tagIncest/TabooMemoirs - The Harem Ch. 05

Memoirs - The Harem Ch. 05


Hello. Comments and feedback appreciated as always. Glad a few of you out there are enjoying it. Criticism is noted, but considering I've written 19 chapters, and currently writing the 20th, the plot is pretty much set in stone, and I'm happy with what I've written so far. As I've said, only human, there will be some minor errors that I've missed (despite all the reviewing and editing I do) and I'm not looking for Hall of Fame status or trophies. As long as it isn't complete shite, and people find it enjoyable, then I'm a happy guy!

I also have no idea why the chapters for this story are not being grouped together as, with my other series, it happened automatically. Perhaps one of the mods uploading this chapter will notice and help out.


I had my cricket bat and pads in the boot of the car. There was also a picnic basket, blanket, four folded chairs, a cool bag with some wine and other drinks inside, plus a large umbrella that would provide shade, as the cricket ground we were heading to had very little cover from the sun otherwise. Closing the boot, I walked back inside the house. "Is everyone ready to go?" I called.

Amy was the first to appear, wearing a light, summer dress, showing nearly all the skin up her arms and shoulders, though was high up her chest so it showed no cleavage. She was wearing a sensible pair of flat shoes. A good idea, as the four of them would be walking across grass once we got to the ground. The twins were to appear, both wearing a skirt and blouse. Thankfully, neither appeared see-through as I was left wondering if they were wearing a bra, quickly shaking my head of the thought. Last to appear was Cassie, also wearing a summer dress, this one tighter than the one Amy wore, showing off her bust and tight to her hips. I looked down her legs, assuming she'd moisturised or put on sunblock as they were rather shiny, to see she also wore sensible shoes. I wasn't a fan of feet, but even those looked cute. I smiled as she joined me, unable to take my eyes off her.

Eventually there was a cleared throat. "Ben, are we going or not?" Amy asked.

"Huh?" I heard the twins giggle between themselves. "Oh, right. Cricket. Let's go."

The drive to the ground barely took fifteen minutes as I played for a local team. The car park was busier than I thought. But it was nice day, the sun was out though there was a breeze that kept the worst of the heat at bay. I grabbed the bag of my cricket gear in one hand while I grabbed the basket in the other, joking about how much they'd packed.

They settled near a couple of the other families that had come to watch. Once Amy had laid out the blanket, I jammed the umbrella into the ground enough so it wouldn't collapse or fall over.

"Are you sure you won't get bored?" I asked again.

"We'll be fine, Ben. We've got plenty to keep us occupied. We may even watch you from time to time."

I laughed. "If you say so."

Local grade cricket was nothing spectacular, though most clubs had at least some sort of building where teams could get changed. Ours also had a small bar where people could congregate before and after the game if they were so inclined. The ground also had two areas where the teams could gather for at least some relief from the shade during the game itself.

I wandered into the changing room, making a beeline for my best (male) friend, Steven. Though I'd always called him Stevie. We'd gone to school together, all the way from kindergarten to graduation. He turned around as I approached, shaking my offered hand.


"Stevie! How the fuck are ya?"

"Sound, mate. Sound. You?"

"Can't complain myself. Glad that shit is over."

"You mean final exams?" I nodded. "How do you think you did?"

"Nailed history, geography and PDHPE. Maths was okay. Just about passed English. Fucking Shakespeare bollocks."

"Tell me about it."


"Nailed the trio of sciences I did. Maths was a breeze. Doubt I passed English. Can't write an essay to save my life." I laughed as I started to get changed. "Did I see your sisters were here?" I nodded. "Since when do they ever come to watch you play?"

"They've come for a picnic and the good weather. Me playing is relatively incidental."

"Sure, but I can't remember the last time I saw all four of them at once, and definitely not here."

"You know how tight we all are, Stevie."

We headed out for practice for half an hour. Then there was the coin toss, which we lost, the opposition choosing to bat. I ended up out on the boundary rope, as I'm not a bowler, though it left me close enough to my sisters' that I heard cheers as I jogged towards them. I returned a little wave as they applauded and hollered. I just shook my head, feeling a little embarrassed, looking back to see a few of my teammates laughing at me.

It was rather dull for me over the next couple of hours as the opposition dug in. They didn't score at a spectacular rate, and the only real work I had to do was slide to stop an occasional boundary. Never had a single opportunity for a catch, so the only thing I had to do was keep my concentration, as half a day of fielding was rather boring.

They scored only 150 in their forty overs before we stopped for lunch. Heading out afterwards, I opened the batting with Stevie, both of us designated batsmen. Their opening bowler was medium-fast, Stevie knocking him for four runs but he either blocked or left the other five balls. I then faced the next over, Stevie and I meeting in the middle of the pitch during the change of ends.

"Watch this fella, Benno. He's fast. Pure pace."

"So I'm going to receive some of that sweet chin music?"

"I'd expect it."

I readied myself at the crease as I watched the tall bowler run in. And Stevie was right, he was bloody fast. I barely had my bat in place before the ball flew past the outside, the edge of the bat barely missing the ball. Holy shit, I'm going to have to be careful here. The second ball was wide, so I left that alone, figuring he was just getting his line and length in place. The third ball was slightly slower, allowing me time to get my bat behind it, though I didn't score a run. The fourth ball was as I predicted, bouncing short and aimed near my head. I had to pull my head back as the ball whipped by my chin.

"Cheeky cunt," I called to the bowler. He just smirked.

Figuring he was going to do the same again, I readied myself. I kept my eye on how he held the ball, and recognised it was going to cut in from right to left. I used my foot movement to meet the movement of the ball, my bat already back by the time he'd released the ball, and I timed it perfectly, ball hitting bat as I drove the ball down the ground for four. I jogged past the bowler with a smirk on my face.

"Asshole," he stated.

"Bastard," I retorted.

Then we both laughed. It was a serious game but it was only sledging, trying to put off the opposition. It didn't mean anything, as we were all amateurs, playing for the love of the game. We'd all meet up in the bar for a drink afterwards.

I was eventually out for only 25. Slightly disappointing, but that fast bowler had my number, tempting me into a shot I had no right playing. Once I heard the stumps behind me rattle, I immediately tucked my bat under my arm and walked off, nodding my respect to the bowler regarding such a good delivery. "Hell of a ball," I called.

"Payback for the five fours, mate."

Still, I heard four loud cheers as I trudged off, glancing back to see my four sisters' waving at me. I just lifted my bat and saluted them as if I'd scored a hundred. Our scoring wasn't much better, and it was rather tooth and nail towards the end of our innings, but our captain played the typical knock expected of him and he got us over the line with an over to go.

The two teams met up in the bar afterwards and I ended up chatting with the same fast bowler who took my wicket. I asked how he wasn't playing at a higher level. "Coming back from injury, mate. The state side said they'd keep their eye on me. If I take enough wickets, at a good rate, they said I may get another chance."

"Never faced anyone with your pace before. We're not professional here."

"How old are you?"


"Only 20 myself. I'd just signed a state contract after my 18th birthday when my knee blew up in a club game. Been a long way back."

"Damn, sorry to hear."

He shrugged. "It happens. I'm hoping I'll get there someday."

He did, as that same young man eventually represented his country five years later.

After enjoying the lone beer, knowing I had to drive, I headed back outside, the warmth of the day finally disappearing as the breeze strengthened. My four sisters' were in the middle of packing up. I immediately offered to help, but they all took one look at me and said no. I guess I was covered in grass, dirt and sweat, so I appreciated the fact I could just stand there and watch.

Once I had everything packed in the boot, I drove the five of us home, helping them unpack the car before announcing I'd be heading for a shower. I felt my stomach rumble as I did, wondering what I'd be having for dinner. While still drying myself as I walked out of my bathroom, I was startled to see Amy waiting for me, sitting on my bed.


"Get dressed and head upstairs. Ask Cassie if she wants to head out. Just you two."

I felt my jaw drop. "You're serious?"

"We talked. You probably didn't see us disappear for an hour or so while you were batting. Ben, trust me on this one. Her feelings for you are exactly the same. I think you need to talk to each other and finally share how you feel."

I couldn't help smile. "I think I'll do just that."

I quickly threw on some clothes and walked upstairs, knocking of Cassie's door. Her face lit up upon seeing me. My heart started to beat furiously in my chest, my mouth all of a sudden dry. I think I may have even started to shake a little bit, such were my nerves.

"Did you want something, Benji?"

I took a deep breath and felt myself calm down. You've got this, Ben. Just ask. "Would you like to go out tonight?"

"Just the two of us?" she wondered, though there was absolutely no surprise.

"Yeah, just the two of us. I was thinking... dinner. And maybe a movie, if there's something you want to see."

She smiled. "That sounds nice. Give me an hour to get ready."

"Sure. No problem."

She closed the door and I couldn't help but raise my arms in triumph, before giving myself a series of fist-bumps as I walked back downstairs. Amy was in chair, watching the news, immediately turning to face me. I must have had some sort of dumb grin on my face, as she chuckled. "So I guess you're going out?"

"I'd better get dressed."

I headed downstairs, selecting a pair of trousers, as it was far too hot to wear jeans, and a nice shirt. I chose brown shoes over black, covering my body in deodorant to hold back the sweat, more in hope than expectation, before selecting some cologne I knew Cassie just adored. Once ready, I sat down on the edge of my bed and thought for a moment. This is a first date. Should I go out and get some flowers or something? Perhaps drive around the block and knock on the door? Amy will probably laugh though I'm sure Cass will appreciate it. Right?

I pulled out my phone and went online, looking for a florist. I found one nearby and gave them a call. Thankfully, they were still open. I told them what I would like, and all they asked is if I knew the specific flower or an in-season bouquet. Knowing what her favourite flowers were, I requested lilies. Once the order was placed, I grabbed my keys and sunnies, heading out the only door leading into my little flat from the outside, which led out the back, effectively sneaking out of my own house.

The florist was a kindly woman, somewhere between 40 and 50, I assumed. I'm no good at judging ages.

"Who are these for? A new girlfriend?" she wondered.

"First date tonight. Can't show up empty handed."

"Oh. Are you nervous?"

"Honestly, I'm a little terrified. I've liked this girl for a long time."

"Well, I think once you hand these over, she'll be putty in your hands."

"I hope so."

"Tell you what, let me throw in something else." She reached across for a small box of Thornton's chocolates. "I'll throw these in for free." I couldn't help raise eyebrows, as even those small boxes could be expensive. The florist just smiled, "This will definitely get you a good night kiss," she stated, laughing away.

"Thanks. Much appreciated."

"Good luck tonight."

I checked the time and drove home, figuring Cassie would be close enough to being ready. With flowers and chocolates in hand, I knocked on the front door. Amy opened it and cast with a curious smile.

"Evening. Ah, you must be Cassie's sister. Amy, right? She said you looked similar. I'm here to collect her. My name's Benjamin."

Amy laughed but played along. "Come in, Benjamin. Let me call her down for you." I walked inside, acting like what I figured was a shy young man on his first date, as Amy walked to the bottom of the stairs and called out, "Cassie, your date is here!"

She then walked towards me and leaned up towards my ear. "Play your cards right, you may even get laid tonight."

"I don't want it to happen too fast," I admitted, "I want to take this slow."

"Well, you've made a good first move."

I waited in silence, Amy sitting down on the couch to watch, as Cassie eventually appeared. To say she took my breath away would be an understatement. I barely blinked as she eventually ended up standing in front of me, staring back. I ran my eyes down from her hair, over her face, her eyes, nose and mouth, down her neck towards the necklace she wore, which lay just above her cleavage. The black dress, thin straps over her shoulders, tight, but not too tight, to her body, though it showed her shallow curves. The dress ended at her knees, noticing she wore black leggings, hoping they were thigh highs with a garter, and heels. Not ridiculous, as the top of her head only came to my chin.

"You're beautiful, Cass," I whispered. All she did was blush as I stepped forward, handing over the flowers. "These are for you."

She looked ready to cry already as she gasped. "You remembered my favourite?"

"I know everything about you," I replied softly. I then showed her the chocolates. "Got these too. The florist threw them in for free once she found out the flowers were for my date tonight." I probably shouldn't have been so honest, but holding back the fact I'd had sex with Amy was causing me enough inner turmoil as it was.

"Oh, I just love Thornton's. Wait a moment, just let me put..."

Amy stood up and stopped Cassie. "Wait a second. Let me take those and I'll sort them out. Ben, give me the chocolates too. You two should just go. Have fun!"

I grabbed Cassie's hand and, saying goodbye to Amy, and to the twins who appeared on the staircase, escorted her outside to my car, making sure she was settled in her seat before getting behind the wheel. As I pulled out of the driveway, I asked, "So what would you like for dinner?"

"I could murder a lasagne."

"Italian it is." Thankfully I'd already done a little research, aware of her taste for Italian, so headed into town. Whenever I wasn't changing gear, I drove one handed as Cassie immediately reached out to grab mine, locking our fingers together, occasionally squeezing it. I glanced at her from time to time and I couldn't remember a time I'd seen her so... content.

I eventually found a parking garage and, after parking up, we wandered hand in hand for a few minutes before finding exactly where I wanted.

"This looks nice," Cassie stated.

"It had good reviews, and I figured we'd want a little privacy."

The place wasn't too busy so we didn't have to wait too long before we were sat down. I think Cassie was as nervous as I was, as the easy flow of conversation that usually happened between us, was instead halted and stuttering. We eventually ordered our food, a simple starter of garlic bread, Cassie ordering a main of lasagne, while I ordered cannelloni. Neither of us drank, both of us sticking to lemonade.

We ate in near silence, though we continued looking at each other, and she kept on smiling the entire way through. I cleared my plate, as did Cassie, and I offered her the chance of sharing a dessert. She declined, but said an digestif and coffee would be nice. We must have dined for at least a couple of hours, conversation eventually flowing once we finished dinner, though I think we both danced around the elephant in the room.

How we felt about each other.

I settled the bill and, once outside, realised the sun would remain in the sky for a couple more hours yet. "I don't want to see a movie," Cassie stated once we started walking.

"Okay, what would you like to do?"

"Why don't we find a park and just walk around?"

To be honest, that sounded much better than a movie, simply because it meant we could continue talking. I pulled out my phone and checked the map. There wasn't anything in walking distance, so we headed back to my car and towards a park only a couple of minutes away. We were surprised to find there was some sort of travelling funfair at the park. Cassie was rather excited, suggesting we could perhaps go on a ride or two.

I paid our entry and we walked around, gaining our bearings. She wrapped an arm around my waist. I brought us to a halt and turned towards her, leaned down and kissed her. She kissed me back, deepening the kiss almost immediately and soon our tongues met each other once again. I dragged her into my body, pressing mine into hers, hearing her whimper as I ran my hand up and down her back with one hand, grabbing her arse with the other. There was no doubt she'd have felt my growing erection.

Yet she didn't stop me. Well, she didn't stop me for at least a few minutes.

Eventually I had to stop as well, simply to take a deep breath. Cassie's face was flushed, glancing away from me, still smiling. We resumed walking, arms around each other, realising quickly there wasn't too much available in the way of rides that interested us. But there were plenty of those events where I could win a prize.

"Want a teddy bear?" I asked.

"Which one?"

"Well, it has to be a game that involves throwing. I have a good enough arm."

Ten minutes later, she had a teddy bear in hand, cuddling it to her chest as she kissed me again. We played one or two other games, leaving ourselves in fits of giggles as we failed at nearly everything else, but the fact it was just the two of us alone, enjoying the company of the other, I couldn't remember a better night. We shared some candy floss and milkshake as well, both of us complaining about being too full afterwards, before we finally headed back to the car.

I didn't drive us straight home. Instead, I headed to a lookout point I knew quite well. I'd never taken anyone else there before, it wasn't that sort of place. But it gave a spectacular view of the city and was somewhere I'd sometimes head for a few minutes of quiet contemplation. Once I'd parked up, I switched off the engine, getting out and we walked hand in hand towards a nearby bench, sitting down in silence for a few minutes, simply gazing upon the twinkling lights in the distance. Then I thought we should face the elephant.

Surprisingly, Cassie got in before me, noticing the big breath she took before turning towards me. "Benji, have you wondered why we've told each other 'I love you' far more in the past couple of weeks than ever before?"

I thought I'd play along, as I think I was about to hear a lot of thoughts all at once. Her thoughts were probably going to reflect a lot of my own. "I've been wondering. But you're my sister, Cass. Of course I love you. I just think we're closer than most siblings."

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