tagInterracial LoveCotton Candy, Naughty or Nice?

Cotton Candy, Naughty or Nice?


"I want to taste that."

"Excuse me?"

"You." As he looked at the V of my jeans. "I want to taste that."

We had a met an hour earlier, at a mutual friend's Christmas party at a Santa studio.

A large table was covered with holiday appetizers and another with booze. The host, Randy, had introduced me to Isaiah. Isaiah, this is Amy. She's from Texas and even went to the Cowboys game with them against the Rams in Dallas. Amy this is Isaiah. He's my oldest friend and played baseball for the Chicago Cubs.

He talked about baseball. About the farm teams he played on and the injury that kept out a year and from getting anything more than a cup of coffee in the big leagues. We talked about Durham. I had lived there a decade, after he was there in the minor leagues. We kept guessing to find places that survived.

The traditional photo shoots with antique toys in the background happened and a couple shots of a beautiful white girl with long brunette curls, blue eyes and curves sat across from a handsome athletic black man. Both of them with infectious smiles and sparkling eyes.

The large group photos finished and the party crowd thinned. We finished the vodka raspberry lemonade and he made me another strong rum drink. I knew I was passing the point of no return, but I didn't care. He was holding my hand by then, and telling me he wanted to taste me. He said I be one of the girls on his home team.

His dad died when he was ten, his mom raised him and he had more girlfriends than guys. I joked I didn't want to be on the team, I hadn't seen the uniforms. Didn't know the benefits.

Randy was closing up shop. He came upon us deeply passionately French kissing in the dressing room. Isaiah asked his best friend, "would you hit that?"

Randy replied, "Fuck yeah I'd hit that." I'd later chastise him for that. Talk about making a woman feel like an object! Isaiah asked where he could take me. He offered the same back, dressing room we had been in.

Randy had hit on me hard in the past. He said that his girlfriend wouldn't mind since he had already told her he had a thing for me. He made me nervous until we had recently been to a party to watch a football game and said I was like a sister to him. But tonight he was scoping me out again.

Isaiah walked down the long hall to the bathroom and like McGeiver, Randy pulled my V neck top over to the left and popped my DD breast out of my lacy bra. He sucked. Hard. I barely knew what had happened and he backed off and I stood in shock.

Isaiah came back, I was glad. At some point Randy slipped him two condoms and he left. We were alone. We lay down on the floor. His arm was like any other arm pillow I'd had before. I fit perfectly next to him. He was 6'-2" and I, 5'-9" 5 inches difference. A lot of body and height to share and melt together.

Our kisses weren't like anything I had ever had. His strong soft lips encased mine and our tongues danced. He began to rub my breasts through my black velvet top, occasionally stroking firmly across my crotch, reminding of his promise to taste me.

I was in heaven. Everything else, my friends I came to the party with, all my responsibilities, and my obligations disappeared. My top came off and I wriggled out of my skinny jeans. He cupped my face and began passionately kissing me again. The man could take his time.

He gently lowered the lace of the bra to the side and brought his soft lips to my aching nipple and then the other. Bliss. He alternated the same trip back and forth several times. Finally he said, "girl, this needs to come off." He continued to suckle and left a love bite at the base of my right breast.

His long strong fingers similarly pushed aside the front of my lace panties and seeked the watery juices generating from my pussy. More and more my body responded to his heat. He moved down to the area he liked to practice his art. He carefully brought my panties down and off my feet. I laid back and my white legs formed a V around his beautiful black smooth head.

He was skilled. Even though I had quite a buzz, I could still tell I was benefitting from the best cunnilingus I'd ever had. He licked, he sucked, he used his fingers to massage my g-spot and started and stopped. When he brought me to the edge, he let me slide back only to bring me to the cusp of orgasm again.

I heard myself begin to pant and moan. Muscles from my torso to my knees clenched as I screamed and a powerful orgasm flooded my body. Tingling sensations showered my pussy and my nipples stood alert. He came back to kiss me. He liked having me taste myself. He liked tasting his cum from my pussy as well. So intimate.

The room was cold, and when he went to the bathroom I pulled some clothes back on. He layed down next to me and we fell asleep for some time. We both awoke at some point ready for round two. This time I got to feel his beautiful hardness. Long smooth black shaft, that as he wanted to taste me, I wanted to feel him inside me. I told him.

Our chemistry was incredible. While he kissed me again, he honored my wish. His penis was designed to fill my vaginal vault fully to the sides and provided just the right amount of pressure as it bottomed out by my cervix. I loved it and it seemed as if it was exactly what my pink pussy was waiting for.

The alcohol had affected him as well and after an extremely enjoyable amount of time, spooned with him still inside me and slept again. We parted ways at 4:30 in the morning.

I spent until noon hungover, but so sexually charged I used "JJ" my vibrator, three times and hoped the endorphins would help ease my headache and ache for him.

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