tagIncest/TabooMemories of my daughter, Polly

Memories of my daughter, Polly



I was wakened in the early hours by an eddy of cool air under the duvet. My brain struggled for a few seconds, before I realised that is was caused by my little girl, getting in beside me. Little girl? Well, she is nearly twenty, but still my little girl.

'Mummy - I had a bad dream,' you said in a quiet voice.

'Polly darling,' I whispered back. 'Come to mummy then. I'll look after you.'

And I wrapped my arms round your warm body, smelling it's freshness, drawing you close to me. Mmm! You are so very cuddly. You responded by hiding your face in the throat of my neck. I could feel your breath on my skin. Your left arm was over my breasts. I know you are fascinated by my tits. You always were, even as a baby. You loved to suckle and gaze on them for ages.

I know they're rather large and squashy, with big areolae and large nipples, like small plums, but you like them that way. So does your father - when he's at home. When I was feeding you, they were bursting with milk, like balloons! You were a greedy baby!

I know you want to suckle them at this moment, but seem a bit reluctant. Why darling? Perhaps you're a bit embarrassed, because your own breasts are smaller, with paler colored nipples. Never mind darling - they're lovely. I push my face into your beautiful silver-blonde hair, rubbing my nose gently on the scalp, smelling you - my little girl. You smell divine! You're a gorgeous young lady. How did I come to have such a beauty?

'Go on Polly, darling,' I whisper in your ear. 'Suckle them gently. It'll help to calm your mind. Settle you down again. Just imagine you're a baby at her mummy's breast.' Which is what I know you want to do, and I open the top of my pyjamas, lifting the right one to offer to your mouth. I hear your intake of breath as your lips envelop the swollen teat. You moan very softly. I can hardly feel your lips move as they murmur 'Mummy! Mmmm!' Your lips suck lightly and avidly.

I drop my head back, delighting in the heavenly feel of my nipples being sucked. I adore it. It makes me feel all woman. Wanted. Needed. I may be turned forty, but I feel the need for sexual stimulation as never before. I love to masturbate darling. To caress my own body. Rouse it to heights of lust. These thoughts come to my half-asleep brain as I cuddle my little girl to my breast.

Without really thinking, my hand reaches for your bottom, the pads of my fingers gliding over the silky softness. You have a perfect bum, Polly. I know you like it being stroked. I feel your muscles ripple in response, and your sucking getting a bit more intense on my nipples. Then your left thigh is hoisted over my loins to open up the cleft dividing the cheeks of your bum.

My fingers quickly move to explore the valley between, moist and quite hot. I can't resist running the tips of my middle fingers round the rim of the little rose you have there. It's a strange, erotic feeling, dabbling your fingers in your daughter's bum. I wonder if you'll move it away? But you moan softly, pushing lightly against my hand. Gosh! You want me to reach through to put my hand on your pussy, I think.

But I want to take my time with you. Enjoy every little feel of you. Softly, softly. You may change your mind if I rush.

Then I freeze. Fucking hell, Polly! Your hand is rubbing over my belly, seeking the navel to dabble in it, before slipping into the covering of hair on my groin. Wow! It's no use - I can't help it - my loins flutter beneath your fingers, and you must know by that, that mummy's getting rather horny.

Then I realize, that's what you want! You want to work me up! You want to control my lust!

I can almost feel you smiling happily against my breast, cuddling closer, pressing your fingers against the groin. This time, the involuntary moan is from my lips, gasping softly. My little girl's fingers examining her mummy's groin, a tentative finger slipping into the crease at one side of the inner thigh, slowly feeling the silky softness of the outer labia with curiosity. Gosh little Polly! You have sensitive fingers. You know how to tease. You're deliberately teasing me, you naughty little girl.

I should put a stop to this straight away. I'm your Mummy! But, fucking hell... I know what you want - you want Mummy to make love to you. Polly! You do, really, don't you? Mmm! Me too you little beautiful devil! I jerk as your fingers brush against my fat clit. Oh, please! I want my little girl to make love to me!

I'm feeling distinctly randy by this time. I want you to slip those long fingers between my labia, to feel the juices flowing - just for you. But hang on. Don't rush things. Oh shit!! Those dabbling fingers. They're sending me crazy!

'Play with Mummy's pussy, Polly,' I mutter hoarsely. 'Go on! Play, play, play.'

I decide that I must get you so horny that you'll scream for release! So that you'll play with me more. My fingers slide away from your bum and stroke the top of your inner thigh, the thumb touching against the vulva as I push my hand down, then back up the other thigh. Your legs open even wider, urging me to reach into the secret little pocket of wet flesh, wanting contact with my fingers. The thought of exploring my daughters private center is mind boggling. It's nothing like handling other women's pussies. It special. It's different. It's exciting. Fucking hell, Polly!

Then I touch it. The center of your body. Your very private bundle of flesh. You jerk and groan involuntarily. I am quite unprepared for the feel of your secretions on my fingers. Fucking hell! My little girl has love juices, just like Mummy! That's wicked! Unbelievable! I never thought my daughter would discharge so freely! Oops! Your loins lurch at the feel of my fingers on your fleshy labia, just touching the end of your clit for a brief moment before I open my middle fingers to push them on either side of the valley. Slowly rubbing them up and down the slippery slopes, stimulating you clitoral shaft, your belly is now in turmoil. I can feel it shaking. You want me to bring you!

Your own fingers have now eagerly sought out my weeping pussy. It's dribbling freely! The pads of your middle fingers are rubbing over my sensitive clit. Oh, fucking hell! That's so good Polly. Keep going! Ooh, yes, yes! We are both moaning out loud, openly. Our bodies are squirming against each other. My lips find your mouth. We kiss avidly, writhing and churning. I want my daughter. And she wants her Mummy! Fucking incest! But what the hell... It's so sublime! Why have we waited so long for this?

It's no use little Polly - I just have to get my mouth onto your pussy. I need to see it - even in the semi-dark. To taste it. To lick the cunt of my little girl. Mind-blowing! I twist my body quickly, pulling your open loins over my head as I throw my thighs wide apart. I can sense you studying my fleshy vulva. I can feel your warm breath on the fat, sloppy labia, dangling from the clitoral hood, and the protruding clit. You are examining the vagina which delivered you into the world twenty years ago!

As you gaze on mine, I can see your neat, tight vulva. Labia smaller than Mummy's. Why is yours so much neater and more beautiful than mine? It's not fair! Your smooth, plump outer lips don't quite hide the inner ones. Your clitoris is peeking out if it's hood. So innocent looking! Waiting for some stimulation. Then, as if by a signal, both of us suddenly start chewing and nibbling frantically at each other's hungry cunts.

With stiffened tongues, we probe the private entrance to our womanly secret joy, dribbling with our personal secretions. Where did you learn to do all this, Polly, I wonder?

'Oh, come on Mummy. Suck you little girl's pussy,' you stammer almost incoherently. 'Lick my cunt til it cums for you. Squirting my secretions all over your lips.'

'I hope you don't mind lots of pussy juice, Polly. I ooze copiously.'

'Delicious,' you mutter with your mouth full of my labia. 'I never knew Mummy had such lot of cream in her. That's where I get my excess from.'

My daughter's words! But we are now just two women desperate for sexual pleasure, to excite each other to orgasms. To admire and explore each other. We are pushing our faces hard at each other, tongues lashing from side to side. My loins are churning, grinding against your soft mouth and teeth.

The tension in my legs and deep in my belly is tightening quickly. I can feel your muscles flexing hard as well, pushing more juice from your vagina onto my tongue. We are both on the verge of erupting. I am fast ascending that wonderful slope of ecstatic delight, reaching the clouds at the summit - my whole being disappearing into the seventh heaven of utter bliss. Fucking hell Polly!

I groan in desperation. "Suck me Polly. Suck mama's pussy Polly, make your mummy cum. Faster! Faster!'

Suddenly you cry out 'Come on Mummy! Let me hear you cum!' You push three fingers deep into my vagina and fuck it furiously, whilst your teeth nibble hard on my clit. Your sweet juices are smeared over my entire face. Fucking hell Polly! I'm devouring my daughter's pussy juices - and loving it! I'm going wild. My head is beginning to spin.

'Oh, yes, my baby girl. My little girl.'

My mind has only one thought - your pussy and my orgasm. It's agony - the boiling urges in the pit of my belly. I want to cum. I need to cum! Badly! Grinding my pussy against your mouth. But overwhelmed as I am with feelings of my own rising climax, I am aware of your beautiful bottom, lurching and twisting as you, too, desperately reach deep into your loins for that ecstatic explosion.

You are panting and crying out, 'Yes, yes, yes!' I know you too are going to cum! Your cunt is dripping with your excitement. My mind explodes into a million splinters of rapture, as I hear you cry out in exultation, 'Oh. God - yes!!! I'm cumming! I'm cummimg! Cumming! Cumming!'

Both our bodies are thrashing about wildly, heads rolling, eyes screwed up as the sheer intensity of the orgasms overwhelms both of us, hurling us into that wonderful, timeless sensation of unutterable happiness which is ours, and ours alone.

After a few moments of pure exaltation, my mind and body digesting the marvelous enormity of our shared secret joy, I roll from you, twisting my body back to your side. Without a word, I throw my arms round you, holding you close. Feeling your body warmth.

Your eyes are closed in an expression of sheer bliss as I kiss your lips. Our womanly secretions still on our lips, we mingle their delicious sweetness, softly kissing. To seal our love, we share our pussy juices. Polly, Polly.... you are a lovely daughter and superb lover. No man can ever take me to such wonderful heights as another woman's tongue.

We fall asleep in each other's arms.

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