Mental Manipulations Ch. 03


'Tell him! Tell him now, before it's too late!'

"Ohh! My tits! My face! I want to feel your cum all over me!"

'Nice!' I thought to myself. 'You ARE a dirty little slut!'

I slammed my cock deep into her a couple more times, and then started pulling it out of her pussy.

She gasped and moaned at the suddenly empty feeling in her pussy, and started sliding her fingers from her clit down to her pussy and back again.

"OhhhYEESSsss!" she hissed loudly. "I'm cumming again!"

I stroked my cock as I watched her juices start to lather and foam around her fingers. That sight, combined with the noises that she was making, was all I could stand.

"Oh YEAH!" I bellowed in agreement as I felt my balls contract. I continued stroking my shaft, and I felt it begin to spew it's load.

My first shot went far, over Abhi's head, onto the leather cushion, but I soon was able to control my aim and my next shot landed square on her beautiful face, just above her lips.

The feel of my hot cum on her sweaty body seemed to send her off into another orgasm, because her body started shaking gently again.

I soon had her tits covered in my cum, and my final few shots landed on her hand, now just covering her mound, with two fingers inside her pussy.

"Holy shit!" I said softly as my orgasm slowed down. Abhi seemed to moan in agreement, and then let out a soft sigh.

As I shook the last few drops of my load onto her soft, creamy thighs, I looked down at her. Abhi's eyes were closed, and her breathing was slowing down. I tried to read her mind, but all I could hear sounded like white noise with a few words, some of which sounded like Hindi, tossed in occasionally.

"Abhi?" I said softly as I walked to her side. The only response I heard, in my ears or my brain, was a soft moan.

Not wanting her to have to sleep with her ass and legs over the arm of her sofa, I gently scooped her up and slid her entire body onto the leather cushions. As I lifted her head, she turned toward me and kissed me passionately, moaning into my mouth as our tongues danced together, and then lay her head back down.

I walked around her office, looking for something to cover her up with. I finally found some clean sheets, and lay them over her body. I then picked up her discarded clothes, lay them in her desk chair, and went to the bathroom to clean myself up a bit.

When I returned to her office to check on her, Abhi had rolled slightly onto her side and was snoring gently. I could see the sheets covering her nude body sticking to her in some spots where my cum had landed.

I quietly got dressed, let myself out of her office, making sure that I locked the doors behind me, and drove home.

As I walked into the house, I was a little surprised to see my Call Waiting button flashing on my phone.

"It's probably Roxy," I told myself as I dragged my body up stairs to my bedroom, "and that call can wait until morning."

I opened my bedroom balcony doors to let in the cool night air, and as I lay down in bed, I realized that if it WAS Roxy, she would have tried to call my cell. Checking it, I saw no missed calls, and wondered who had called.

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