I encountered no resistance -- Jonno's, or some other boy's fingers had seen to it that Melody's hymen no longer existed -- sliding swiftly into the tight, velvet clasp of her body and making her gasp with surprise at the sudden sensation of cock-induced fullness; and at being entered so easily. We lay still for a few moments, savouring the enormity of the step we had just taken; then I began to move. Every thrust and withdrawal was returned in kind. She ground her buttocks in my clutching palms, urging me to drive in deeper and deeper, harder and harder.

But then Melody suddenly stilled...

"What's wrong Sweetheart? Am I hurting you?"

"No, it's nothing like that. It's just..."

"Tell me..."

"This is so beautiful, but I want you on top of me; I want you to really take me. Dominate me, Daddy! Be my man!"

"Let's get you onto your back then."

Without pulling my cock out of her delicious warmth I stayed with Melody as she turned over. With me loomed over her, supported on my elbows, we looked down between us to where our pubic hairs co-mingled...

"I could never have imagined yesterday that the two of us could be together like this!"

"I've dreamed about being with you for so long, Daddy! I was afraid it would never happen. Now, don't worry about me; you have given me so much already. Just come when you want to, but stay; please stay! I want that more than anything!"

So I did; pouring my soul very into her; releasing my millions of tiny selves into My Little Girl's hospitable warmth without caring a jot if she was protected or not, because this is what My Little Girl wanted, and so did I.

Exhaustion finally claimed us both. At one stage I had to get up to take a leak, but even my hopping progress to the bathroom and back didn't cause Melody to stir. It was hunger pangs that finally woke us...

"I'm starving!"

"It's almost midday."

"No wonder...brunch? I'll cook."

"There's plenty of eggs and bacon and stuff in the fridge...we'll cook."

"Deal! Shower first though. I smell like a stale fish market."



I supported myself with a hand on Melody's shoulder as we made our way to the bathroom. My slack cock and balls jounced obscenely with my every hop making Melody ask with a giggle if I'd like to hire her hand as a jockstrap. Still supporting me, Melody stood by my side while I used the lavatory first. She was fascinated watching me urinate. Then, while she took a leak, I ran hot water into the basin in preparation for a much needed shave.

"What are your plans for the rest of the day, Dad?"

"Oh, I don't know...perhaps a round of golf and a few beers with the boys afterwards...why?"

"We only have a few more days before Mum gets back and I want fill up the time with you filling me up...besides, you don't play golf!"

My Little Girl looked so desirable, even sat on the toilet, I found myself beginning to want her again! There was no question we would be heading straight back to my bed straight away after eating. I decorated the tip of her nose with a daub of saving cream: "Long term we may get more time to ourselves than you can imagine right now."

"How come?"

"Your mother and Annie; I think soon there may be some kind of announcement..."

"That they are a couple? You have noticed as well?"

"Hard to miss..."

We showered together; intimate, lingering, slippery, soapy caresses with no inhibitions over the where and how of our touching. Our growing hunger to mate again was only tempered by the need to refuel our bodies.

I was keen to stay nude while we broke our fast, but Melody, the practical female, talked of leaving tell-tale stains from her still oozing pussy on the leather seat of her dining room chair for others to see. So we compromised, staying bare-chested, but with me in a fresh pair of boxer shorts and she in a sexily tiny pair of panties. The dip and sway of her hard-nippled, naked breasts from across the table was so downright entrancing that at one stage Melody told me with mock severity to "Stop dribbling and eat your food, Daddy!" Then in the next instant she threw back her shoulders and cupped those delectable orbs in her hands, offering them to me "later."

Our meal finished, Melody came to sit astride my thighs with her arms around my neck and trailing the tips of her nipples, barely touching, from side to side on my chest. My Little Girl was reinventing the meaning of the word erotic!

"Daddy, do you really think Mum and Annie are going to 'come out' when they get back next week?"

"I am sure they will."

"How do you feel about it?"

"What do you think...?"

I reached behind and quickly ran the tips of my fingers lightly down each side on her spine from the nape of her neck to her tailbone, making her arch and raise her breasts to my face with pleasure. I dutifully kissed each rosy aureole.


"I am cool...but there is going to be a massive shit-fight between Annie and her husband over custody of their two kids!"

"Will Mum move out?"

"I have been thinking all along that I should go; they can have this place. Even before...I would have loved it if you decided to come with me...your choice though."

"That's a no-brainer! But not too far away though; I still want to see her often. And I still want to start my Uni course in September." Melody shuffled closer in my lap and nuzzled her lips on the side of my neck, "Daddy, put your fingers in my panties and feel how wet I am; how much I want you. Can we go back to bed now?"

"It's a mess after..."

"We could go to mine. You wouldn't believe how many times I have got myself off at night, imagining you were there with me, and now it'll be true..."

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