tagLoving WivesMemoirs of a Preacher's Daughter Ch. 01

Memoirs of a Preacher's Daughter Ch. 01


It wasn't always this way, you know. No, there was a time when I was the consummate 'goody goody', but that was back when my parents were the wild ones – pot smokin', beer drinkin', bike ridin', wife swappin' wild. It's the environment I grew up in, so I guess I was never compelled to rebel. But then one day, my dad had a realization: his baby girl was growing up and leaving the house. For some reason, this turned him to the Lord. Next thing I knew, he was a preacher. And me, well, I guess I just picked up where he left off...

These are my stories, and completely true, but for the changes to the names of the not - so - innocent - but - never - consented - to - see - our - exploits - in - print.

Shane was a cop in real life, and kinky as hell on the side. Or at lease, he wanted to be, but had no one to explore those tendencies with until he met me. We met online, and had an instant chat rapport. You know the kind... Where you can't wait to get back in and chat some more because life is a whole lot more fun with them than in that moment of reality. Like most cops I've met online, he desperately wanted to be submissive. At that time in my life, Shane was the first man I'd ever met who wanted to be fucked up the ass by a woman who was willing to take it. He was totally turned on by my non - judgmental nature, because he could share with me his deepest darkest fantasies that not even his wife knew about. And what can I say? I was turned on by the fact that he had real hand - cuffs. ~wicked grin~

So the day finally came... After a few weeks of chatting, sending naughty pics back and forth, connecting on the web cam, and masturbating together over the phone... We finally decided to get together for some hands - on action. We lived about 3 hours apart, so we arranged to meet at an exit off a main highway in a hotel somewhere in between. It was afternoon. He was just getting off of his shift, but his partner was in on it and willing to cover for him. My husband was out of town, so I told him I'd be substitute teaching that day, and off I went. I was sitting in my car in the parking lot when this boyishly handsome, smiling, and damn - near giddy - looking cop pulls up in a squad car. I instantly knew it was Shane, of course.

I had already registered, and directed him toward our room with a tilt of my head and a come - and - get - it smile. Barely through the door, we were at one another instantly... Hot, passionate kisses, lips and tongues and teeth in play, hands quickly learning the shape and sensitive spots of one another through our clothes. Finally, we'd had enough to tide us over long enough to say hello, confirm that we each were who we thought the other to be, and to start removing bits of clothing. First, he tossed his cuffs onto the table in front of the window with a playful smile, then took off his gun belt and gently laid it in the chair. After that, it's difficult to say what happened, because the next time I came to my senses, he was lying on the bed, and I was between his legs with his cock in my mouth. I remember it clearly, because I paused to watch him enjoying the moment...

Until he finally noticed that I'd stopped bobbing my head up and down on his dick. He raised his head and looked down at me, a questioning look in his eyes, until I smiled around his cock and sucked him deep into my mouth. His head fell back onto the bed again, eyes closed in ecstasy. I stopped again, waiting for him to watch me... When he looked up this time, I ran my palms up his thighs, brushing closely to where my lips were still wrapped around his cock. Then I tilted my head, and started sucking just the under side... Watching him watch me as I slowly sucked down to his balls... Back up to the tip, sucking it into my mouth, then popping it back out the side, only to suck back down to his balls again...

I should probably stop here and say, in case you haven't already figured it out, I am one of the (supposedly) rare women who truly enjoy sucking a man's cock. I love everything about it, from the taste of his pre - cum, to the smell of his balls, and the feel of his head pressing against the back of my throat. And here I was, with Shane's balls so tight, and so close to my lips. But it wasn't enough for me to simply suck his balls into my mouth. No, no, no... The wanting is half of the fun, right? Especially when you know satisfaction is right around the corner. So I sucked my way back up the underside of Shane's cock, never taking my eyes from his, sucked his head back into my mouth just like before, but this time I slowly started to take all of his cock into my mouth... Deeper and deeper... Until every last inch was enveloped in the warmth of my mouth... Until the head of his cock was dripping against the back of my throat, forcing me to 'yawn' so I could fit him in without gagging. And then, my favorite surprise... With my mouth full of his cock, I ran my tongue down to the base, past my lower lip, and began licking his balls right where they attach to his dick. I thought the man was going to come unglued right then and there!

And, well, being a woman who loves to make a man cum in her mouth, I decided I wanted nothing more than to be the one who made him explode. Knowing that Shane liked the idea of ass play, and guessing how close he was to blowing his load, I started fingering my pussy to get my fingers all slippery while bobbed my head up and down on his hard cock, fucking him with my mouth. Then I took my index finger, soaked with my pussy juices, and started teasing it back and forth between the back of his balls and his asshole... Pushing gently against his rim each time I'd get to it. Finally, I felt it give enough that I could get one in, so I switched fingers and pushed the tip of my middle finger into his ass, stroking the underside of his balls with my thumb, and sucking his cock hard and fast. Matching the rhythm of my finger in his ass to my mouth on his cock, I pushed deeper and deeper, until I could finger - fuck his ass without resistance.

I could tell he was getting close to cumming, and drawing on my own experiences with double penetration, I switched the rhythm, so that either my finger was deep in his ass or his mouth was deep in my throat. That seemed to please Shane quite a bit, because his body stiffened all over as he moaned long and loud, begging me not to stop, until finally, he reached down, pushed and held my mouth onto his cock, which started jerking against the roof of my mouth and shooting his hot, gooey cum onto my tongue. He came so much that I wasn't able to keep it from leaking out around his cock. So I swallowed... Again... And again... Still sucking him... Until he released my hair and I could finally move my mouth up and down on his cock one last time, milking his balls with my free hand, and licking the tip of his head as I sucked, just to make sure I got every drop out of him before slowly pulling my finger from his tight ass and licking the escaped cum from around the base of his dick.

That wasn't the end of our little rendezvous, but we can save the rest for another time. Just know this: my heart still skips a beat every time a cop car comes up behind me, but it's got nothing to do with fear of a ticket!

Mera Smythe

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