tagNovels and NovellasMelody and Daisy's Dilemma

Melody and Daisy's Dilemma


The two best friends sat facing each other, both redheads. One woman stood 5'9 , the other five inches shorter. The shorter of the two just learned that she'd shrunk an inch. It was that observation that had forced her to take a step back and reexamine her life. She blew away the hair from her face and sighed. "Okay Melody, I'm doing it," Daisy told her friend.

"Doing what?" Melody asked, after swallowing the first sip of her morning coffee. She could tell that Daisy was frustrated about something; she had been since she got home yesterday from the Doctor's office. She had assured her nothing was wrong, but it was apparent something was. They had been friends to long for Melody not to know when something was "off" with her roomie.

"I'm going to have sex," Daisy stated.

The choked cough that assaulted Melody was quickly followed by her roommate jumping up from the table and hitting her on the back, eventually Daisy stopped the rampage of smacks when Melody pushed her away. "Damn, I've told you a million times you don't need to hit folks on the back when they are choking on drinks." She rolled her eyes and coughed a few more times, noticing the mischievousness in her best friend's brown eyes.

"I know. . . but it gives me a reason to beat on ya." Daisy chuckled and slid back into her chair.

Melody laughed. "I think you look for excuses to 'beat on' me." She took another drink of Daisy's horrid coffee, but said nothing of the taste. Her friend tried very hard to make Melody breakfast every morning before heading out to work; each morning though she was graced with coffee so strong it would make hair grow where Melody didn't want hair to grow. "Now, what are you talking about?"

"Sex. You know that thing between a man and a woman. That think that neither of us has had. Sex. Fucking. Doing it. Popping the Cherry. Sewing Oats. Stuffing the -"

Melody cut her off with a raised hand. "Stuffing the sausage and sewing oats is what the men do." She pushed back her chair and smoothed down her sweater before taking her coffee cup to the sink and rinsing it out. "What happened yesterday to make you suddenly decide, after 28 years you are ready to lose your virginity? Virginity that you and I both agreed we wouldn't lose until we found the right man. Virginity that we both signed contracts stating that fact back in high school." Melody turned around and faced her friend.

Daisy made a face and stuck out her tongue. "Look. I was at the Doc's yesterday and do you know I shrunk I shrunk an inch. Now that means I'm getting old and I'm NOT going to die a virgin "

The laughter that rang out filled the room and Melody knew had she been drinking coffee Daisy would be at her back slapping away at her again. "You are not getting old and you aren't going to die a virgin." She grabbed her purse and kissed her friend on the cheek. "Go visit your fellow today. I'm having lunch with mine. We're double dating this Friday remember."

"I remember," Daisy said.

She watched her friend take off and then headed to the shower. The two had been friends since forever and it was natural for them to have taken up residence together after both had graduated college. College was the only time they had been apart. Melody was a teacher and Daisy an educated bum. She often joked about writing the next great American Novel, but even she knew the likely hood was slim; she wrote for fun and that was what mattered. She had a job one that paid for her portion of the bills and left her spending money. She had a degree in creative writing and accounting, but right now she served as glorified secretary for one of the many local lawyers in their city.

As Daisy showered and readied herself for another long day of dictation and phone calls, Melody was driving through traffic making her way to the local elementary school. She taught third graders and had been doing it for four years. She enjoyed it, but as she wove her way toward her job her thoughts moved back to Daisy's proclamation and the contract they'd signed so long ago.

She understood her friend's reasoning. Neither one of them thought they'd be unmarried at the age of twenty-eight. The "contract" she'd brought up that morning had been something they both were serious about at the time and now it wasn't as serious, but actually more of a joke between them, but why hadn't they taken that leap yet? Melody didn't know. Eventually she made it to work and started her day, thoughts of Daisy and her quest vanished under the onslaught of kids and administrators.

That evening when Melody got home she started supper; when Daisy arrived the aroma of Veal Parmesan already filled the room. She walked up and stuck her finger in the sauce, receiving a firm slap to her hand. "Ow," she chuckled in mock pain.

"Make the salad. Why are you late?" Melody asked her friend.

"I stopped by Busty Bab's," Daisy answered. There was a slight blush to her cheeks, but a determined look on her face.

"Oh my. What did you buy?" she asked. Her curious nature showing in her raised brows.

Daisy laughed. "Well. . .I told you what I had planned. I bought everything I could possibly think of to seduce Rick." Daisy tossed the bag of goodies on the table and grinned wickedly. She began pulling things out and displaying them for her friend.

As the pile of merchandise grew, Melody's blush rose as did the tingling between her legs. She thought of all the things she could do with those toys if her and Titus ever took things further. She picked up the vibe, the cock ring, the clit massager and chuckled. "Dear these are items to bring you pleasure. . .where are -" Her words were halted when Daisy brought out the last few articles of clothing. "Oh my goodness," she sighed as she plucked the red thong and tiny bra from her long fingers. "What are you thinking? That won't even hold your breasts." She chuckled.

"That's the idea," Daisy said. She pulled out massage oils, edible creams and a number of DVD's.

"You're planning a full assault aren't you " Melody laughed. "Poor Rick doesn't stand a chance."

"That's the plan."

"Good luck to you," she laughed.

Daisy smiled. "Thanks."

The two women sat down for supper. Conversation flowed freely until Daisy pushed away her plate. "Do you think it will work?" she asked.

Melody sighed. "Honestly, I don't know. We've told the guys about the contracts. They both have respected us and neither one has ever forced the issue. Has Rick forced it with you? Is this why you are wanting to have sex? Is he pressuring you? Because if he is. . ."

"No, he's not. He's a gentleman." She sighed and grabbed the dishes. "I think that is the problem. He's a gentleman."

Melody picked up the DVD's and scanned the titles and the pictures. "Ohhh my, Daisy. This one is just women. You got everything here. You have one with the folks using cuffs and chains. One that is strictly male and females. Jeeze. . . I don't even want to know how much you paid for all this. Why? Why all of this?" she asked.

"I don't know what he'll like. I know what I like." Daisy blushed and gathered up her new toys. "But I don't know what he'll like. So I wasn't taking any chances."

Melody grinned. "Well if this works for you. I may just borrow some of your DVD's. I thought about what you said this morning and well. . .I think it's time I seduced myself out of this virginity too." She winked and waved a good night to her friend, seduction on her mind as well as a certain gentleman that was often in her dreams.

Both women went to bed that night with thoughts of romance dancing in their heads.

For the next several days the two women worked on scenarios that would lead to the destruction of their innocense. The double date arrived and both women were looking forward to it with great enthusiasm, more than they had ever before.

Rick and Titus watched Daisy and Melody walk into the restaurant and immediately they knew something was up. The two women had always looked hot, but tonight they weren't dressed in their usual sexy numbers, but were instead they wore tight mini-skirts and vests that hugged their full breasts. Their red hair was piled high and both looked as if they were a couple of cats that swallowed the canaries.

"Damn," Rick muttered when Daisy slid up to him and pulled his head down to her lips. The kiss was unlike any he had felt before. He was forced to pull her away from him. "Down Tiger," he whispered against her lips, to late to control the throb in his pants. Rick looked over at Titus and saw he was having the same problem with Melody. He gritted his teeth, disentangled his girl from his side and helped her into her seat.

Melody grinned as she watched Daisy put her plan into action. The two women had come here tonight with every intention of leaving with their respective dates and going back to their homes. They'd even taken a cab to the restaurant instead of the customary car they shared on double date night.

Titus barely kept Melody at bay as her hand continued to move up and down his thigh. He'd lost count how many times he'd pulled her fingers from his cock. He would welcome the release she gave him on occasion with her hand, but tonight if he didn't get away from her he'd break the agreement that he and his best friend Rick had agreed to.

The women had been friends for years when the two men had entered their lives, almost simultaneously. He and Rick became good friends as well, both realizing that it would have to be if they wanted to be with either of the lovely ladies. Now they were both on edge, wondering who was going to ask what the fuck was going on, but neither one wanting to question the girls or their motives.

Dinner progressed and groping continued until both women were feeling the slickness of their sexes coat the tiny thongs they were wearing. Melody knew if she stood up she'd see a wet spot on her chair and figured by the way Daisy was behaving she would too. Eventually Rick did it. He couldn't help himself and so he did the unbelievable. . .he asked what the two women were up to and why

Titus breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank God, you asked that," he said, downing another shot of rum. He shifted in his seat and looked at the two females and wondered who was going to confess. There wasn't a doubt in his mind who had thought of this little scene, but he also knew the other was just as willing and would have thought of it sooner or later.

Melody took a deep breath, a sip of beer and then pointed to Daisy then herself. "WE have decided that it is time to take our relationships one step further." She downed the rest of her drink and slammed it back to the table. The force of it surprised her and she giggled. "Ooops."

"Umm. . ." Titus replied. "I thought you were okay with just dat..."

Daisy laughed. "We aren't talking marriage silly. We're talking sex " Her tipsy voice was louder then she thought and several people looked at the group, bringing a blush to all its occupants.

Rick's jaw dropped for a few seconds before he recovered from the shock that had been delivered to him by his luscious red haired temptress. "Ummm. . . well. What about your contracts?" he asked.

Titus sat there stunned and waited for either girl to answer the question that he'd been thinking, but was unable to voice.

Melody sighed. "It's time. We want this and we've thought about it all week."

Both men were suddenly very uncomfortable. Sure the idea of finally fulfilling their individual fantasies was wonderful. Both of them had longed to have their girlfriends in their beds. Their thoughts had pretty much been the arousing images that brought them to orgasm in the showers, beds and couches. Neither man spoke to the other one about their fantasies, but any mature thirty-five year old man would have known what the other was thinking after spending time with either one of the sassy red heads.

"I thought you both were wanting to lose your virginity on your wedding nights?" Titus said. He bit his lower lip and shifted nervously. "This is a big step. I mean, I'm willing and flattered."

Rick chuckled. "Have you ever bedded a virgin, Titus?" he asked.

Melody and Daisy looked at both men and then Rick. "Have you?" Daisy asked. Her eyes wide with excitement and curiosity.

The man who suddenly felt like he was on trial sighed and licked his lips, savoring the flavor of his Jack'n Coke. "Yes and before you ask, no it wasn't a pleasant experience. She said it was okay. It was good for me, sure. I mean, I came, but she didn't. She was in pain. There was the mess. It wasn't very romantic. I kinda felt sorry for her."

"Well we know it'll hurt. We're virgins not idiots." Melody rolled her eyes and gasped in outrage. "We're twenty-eight year old virgins. We can handle some pain and blood."

Titus cleared his throat. "Mess is mess. . .it'd be a lot better if there wasn't any." He chuckled and smiled over to Melody. "Honey... you've waited so long. I'm sure waiting till that one special night is worth it."

Melody pouted. "So you're saying if I wasn't a virgin. . .you'd be all over me?" she asked.

There was no right way to answer that question. Rick sighed. "It would make things easier and honestly ladies, you'd enjoy it more." Rick chuckled and ordered another round of drinks for everyone. "You told us how important it was for you to stay "pure" so we've respected it. Now that doesn't mean we want you going out screwing someone Look, you know what? You could take care of it yourself."

Titus choked on his beer and Melody barely stopped Daisy from slapping him on the back to "help" him out. "You are something else Rick." He laughed once he was able to recover.

"What? It's a suggestion. They want to lose it. We don't want to deal with it. We all want it gone... so... they take care of it." Rick shrugged his shoulders and chuckled. "I'll even buy you the toys."

He winked at Daisy and pulled her onto his lap. "I'm teasing you hon. When its time to "lose it" you'll know." He kissed her lips and held her to him. "Let's dance. This conversation is closed."

Daisy sighed, but allowed him to lead her to the dance floor. Eventually Melody and Titus joined them. The couples danced and partied and then the men drove the girls home, each in their own vehicles.

Later that night...

Once Melody and Daisy were back at their house and the two men had taken off toward their residences, they both looked at the array of toys that Daisy had left out. Melody grabbed her large tote bag and emptied out her stash of seducing equipment. "Fuck," she muttered.

Daisy agreed.

"Sucks this all goes to waste."Daisy sat down and tossed a DVD at her friend. "Oh well... we have the new clit massagers. Wanna watch me get off?" she asked with a just joking roll to her eyes. They had never talked about what they did to appease the arousal they both felt when ever they ended their heavy "petting" sensations with Rick and Titus, but they were adult women and as Melody pointed out earlier, they weren't dumb.

"Let me get some wine. . .this is taking our friendship to a whole new level," Melody laughed.

She left the room and returned with a bottle of red wine and two crystal goblets. "To us," she said, pouring each one of them a glass. The girls toasted and Melody hit the play button. "Ohhh great," she said, somewhat sarcastically.

"What?" Daisy asked, grabbing her goblet of wine. She looked at the TV and chuckled. "It's appropriate don't you think?" she asked.

"Yes, I guess it is."

The movie started and the girls drank their wine as the so-called "plot" began to heat up the screen. Daisy felt the moisture of her sex begin to once again make an appearance as she watched the two women on the screen kiss. Their tongues moved slowly over each others lips. The small chested blonde soon had her shirt off. Her brunette partner's lips moved slowly down toward the pert nipples. Daisy watched as the darkened flesh was pulled into the actresses mouth. A moan reached her ears and she glanced over at Melody.

Her eyes took in the sight of her friend's trimmed pussy. The vibrating clit massager played against the glistening clit. The girls had gone out and bought Melody her own toys when it was decided they would seduce their boyfriends, now as their toys were moved into their own hands Daisy was enthralled by the vision of her friend and the look of pleasure that was on Melody's upturned face.

Melody felt the stare and blushed. "I could do this in my bedroom," she told her friend.

"No," Daisy said. Her fingers slipped over to the coffee table and she picked up her toy. "I think I want to watch... do you?" she asked. The massager's vibrations filled her palm with a soft tingling sensation. She heard the women on the TV and turned her attention back to them once she saw Melody's nod of approval.

Daisy slipped her toy between her legs and as the two women on the screen moved into a sixty-nine position and began to lick, bite and chew at the rosy clits that were buried in their faces, the two women on the couch were quietly moaning and thrusting their hips.

"Ohhh," Melody whispered, her eyes left the screen to see if Daisy had heard her sound of passion. She whimpered involuntarily as she watched Daisy's cunt grow more moist. In time the two women were looking at each other. Each one watched the massagers run over hardened strips of flesh until they slowly dipped inside the wet dark circles of their sexes.

Melody's eyes feasted on the soft curls of Daisy pussy.

Daisy licked her lips, moistening her mouth; she breathed deep the heady aroma that was radiating from Melody's sex. "Fuck, Mel," she hissed. "This is unbelievable..." She grabbed her wine and took a drink. "I'm so hot." She told her.

"Yes, you are Dee," Melody said, using her friend's nickname. "Daisy. . . I'm hot too. Can I?" she looked down at her vest.

"Yeah, me too."

Both women stood up and removed their vests and skirts. Their eyes feasted on thongs that had been pushed to the side so toys could play. Timidly, neither one knowing who moved first they touched the others breasts. Two women, both fed up with waiting and being good, though secretly playing and toying with themselves for years slowly closed the distance between them. As the sounds of lovers on the screen played quietly behind them, Melody and Daisy touched lips.

"Oh," Melody whispered. Daisy answered with the same quiet puff of sound. Their tongues slipped out, the tips sliced the air and reached for the other. Together they tasted. Their fingers moved away from the breasts of the other and slipped to their backs. Melody and Daisy separated just long enough to pull their bras and their thongs off.

They were almost mirror images of each other. Both had full breasts, hips, and luscious curves. Melody was taller. Daisy less freckled. Their hair color was a shade different, but at that moment they were two red heads that mirrored the other with panting lips and rising chests. "You know

I've never -" Daisy whispered. Her gaze ran over Melody's breasts and hips.

"Duh You're my best friend. I've never either. That's the point."

They both laughed and just as they were feeling the awkwardness threaten to return, a scream of pleasure filled their ears. They turned together and stared at the actresses that were coming on the screen. The two friends were lost then. Both took the final steps, closing the distance again and embraced the other.

Their lips met again, this time the kiss was deeper and full of unexpected pleasure and curiosity. They both moaned into the others' mouth as their fingers slipped up and down each ones' silky back. Daisy trembled and Melody moaned.

The couch soon became their playground. Daisy sat on the arm and Melody looked at her. They had seen porn before. Each one had their own private collection; each one had exchanged tapes, but they had never shared each other. Melody crawled toward her friend, placing a kiss on her inner thigh and slid up the soft skin, until her tongue reached the heat that was radiating from her. Her eyes looked up at Daisy and met the reflecting pools of desire that were anything but concealed. Melody hesitated and then slipped her tongue to Daisy's belly button, not quite ready to taste the juices that were gathering on her roommate's sex.

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