tagIncest/TabooMemoirs - The Harem Ch. 10

Memoirs - The Harem Ch. 10


Hello. Apologies for the length between uploads. Life has been rather hectic the past few weeks, with work, holidays and everything else. Therefore, also haven't written much if anything recently though I still have a few more chapters of this to go before I run out.


I was awake, that much was certain. But it was pitch black. I knew I wasn't blind. You don't just go blind after having a nap. So I was definitely blindfolded. But it was when I tried to move my arms that I knew something wasn't right. I felt restraints around my wrists. They didn't hurt, and weren't metallic, so I wasn't handcuffed. It was soft, maybe some sort of cloth. Even silk. But they were tight. Very well tied.

"Hello?" I called.

I'd come from work, absolutely exhausted, and had only meant to put my head down for a quick nap. But I can only guess I was out heavier than expected, as I hadn't noticed any of this happening to me. My legs were still unbound, but I wasn't going to jump around just because I was tied up. I was lying on a bed, and it would have to be my own. There's no way anyone could move me without waking me up.

Since I couldn't see or touch, it was up to my other three senses. And even the sixth sense some people have. I was left with the feeling someone else was in the room with me.

"Cass, you there?" There was no response. "Amy?" Nothing. "Katie or Debs?" Still nothing. "So, this is either some sort of prank or... something else entirely. I'm actually hoping the something else entirely." I felt a bit foolish, as I could have been in the room alone.

I lifted my head up, not that it would have helped see, but in an attempt to hear anything. But on a carpeted floor, my sisters' would have to stomp around for me to have any hope of me hearing them. So I lay back and let whatever was going to happen, happen.

The first thing to grab my attention was someone getting on the bed near my feet. I knew it was a pair of hands at first before knees than joined. Sitting on my legs, I felt fingers under the band of my shorts, before they were pulled down, allowing my cock to spring free. I wasn't feeling particularly hard at the moment, but I was now thinking This is definitely something else and not a prank.


I felt a finger put on my lips. "Shhh." I couldn't pick which of my sisters that was. I then felt soft lips against mine, a tongue probing for access. So I let whoever was kissing me in, pretty sure it wasn't Cass, as I knew how she kissed. I thought it may have been Amy, but was left thinking it was one of the twins. Even a simple kiss was enough to get me going from time to time, so I wasn't surprised to feel blood head south and my cock start to slowly rise.

I then felt the bed press down again and figured a second person was now on the bed. I was now pretty sure I knew who it was. "Katie, Debbie, that you?" Still no response. What shocked me next was that another set of lips met mine. As I was being kissed, I felt a tongue run up the shaft of my cock, while another hand was running up and down my chest. Considering I was blind and couldn't touch, my senses were heightened beyond belief, and I moaned into the mouth who was kissing me. By this stage, it could have been anyone.

Whoever was kissing me removed their lips from mine. "Cass..."

A finger was pressed to my lips again. "Just enjoy it," a voice whispered, so quiet that I just couldn't quite pick who it was.

But I assumed it was Cassie, so I just said, "I love you." That earned another short kiss before the lips disappeared again.

I returned attention to the ministrations on my cock, shocked when I felt a second tongue start to run along my shaft. I couldn't help the moan. "Fuck," I hissed. The two tongues teased my cock and balls for what felt like an eternity before I felt the warm, wet mouth of... one of my sisters. As one of them blew me, the other kissed me what felt like everywhere else, leading up my body to my mouth. Since I only felt two mouths, I only assume the third one was no longer involved. It has to be the twins then. So the third must have been Cass? Maybe she just wanted to give me a kiss before this all started?

Whoever was blowing me certainly had talent as I was ready to shoot in five minutes. Despite having never been with the twins intimately, they were more experienced than me, as I knew they'd been with others, because the lips around my cock suddenly disappeared. I couldn't help the groan into the mouth of whoever was kissing me.

"Patience, big brother," a voice whispered close to my ear, and I thought it was Debbie. Couldn't be sure, but it could only be one of the two.

The lips kissing me disappeared and I suddenly felt very untouched. But I figured they were up to something, as I could sense their presence around me, as there was still at least one person on the bed with me. I then felt a hand placed gently on my chest as a hand was wrapped around my cock, and I could feel the warm lube being applied. Holy shit, they're heading straight to that!? As lube was being applied to my cock, I felt someone on the bed near me, and then the wafting of air over my face. I was wondering what was going on when I felt warmth over my lips.

"Eat me please, big brother. I've been told you're very talented," a voice whispered. That was definitely Katie. Then I felt her pussy gently lowered onto my lips and I automatically ran a tongue up her slit. Even blindfolded, I figured out she was sitting on my face reverse cowgirl style.

As I slowly ate out Katie, I felt Debbie stop applying lube to my cock and movement on the bed again. I was left no doubt what was happening when I felt her straddle me and then I felt the tip of my cock placed at an entrance I immediately knew wasn't her pussy.

"Don't thrust. Let me take control," Debbie asked softly.

"Holy shit!"

"It's okay if you cum quickly. I know you're excited. You'll recover quickly and we have all night."


"You're not going into work tomorrow. Neither are we. This is just the beginning. We're making up for lost time," Katie stated.

"I'm not dreaming, am I?" They both giggled as I felt the tip of my cock slowly enter the arse of my sister. Debbie took her time as she stopped as soon as the head of my cock entered her. I heard her groan as it did so. I then groaned myself as I felt my sister slowly but surely lower herself, occasionally stopping and lifting herself back up, before starting her journey back down again.

"That's so hot," I heard Katie say, my mouth resuming the task of eating her out. She tasted different to Cassie and Amy, but just as nice. "You like eating my pussy, Benjamin?"

"Yep," I replied, continuing to do just that.

So, I'm guessing you're wondering what arse feels like? Well, it's far tighter when entering, and tighter around whichever part of your cock is wrapped by the asshole, but once you're inside, it's... different. Not as wet as pussy, naturally, but the simple fact I was now buried in the arse of one of my sister's was practically mind-blowing. The only frustration was being unable to see or touch either of them. I think they could sense I was getting a little antsy.

"We'll remove it later, Benjamin. Trust your senses," Katie stated.

Debbie slowly but surely started to pick up the pace, though she never bounced like Cassie would when she was riding me. "Have you ever done this before?" I had to ask.

"Neither of us have," Katie replied in between the heavy breaths she was taking. I assumed I was doing a good job eating her out.

"We're doing it because we love you," Debbie added, "And we know you love our arses."

"Definitely. I'll shut up now. Just wanted to know."

I could feel my orgasm approaching, so distracted myself by eating out my other sister. Not being able to touch her was annoying, but Katie appeared to realise what I wanted to do as she positioned herself on my face in such a way that I could eat her out just right, knowing I was doing a very good job when I felt her shudder on my face. Not quite an orgasm, not yet, just the sort of shudder up the spine that makes your partner feel very good indeed.

Of course, I hadn't forgotten about the fact I was now balls deep in the arse of my other sister, and despite what I was doing to my sister with my mouth, I could only hold back my orgasm for so long. I wasn't a pornstar, built to cum on command.

"I'm close," I warned.

"Cum in my arse, Ben."

So that's what I did. When Debbie felt that first eruption, she planted herself right down on my cock as I pumped her little butt full of cum. I couldn't help the groan as Katie remained sat on my face, hearing her giggle at the same time. She eventually got off my face as I buried myself back in the bed, feeling exhausted. I didn't particularly want Debbie to get off me, but I felt her move and soon I felt air around my cock again.

"Fucking hell, Ben, you've absolutely filled me," Debbie exclaimed, the twins descending into giggles. I then felt a cloth around my cock and assumed I was being cleaned. "Before you ask, it's fine. We prepared before. We're just getting you ready for Katie."


"Once you fuck her arse, we'll remove everything. I know you want to touch us."

"It's okay. It's just... different."

"Different good?"

I nodded. "Yeah. I feel more sensitive when you touch me. Not touching you in return is a drawback."

"Soon, Ben. Just enjoy Katie."

I felt lips kiss mine. "I can't wait," Katie then whispered in my ear.

They gave me a few minutes to recover, feeling them snuggle up to me, one to either side, their hands running up and down my body, just gentle caresses but they were driving me wild. They took turns kissing me at the same time, figuring Katie was on my left, Debbie on my right. I could feel their tight little bodies pressed into mine, and their boobs, as their stiff nipples brushed against my body. I couldn't help chuckle when they did. Slightly juvenile, probably, but the whole scenario was blowing my mind.

I felt a hand eventually rub against my cock, as I hadn't gone completely soft, and life was soon restored. As before, I felt warm lips placed around my cock, assuming this time Katie was blowing me as Debbie continued to make out with me. "Does my twin suck your cock well?" she asked quietly in my ear.

"Yes. You do too, Debs."

"Awww. My brother is so nice. I think he should be rewarded with another arse to fill. I'm still full now."


"I'm going to keep your cum inside me for me for a while."

"That's... so naughty."

"You're going to fill both our arses, brother," Katie stated, taking her lips from around my cock for a moment, "Then you're going to fill our pussies." I felt my cock throb in her hand. "Like that thought?"

"Though I've wanted to fuck your arses for a long time, I've also just wanted to, you know, just fuck you normally."

Debbie kissed my cheek. "I can safely assure you that we've felt the same way. By the end of tonight, you would have official fucked all four of your sisters."

Katie giggled as I felt her hand lather my cock in lube. "We are definitely not a normal family. But, then again, who cares? Do you, Debbie?"

"All I know is that I love my brother, and I would happily fuck him for the rest of my life. Helps that he's got such a lovely, big dick."

"Cassie is so lucky to have it whenever she wants," Katie stated.


"Don't worry, Ben. We're not jealous. We can see how in love with each other you are. I'm just glad she's so accepting that we also want a turn on the ride," Debbie stated.

"Ready to fuck my arse, Benjamin?" Katie wondered. I just nodded. Katie took her time lowering herself down, teasing me by running her slit up and down my cock first before lifting my cock and then running it along her butt-crack. I couldn't help smile at being teased, hearing Debbie giggle beside me at my reaction. Then I felt Katie lift herself up and the tip of my cock placed at her little hole. She had clearly readied herself, or so I thought, as the head of my cock popped in easier than I'd have imagined. She gasped it did, though.

"She's smiling," Debbie said, "A big smile, eyes are closed."

I could imagine that as I felt Katie lower herself a little bit more, similar to what Debbie did. Take another inch, then lift herself up, before taking another inch. Soon enough, though, my entire length was buried in the arse of another sister.

"I think she's going to cum soon," Debbie reported.

"I didn't think it was possible," Katie muttered. Her tone suggested she was definitely on her way to one.

"Are you not going to sit on my face?" I wondered.

"Are you sure? I've got an arse full of cum. What if some of it leaks?"

I would have shrugged if possible. "What's a bit of cum between siblings? I want to eat you out too."

Debbie kissed my cheek before I felt the bed move. A few seconds later, I felt wet pussy lips pressed to my mouth. And, as promised, I started to eat her out. Again, a different taste, but as divine as her three sisters. Well, that's all four I've tasted now. I hope they don't ask which one I liked best. Debbie was soon moaning away as I put everything I'd learned into pleasing her. The best thing was that, since I'd already cum, Katie would be able to enjoy my cock for longer.

"If you cum, Katie, I'm having another go," Debbie stated.

"But I want him to cum in me too!"

"He'll just have to hold on if he does. I'm not sure my little arse could take two of his big loads anyway. I'll be dripping all the way to the bathroom!"

I'll admit, I cracked up laughing the conversation, my twin sisters arguing over who I was going to cum inside. "Ladies, I may need to recharge, but I'm young, virile and capable of plenty of cumshots."

"I know, but I just want you in my arse again. I really liked it," Debbie stated.

I then felt Katie's arse started to squeeze my cock, then I heard a low, guttural moan. "Cumming," she cried. I felt a warm wetness on my groin as she came, though she didn't stop bouncing up and down on my cock. "Oh fucking hell, that was intense," she said quietly.

"Okay, now that was fucking hot. My twin sister just orgasmed hard while her brothers cock was inside her arse."

"Are you anywhere near close, Ben?" Debbie asked. I shook my head. "Can I have another five minutes, Katie?"

"Sure. Just as long as I get the money shot at the end."

There was a flurry of movement, a wet cloth, the application of my more lube than I felt myself enter Debbie again. I could feel the cum that was still inside her, which felt a little funny, but it was otherwise okay. I felt the presence of a second body next to me, a finger on my cheek and soon I was kissing Katie again.

"That was wonderful, Benjamin," she said quietly, "Thank you."

"Pleasure was all mine."

She kissed me again, a soft, tender kiss, much different to Debbie. I think I'd already figured out what they were like. Both had healthy sexual appetites, but I was under the impression that Debbie was far more outgoing, left wondering if she was perhaps into rougher stuff or something, not that I really knew. I had a feeling that if I were to ever have Katie alone, we would 'make love'. I could be completely wrong, of course, but even her riding me was different to her twin sister.

Speaking of her twin, I felt her hands on my chest and I knew she was working me at a different angle. "I'm definitely going to cum this time," she groaned, "But fuck this is good."

"Don't cum, Benjamin," Katie said quietly.

"I won't."

"I'm going to cum any minute, Katie, don't worry." She did, hard, or so I assumed, as she collapsed on my chest not long after, her breathing ragged and I could feel the sweat drip off her. I'd have hugged her if my arms were free. "Fuck that was good. I can't wait until this cock is in my pussy. I want you to fuck me hard, big brother."

Debbie removed herself a couple of minutes later, and Katie soon had me inserted in her arse once again. After letting herself adjust again to being in her arse, she started to properly ride me, I think to help me cum. Debbie was lying beside me again, who started to kiss me. As I've said, kissing was always something that got me going, a good kiss definitely the right way to bring me to orgasm. And Debbie could certainly kiss, before she moved down and I felt her nibble my ear.

"Wow, that does feel pretty good," I stated, before she moved down to my neck, "Never would have known," I added, hearing her chuckle away.

"We're definitely doing this again," she whispered in my ear.

"Fuck yes," Katie managed to say.

I filled the arse of my other sister with cum a couple of minutes later, unable to do anything but lie back and try not to pass out. Katie removed my cock from her arse then lay down on my chest, both of us breathing deeply, as Debbie continued to gently kiss me, nibbling at my bottom lip. We lay in silence for a while, I guess all three of us in post-orgasmic bliss. The twins eventually moved, feeling them sit up, and they cleaned up my cock again, suggesting that I would need a shower before we did anything else.

"We don't do arse to mouth, well, most of the time," Debbie stated, "I think Katie was a little bit excited before. Plus, we had cleaned you down."

"People do that?"

They both giggled. "You truly haven't watched much porn, have you?"

"No. Amy or Cassie haven't said?" They both said no. "I generally only watched girls masturbating if I felt the urge to watch anything. I've saved a couple of lesbian films. Only movies I found really erotic and sensual."

"You are a most unusual young man," Katie stated.

"Is that because I'm now fucking all four of my sisters', or the fact I don't watch a lot of porn?"

"The second one. I can say with all honesty the four of us like the first one a lot."

There was more movement and I felt my head gently lifted from the pillow and the knot holding the blindfold in place being undone. I kept my eyes closed as I felt it removed, before slowly opening my eyes, blinking rapidly as the lights were on. I then looked left and right, seeing my two sisters' look down at me. I couldn't help the smile that formed. "Hey," I said quietly.

They just bent down and kissed a cheek each, before they reached behind me to undo the binds at my wrists. Once released, I immediately sat up and jiggled my arms about. I wasn't sore, but it was starting to get a little uncomfortable. Not that I would have said anything. I then wrapped an arm around each sister and pulled them close to me.

"Have you had fun?" Debbie asked.

"And did you enjoy it?" Katie added.

"Yes to both questions. And I think we should now have a shower."

"Good idea. While your dick has been cleaned, and looks clean, I'm not sucking it again until you've had a wash," Debbie stated.

"We'll then head upstairs, have a bit of dinner, then come back down here for the rest of the night."

"Where's Cass sleeping?"

"Here, of course. One of us will send her a text once we're done for the night."

"Four in a bed?"

Katie shook her head. "No, Cass gets you for sleeping. We know that rule is written in stone. We'll pick it up again tomorrow once she's gone to uni."

We showered together, which was nice and I finally got to see the twins in all their naked glory. Surprisingly, they were not bare, both with a small patch of blonde hair. I asked them why.

"Cassie said you prefer it," Debbie said. I'll admit, I actually started to blush a little bit. Both of them noticed. "I'm sure you've realised that we'd do pretty much anything for you, Ben. And us not shaving completely isn't a big deal."

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