tagAnalMemoir of a Hedonist Ch. 02

Memoir of a Hedonist Ch. 02


This is a sequel to "Memoir of a Hedonist," and it describes the mutual exploration of anal sex between my lover and me. It is not necessary to have read "Memoir" to understand what follows, but I hope at some point you will read it to get a fuller picture of the love I have for my man, and the power he has over me.

Part 1: Opening

My lover and I had a little tradition that, on his birthday, he would often buy me a gift – some sex toy or naughty clothing item that was really for his pleasure. And on my birthday, I would do the same.

One of the first ever of these gifts was the little black vibrating butt plug that I have mentioned to you before. He loves playing with my butt, and the little black plug is never far from the top of the drawer.

Most recently, the special gift that he handed me on his last birthday was considerably larger than any we had exchanged before, and bent at a roughly 90-degree angle. I hesitated to think what it was as I unwrapped it.

Once I had the smooth thing in my hand, I giggled and held it up and said, "Just exactly what do you expect to do with this?" I wasn't sure what it was called, but its purpose was clear: it wasn't precisely a double-ended dildo, but it was obviously a device for penetrating two people at the same time.

It was the sort of thing we had watched being used in lesbian porn sometimes. Yes, I had told him near the beginning of our relationship that if he could find porn with a plot, I would watch it with him. Otherwise, he was on his own in that department. His selections were hit-or-miss, but some time I'll have to tell you us about watching "Behind the Green Door" together. It was a big hit with both of us, bringing each of us memories of wild youth.

Some of the things we had watched involved lesbian scenes, naturally. They really didn't do anything for me, but it was fun to watch how aroused he would get from them. And while I had always told him we could talk about anything, I had been firm in telling him that taking another woman into our bed was not going to happen. "So, honey, if you want that three-way, your options are limited," I would say playfully, usually dragging a fingernail teasingly far behind his balls as I did so.

So, looking at what I thought of as a lesbian toy, I ran through the possibilities in my mind of what the two of us could do with it. Every possibility I could think of always came back to the shocking one. He wanted me to fuck him in the ass with it.

I ran my fingers up and down the clear, blue thing, waiting for him to explain what he had in mind for it. One side of it was shorter and thicker, while the other end was long and narrower, vaguely shaped like a man's erection, including a gently flared head near the tip. In videos, we had seen one woman, the "pitcher," placing the short, bulbous end into her vagina, and using the slender, penis-shaped end to penetrate her partner, the "catcher," usually but not always anally. It was like a strap-on, only without the straps.

He was obviously struggling to speak this fantasy to me – something that was not usually a problem for him – so I helped him along. "Honey, I'm pretty sure this end," and I rubbed the short, round part, "goes inside of me. But where does the other part go?" I wrapped my fingers around the "catcher's" side of the thing, simulating the motions he made when he touched himself for me. I knew the answer, of course, but I wanted to hear him say it.

"Inside me," he said finally, and oh, did he blush just then. He reached over and stroked my bare back. "I've never told you this, but from the first time I saw one, well, I've always wanted to try it."

"Really?" I giggled again, touching my hand to his thigh. We had never done anything like that before, although I've read that some men enjoy having their prostate stimulated from inside there. "Well, I think we can do that," I assured him with a smile. We certainly kept enough lube on hand for making my own tiny hole comfortable being penetrated. Why not his?

He smiled, and added "and besides, you know how you're always telling me I dream about having two penises?"

"Yes," I said, laughing now. I thought I knew where he was going with that.

"Well, I read that it can also be used in reverse, so I can go in you both ways at the same time." On several occasions already, I had let him penetrate both of my holes together, either by keeping the butt plug in me while he inserted himself in my pussy, or the other way around, with a vibrator inside me and taking his dick in my ass.

Either way, it was a challenge, let me tell you, and it did leave me sore sometimes, in that thin place between, but make no mistake about it, it was deliciously dirty and we both thoroughly enjoyed doing it once in a while.

What he was suggesting now was that he could put the thicker round end of the thing in his own bottom, and then when he moved his hips into me during sex, he would be entering both of my holes at once. Talk about challenges – for both of us!

I know how he loves to play with my ass: with his hands, with his erection; he had even licked me there tentatively a few special times. And I do adore the attention there in my forbidden place. But I was always more cautious in approaching him there, not because I don't like playing with a man like that, but because I know some guys are really hung up about the whole "gay" thing, and he had never given me any clear signal one way or the other about his own little hole.

The closest I had ever been was to touch him there lightly, sometimes when I took him into my mouth, but more often when I sat between his legs and massaged him with two well-lubed hands. He would always move his hips when my fingers grazed near his back passage, but as I said, it was never really a clear "stop" or "go" signal as far as I could tell.

Now, though, it was perfectly clear. With pun fully intended, this knowledge was going to open a new chapter in our already fairly uninhibited sex play.

The first time we used it, he wanted to use our four restraints, too. With him on all fours, I secured the cuffs to his limbs. I put a little lube on myself first, and slowly pressed the bulb end of the toy into me. It seated itself in me comfortably, and seemed reasonably secure, particularly if I kept my thighs somewhat together. Then I used one hand to slowly lube and prepare him, while I used the other to spread slippery lotion along our new toy.

When I first went to insert it in him, I had to ask him to move lower. I was afraid that the upward angle going into him might hurt him. He splayed his knees wider on the bed for me, and now I was able to press down into him. He gave a long, soft moan as the generous lube we had used to prepare him let it slide in slow and deep.

"How's that, baby?" I asked.

"Fucking hot. It's so fucking hot," he whispered.

I drew my hips gently and slowly back and forth against his backside. It was an entirely new sensation for me. "I'm fucking your ass. Do you like that?"

"Mmmmm. Oh yeah. Do you like being on top, honey?"

To tell you the truth, the movement of the part of the toy that I held inside me felt surprisingly good as I plowed his butthole with the thing. "I like doing this with you," I admitted.

Remembering a line from a movie I had once seen, I reached around and touched his cock. It was so hard. I longed for him to use it inside me, but I did this other thing for him, and savored our closeness. I had never stroked him from behind like this. The feeling was different. I now had the veined, faintly rough underside of his penis against my fingers, instead of that part of him being against my palm. I imagined that it was my penis I was holding, and I timed the strokes of my hips with those of my hand.

"Oh my God, honey, I'm going to come, I'm coming," he said, and I held my hips still there, on the deep end of a thrust, knowing he would clench against the toy I was pressing inside him. And yes, I could feel through the toy that his muscles were clenching down hard on it. I softly kept moving my hand against the sensitive place on his penis, and I felt him throbbing and pouring his orgasm out onto the bed beneath us.

When he finished, I gently withdrew the long, slender toy from his anus and released him from the four restraints, and he collapsed into my arms and we cuddled. As I relaxed, the toy eventually slipped from me.

It was not until later that night that he had recovered enough to pleasure me with his mouth. He did not have to ask me. "I love making you come," he whispered as I finished bucking and letting my wetness flow against his face. He moved up and kissed me, and I tasted myself on him. We touched each other gently then, waiting in the bed together, for sleep.

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