Melting the Ice


In March of our senior year, my neighbor, Mr. Stephens, died. After about a month, his kids sold his house, and I came home from school one day to see a moving van unloading boxes, being directed by what appeared to be a pretty good looking dark haired woman in her mid to late 20's. When my parents invited her over to dinner a few weeks after she had settled in, we found out that she was Serena Poulson, a financial advisor with an office downtown, and that she was recently divorced from her husband, a slightly older guy who she had married right after college. Unfortunately, her husband had been carrying on an affair with his secretary, so she divorced him and used the settlement to buy the house.

She was, in fact, an attractive woman, with short, business-like brown hair, and an excellent figure. It was hard for me to imagine why anyone would cheat on her, but I guess not every guy is as committed to monogamy as me. Again, if this were a story, and not real life, Serena would seduce me to satisfy her now unfulfilled needs. We would have acrobatic sex in every room of her house, allowing me to keep dating my virgin girlfriend, while being satisfied by Serena's insatiable sex drive. But that is not what this story is about, and stuff like that only happens in the movies, or in stories. Not only that, but Serena also was dating Laurence (never "Larry"), who was a big, well-built, good looking guy who worked in her office. I know this, because we sometimes chatted when I mowed the lawn or did other outside work around the house.

That being said, once the weather got warmer, Serena did lie out in her backyard, wearing very skimpy bikinis, and I have to admit that the sight of her, after a frustrating day with Tess, often led to my thinking of her, and not my angelic love, when I released my tension.

By the time prom came around, Tess and I had reached some equilibrium. We had great times together, doing the yearbook, going to movies and concerts and hanging out with our friends. I was given free rein to fondle and kiss her breasts, and many nights she would jerk me off, increasingly skillfully, but without much passion for the task. I was not allowed anywhere near her pussy, although I occasionally tried brushing it with my hand, "accidentally," but it never seemed to get her motor running the way I hoped. However, we were going to prom, and eighteen, so our parents didn't object when we booked a motel room at the shore, along with our friends, for the weekend after prom. Although I didn't say anything, and was afraid to press my luck, I kind of hoped that the classic prom tale would play itself out, and we would make love in a cheap motel, like millions of other teenagers throughout America since time immemorial.

And if we had, I would tell the details, but that is not what happened. Prom was great. Tess was the most beautiful girl there, of course, and I even thought I pulled off the tux pretty well. Our friends all looked amazing and had fun. The after parties were great, and Tess and I even made out in the party bus in front of people, which was a pretty big step for her, possibly facilitated by the cheap vodka we had been drinking. But when we got to the Sandbar Motel and checked in, Tess made it clear to me that the breasts and hand job limitations were still in effect. I despaired of ever using the package of condoms I had, optimistically, stashed in my suitcase.

I pleaded my case, citing to my love for her, the length of our relationship, her beauty's effect on me, her promise to try to loosen up, and, of course, the fact that it was, for fuck's sake, prom night. But it didn't work. Her legs stayed stuck together, although she did sleep in my arms, with my hard on pressed futilely against her pajama pants clad perfect ass. It didn't help that I could hear the headboard in Jeannie and Mike's room next door banging against the wall, and Jeannie screaming Mike's name over and over and over and over again.

Although I feigned contentment, I had begun to approach the point where I needed her to give herself to me, to let me give myself to her, and I started to get angry, believing that she just didn't trust me. Tess chattered all the way home from the shore, and I was quiet, half listening, and half trying to figure out what to do.

Ultimately, I convinced myself that it was stupid to do anything until after graduation, because I didn't want the craziness and I didn't want Tess to be hurt or unhappy. And we cruised through the end of the year, APs, finals and graduation, where we ended up tied for 9th in our class. There was a huge party after graduation, and Tess and I went, with a bunch of our friends. I got a little drunk, and Tess did, too, and somehow we found ourselves alone in a spare bedroom. We made out a little, but Tess turned out to be drunker than we both thought, and she passed out. I took her home, woke her up and got her into bed without her parents suspecting anything amiss. The next morning, Tess and her family left for a month's vacation on the West Coast to visit her grandparents and celebrate her graduation, and I devoted myself to working to make some cash for college. Tess and I texted, and I think she was happy when I told her that Lara (or "that girl," as she called her) wasn't working there that summer because she was in Spain. Although I'm pretty sure that I could have scored with some of my fellow employees, I was in love, and was, as always, faithful.

The second week that Tess was away, I was sitting at my desk, wasting time on YouTube, when I saw Serena laying on her porch, wearing a truly small bikini—so small, in fact that it hardly seemed worth the effort. Just watching her there kind of set me off again, and I missed Tess, and I also realized how much I missed actual sex. But, I wasn't going to break up with Tess just for that reason by phone or text, and before we went together to college. I knew that would be wrong, and whatever happened, the right thing to do was to do it face to face. Instead, I fantasized about Serena. And as the summer went on, my fantasies were mostly about my sexy neighbor, and not my beautiful girlfriend.

I knew when Tess was supposed to come home, and I both anticipated and dreaded her return. Obviously, I wanted to see her, but, as I mentioned when I started this story, I was approaching the point where I was thinking about breaking it off for good, if she continued to maintain the last wall between us.

It was a scorching summer day when I got a text from Tess that she had gotten home late the night before, and wanted to come over. I had gotten up early and mowed the lawn, then showered and was taking refuge from the heat in my air-conditioned room before my evening shift. Of course, I told her to come over, and figured I needed to just say what I wanted to say—that I loved her, wanted to make love with her, but that if she still wasn't interested that it would be better to just break up for good, so that we could adjust, and deal with college as individuals, and not as a couple. I really, really hoped that she would see it my way, especially because my parents had taken my sister to the town pool, and the house was empty.

As I waited, I noticed that Serena was on her porch, under the shade of an umbrella, wearing that same tiny bikini. When she started to rub sunscreen on her voluptuous body, I almost lost it, but realized that I couldn't relieve myself because Tess was on her way. As usual, Tess didn't knock on the door, and just came into the house and yelled my name. I told her to come upstairs, and when I saw her, she took my breath away. Not that anything was different—it was just seeing her after a month that did it. That, and the tight t-shirt that she was wearing, and the shorts.

I wanted to throw her on the bed and rip her clothes off and make her scream with pleasure, but had to settle for a very nice kiss, and the feel of her body pressing against mine, and her ass in my hands. When we came up for air, she handed me a silly t-shirt from what she called a tacky tourist trap, the latest in a series of goofy little gifts we would bring back for each other when we went on family vacations, and she started telling me about the trip. I couldn't get a word in edgewise, and figured that I would just let her talk until she ran out of stuff to say.

She suggested that we watch this video on YouTube that was hysterical, and she stood behind me as I pulled it up on my screen. I was heartened by the casual way she rested her hand on my shoulder as I sat in my desk chair.

As the video started, she said, "Does your neighbor always lay out in her backyard naked?"

That was something I hadn't quite seen yet, so I looked up, and, in fact, Serena was lying on her chair, completely nude. I had already seen pretty much everything she had, but I had to admit that, even from a distance, her tits looked nice, with very dark nipples, and I could see that she shaved her pubic hair into a thin landing strip. The heat of the day had caused her to be covered in a light sheen of perspiration. Overall, it was a pretty sexy view. After I had finished gawking, I responded, "She sometimes sits out there in a bathing suit, but I've never seen her totally naked."

I reached up to close the curtain, but I was shocked when Tess grabbed my arm and said, "No, that's O.K."

I restarted the video again, but after a minute or so, Tess said, "Have you ever seen that?"

I looked up and saw Laurence standing next to Serena's chaise, and he, too, was naked, the skin of his ass pale white, in contrast to the tan of the rest of his body. He turned slightly, and I could see his aroused cock, which, frankly didn't seem any bigger than mine. I couldn't blame him—I'd be rock hard, too, if I was standing that close to a naked Serena—In fact, I was rock hard just watching her from the window.

Surprisingly, Tess had stopped talking and was standing behind me, hands grabbing my shoulders, looking out the window.

The YouTube video was forgotten in favor of the real scene playing out before us. We watched quietly as Laurence kneeled down and kissed Serena on the lips, and as they made out. When Laurence began to stroke Serena's full breasts, Tess sighed, and pulled my shoulders back so that my head was resting on her stomach, just below her own fabulous chest. And when Laurence began to suck on Serena's nipples, Tess leaned forward so that her tits rested on my head, and she crossed her arms over my chest and pulled me closer.

I could hear Tess' breathing become a little harder while we watched, and I wanted to turn around, but between her grasp, and my belief that it would be a huge mistake to break the spell, I sat there, feeling the weight of Tess' breasts on my head and enjoying her embrace. When Laurence started to kiss Serena's stomach and then buried his face between her thighs, Tess' breathing became even harder, and her grip on me tighter. I think, but was not sure, that she actually pressed her crotch against the back of my chair. I, of course, was painfully hard, my cock pressing uncomfortably against my shorts from the sensory overload.

We watched as Laurence ate Serena out and she began to writhe on the chair, her legs flailing wildly until we saw her hips buck repeatedly and her arms and legs windmill before she slowed and stopped. Her chest was heaving, and Tess' seemed to be matching it. I so wanted to turn around, but knew instinctively that it was a bad idea. Then, Serena motioned to Laurence, and he moved toward her, his hard cock aiming for her sexy mouth. She grabbed his shaft and engulfed it, taking him fully in, and Laurence started fucking her mouth. Tess started to gently stroke my chest, while pressing against the chair and leaning in, apparently not wanting to miss anything.

Laurence pumped faster and faster into Serena's mouth before jerking back and shooting a huge load of cum all over her face and breasts. I felt Tess yank her head back and shudder before leaning forward and resting her chin on the top of my head. While Tess was changing position, so were my neighbor and her lover, swapping so that Laurence, who impressively was aroused again, was on the chair, and Serena mounted him and slid down his cock. As she rode him, increasingly fast, Tess grabbed me tighter and tighter, and breathed quicker and quicker. I reached back and was able to awkwardly embrace my girlfriend, holding her as we watched Serena and Laurence fuck to another powerful orgasm. Serena collapsed on to Laurence's chest, and Tess gasped and went limp against me.

It was time for me to make my move. I disengaged from Tess and turned to face her. She was flushed and her hair was wild. There was a look in her eyes that I had never seen before, except in about 5 years of fantasies.

"Are you O.K.?" I asked.

She looked at me, and her look sent chills through me, and into my already throbbing cock. "That's what sex is like?" she asked, panting a little.

"That's what it's like," I said, trying to control myself.

"That?" she said again, pointing out the window.

"Exactly," I replied.

She lunged forward and began to kiss me with a passion that I had never felt before, and I stood so that while we were kissing, our bodies pressed against each other. Tess ground her hips against my aching cock, and I ran my hands under her shirt, feeling her back, then her tits. Her nipples were hard and she started to bite my neck.

I pushed Tess gently down on the bed, and she collapsed willingly. I fell on top of her, and kissed her incredible lips and down her neck. I pushed her shirt up over her chest and kissed above the bra and into her cleavage as Tess arched her back to let me unclasp and remove her bra. Although I had done this before, I sensed that today this was far from the end of the line. Nevertheless, I took my time, rubbing, kneading, kissing and sucking her beautiful pale breasts and sensitive nipples.

Tess was pressing my head into her chest and her crotch into me. I decided to reach down, and placed my hand gently between her legs, on her shorts. She moaned slightly, so I started to softly stroke her there for the first time ever. Tess moved her hips to meet my strokes, so I took a chance and unbuttoned her shorts. Getting no resistance, I unzipped them and slipped my hand inside the elastic of her panties. I expected that her bush was untrimmed, considering her lack of interest in sex; what I didn't expect was that she was dripping wet—her panties were soaked. I could smell her arousal, and it was delicious. I explored downward until my fingers touched her lips—they were slick and hot, and Tess moaned and sighed as I touched her.

I was surprised when she pulled down her shorts and panties and tossed them on the floor. My love was, for the first time ever, totally exposed to me and, if anything, was more beautiful than I had ever thought. I kissed her belly, then moved down and kissed her bush, above her opening, and she pushed my head down. It was a hint that I understood, so I rolled myself between her legs and buried myself into her fragrant pussy. Using every bit of knowledge I had learned from Lara and the Internet, I teased her, nibbling on her inner and outer labia, briefly flicking my tongue into her opening, and enjoying her noises and moves that made it clear that she was enjoying my work. When I finally gave her clit the attention that it needed, Tess actually squeaked, then began panting and thrashing. And when I sped up tongue up, and inserted a finger deep into her, she shuddered and screamed my name. Just as I had wanted for years.

I worked my way back up her belly, kissing and licking as I heard her trying to catch her breath, and grabbed her tits, kissing and nibbling on her hard nipples until she may have come again. I yanked off my shirt and pressed my chest against her, and pulled her close, burying my nose into her neck and feeling the warmth of her body against mine.

We lay there for a while, and as happy as I was, I was also desperately in need of my own release. I rubbed my hard cock, which was still in my shorts, against her, hoping that she would take the initiative, and Tess pulled my head away from her neck, looked at me, with a happy look on her face and said, "Why are your pants still on, you idiot?"

I can't believe that anyone in the history of the world got their pants off faster than me, and I was then lying next to the most amazing girl ever, naked for the first time. I looked at Tess, and she got a playful look in her eyes, then pushed me onto my back, slid down the bed and grabbed my cock, putting it into her mouth. I was in heaven, and despite the fact that her technique was nowhere near that of the more experienced Lara, and despite the occasional painful nip from a tooth, I quickly was on the edge of an orgasm. "I'm going to cum, my love," I warned, and Tess pulled my cock out of her mouth and jerked it a couple of times before I blasted easily the biggest load of cum in my history. I hit her chin and sprayed into her face and onto her chest, and I kept cumming onto her smooth white skin until I was spent.

"That was kind of disgusting, but oh my god," she gasped, panting.

I looked at my sweet Tess, covered in my cum, and couldn't believe what was happening. I jumped out of bed and went to the bathroom for a towel, and returned and wiped her clean. Of course, that got me hard again, and Tess reached out and grabbed my cock.

"I'm ready," she said, laying back on the bed and spreading her legs, slightly. I could see the moistness seeping from her. I reached into my night table, grabbed a condom, ripped it open and rolled it down my cock and positioned myself between Tess's strong thighs. I rubbed the head against her, lubricating myself with her juices before slowly inching my way in. Tess was sighing with what seemed like pleasure as I pressed slowly forward until I reached an obstruction.

"This may hurt," I said, and she nodded, so I thrust through. She gasped, and I stayed still and let her adjust. When I felt her move against me, I resumed my thrusting, but slowly and gently, using long, smooth strokes, and Tess moaned with pleasure, whimpering when my pubic bone pressed against her clit.

"Oh god," she whimpered, turning me on even more, and I increased my pace. It felt so good and so right that I wanted it to last forever, and when I looked at Tess and saw the look of pleasure on her amazing face, I wanted to be able to make her feel like that forever. I kept thrusting, involuntarily speeding up, and Tess kept up with me until we were thrashing together on my bed, faster and more intensely than in any dream that I ever had until Tess fulfilled maybe my last fantasy, screaming, "Yes, Alex, yes, oh my god," as her body trembled, then shuddered, then shook, setting me off for yet another powerful orgasm.

I collapsed on top of my now sweating soul mate, in awe of how close I felt to her. Everything I ever believed about sex with Tess had, to me, come true. Every barrier had dropped and I knew that I would spend the rest of my life with her. I made sure to withdraw from her and remove the condom, and I took her in my arms and cuddled. The moment was too intense for speech, and we just lay there, listening to each other's breathing get back to normal. I waited for her to speak first, and when she did, she said, "Alex, I love you."

"I love you, too," I responded, and kissed her.

"You were right," she said softly. "That was amazing, and I shouldn't have tortured you all of these years."

"That's O.K.," I said, not completely truthfully. "It was worth the wait."

After a few more minutes, Tess got out of bed and walked, naked, to the bathroom. I was transfixed by her beauty and could not take my eyes off of her. When she left the room, I stood up and looked out the window. I was startled to see Serena and Laurence, standing in a second floor window, wearing robes, and looking at me, smiling. Serena gave me a thumbs up sign, and I felt myself blush before I closed the curtains. I was a little embarrassed, but on the other hand, we had watched them do it, which seemed to be the thing that made Tess want to sleep with me. So, I figured we were even.

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