tagIncest/TabooMemoirs - The Harem Ch. 03

Memoirs - The Harem Ch. 03


Thanks for your comments and feedback for the previous and this chapter, if you want to let me know what you think. Every single one is appreciated, even if telling me you didn't really like it. As I said, it's taken on the chin and I can only try better next time.


My eyes were closed as I felt her lips wrapped around my cock. I knew if I opened them and looked down at my sister, I'd cum in an instant. That still didn't stop me exclaiming, "Oh my god, Amy."

I felt my cock pop from her mouth, her breath warm on the tip. "Good?"

"If all the blowjobs I get are going to be this good..."

"Is it even better that your hot older sister is blowing you?"

"God yes."

"What do you think of your other three sisters blowing you?"

"Jesus, Mary, mother of Joseph, you need to keep blowing me now."

I felt her warm, wet lips wrap around my cock again, doing things with her tongue that I didn't think possible. I kept my eyes open, figuring if I came, I came. Amy just told me to warn her when I was about to. I was lying back on my bed again, Amy kneeling between my legs, her left hand wrapped around the base of my cock, most of it disappearing in her mouth.

She admitted to not sucking cock for a very long time, much like she hadn't had sex in just as long, and she found it difficult to take my entire length, not having the skills (yet) to deepthroat me. But she assured me it wouldn't take long until she could. Yeah, because I'm going to complain about that. I'm getting my cock sucked. I'm more than happy with that detail alone.

There was something hot about having your sister go down on you. I mean, I assumed getting a blowjob from any woman would be good enough. But the fact it was my 25-year-old sister currently between my legs, thoroughly enjoying taking my member in her mouth, that made the entire thing so much better. The fact I'd imagined this very scene from time to time pretty much made it a dream come true.

I groaned again and I knew I was now getting very close, doing everything I could think of to keep my orgasm at bay. Amy must have recognised something as she started to suck me even faster, trying to draw the cum from deep within my balls through my cock. Then she looked up at me with those beautiful blue eyes of hers and that pretty much did me in.

"Cumming. I'm fucking cumming!" I cried, feeling it shoot from my cock seconds later. Amy was ready and willing, clamping her lips around my cock as I assumed cum started to fill her mouth. I felt a good five or six spurts as my balls completely emptied before I collapsed back on the bed, feeling absolutely exhausted.

I felt her lips disappear from around my cock, looking up to see her wipe away a little cum off her chin before she looked at me, smiled, threw her head back and obviously gulped down my cum. It was one of the hottest things I'd ever seen. She then crawled up over me and ready to kiss me. She stopped, I guess hesitant about kissing me considering she just swallowed my load.

"If you're willing to swallow it, I can handle tasting it on your lips," I stated, dragging her in for a kiss. We made out for a few minutes before she pulled back.

"How open-minded of you." I just shrugged. "A lot of men probably wouldn't do that."

"Why, because they think it's gay? Or because they don't like the taste?"

"A little from column A, a little from column B."

"Guess I'm not like most men then."

"Considering you've fingered your sister to orgasm and then had that same sister blow you, swallowing your load at the same time, you're definitely right there."

We burst into laughter, considering she was exactly right. She snuggled into me again, knowing that would be the end of our activities for the day, our three sisters expected home shortly. I leaned down to kiss her again, earning a smile in reply.

"What was that for?"

"To show that I love you."

"I already know."

"I'll keep reminding you, though."

Falling into contented silence again, I continued to stroke her back as she stroked my chest, ensuring she didn't travel too far south. I'd admitted I generally only masturbated once a day, either in the morning while I shower, or the evening before bed, so cumming three times in a day was unusual. She thought it was a little weird I didn't do it more often, explaining I didn't want to suffer something called 'death grip'. She laughed, saying I was a very well-informed virgin regarding certain aspects of my potential sex life. Wonders of the internet, I retorted.

"I have one question, Ben."


"What will you do if Cassie comes down again tonight?"

"Allow her in. I can admit that I want her to move down here. Not that'll ever happen. Well, not any time soon anyway. Why?"

"You won't say anything, not about what we're doing, but about how you feel?"

"Not yet. I'm guessing it's fairly obvious though, so I'm wondering if you really even need to bother talking to her."

"I'll still talk to her, just for peace of mind. I have no doubt she wants to tell someone first before talking to you."

I paused and thought about my relationship with my youngest sister. "How long do you think she's been in love with me?"

"Since you were little kids. I'm talking before either of you hit double digits. What about you?"

"Same," I replied quietly.

"It's actually kind of cute, like ending up with your primary school sweetheart or something."

"Hard on the heart at the same time."

"Another thing in your box?"

"I had to. If I kept it in the open, I'd have gone mad."

She shuffled up until she was sat next to me, grabbing my hand, locking our fingers together. "Promise me that you'll talk to us going forward, about anything like that. I feel horrible that you felt it necessary to carry all that around."

"It's my own fault, Amy. But I promise. As I said, I felt so relieved once I got most of it off my chest and mind that I knew I couldn't do it again. It would destroy me."

She leaned across and kissed my cheek. "We'd better get dressed. You may also want to spray in here as it does smell a bit... funky."

"At least my sheets are clean."

Amy laughed as we started to gather out clothes and eventually got dressed. We shared one last, long, lingering kiss before she hugged me tightly for a moment. "I'll see you upstairs."

"Sure thing. Be up shortly once the trio are back."

I checked my sheets for any stains, amazed that they appeared to be clean. They were slightly damp from sweat but that didn't bother me. They'd be dry by the time I got to bed, though figured they'd have to be changed shortly. I grabbed some spray from the bathroom to help de-funk the air, turning on the central air to help the smell of sex disappear.

After spending a bit of time just generally cleaning, I headed upstairs in time to see the twins and Cassie climb the stairs into the house. I opened the door as they approached, earning a peck on the cheek from the twins before Cassie hugged and kissed me, on the cheek this time.

"I missed you, Benji," she whispered.


I escorted her inside, shutting the front door to keep out the heat. She dumped her bag on the armchair and wrapped her arms around me again. We hugged in blissful silence for I have no idea how long before there was a cleared throat behind me, turning to see Amy looking at us, a smirk on her face. I know I blushed, glancing to see Cassie was rather embarrassed too.

"Miss your brother?" Amy asked.

"Of course." She then turned towards me. "I have a bit of studying to do. I'll be down later."

"No worries."

She gathered her bag, laying a hand gently on my forearm as she walked by, watching as she disappeared up the stairs. I then heard someone burst into laughter, turning to see Amy in fits of giggles. "You two are so fucking adorable, it's not funny."


The twins appeared from behind Amy. "Shit, Ben, even we can tell how you feel about her," Katie stated.

"So you do know?"

"Of course we do, dummy. It's painfully obvious how you both feel about each other."

"And the fact we're related?"

The twins shared a glance. "Who gives a shit?" Debbie stated.

"All I know is that you'd never hurt her," Katie added, "Hell, I think you'd kill anyone who dare hurt any of us."

I nodded along as she was absolutely right. "I assume you three have discussed this?" I wondered.

The three shared a glance before they all nodded. "We didn't mean to but... We wondered if anything was ever going to develop between you two or if the pair of you would accept living in misery all your lives."

I ran a hand down my face. I could handle Amy knowing and understanding, but the twins admitting it was a little bit much for my head to handle at the moment. "I need a beer."

Amy pointed at the couch. "Sit down. I'll grab you one."

I sat down, a twin immediately sitting to either side of me. "Are you mad?" Katie asked.

"No. I'm not mad. It's just... I didn't think it was that obvious. I feel like an idiot."

"It's become more obvious the past six months or so. It was the little things at first. An extra glance here or there. The smile she had on her face after you talked about whatever you discussed. The little compliments you'd give each other. The hug that lasted that little longer than the rest of us," Debbie explained.

"And trust us on this, Benjamin." I raised eyebrows at that, as I'd gathered already that Katie usually used my full name, Debbie the shorter version. I didn't mind either way. "We don't care about the whole incest thing. We're being truthful about that," Katie added.

"I'm amazed you're so open-minded."

"Well, if we're being so open here, there is a reason," Debbie stated.

"And that is?"

"We understand how Cassie feels. In a way..."

"What?" I asked, my voice I'm sure squeaking. Amy appeared that moment, handing me an imported German beer. I gratefully accepted it and took a swig, figuring I may have to get very drunk, the way this conversation was going.

"We're just saying you're a good man, Ben. And we've seen you develop into a handsome young man as well. And we both like what we see."

"You don't want to jump my bones or anything, do you?"

The twins shared a glance. "Well, let's just say, we would only do it at first if we could do it together. You know Debbie and I do practically everything together. Well, except for those two boyfriends we've had each. But you're special."

I flopped back and groaned, "Oh god."

"Do you not like that thought?" Katie asked innocently, though anything but.

"No, I like it a lot. That's the problem." I looked across at Amy, sat in her armchair with a glass of wine, a smirk on her face that looked painted on, never to be removed. I leaned forward, shaking my head. "This is almost too much to handle," I muttered.

"Sorry," Debbie said quietly.

"Please don't apologise, it's not your fault. Trust me, a large part of me is flattered and turned on by the thought. It's just..."

"Your feelings for Cassie are enough to deal with at one time?" I nodded my head to Katie's question. "Okay, we won't say anything again. Just know that we love you."

I glanced towards one twin, then the other, throwing them a smile they'd recognise. "That feeling is mutual, you pair of mischievous minxes."

"Oh, I like that," Katie exclaimed.

"Yeah, I think that could be our name from now on. The Mischievous Minxes."

I looked at Amy. "Have I just started something?"

She burst into laughter. "I think you have, Benny Boy."

"Ah, crap."

I leaned back, feeling a soft kiss on each cheek. "We should head upstairs and do some studying before dinner. You'll call us down, Amy?" Debbie wondered.

"Of course. Dinner is currently in the oven. Should be ready for around 7."

As the twins disappeared upstairs, Amy threw me a look that said everything.

'I told you so.'


The twins and Cassie disappeared upstairs for more studying after dinner, Amy disappeared into her bedroom to read a book, leaving me alone in the living room. There wasn't much on TV and, while tempted to turn on the games console I had, I couldn't really be bothered. So I lay on the couch, bored out of my brain, watching some program I was barely paying attention to, instead running over in my head everything that had happened recently. Mostly, it made me smile.

"Are you awake, Benji?" I turned slightly to see Cassie standing nearby, dressed in pyjamas. "Oh, good. Are you going to bed soon?"

"Probably. Why?"

"I was wondering if..." she trailed off but noticeably blushed. I knew what she wanted.

I grabbed the remote and turned off the TV without a second thought. Getting to my feet, I grabbed her hand and led her to the door heading downstairs, closing it quietly behind me. The empty living area was dark and cold as always, escorting my youngest sister towards my bedroom, closing that door behind me as well. I quickly turned on my bedside light before turning towards her, wrapping my left arm around her as I caressed her cheek with my right. She closed her eyes and moved her head into my palm. The only thing in my mind at that moment were the words 'Tell her'.

I didn't because I was scared. I have no problem admitting my feelings for her terrified me. Not because she was my sister. Or the incest thing. It was that I simply didn't understand how much I thought I loved her. I had thought about it and knew of the theory 'Dying for someone is the ultimate expression of love.' I'm not sure if it was some religious thing. Perhaps it was a tenet of chivalry. I didn't really know. But I knew, even at 18 years old, with next to no real life experience, I'd die for her. Pretty intense, huh?

I curled a few strands of hair behind her ear as she opened her eyes, staring into mine. I watched her lips part, her tongue wetting them slightly, causing them to glisten in the lower light. Automatically, I tried to subtlety lick mine as well. Without a second thought, I leaned down to kiss her. I wrapped both arms around her and held her to me as tightly as possible, this time opening my mouth, Cassie doing the same thing and I cautiously probed her mouth with my tongue.

To my relief, she immediately responded. I pulled her even tighter, my cock rising immediately as I gently stroked her back. I wanted to do so much more. Grab her arse. Move my hand to her breasts. Striped her naked and ravage her. But I didn't want to scare her off. I figured this might be too much for the both of us at the moment.

She broke the kiss first, gently pushing me away, not too far, just enough to suggest she wanted to stop kissing for the moment. "We shouldn't..." she breathed.

I nodded. "Right. We shouldn't..." I whispered.

We were both lying to the other. My mind was practically made up. But I knew she was perhaps still conflicted. I thought about telling her how I felt again, but wondered if I'd just scare her off if I shared how intense my feelings for her were. To be honest, at that moment, I was just happy she was there with me, in my room. I couldn't or shouldn't ask for any more.

"Are you tired?" I asked. She nodded. "Want to go to bed?"

"As long as you hold me all night again."

"Try and stop me, Cass."

We slid under the covers, once again just looking at each other. "I've seen you smile more in the past three days than I have in three years."

"I have a lot to smile about."

She noticeably blushed. "What's given you a reason to smile?"

"Most of it revolves around my beautiful youngest sister."

She shuffled closer to me. I could feel her breath on my neck as she looked up at me. "Like what?"

"The fact I don't think I've ever felt as close to someone as I have to her. The fact she's in my bed for the second night in the row, and hope she'll be in my bed for many more. The fact when I see her smile, it makes my day, week and month in one moment."

"You mean all that?"

"Like you wouldn't believe."

She shuffled closer until our lips were almost touching. "I love you so much, Benji. I could never have asked for a better brother."

I wanted to ask 'Could you ever see me as more than a brother?' Another carnal part of my brain wanted to as 'Can I remove your pyjamas and make love to you all night?' Instead, I said "Don't tell anyone, but you are definitely my favourite sister. I hate to think of how empty my life would be without you in it."

I noticed her eyes actually start to glisten, reaching up to stroke my cheek with her left hand. She leaned up and kissed me, hesitantly at first, waiting for me to respond. I did, gently at first, waiting for her to make the next move. She made it quickly enough, and soon our tongues were intertwined again. It wasn't hard kissing but there was enough passion in it that I was sure we were now more than aware of our feelings for each other. I pulled Cassie into me, moulding our bodies together. My now incredibly hard cock pressed into her and I heard her whimper for the first time. I almost shot my wad there and then.

She broke the kiss again, resting her forehead against mine. "We can't, Benji. We can't do this." I could hear the conflict and heavy emotion in her voice. My heart almost broke.

"Okay," I stated, doing my best to keep my tone neutral.

"I should go," she stated sadly, starting to turn to slide out of my bed.

I gently grabbed her wrist. "Please don't go. Please stay with me."

"I don't know if I can trust myself..."

"Turn around and I'll hold you, just like you wanted."

She didn't move for a few seconds, as if making a choice. My heart nearly exploded when she moved back towards me, grabbing my right hand to wrap around her as I slid my left hand underneath her neck. I still had an erection, but there was nothing I could do about that. I did what I could to not obviously press it into her back or butt. She interlaced her fingers into my right hand and squeezed.

"I love you," she whispered.

"I love you."

I knew I meant 'I love you more than a brother'. Probably more than she could ever possibly imagine. I still wondered if she meant she loved me more than a sister should love her brother.


I sighed with relief that she was still beside me the next morning, believing she would have taken off sometime during the evening. After the intensity of the night before, I honestly wouldn't have blamed her one bit. I know she was struggling with any feelings she had for me. It's why it appeared she was so desperate to kiss me but was then the first person to end it both times.

Her alarm buzzed a couple of minutes later, reaching across to switch off her phone before she turned around to face me. Her face lit up in a smile once she noticed I was awake, leaning forward to leave a gentle kiss on my lips.

"Morning," she whispered.


"Sleep well?"

"I had some sweet dreams."

"Feel like sharing?"

"Most of them involved a beautiful young woman I know so well. Before you ask, nothing naughty. Well, nothing too naughty anyway."

"And would I know this beautiful young woman?"

"It's likely you do."

She snuggled into me, her hot breath on my neck. "This is only the second night down here and I know I'll want this again and again."

"You're always welcome down here."

We continued to snuggle in silence until she said, "I'd better get up. Another day at university is calling." I made no attempt to let her go. She made no attempt to start moving. I was almost ready to drift off again. "Benji, I really should go," she whispered.

I removed my arms from holding her as she leaned up to kiss me again. Just a brief kiss before she leaned back, smiled before she finally shuffled and got to her feet. I slid out of bed myself, ready to follow her when she turned back before walking through my door. I came to a stop as her eyes met mine then travelled down my body. They stopped in an obvious region and she immediately started to blush. I looked down and noticed the significant tent my erection was making.

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