tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMemorial Day Barbeque Strip

Memorial Day Barbeque Strip


A few weeks before Memorial Day Weekend I received a call from my friend Sam (Samantha) inviting me to a barbeque at her house Saturday afternoon of the holiday weekend. As with most of my friends Sam is aware of my habit for ending up naked, but she has only had the opportunity to see this happen once. That time was among friends and not in an overly public setting. Although she doesn't doubt my adventures she made it known that she would at sometime like to see me in action. Sam explained that her barbeque would be adults only and her backyard was such that although not completely private it is somewhat secluded and her neighbors would all be in attendance that day.

Sam has confided in me that the thought of exposing parts of her body or being naked in public is something she has fantasies about but could never do in reality. She is very cute, just about 5'2" and 32B-22-33. I have never seen her topless but her boobs are very perky and she can easily go braless if she chose to do so. She is a brunette who keeps it short but sexy with brown eyes. Sam although on the shorter side has great legs and often wears miniskirts but never without panties. So it seems that Sam would like me to liven up the party by somehow losing my clothes. She said she has told most of her guests about her exhibitionist friend at some point, but she has not told them her naked friend is coming to the barbeque. She just said her friend Nikki is coming and she wants me to devise a plan and put it into effect at the party.

I suggested arriving shortly after everyone else and walking in naked but Sam wanted me to prolong it and build up to total nakedness. Being the attention whore that I am I loved this idea because I could try and keep the attention on me throughout the barbeque. I love to tease and flash so I was looking forward to this party. My idea was to arrive dressed in typical summer wear and after a little while appear to accidentally flash a little and then slowly begin losing articles of clothing. I wanted to be sure I ended up totally naked in time to spend a few hours that way before the barbeque ended. After many outfit changes, checking myself in the mirror to see how each outfit looked, how revealing it was and how easy it would be to "accidentally" flash I made my choice.

This would be a rare occasion because I was going to wear panties which I rarely do anymore. My outfit would consist of a button-down blouse with a miniskirt and panties. The blouse and skirt were both made of lightweight material. The skirt was a very pale blue with buttons down the front which I would wear with the bottom two buttons open so that the skirt would open to expose more legs when walking or sitting. The blouse was white which would be worn with only two buttons buttoned and I would tie it at the waist.

I chose a nearly sheer navy blue thong and wore no bra which allowed my areola and nipples to show faintly through my blouse. I saw that in the right light the thong was slightly noticeable through the skirt especially in the back and when I sat I could easily give a flash of my thong without being overly obvious.

The skirt was not one of my shortest but it did end about 6 inches above my knees and I showed a good amount of leg with four buttons closed.

I was anxious for Saturday because the thought of teasing and flashing a group of strangers, both male and female excited me. I would arrive at the party looking pretty much like any other female at a barbeque but as the day progressed I would show more and more of myself. I didn't tell Samantha what I planned to do but I said that her guests should see a lot more of me by the end of the party. I seem to end up naked rather quickly anymore and so this will be a treat for me and will certainly keep me and hopefully many others aroused. I arrived at Sam's and could see when she looked me up and down that she was a bit disappointed by my somewhat conservative attire.

"Nikki, so glad you made it." Sam said followed by a kiss on the cheek.

"I was kind of expecting to see more of you."

"I expect you will see more if your sure everyone will be alright with it."

"A few know about your hobby and everyone else I know will love it." Sam said with a grin.

" You could go put your clothes in the bedroom and come outside naked."

" Thanks Sam but then it will all end too soon, I want to make this last." I said with a sly grin.

Sam took me outside to the patio where there were a about 6 or 7 people sitting around chatting. There were two couples or were neighbors of Sam's, a female friend of hers from work and a couple of guys she introduced as friends from her college days. I was told there were another half dozen or so people coming, a few females and the rest guys. The backyard was as I remembered it, not secluded but not wide open either. I took notice of where the sun was so I could be sure and stand where it would work to my advantage. Not long after my arrival the rest of the guests had arrived and everyone was busy chatting, eating and drinking. I took notice of a few people who kept checking me out, one a very pretty Asian babe with medium length black hair. She was wearing a short skirt showing a nice pair of legs and a halter top accentuating a nice chest.

I caught her looking at me and she made her way over to me.

"I'm Tian, You must be Nikki?"

"Yes I am."

"You're the one that likes to be naked?"

'Yep, whenever I can."

"I'd like to see that, sometime." She said with a sexy grin

I was surprised how this babe was hitting on me and wondered if Sam had told her I'm Bi. Now I knew there was someone else other than Sam that would be watching me throughout the day. The afternoon was enjoyable and I managed to start getting the attention of a few of the guys. I had moved over to a spot where the sun was behind me and I knew that the dark color of my thong and my areola would be quite visible through my skirt and blouse. As I had my back to everyone I undid another button on my blouse. Now the only closed button just below my breasts and the tails tied together were holding my blouse closed. I also opened another button on the bottom of my skirt so a lot of leg would show when I sat down.

I saw almost immediately that the newly opened buttons did not go unnoticed, which caused my nipples to stiffen. It was time to up my game a bit and so I chose a seat across from Tian, Sam and a few others and sat down careful not to show anything. I saw how they watched my legs as I sat probably looking to catch a glimpse of panties. I made sure to cross and uncross my legs to keep everyone's attention.

After a bit I excused myself and as I was getting up I allowed my legs to open just enough to give all those looking a glimpse of my sheer thong. I went in to Sam's bedroom and removed my thong, leaving it on her nightstand. I opened another button on my skirt so now there was just three buttons holding my skirt together. I stopped by the small bar and made myself a vodka and cranberry before going back to join the others. I had my drink in my hand so when I went to sit I wasn't able to hold my skirt. I could tell by the wide eyed look on Tian, Sam and the others that were facing me they saw I was now bare under my skirt.

I don't even think they noticed the tops of my breasts that were exposed as I bent forward to sit. After being sure my lack of panties was noticed by most everyone I crossed my legs which hid my shaved cunt but left lots of bare leg exposed. Sam was smiling as she looked at me with my breasts almost falling out of my blouse and my skirt baring my legs just short of my hairless pussy. It seemed the guys and Tian were all mesmerized watching closely in hopes of getting another glimpse up my skirt.

I kept crossing one leg over the other occasionally giving everyone a look between my legs while still having it seem accidental. I had everyone's attention and I was loving it and so I continued to tease for a bit longer. I was not only enjoying myself flashing but also looking at the gorgeous legs of Tian in her short skirt. There was no doubt there was a mutual attraction between us. I had never really been hit on as I was by Tian during our initial meeting. I was still going to follow through with my plan and hoped Tian would appreciate it.

My glass was sweating in the heat of the day as the ice melted. I moved the glass to me lips taking a sip and then ran my tongue over my lips as Tian watched. I lowered the glass and let it touch my blouse which left a wet spot right on my left nipple. It wasn't until I repeated it on my right nipple that everyone noticed my blouse had become almost transparent. My nipples and areola were clearly visible now. I was going to feign embarrassment but I doubted anyone would believe it.

It looked to me like my wet blouse had caused Tian's nipples to pop and push against her halter top. Maybe it was wishful thinking on my part but I hoped it was more than that. I uncrossed my legs letting them part just enough to allow everyone another look before pressing my legs together. The attention from everyone was exciting me and I was ready to lose my clothes but I forced myself to prolong it a bit more. Tian didn't take her eyes off of me, she kept looking at my bare legs and up to my nipples visible through my blouse. The heat of the day was starting to dry the wet spots on my blouse.

I needed to do something so I made like there was a bee near me (I really am afraid of bees) and made a quick move with my hand ( the one holding the glass with my vodka and cranberry) to scare it away. This of course caused some of my drink to spill on my blouse. The cranberry juice had been diluted by the vodka and melted ice but it still made a nice stain on my white blouse. I got up giving everyone a nice look at my bare pussy and made my way into the house and into the bathroom.

Sam followed me into the bathroom as I looked down at my blouse. Sam of course told me I should take the blouse off so she could spray some stain remover on it and wash it out. I untied the tails and undid the sole button holding my blouse closed. I took the blouse off and handed it to Sam.

" You have something I can put on while I wait for my blouse?"

"Nikki, don't tell me that my normally naked friend has gotten shy?"

"No, of course not Sam, Just didn't want to offend any of your guests."

"You will only offend them if you don't end up naked, and I think Tian is more anxious than anyone for you to lose your clothes." Sam said with a wink and a giggle.

Samantha wanted to go out before me so she could see the reaction of everyone when I walked back outside topless. I gave it a minute or so and checked myself in the mirror. My nipples were erect and I pulled and tweaked each one before heading back outside. Everyone was facing away from the door when I walked out except for Sam.

"You look more comfortable now Nikki." Sam said

Sam's words got everyone's attention and they all turned toward the door as I walked out in my skirt and sandals.

"Wow" said a man's voice

"You live up to your nickname." Tian said with a cute little laugh

"What nickname?" asked one of Sam's neighbors

"Nearly naked babe" Sam told him

"Oh my God, you're the one Sam told us about that gets naked all the time."

"Yes, that's me." I said trying to contain my excitement.

"I've read some of your stories and didn't think they could be for real." Sam's neighbor Lisa said.

I was in my glory and from the way my nipples were standing out I think everyone could tell I was loving the attention. I casually walked back over to my chair and sat down. There wasn't much conversation at first as everyone as everyone just looked at me sitting there, I moved to cross my legs and gave a flash which caused Tian to smile. The conversation began to flow again and everyone began asking me questions about my nude adventures. It seemed that everyone couldn't understand how I could be the only naked person someplace and not be embarrassed. I explained that I am more comfortable naked than I am wearing clothes and I am not ashamed or embarrassed but actually very turned on in those situations.

"I can see that." Tian said smiling once again.

I looked down at my stiff nipples then took each one between my thumb and index finger rolling them then pulling on them just enough to make them stand out a little more. I looked at Tian and she looked me right in the eyes as she sensuously slid her tongue over her lips making them glisten. I don't have much experience with being hit on by females but I was hoping Tian was doing just that. I'm always excited when I'm flashing, topless or fully naked in public. Today there was a heightened level of excitement for me and Tian was the cause.

I wasn't sure how much longer I would be able to resist the urge to bare all. I myself find it sexy when a female is topless wearing jeans or a skirt, something other than a bikini bottom. I was hoping the others including Tian would feel the same way. I gave a little flash of my bare pussy when I got up to get a fresh drink. I gave another flash when I sat back down. In my mind I decided I would just wait a bit longer before I decided how I would lose my skirt. In the meantime there was food on the grill again and I made my way down off the deck onto the patio in just my skirt and sandals.

Tian made sure she stayed pretty close to me and I was happy about it. I didn't know what would happen but I certainly knew what I hoped would happen. My nipples would have made it impossible for me to hide my excitement, but I was happy for everyone to see them fully erect. After eating I wanted to take a stroll out around the yard, so I went back up onto the deck and found Sam.

"Sam, I wanted to go take a walk around the yard. Do you think I need to put my top on?"

"Nikki, I told you that whatever you wear or don't wear is fine with everyone." Sam said reassuring me.

Now I of course didn't need any reassurance I was just playing my little game for the sake of her guests. So off I went walking out into the backyard topless, my boobs bouncing enough to keep everyone's attention. The backyard was pretty deep and I took my time walking around enjoying the sun on my bare breasts and everyone watching me. I was hoping Tian would come out and join me but she didn't. Maybe I was reading something into the looks she was giving me that really wasn't there.

I returned to the deck after my walk and sat down to finish my drink. We spent another 30 minutes or so chit chatting and then I heard Sam call me from inside. She was just at the far side of the kitchen near the entrance to the hallway leading to the bathroom and the bedrooms.

"What's up?"

"Anything I can do to help you?" I asked

"No, Just wondering if you were going to a you know, lose your skirt?" Sam asked shyly

" Well if you want me to you know I will. I planned on doing it but I was trying to tease a bit."

" I think you've teased everyone enough." I heard a voice say from behind me.

I turned around and saw Tian standing there smiling. She walked slowly towards me and I turned to face her. Her hands went toward the waist of my skirt and she deftly undid the few buttons holding it together and soon my skirt was in her hands.

"I'll take those sandals too please." Tian said with a devious but sexy smile.

I kicked off my sandals and Tian took them along with my skirt. I didn't know where she put them but maybe she had seen my panties and blouse in the bedroom and put them all together. Tian walked back into the kitchen, took my hand and led me out to the deck. There was silence as everyone realized I was now bare ass naked.

I have always said that reliving my adventures while writing them out to post excites me nearly as much as when I actually do it. This one is no exception and because everyone seems to want details I have to be honest. I hope this doesn't offend anyone but I am listening to all of the feedback I get about the adventures I post. I spend most of my time naked at home and so I am naked when I write out my adventures. Many times I find myself needing to stop because I get so excited I need to masturbate or I would never get anything done.

So I am stopping here because this adventure is too long to be one part. Also because my pussy is aching for attention and I need to grab my pocket rocket or rabbit while proofreading this part and make myself cum so I can continue.

As always your e-mails and comments, good or bad and your votes are always welcome.

To be continued

Hugs to all


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