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Menstruation Message


The following brief selection is 100% true and is taken from an Email I sent to one of my VERY SEXY Literotica friends and I thought I would share it as it just might be hot enough for the readers of this site.


Becky (pseudonym),

I may have told you that my wife isn't the most sensual person in the world. Having sex just isn't her big thing. But, I just have to tell you about my experience a week or so ago.

It was her time of the month and I was doing everything I could to get close to her. I copped feels of her pad through her pants and/or undies whenever I could and of course was doing whatever I could to get within sniffing distance of her hot bleeding pussy. For the first two days of her period I walked around with a constant hard on.

It is almost impossible to have her do anything sexually with me during her period she would not even allow me to suck on her swollen titties. But, for some reason this time on the third night, with her flow still heavy, she let me kiss her big ripe boobs. As I sucked them my cock sprang to full attention and began poking her thighs.

I must have done something right as before long she was playing with my hard dick and sticking her tongue down my throat. I stuck my hand down her white cotton briefs and she didn't stop me when I reached her beautiful wet sticky matted hair. I played in her sloppy bleeding cunt for only a couple of minutes and diddled her hard clit briefly before she rolled onto her back. She said (words I'll never forget) "Fuck me now before I change my mind."

She carefully peeled her panties from her legs as I got up on my knees. As she deliberately put the panties aside so as not to make a mess I climbed between her wide spread legs. I leaned down and kissed her and she flicked my cock against her button and then put my little head at her opening.

Holy fuck, she was extra tight; the tightest I could ever remember her being and turned on - oh fuck yes. She wrapped her legs around mine and ground against me passionately. She even played with my ass cheeks as we pounded together. I came the first time within about a minute of getting inside of her but was so fucking turned on that a few minutes later I unloaded inside of her again.

She ground her pelvis against me savagely as she grunted and moaned. I don't know how many times she came as she kept kissing me with an unmatched fervor. But, as I pulled out of her the bed was soaked in our cum; there was actually a puddle of our juices between her legs.

Fucking a bleeding pussy was absolutely unfucking unbelievable! It had happened a couple of times before but had been awhile and God I love it.

I was disappointed when she wouldn't let me lick her up afterward. But, thinking fast I went to the bathroom and used my finger to wipe her bloody juices off my cock and balls and eat the lovely sweet pie.

As I did this my cock began twitching again. Shit, it was delicious.

Everything I said is the absolute truth but it won't happen again as the wife tends to forget how wonderful something sexual was the very next day. But, fuck, I just love cherry pie.

Speaking of which, I'd love to feel your bloody pad or tampon and get a deep whiff of it before I eat out your cunt or fuck your nasty little cunt. I honestly think that any woman could make me her little fuck toy or slave by promising me her bloody pussy or showing me her bloody pad or tampon.

IN fact, you could get me to agree to do just about anything while you sat on my face with your bleeding twat. The very thought of having you on top of me letting me eat out your menstruating cunt and stinky asshole is enough to almost make me cum without touching myself.

Oh shit, Becky, write back real soon. Don't forget me when that time of the month rolls back around as I love the smell, taste, and texture of your red hot cherry pie. But most of all everything about you is sexier at that time of the month. Oh fucking god I cannot wait for that wonderful juice.

Until then,


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