tagBDSMMemoirs of a Dreamer Ch. 01

Memoirs of a Dreamer Ch. 01


Chapter 1 – A Journey into a New World

In day dreams, she often wondered what it would be like to be taken by a Man, not for a few minutes or few hours, not just fucked hard and rough, but to be truly taken, have all control over her body, her emotions, her responses taken by that Man. Inhibitions would be cast aside, not allowed by Him. Decisions would no longer be hers to make, but His. He would be the one to determine what she needed and to give that to her. Just the thought of this would make her dripping hot.

Coaxing her lovers to let her command, then forcing them to submit, she would tease them, using every trick she knew to make them lose control. They would beg and plead but all she would say was "if you want it, you have to take it" and when they tried, she would not let them. Sometimes the teasing would go on for a long time, but often not, she knew what they liked, what would drive them insane with need, make their passions rage out of control. She would continue pushing them, until they reached the point where they would physically overpower her and take her.

Those who could control their needs long enough, would exact revenge on her by teasing in turn. They would ignore her pleas for them to stop when the pleasure became too intense to bear, brushing aside her cries for them to take her, fuck her. Instead promising her that she would pay and they would do it their way now, that she had her turn. Then, when they could no longer control their need to be inside her, they would take her, and most of the time, it would last a long time, since they had waited so long that they could not find quick release. These were the best times. She wondered, was there was a Man out there who would do that from the start, without her having to tease and provoke him by taking control herself. What would it be like to be with Him, to be His? Dreams and fantasies were all she had, not having found the right man yet.

Then one-day her latest boyfriend decided to head for greener pastures. Wanting, needing someone with more money to spend on him. Bored, she turned on the computer and went looking. She found an adult chat site and quickly learned what cyber was and how much fun it could be with the right person. The passion that had almost died from neglect, found new fuel and burned bright again. She discovered that there were many out there that had similar tastes to hers. Her creative ability bloomed again and she discovered the intense pleasure of pleasing a man without touching him, just using her thoughts, ideas, and her reactions to him, to arouse him to the point he would seek release and share with her the knowledge and sometimes the feelings that were sweeping through him.

It was easy for her to find release just from pleasuring her lovers, without touching herself. Sometimes they would ask, and she would tell them "no, I don't touch, I don't have to". The orgasms were not as strong physically as many she had experienced in the past, but emotionally, mentally they were more intense and more satisfying. She experimented with straight cyber and role-play, one-on-one, threesome, and even groups. She had several that would come back each night or several times a week just to be with her online. Online she found she could be free and honest about her feelings, desires, and passions. She believed part of what made it so wonderful, drew the guys back time and again, was this honesty and passion They never caught her in a lie, because she never lied, had no need to deceive. For some, online cyber was not enough to satisfy.

Those whom she knew she could trust, she gave her phone number to, and they would call. They would tell her what they wanted, listen to her moans and whimpers, and let her share with them what she desired to do to them. Sometimes, they would only want to tell her what to do, how to touch, where to touch, and listen to her, encourage her to continue. The sounds of her breathing, the groans and whimpers beginning soft and growing would fuel their commands. She could hear their breath catch, voices grow husky with need, and know on the other end they were stroking as they listened and commanded. They would tell her harder… deeper… louder… and once they learned they could make her cum time and again, they would, forcing screams from her tight throat, sending spasms ripping through her aching body until they themselves could take no more and both would climax together.

One day she had someone call, different from the rest. He asked her what toys she had and instructed her to get them and just set them to the side for later. Then he told her in explicit detail what to do, beginning slow with light teasing touches, having her touch her body, as he would, were he there. He was good at reading her reactions and knew when she complied and when she did not. Anytime she attempted more or less than he instructed he would find ways to correct her behavior whether is was stopping until she begged uncontrollably for release or starting over with the soft teasing touches. When she was moaning with abandon and whimpering with intense need, he would tell her to get a toy. Sometimes she was allowed to insert it immediately into her hot dripping pussy, other times she would be instructed to just tease her clit.

Being well behaved was not something she was used to doing, but she soon learned the consequences of disobedience. He never hung up on her, though a time or two he did threaten to, nor did he always let her know when or what her punishment would be. He would have her thrust her nine-inch dildo hard and deep, so deep it would make her cry out in pain. Sometimes the command was to go slow, other times quick. She would have to tell him each time she was about to cum, and she never knew if he would let her, or tell her to pull it out quick.

One night when she had been repeatedly naughty, he had her use it hard and deep, and when she was about to peak, quickly remove it. It was not long before she was screaming in frustration and promising anything to cum. Finally, when she did not think she could continue any longer, he allowed her to have her release. He could hear the sounds of the dildo driving hard and fast into her cream filled pussy even when she had the phone to her ear. When he asked her if she had learned her lesson, She quickly replied that she had. Moreover, future calls proved she did. He had to find other reasons to punish her.

The day came when she met her lover in real life. Her Master on the phone proved to be a gentle, tender lover. Only the feelings she had for him kept her from crying in disappointment. She decided to see what would happen, if he could or would be her Master in life as well as on the phone. Over time, she realized that it would never work between them, and even the feelings she had for him were not enough to overcome the fact that they just were not meant to be together.

Once again she began hunting online, immersed herself into her poetry, and she began thinking increasingly about her fantasy of finding that one Man. Her online and phone lovers began to pick up the signals she was not even aware of sending, encouraging them to be more masterful, forceful with her. Her cravings began to grow stronger, her need more fierce. She found a new chat site, one that seems more suited to her escalating needs.

One evening, bored and restless, she was visited the new chat site. Her nick, chosen originally to be an icebreaker and tease, was proving to be working too well. Private messages began popping up as soon as she entered the site. She said a quick hi and skipped off to the D/s Room. This stopped many of the private messages rather quickly, as they were unsure if she was D/s, or even which, Dom or sub. A few were not so easily discouraged and she replied not wanting to be rude. Once they realized what she was looking for, all but one left her to find another. This one it seemed was actually looking for conversation.

After a quick 'hi' to the room, she was busy for the next couple of hours just cutting up and having fun with the others in the room, as well a discussing more meaningful things with her private chat. The time grew later, or in some cases earlier, and the others began drifting off, heading to bed or to work respectively. She was alone in the room, but the fella she was talking to in private chat was still chatting. She settled back to just enjoy some quiet conversation and think. Some time later, a couple new people dropped into the room and stayed. She exchanged greetings with them both and discovered they were both male. When asked what she was up to, what was she doing in the room alone, she quickly replied, “hiding and waiting.” Naturally, they wanted to know why. One was quick to offer a bit of a distraction in the form of some quick cyber, but she was not really in the mood for general cyber, and from the first few minutes of their conversation, she quickly figured out that he was not D/s so politely declined.

The other gentleman asked why she was hiding, what was she waiting for. “Just looking for something different, though am not sure what,“ was her quiet reply. A few more minutes of general conversation, and He asked if she would be willing to travel down a new road with Him. Intrigued she agreed and they began talking. He was full of questions, but did not let those distract Him from also exploring her sexually. Her head began to spin as she tried to keep up with His questions and not let the warmth and arousal, his other remarks were generating, overwhelm her. As they talked, He pushed her closer and closer to the edge, until with a mind blasting shudder she went spinning over the edge.

Patiently, He waited for her body to stop shaking enough to allow her to type again. When she was settled again, and could think clearly once more, He asked her if she had enjoyed her journey. Breathlessly she quickly responded, “oh yes… it was wonderful,” He then asked if she would like to explore that road more fully. He sent her His instant messenger id, and for the first time, without quite knowing why, she added Him and sent Him a message so He would have hers. Never before had she done this with someone she had just met online, usually she got to know him or her first. They talked a few more minutes in IM and agreed to talk later.

With a sigh, she crawled into bed thinking of Him, the questions He had asked and the way He made her feel. Just as she was drifting off the phone rang, one of her playmates wanting to play. Not completely satiated, still aroused from her earlier conversation, she agreed. It did not take him long to realize how aroused she already was and he quickly began pushing her limits. She was more responsive than usual and this seemed to excite him to even greater heights.

Knowing it would only excite this particular lover more until he began making her plead increasingly, she tried hard not to beg. He would not tease her; instead, he would take her to the edge several times without allowing her release, until she was in tears, needing that special release so badly. Then he would allow her to peak but make her continue with the stroking and playing, knowing she would cum over and over until she could not stop, until all she could not breath. Tonight, he seems to know already without her begging, just what condition she was in and he took control, driving her wild.

After his release, as she was attempting to catch her breath, he praised her for being so good and promised to make her feel like that again. Biting her lip, she wondered if she could take that again, but kept silent, hoping he would forget yet at the same time hoping he would not forget. She no longer knew what she wanted. Her life was rapidly changing.

The next day He sent her an IM and they talked for a bit. They discussed many things, including the world of D/s. He told her that He was a “Lord”, what it meant to be a “Lord”. He also told her what he expected of His “lady”. He explained to her the differences between a “Lord” and a “Master”, and then began asking her questions to help her decide which she was looking for. He told her that He would teach her, and guide her as she looked for her Man, whether “Lord” or “Master”. Their discussion continued over the days, and she learned many new things, about the world of D/s and herself. She also found a peace, of mind, of soul, that she had not had before. She shared her poetry, thoughts, and dreams with Him, answered His questions and learned.

At times, He would fuss at her for being on the computer so much, and tell her get off and go out. He told her that He wanted her to go on a hunt, that she needed someone real in her bed for a change. She trusted Him and respected Him, and she tried at all times to show this, so when He made His request, she agreed to try. He would ask about her plans to make sure that she was trying and had not changed her mind. With His encouragement, she decided to attend the festival her city was holding downtown. Finally the day arrived, He came online to make sure she was still going to find out how she was feeling. When she admitted to being nervous and scared, as it had been a while since she had been out like this, He reassured and encouraged her.

Later, she got ready, and as night fell, it found her downtown, drinking, listening to music, and ‘hunting’. She wore a silk top with a soft floral pattern that emphasized her bust and fit snug at the waist, she wore no bra underneath. She wore with this a solid black skirt that fit snug and came to just above her knees when she stood, but rode up to high mid-thigh when she sat (provided she did not squirm). Underneath the skirt, there were only stockings, covering her curvy legs and ending in black high-heeled sandals.

Walking from the parking garage to the festival she could feel the moisture growing between her legs. Walking carefully, checking out the different sights, she drifted through the crowd. She caught a few smiles, but the only ones to speak were some of the officers patrolling the crowd. A couple stopped, exchanged pleasantries with her, asked if she was having fun, and cautioned her to be careful. She was surprised that they did not mistake her for a “Lady of the Night”, she certainly felt like one, but they must have seen something in her that was different from those ladies. They were friendly, flirty, but protective. She saw one of them several times during that evening, each time he would smile a greeting and continue.

Eventually she decided to get a drink and find a place to rest. She got her drink then cruised the street one more time trying to decide what music she wanted to hear, each place was playing different kinds, and there were even bands setup outside in small parks. Making her decision, she stopped outside one of the parks and sat on the concrete base of the streetlight. It was one of those high ones that were usually designed to be flowerbeds, but it at some time this one had been filled in with concrete instead. There were already a couple of guys sitting on two of the corners. As she took her seat the one behind her leaned back and then as asked her, “you’re not going to let me fall are you?” She grinned, leaned back, and said of course not.

Before she knew it, he was flirting and teasing with her. She found out they were ‘Uncle’ and ‘Nephew’, tourists visiting for the festival. Music was good, company was better, so she stayed to listen and play. As the evening passed, the flirting and teasing progressed from words to touches. Nephew seemed to be particularly responsive to her quick licks and nibbles. She would run her nails along his back, down his spine, sometimes lightly, sometimes firmly, he would shudder and arch his back bringing his neck and ears within reach of her lips and teeth. She found out his ears were very sensitive. He invited her back to his place when she left the festival. Without thinking, actually trying not to think, she agreed and made mental note of the hotel name and room number, after all, was this not why she came tonight, to get laid. She snuggled against Nephew’s back and found new ways to tease and arouse him. It was a good thing it was dark, for she knew that sometimes her face would grow red, as she wondered at her wanton behavior, so out of character in real life.

As the festival began winding down, they agreed to meet at the hotel. She walked them to find their car since they had been drinking and were a bit lost, then walked slowly back to hers, wondering along the way what she was doing. Moving sensually through the crowd, the dampness between her legs growing, anticipating, and wondering, she slowly returned to her car. She left the parking garage determined to see the evening end properly, with her getting laid. The worst that could happen is they lied about which motel and room.

Driving carefully through the now pouring rain, she checked street signs, and found the road she needed. With a shiver of anticipation, and a small thrill of fear, she pulled into the parking lot and drove to the back. Yes, it was the right place and Uncle stood outside talking with another guest. He greeted her as she walked up the steps and told her to go on in, that Nephew was waiting, had thought she would not come. He would be in when he had finished his conversation, not to wait on him.

Entering the room, she closed the door behind her. Nephew wrapped her up in his arms and began stroking her softly, sliding his hand inside her top to grasp and squeeze her aching breast. She leaned into him, nibbling along his jaw, easing his shirt off slowly while her fingers played over his warm flesh. The feel of her lips on his chest was more than he could take after so many hours of teasing. He threw her on the bed and pushed her skirt up, sliding his fingers between her damp legs and lips, quickly shed his pants and walked around the bed. She reached up eager to taste him as he pulled her shirt up and began squeezing her breasts. She whimpered and swallowed him, the feel of his hands, the taste of his pre-cum, making her so hot she had to have more. She could feel him swelling between her lips, throbbing and it served to make her juices flow even harder. She squirmed under his hands, whimpering and moaning around the hard cock buried deep in her throat.

Soon she felt a shudder rip through his body and he quickly pulled away, joined her on the bed, and pulled her legs wide open. With one thrust, he rammed his rigid cock deep into her dripping pussy. She almost screamed as he entered her, but could not find the breath; she was climaxing already, hard. He continued driving his hard cock deep and hard into her sopping heated opening. She climaxed once more, her nails raking over his shoulders, before peaking again with him. He squeezed her breast as he stood up and told her to go get Uncle, while he took a quick shower.

Taking a moment to straighten and replace her clothing, she stepped outside into the cool night air. Her nipples hardened even more as she walked over to lean against Uncle and deliver the message. He asked where Nephew was and she told him taking a shower. With a slight shake of his head he grinned at her, he knew she was still hungry from she was rubbing up against him. He told her that he would be in soon, go back, and check on Nephew. She walked back to the room and peeked in, Nephew was lying down and appeared to be sleeping. She walked in and sat next to him, but he asked her to give him as bit as his stomach was unsettled. She grinned, remembering all the beer he drank earlier that evening, said ‘ok’, got up and went back outside. Sliding back up against Uncle, she gave him an update. He chuckled and let her snuggle against him, her hard nipples rubbing against his arm. After a bit, he sent her back to the room telling her he would be right there.

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