs. Reaching around my waist, she roughly clasped the cheeks of my arse with both hands and dragged us together until our pubic bones clashed. One, two, three, four quick grinding thrusts and my daughter started coming hard, clinging to me desperately, whimpering unintelligible words into my chest and digging her fingernails so deep into my buttocks I feared I would be marked for life!


"I'm sorry, Daddy. I tried, but I couldn't stop it; and I so wanted to feel your cock on me when I came!"

"Hush! It's Ok, sweetheart, it's Ok!"

In truth it really was more than just Ok. My daughter had gained pleasure from my cock, which was more that she had experienced with any other man. And her orgasm had also given me breathing space to regain a modicum of control over my own impending climax. Experimentally, I too took hold of her by the buttocks and began to slowly move my cock an inch or two forwards and backwards between her tightly clamped thighs along the length of her clinging, slippery pussy lips.

"How does that feel?"


Melody began to respond to my movements, adding small writhing twists of her own, bringing her clit into increasing contact with the hot rod sliding between her legs...

"Oh Daddy! Oh Daddy!"

Our tempo rose, became more violent, our bellies slapping together, her breasts alternately crushed into my sweat-soaked chest and then released, our moaning breaths rising to a crescendo! And then she came again, harder than before, dissolving against my panting body with a strangled cry.

Melody tried to apologise for leaving me behind again, but I hushed her with a kiss. We were a mess; our chests heaving; sweat streaming from our bodies; our soaked hair plastered to our heads; our still-conjoined groins slippery with the blend of her vaginal secretions and my pre-come. She smiled at me falteringly and then, almost in slow motion, opened herself up to my admiring stare, raising her upper leg, bent at the knee with her foot resting on her other heel, to reveal my cock nestled along the now gaping, darkly swollen lips of her pussy. Gazing into my eyes all the while, she reached between her legs and, grasping me firmly so that I could not move away, even if I wanted to, directed my cock head into the steamy entrance I so desired.

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