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Mental Patience Ch. 01


Author's Note: This is my essay. I wrote it. Stealing is lame. If you do not like it, do not read it. Thanks to all of the favorites and feedback. This is part one of a multi-category story series. This part is submitted alone, the other three will be submitted, and at the same time (as best as the website allows).

DISCLAIMER: Only the stupid want or need disclaimers. This essay is not written with a malicious intent. The stupid will be offended by continuing to read the text. Many, many stupid humans were harmed in the writing of this essay. If you cannot see the erotic nature of this writing, then you are stupid. Comments are at the bottom of the page.

Part 1: Perspectives

There are things that most of the individual humans reading this are not going to understand, because most of the individual humans reading this are stupid; though because they are taking the time to read it, they are potentially less stupid than other stupid humans. Humans are either stupid or smart, there is not an in-between. Smart humans already knew this. It really is an 'either or' issue.

Intelligence has no bearing on stupidity or smarts. More often than not, very intelligent humans, genius and academics included, are extremely stupid. Smart humans also know how rare they are, and it is shown to them on a constant basis. Smart humans are very rare indeed; for every endless amount of humans, there might be one smart individual. Smart humans know the difference between intelligence and intellect, and it has nothing to do with a dictionary.

Smart humans cannot be differentiated from stupid humans by any form of the science of psychology, as the science was created by stupid humans with a lack of understanding. Smart humans understand what this means, and know it as fact.

Stupid humans do not know who smart humans are, because the smart humans are only understood and recognized by smarter humans. More often than not, stupid humans label the smart ones as 'morons' or 'insane/disordered' due to the inability of differentiation by the stupid.

Groups of individual stupid humans are far more likely to assume one incredibly stupid human individual to be the smartest. Groups of individual stupid humans are also more likely to attack the smartest human among them, or form a group with the intention of attacking one specific smart human individual.

There are zero intentionally famous smart humans, though there are famous smart humans (Lincoln, Gandhi, King, Churchill, Jesus, and etcetera). A smart human has no reason or need for fame as existence is universal and results are irrelevant to intention. Famous smart humans are only famous due to attempts at helping the stupid humans to not be stupid. Smart humans know the only way to obtain fame intentionally involves the selling of one's soul. (For those of you who are stupid, the previous sentence was, and was not, a metaphor.)

Smart humans can be of any gender or race or any variation thereof, just as stupid humans can. It's not a question of genetics, or location, or ideals, or wealth, or gender, or power, or wisdom, or chemistry, or environment. Smart humans are just smarter than stupid humans, at birth, by an immeasurable distance, length, or variable. Smart humans know the size of this representation of difference, and it cannot be explained to stupid humans. All humans are created equal, but not all humans are equal after creation.

Smart humans know that there is always a smarter human, and that the smartest human individual in existence is not the smartest human individual in existence. The smart individual humans are always by themselves, especially when around other humans in a physical space. This includes being around other smart humans.

Smart humans very seldom interact with stupid humans. What a stupid human considers interaction is in no way real time for a smart human, nor is it actually interaction. It's very similar to motor skill ability of a physically perfect adult human compared to that of a newborn infant human. In the previous metaphor, motor skill represents interaction, adult represents smart, and infant represents stupid. This is the best metaphor available for stupid humans to understand.

Often, stupid humans will pick an incredibly stupid human for responsible interactions since they cannot differentiate between stupid and smart.

Contact by smart humans with stupid humans can only be explained as endlessly open to the stupid and akin to the most horrible form of torture multiplied by infinity with infinity as an exponent for the smart.

While smart humans are speaking to stupid humans, for instance, smart humans are just wasting time, usually out of desperation for some form of something worth anything that they can interact with. This includes all aspects of reality on planet Earth that a smart human participates in: marriage, work, parenthood, breathing, sex, walking, and etcetera.

Now, many readers, who are also stupid humans, just had the following thought: "I doubt that the author of this essay has ever been tortured, and therefore has no basis for this comparison."

Those readers are stupid and cannot be expected to understand, as they are unable to see that their actions, beliefs, deeds, and ideals are similar to millions of drops of water or thousands of tiny, tiny cuts. They are also unaware that their stupidity creates mental distress to smart humans equal to that of the most extreme physical pain.

Imagine if every day were childbirth, unless you stayed asleep, and that suicide is for quitters.

Smart humans never make jokes. A thing a smart human says may come across as humorous, but it is in no way a joke. Smart humans only laugh at absurdity, the truth, or horror, since the thing going through a smart human's mind is: "I would have told you so, but you wouldn't have understood." There is no need to 'make jokes' when billions of stupid humans infect planet Earth.

Smart humans never use sarcasm. It may come across as such, but it does not have sarcasm's intent. Only stupid humans think sarcasm is a sign of intelligence. Smart humans know that genuine sarcasm is stupidity incarnated.

Smart humans are doing a favor for stupid humans when they co-exist with them. They cannot help this, it is not a choice. This in turn makes smart humans desire proximity communication less, as it is always one sided. Smart humans will continue to do this favor without complaining, and will continue to function so as to appear to be a normal human (stupid). It is not like there are any other choices available to smart humans, so they are forced to make due.

Smart humans are human, just as stupid humans are. One thing makes us all human, and not all humans have that one thing. All smart humans possess this one thing, and this one thing is not what stupid humans think it is. This is why the word 'people' was not used in this essay except for in this sentence, or by accident.

Smart humans never complain, nor do they whine. Stupid humans cannot understand this concept, as they ever do is whine and complain. Stupid humans are so stupid, that if they continued to read, they would think that complaining has already ensued within this essay.

Smart humans are constantly subject to deja vu. Stupid humans reading this may be thinking: "But that is just like the Matrix." In actuality, smart humans have seen so many things, so many times, that everything really has happened before. Earth is boring to the smart humans since the stupid humans constantly attempt the same things, over and over.

Smart humans also have perfect memories. These memories are not photographic, they are perfect. Stupid humans cannot see the difference. The memories of smart humans are so perfect that they remember every dream they have ever had in vivid detail. They also know that dreams can actually predict a possible future.

Smart humans are not what they appear to be; the more they age, the more detached from stupid humans that smart humans become, since smart humans progressively increase the amount that they are smarter without attempting to, and because stupid humans have a tendency towards increasing stupidity under the guise of trying to become less stupid.

Smart humans owe nothing to the stupid humans of the planet Earth except for warranting their destruction, if only to save the universe (potentially one of many potential universes potentially saved) from further stupidity. This cannot be explained to stupid humans, as they are not capable of understanding.

This destruction includes smart humans as well, but a smart human would have already known that, and known why this is necessary.

Smart humans will do whatever they can in an attempt to make a stupid human less stupid, as it would ease their burdens if more humans were smart. Stupid humans make similar attempts, for the same reason, but instead they become more stupid, and their basis was stupidity.

In turn, stupid humans attack smart humans when this information becomes known. In general, stupid humans often attack smart humans as an inherent response. The reasons for this are obvious. Smart humans know every (read: all, infinity) reason why this happens, but it cannot be explained to stupid humans. Stupid humans blame the smart humans for something they cannot control. Stupid humans are unaware that they do this on a constant basis to smart humans.

The way stupid humans treat smart humans is essentially racism.

It is not the fault of smart humans that they were born smarter than every other human, but they still must suffer the constant whims of the stupid and their excessive stupidity. The stupid majority oppresses the smart minority (a very extreme and rare minority).

Slightly less stupid humans, after reading that racism line, are thinking: "The hatred of racism and discrimination cannot be compared to disagreement with the intellectual majority." Stupid humans are not expected to understand matters of perspective, just as they are not expected to truly understand the validity of standardized testing or its actual purpose.

Smart humans would help planet Earth more if stupid humans were not so stupid. Stupid humans are stupid without conscience, and, for the most part, vilify the smart humans by comparing the smart humans to other stupid humans. Smart humans accept this as fact, and understand that the stupid humans do not, and cannot, know what is good for them.

Smart humans really are better than stupid humans, even if they do not want to be. Smart humans know they are better than the stupid humans around them, but will never admit that they are, because they are smart, and they do not want to deal with excess stupidity unnecessarily. There are also other reasons. These reasons are obvious to smart humans.

Since smart humans must constantly appear to sink to the level of stupid humans to avoid retaliation, smart humans will immediately attempt interaction with individual humans that they believe to also be smart. A smart human understands the variables to the previous sentence. The previous sentence to this one cannot be explained using any form of human communication. A smart human already knew that.

Smart humans understand that "Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself" does not apply to smart humans as there is almost always never another human around capable of understanding even the slightest part about anything a smart human would have done under the circumstances, or even what a smart human attempts to communicate.

The following (there are more) things also do not apply to smart humans: Rules, issued orders, politics, yelling, justice (right and wrong), fashion, choice, responsibility, beauty, laws, religion, the social sciences, location, hypocrisy, rudeness, trends/fads, anger, and language. These things are merely an attempt at control by stupidity, or stupid humans embracing stupidity. Smart humans have their own forms of these items, as the standards were made for the intellectual majority, and in no way take into account the abilities of the smart humans. Forming their own variations to the wills of society is the only way smart humans are able to combat the discrimination by the stupid humans.

"With great power comes great responsibility." It is a phrase (in many variations) used often by stupid humans to force a smart one to interact. This is because stupid humans want to be smart and need the talents of smarter humans, even if they can't admit it because they are stupid, or do not understand that that is what they want, also because they are stupid. The stupid humans, in turn, limit the amount of power the smart human can use, by force, when the smart humans choose to participate.

Stupid humans were born the way they are as well, but are too stupid to realize that they are stupid, and that they need to learn to not be stupid. This is something they will never truly understand. This is also why they interact well with other stupid humans, though on occasion, conflicts will arise as to which stupid human was more stupid at the time, since stupid humans do not want to be stupid.

''Stupid is a mean word." Feelings are in no way taken into account in the writing of this essay. It's not that feelings are stupid, it is merely that the feelings of stupid humans are stupid and simplistic. Smart humans can see why stupid humans feel the way they do. Stupid humans, on the other hand, cannot understand the feelings of smart humans no matter how hard they may try.

A smart human cannot even say, "I'm smarter than you and you should listen to me for your own benefit," since so many stupid humans have made the same claim. If a smart human attempts this, backlash will ensue regardless.

Smart humans recognize infinite variables that in turn create different variations of perceived reality. What smart humans recognize as feeling cannot be put into words for stupid humans to understand. Smart humans already knew all of this and know it is reality.

The greatest most life-changing thing a stupid human has ever encountered equates to something similar to 'fourteen seconds of yesterday' for smart humans, as everything is life changing for smart humans and of an epic nature, all of the time.

Smart humans do not plan in the same way that stupid humans do, this in turn creates conflict. Smart humans plan around the plans of stupid humans within the physical universe, the plans of stupid humans embrace stupid human stupidity and a narrow or incorrect view of the physical universe. In most cases, stupid humans are wrong about whatever they may think is correct. This also creates conflicts, though smart humans will 'play along' so to speak, as their options are limited.

Smart humans do not lie; smart humans never manipulate; smart humans have no concept of greed or wealth except for a hope of boundaries for the information available to them; smart humans have no concept of cheating; smart humans do not contemplate causing anyone intentional pain.

At all times, smart humans think some variation of the following and apply it to all aspects of actual reality and reality's infinite possibilities: There is more than one thing going on at any one given time. Everything is no one single thing, and no one single thing is one single thing. Not everything is what it appears to be, and some things are not what they appear to be while being what they appear to be. Every cause has an effect, and every effect has a cause. Fixing the effect of the cause leaves the cause to effect. Everything effects everything all of the time, and anything can happen at any time, all of the time. Stupid humans are lying/manipulating/cheating all of the time, and they are stupid.

If you are stupid, you've had one or more of the following thoughts (or any thought other than 'OK' or 'I knew that already') as you continued to read so far: "This does not make any sense. This is pure sophistry/double speak. This Grammar needs to be corrected. Drugs are involved in this writing. This has no substance. This is akin to racism. This is hypocritical. This is condescending. This is simplistic. This is arrogant. Why doesn't the author just add another superlative? This writer's problem is somehow related to his gender/sexual orientation, and would not have a problem if they thought like me. This is some form of an assumption. Attack this writer in some way. This is the product of a twisted mind. There is in some way something wrong with the author who wrote these words in correlation. I am angry about this. This writer has anger issues. What about that other thing? This is theoretical. This is stupid. I need to quote some part of these words. This is prophetic." (There are obviously more things thought, but this should cover the majority of unfounded 'hate/anger/problem with' comments.)

This is the truth of the situation. That's the thing about the truth: It's not always very nice to the stupid humans, nor is it seen as the truth by stupid humans, as they are too stupid to actually see what the truth is, let alone any form of 'the big picture' available to them. The reason stupid humans are stupid is because they cannot see all of reality at one time all of the time under any and all circumstances. Smart humans can do this, while at the same time they also calculate in that they are stupid, since only a stupid human thinks that it is not stupid.

Smart humans know what is really going on in any given situation, even if they choose to not point it out.

Smart humans know this essay was written in an attempt to show stupid humans just how stupid they are, and possibly give them a little perspective. Smart humans also know this essay is not going to go over well, and that many, many, things were left out on purpose.

Stupid humans are in no way expected to understand all aspects of every part of this at the same time, though it would be nice for the smart humans on planet Earth if they could.

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