tagIncest/TabooMelody's Father

Melody's Father


It was late afternoon by the time the two ran low on money, and it was also right around then that they realized they hadn't eaten anything since they split a bagel before heading to the beach that morning.

Melody counted out her change onto her friend Kelly's dashboard. The light turned green, and Kelly accelerated in the only way that teenage girls can accelerate, and the change went everywhere. Into Melody's skirted lap, between the seats, onto the floor.

"Shit," said Melody, but apathetically.

Kelly giggled, swerving slightly as she did so. Melody rolled up her window and reached for the air conditioning in the car. The south Florida sun wasn't any kinder in October than it was in June and nor was the humidity.

With the breeze out of their hair, Melody examined herself in the car mirror, pulling strands of blonde hair from her cleavage, re-arranging her strategically buttoned top.

Melody looked over at Kelly without her noticing. She did this often, comparing their bodies, unsure of herself but sure enough to dress as if she were 100% certain that she was a head turner. Which, of course, she was.

Kelly was too, in her own way. Having a sexy car helped. But it was south Florida. Everyone who wasn't a minority had a sexy car.

"Hey," said Melody. "Let's just go to my house. My dad just went shopping. We'll make something there. Watch a movie or something."

"Ok," said Kelly, and got into the turn lane.

Melody was eighteen years old. Kelly was eighteen years old. Beyond this, they were as different from one another as could be conceived.

Melody was 5'8", though she would tell you she was 5'9" since she wanted to be a model. She was blonde—the kind of blond that made other girls tug on her hair and ask if it was real. It was, of course, and fell just past her shoulders to tickle the tops of her ample 34 C cup breasts. She was fit from head to toe, and had an ass that tended to devour a thong in its robustness. She could be either a model or a porn star. She would never go hungry. She was in the habit, these days, of wearing very womanly clothes, and owned one pair of shoes that did not have stiletto heels on them. She had a constant shade of olive skin. If a single word would describe Melody's body, it would be European. Today, she was wearing a bathing suit underneath a black tank top and a short plaid skirt, her toned thighs teasing the eye with how nearly ever movement almost exposed her perfect ass.

Kelly was 5"4' on a good day. Her hair was dyed black and cut short. She had pale skin decorated with a couple tattoos, neither of which could be seen when she was dressed. Which, even then, wasn't really "dressed".

Kelly didn't believe in leaving too much to the imagination, as if she doubted men had one. She dressed sleazy—a leopard print bra often showed more of itself and of her slightly larger breasts, 38 C, than her midriff shirts or tank-tops. Her jean-shorts made Daisy Duke look Amish.

Today, she was wearing a black bathing suit underneath a white t-shirt and black denim shorts.

The two of them entered through the garage into the house where Melody lived with her father around 6 in the afternoon, the sun going down but still hot as hell.

They went straight to Melody's room and tossed their purses on the bed.

"You want to take a shower first?" asked Kelly.

Melody thought for a second.

"No, you go ahead. I'll go second." She said.

Kelly shrugged and went towards the door, stopping to ask if Melody could pick out a shirt and a skirt for her to wear when she got out. Melody nodded and Kelly went into the bathroom.

Melody picked out a red tanktop and a jean skirt and put it out onto the bed, then went out into the hall and to her father's door.

She didn't bother knocking.

"Hey, dad," she said. "Kelly's taking a shower. I'm gonna make some food for us, do you want anything?"

Father or not, Melody's dad never passed up an opportunity to give his daughter a look-over. She stood there, her skin still wet from the beach and humid air, the tops of her breasts milky and bouncing light off into his eyes. Her thighs quivered every couple of seconds from standing in the high heels. It reminded him of the first time anything had ever happened between them, when he had persuaded her to put his dick in her mouth, and pushed his fingers into her hair as loving as any father, until he came hard into her mouth. She had looked puzzled, but understood. So had he. Theirs was a closer relationship than should be allowed a father and a daughter, but they lived alone, and they were free thinkers. And who in their right mind would ever pass up a body like his daughter's? But he understood too, even more so after he almost forced himself into her, and she slapped him. They didn't speak for months. She went to school, came home, and shut herself in her room. She would give him his blowjobs, it was not much more than kissing him on the cheek, right? But to actually have sex with her father was just weird.

One night they had reconciled.

He had come into her room, where she was sleeping, on her stomach, as usual. He pulled down the sheets off her back, up and over her butt. She had fallen asleep in her bra, and it looked mighty uncomfortable.

He unhooked it and slit it out from under her. She woke up. He put his hand gently over her mouth and kissed her forehead, then her neck. She moaned through his fingers.

He kissed her chest, stopping only briefly to leave a bite mark, then continued down her flat tummy and between her thighs. He breathed hot air through her panties.

He took his hand away from her mouth to pull them angrily off of her, then spun her around into a sitting position.

"Dad—oh my god..." she said, still half-awake.

"Shh, baby. Shh. Just let it happen."

He buried his face into her baby-smooth crotch, his tongue flicking in and out and over with skills enhanced and perfected by living though the age of free-love, until his daughter came harder than she ever would...until he did it the next night, and at least three times a week after that, when he would have to wipe his daughter's juices off of his face, and she would look at him with those blue eyes, panting, and they both knew they were very lucky to be father and daughter.

But they understood. Hand-jobs waiting for the popcorn to pop while watching a movie, blow jobs before bed or after the shower, the times he'd finger her on the way home from school or the gym, the groping, this is where it would remain. Sex was simply out of the question.

Even still, Melody's father considered himself a very fortunate man.

He shook himself from reverie.

Melody knew what he was thinking, could see the familiar hunger in his eyes, the tensing of his thigh muscles in his swivel chair in front of the computer.

"I mean, to eat, dad!" She sighed. He smiled.

Still not specific enough.

"Dad, I have a friend over." He leaned forward as he heard the shower turn on.

"Baby, Mel. Come here. I want to talk to you about something," he said.

He pulled her down onto his lap.

"Now, which friend do you have over?" He asked, grinding himself through his jeans, ever so slightly, against his daughter's bare thigh.

"Kelly," she said. "Why?"

He paused for a moment.

"Is that the fat one with red hair?" He asked.

"No, dad. That's Tara."

"Ah. Is it the other fat one?"

"You mean Mattie?"

"I guess. The one you went to the concert with."

"No. Kelly, dad. She's short, black hair, big boobs? Pale?"

"Oh, she's the one with the car?"

"Yeah, that's her."

He giggled, holding her tight around the middle. Her father's dick was more than half hard, pushing against her, as if it could lift her up like a car-jack.

"Good," he said. "I have an idea."


They had both showered, but had not yet made dinner, and now Melody sat on her bed, brushing her still-wet hair (she liked to air-dry it), and Kelly sat at her computer. An old B-rated sci-fi movie played on the TV.

Melody had on her silk-red robe, loosely tied to conceal the sexiest bra she owned, red and black, which pushed her breasts almost to her chin, and a g-string to match.

She watched Kelly, her heart beating fast, wondering how the rest of the night could possibly happen the way it was going to.

"Hey, Kel," she said.

"Yeah," answered her friend, still staring at the computer screen.

"You gonna stay over tonight, right?"

"Yeah," said Kelly. "My dad won't care and my mom's out of town."

Melody nodded silently, running her painted nails over her teenage stomach.

"Why?" asked Kelly, spinning around to look at her friend.

"Oh—nothing," began Melody, when there was a loud rap against her door.

Her heart felt ready to explode. She went to the door and let her father in.

"Girls, I need to talk to you about something." He said.

The two looked at each other. Melody knew the plan. She just had to get Kelly to play along.

"It's very important, and I need your full attention," he said. "So, please, could you both sit on the bed and face me?"

Kelly looked curious, but nervous. She went over to the bed and sat down close to Melody, touched her hand for re-assurance. She had no idea what was happening.

Her father turned off the TV, then shut the bedroom door.

He looked at Melody.

Melody looked at her father. They both looked at Kelly.

"What?" asked Kelly, looking at them both, beginning to sweat.

"My dad..." Melody began. She found it hard to finish the sentence. She looked at her father.

"Go on, babe. Tell her." He said, guiding, strong and affirming, like a father.

"My dad...wants to fuck you." She sighed after saying it.

Her father shook his head. "That's not what I told you to say."

Melody nodded, and began again.

"My dad wants to...fuck your brains out...and I'll watch."

Kelly laughed nervously.

"Are you serious? What the fuck--?"

They stared at her silently. Kelly shifted nervously.

"But, Mel, he's your dad!" She practically screeched between her giggles.

It was then that Melody's father unzipped his jeans. Melody slid off of the bed onto her knees, turning so that she could look at Kelly as she took her father's decent-sized cock into her nubile mouth.

"Oh my...oh my god...Melody, what are you doing?"

Her father shushed her.

"It's ok, Kelly. It's ok." He said, running his fingers through his daughter's hair.

Kelly watched her friend devour her father's cock with increasing fervor, and continued to watch as her friend's hand went down into her own panties and furiously rubbed her clit.

Kelly's hand instinctively, beyond any reason or logic, went to the clasp on the borrowed jean skirt, tugged it down to her knees and matched Medlody's enthusiasm on her own pussy.

Melody took the dick out of her mouth and rose up into a kneel.

Her father turned to Kelly and knelt before her.

"Melody, tell her how good I am at this."

Melody sat next to her friend and spread her legs wide. "My dad is really good at eating me out. You'll love it. No joke."

Kelly didn't have time to voice her shock before the old man's head was trembling between her trembling thighs.

She gasped. She moaned. She screamed.

She threw herself back onto the bed and reached for Melody's hand, her face turning red. Melody took Kelly's hand and Kelly squeezed it almost as red as her face and neck, burned from the inside out in the anger of this man's talent devouring her pussy.

She came, and came hard.

Melody pulled her father towards her, and he tore off her panties and promptly devoted his attention and tongue to his daughter.

She, too, came, and came hard.

Her father pulled her face close to his, and whispered something in her ear.

The dad and daughter went to the middle of the room, daughter kneeling once more.

"Come here, Kel," she said.

Kelly stepped down onto the shag carpet and knelt before her friend's father's crotch. Melody positioned them both, taking her position behind her friend, and pushed Kelly's tits together to swallow her dad's dick in their eighteen-year old flesh. Her nipples were bright pink, and began to redden as the heat of her blood made her skin turn red from everything around her.

She was being groped by her best friend and tit-fucked by her best friend's father. She was so aroused and so disgusted she could barely breathe.

"That's right, oh, fuck! You like that, huh, girl? You like me making those titties mine? You like my daughter touching you?"

Kelly was silent until he stopped thrusting his pelvis into her chest and pulled her head back by her hair.

"I said," he breathed heavy into her face. "Do you like what we're doing to you?"

"Yes," her voice was shaky.

"Good," he said, and took her by the shoulders and stood her up. "Now go face the wall and bend over. Melody, get under her. I want you to suck her tits while I fuck her."

Kelly, still reluctant, was shoved against the wall next to the bookshelf. Melody crawled under her and took her hanging nipple in her mouth as her father rammed his dick into her friend's pale ass.

"Oh, yeah, girl, fuck!" He shouted. It was only a matter of time, Melody knew, before her father let completely loose and began spouting the vilest filth from his sex-stained mouth. He got like that, even when she would give him a blow job. She had learned not to take it personally. It was just her daddy's way.

"Oh, my god! Oh my god!" Screamed Kelly.

Her tits were getting harder to get a hold of to suck, she was being fucked so hard by her father, so Melody had a free mouth. Her dad noticed.

"Melody, tell me to fuck her brains out!" He said.

"Fuck her brains out! Fuck her brains out, dad!" She said.

He was beginning to let loose.

He had to slow to compose his next piece, allowing the eighteen-year old to breathe, her pussy tightening around his dick.

"Mel, tell me to molest her." He said, and began picking up speed.

"Molest her, dad." She said.

"Ew! No, don't say that..." Gasped Kelly.

"Shut up, bitch! This pussy's mine right now, your body is mine right now!" He pulled her arms away from supporting her against the wall, then pulled her up by the tits with his right hand, holding her back against his chest, leaving his daughter on the floor, too far from her friend's tits, so she began licking her tummy.

"Say it, Melody!" He shouted.

"Molest her, daddy!"


"Molest her, daddy! Molest that little girl! Molest your baby girl's best friend!"


"Molest her! Touch her! Fuck her! Rape her, daddy! Make her cry, daddy! Molest her!" She screamed.

It was too much for Mel's dad. He had stopped paying attention to the teenage girl he was ravaging, but just stared at his daughter, in her robe, half off, her perfect tits, and now those words, chanting like the devil on his shoulder:

Molest her, molest that little girl. Molest your baby girl! Touch her! Fuck her! Rape her! Make her cry! Do it! Do it!

He growled, and threw Kelly off of his cock and against the wall, and stooped down to grab his daughter. She was too surprised to defend herself. He ripped that sexy bra right off her chest, spun her around, tangling her in her red silk robe, and pushed her against the bed. Her knees buckled, and she fell onto the mattress on her back.

"No! Dad, we said we wouldn't do th..."

"Shut up! You're my daughter! You're mine right now!"

She screamed, then screamed harder as she felt her dad's dick push into her tight young pussy.

"I'll molest you, baby. I'll fuck you! I'll rape you! Is that what you want?" He screamed.

Kelly stood in the corner, still breathing heavy, scared. Terrified.

He looked over at her as his daughter started to cry beneath him.

"Get over here, Kelly. Kiss my baby girl's tits! Suck on them!"

Kelly did as she was told. Melody was crying, holding her friend's hand as she felt her teeth against her teen nipple.

"Dad! Dad! Oh! My! God!" yelped Melody.

"Oh, you tight bitch!" He yelled.

He grabbed the back of Kelly's head and shoved it hard against his daughter's chest, and held it there until she turned her head to the side to breathe, her cheek against Melody's sternum, breasts shaking violently on either side of her.

"I'm gonna cum, you sluts! I'm gonna cum!"

He wasn't lying. He pulled out, still holding Kelly's head onto his daughter's chest, and came hard across her face, the majority of his semen getting in her hair.

He slapped his daughter's thigh, everyone heaving for breath.

"Lick that off your friend's face." He said.

Melody, still whimpering, took her friend's head in her hands, tenderly, and looked into her eyes, then licked her from chin to temple, sucking her father's semen off the strands of her friend's dark head of hair.

Her father pulled his jeans on, and looked down at them both. The glassy-eyed Kelly and his teary-eyes daughter. He looked like he was about to say something, but instead turned the TV back on with the remote, and left the room.

The two girls stared at each other for a long while. They were sore, they were sweating, their skin was red.

After a while, Melody sighed sharply, wiped her blood-shot eyes, and stood up.

"What, um..." she started. "What do you want for dinner?"


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