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Mental Step-Mother


Dad had always been a quiet man of even temperament, and when he remarried I was sent by my mom to live with him. My Step mom is OK I guess, but she is pretty strict on me. Never having any children of her own from her being sterile, she smothered me with love and strict discipline. Dad never interfered with what she said or did, and she never abused me by whipping me. But she knew how to use words and the threat of what could happen if I disobeyed her.

She use to have me brush her brown hair every night, 100 strokes, and I had to paint her fingernails and toenails. Run her bath, hand her towels, I was basically a handmaiden for her, only male! I didn't really mind doing these things for her, I had always been a sickly boy, I only weighed 150 pounds, so I was never into sports or outdoor activities. So she thought I had nothing better to do than cater to her whims and needs.

Jane is a Church going woman, and not a pretty woman, her nose doesn't fit her face, and her lips are thin and cruel. Her body is not one that is a young man's fantasy either, Large breasts that hung on her belly when she didn't have a bra on, and a large ass that had more than its share or cellulite than ran to her flabby legs.

She use to drive me crazy when I painted her toenails, always in the same robe. Sometimes in panties and sometimes not. Holding her legs open just enough that when I was on the floor massaging her feet with lotion or painting her toenails, I could barely make out the dark spot under her panties. I had to do everything I could not to stare or get an erection. She had caught me looking once, and berated me for being a pervert and an evil young man.

"That can only lead you to think unclean thoughts, who knows what you might do!"

I tried not to look every since that time, but when it's right in my face and she asks me something, I have to look at her to answer her. And when I do her open legs show me what is there. I can't help but look.

"I'm sorry Jane."

"Now Ron, what have I told you to call me?"

"I'm sorry, Mother." She always wanted me to call her Mother, not mom or momma but Mother! I have no choice but to comply with her wishes, it keeps me out of trouble and dad also.

I have watched her when he tried to stand up to her at times, and he has resigned himself to the fact that if he wants to keep the peace in the house, he will just keep quiet. This went on from the day they married when I was 11 until the day dad died 15 years later.

After I got out of High School I had applied at a nice College, but it was out of State, So Mother, let me know it was out of the question.

"We have a fine Jr. College here you can attend. You may stay here at home and save your Father thousands of Dollars!"

I never believed that the money was the point, dad had made a good living all these years and could afford to send me there. It was just she didn't want to lose me and all the little chores I took care of for her. So I enrolled at the Jr College. I met some nice young ladies there but Mother had never let me date, always telling me.

"All the girls want is your money or to get pregnant so they can get married! You just stay here and everything will be fine Ron."

Oh, I did go to the Prom and some movies occasionally, but never really had a girlfriend so to speak. I never had time for one, not with taking care of the laundry and cleaning the house, and Mother. Mother called me in after her bath one evening and I handed her the towel, always keeping my eyes averted from her and had me follow her to her bedroom. I was to paint her fingernails and toenails again. I got the lotion and massaged her legs and feet for her, another of my chores to please her, and as usual her legs opened enough for me to she that she wasn't wearing panties tonight.

Trying my best not to look, I failed miserably! I got an erection, I tried to hide it from her but I failed at that also.

"You wicked, wicked boy! Why is that like that?"

"I'm sorry Mother, I don't know why."

"Well I won't have that in my house, you stop thinking whatever it is and take care of my feet."

I did as I was told, hurrying because I knew that I was going to have to masturbate to rid myself of this erection. I finished her nails and went to my room, I closed the door even though Mother didn't like it shut. I dropped my pants and lay on the bed as I thought of the hairy gash I had seen. I usually did this in the shower, but could not wait tonight. My hand was rapidly moving on my penis when Mother opened my door without knocking.

"You vile creature, how could you do that. It can cause you to go insane or worse! Stop that immediately! Put your clothes on and follow me!"

Even though I was 18, I was near tears from her finding me like that. I have no privacy and she makes sure of that. I dressed and followed her to the Living room. She sat on the couch, her robe partially open as she sat down in a huff. I could see the sides of her large breasts and even though I tried no to look, I found my eyes drawn to them like a moth to a bright light.

The stretch marks on them down the sides did nothing to stop my eager eyes. She saw me staring at them.

"You sick little man, Your evil like your father! He enjoys looking at my body also. It disgusts me, the both of you do!"

Mother took my arm in her strong hand and yanked me across her lap. I thought that I was too old to be spanked now, she did not! I still had an erection as I lay across her large legs, I know she had to feel it on her. I felt her grab my pants and yank them off me and then my underwear.

"I shall teach you not to do that evil and disgusting act in my home, regardless of what it takes!"

And she began to spank me, hard blows rained upon my tender ass. I cried out for her to stop, but it only seemed to enfuriate her more hearing my pleas. After 5 minutes of the abuse I found myself getting excited, my penis was harder than I ever remember it being. As I moved my hips on her legs I began to rub myself on her intentionally, loving the way it felt on her hot bare legs.

She eased up the force with which she had been using on my now red cheeked ass, I moved my hand to hide it and possibly stop the spanking. Mother's hand grabbed mine and as she moved it back towards my side I felt the hair on her crotch brush my hand. I came on her, not trying too, it just happened. I felt it shooting large shots on her legs and between her thighs as I came. Her inner thighs becoming slick with my spunk, making my penis slide on it easier. She was not pleased with me at all.

Her hand shoved me off her lap, and I ended up on the floor staring right at her hairy gash. This time when she saw my stare, she didn't close her legs or try to stop me. She sat there and looked at me, then opened her legs further.

"Is this what you want to see? You wish to see my Vagina? Your bad, and will end up in Hell one day for your wicked ways!"

My eyes stayed glued to her hairy gash, I could see the dark skinned lips on her pussy behind the thick curly black hair. And I saw a liquid on it, just on the edges of the thick long lips. Little droplets, like rain drops on a leaf. I could not tear my eyes away and my erection never leaving.

My spunk shining on her legs and near her hair there.

"Look at the mess you've made on me. You sick thing, a sad thing. And your penis like it is. Shame on you! Now clean this off of me, it makes me sick!"

I rose to get a wet rag.

"NO!, you need nothing to clean it. Since your so vile, perhaps this will cure your sick and disgusting ways."

She snatched me by my hair and shoved my face to her crotch, rubbing it between her flabby legs. Smearing my sperm on my cheeks and face, and forcing my mouth to her vagina. I smelled my first one as my nose was buried in her crotch.

"Now, Lick it off me you nasty thing. Perhaps you will change your evil ways if you do that!"

I didn't want to do that, but she had my hair in her hands and would yank it out if I didn't mind her. I timidly stuck my tongue out and licked her thigh where there was none. It didn't work, she forced my face to a large spot on her inner leg where it was sliding down and pushed my mouth to it. I could only do as she had told me to do, lick her flabby legs clean! I slowly licked everywhere she placed my face, tasting my own sperm as I did, I found the taste not so disgusting as I had thought it would be.

I heard her take a deep breath a couple of times when I was near her hairy vagina. I from what I could see she was becoming wetter, I could see the fluid as it leaked from her inner area of her vagina. Mother's legs were open as wide as her hips would allow, and she forced my mouth on the hairy gash.

"Yes, Lick it there now Ron, Clean Mother's vagina for her! Clean it good for Mother."

I had no option but to do that, and I really wanted to by now. Still being a Virgin, any sex was better than the sex I had been getting with my hand! Even an overweight 52 year old woman. I licked her where ever she put my face, the smell of her sex organ was intoxicating to me. I placed my hand on my erection, she must have seen it or just known I was doing it and stopped me.

I had to place both of my hands on the outer portion of her flabby legs, her hands held her vagina open for my mouth. I felt a thick nub at the top of her vagina, when my tongue touched it her big hips lunged towards my face. I didn't know what I had done, but it seemed she enjoyed it so I licked it again. I got the same response from her, so I continued to lick that.

"Oh yes Ron, you nasty thing. Do that for Mother, lick Mother there for her. Yes Ron it feels so good you nasty boy."

Her hands loosened the grip they had on my hair and she seemed to relax somewhat and her hips shook, her breath was coming faster. My eyes closed I kept up the pressure of my tongue on her now wet slit and her legs closed tightly around my head.

She had numerous orgasms, flooding my face and the couch with her vaginal juices before she released me from her legs, letting my breath come to me finally.

"You're a good boy for Mother Ron, now you go to bed and stop these horrible things you've done!" Yeah right, stop my foot. I went to my bedroom and jerked myself to another orgasm. Thinking of the hairy gash pushed into my face while I licked it for her made me orgasm in less than a minute. I went to the rest room and washed off, then went to bed and I fell into a deep sleep. The next morning after breakfast and I was cleaning up the kitchen for mother dad asked my how my night was.

"It was fine, Mother and I talked and I did her nails for her, all in all a really nice evening dad."

"That's fine son, just fine. I'm happy the two of you have always got along so well."

I wondered about his question, but continued my chores. Nothing was ever said between mother and I about what had happened. In fact, I was hoping it would happen again, and soon. The thought of what we had done kept me horny and I could not look at her without thinking of it.

After I had finished I went in to watch the morning local news, I have no classes today and can do as I wish to a point. Mother came in and sat beside me.

"How do you feel about what happened last night Ron? Did it help cure you of your evil thoughts?"

"No Mother, in fact they have grown worse, all I can think about is what you made me do for you. And I found it very exciting, I only hope I did it right for you."

"Oh, that's not the effect I hoped would happen."

Mother despised liars and lies, but I could only think that she was lying to me now. The look she had in her eyes, betrayed her real thoughts. I could see the wheels turning in her brain as she thought more about the subject of her molesting me. A couple of days went by and nothing more happened, until the next Friday night.

Dad was not sleeping well lately, perhaps the stress of his work, I'm not sure. But mother gave him something to help him sleep. Before they went to sleep, I heard the bed as it creaked from their lovemaking. Mother has never been quiet when dad makes love to her, and I believe she was even louder tonight for my benefit. Knowing it would cause me to masturbate.

It did, and I came just as mother cried out loudly in her orgasm. My thoughts raced, thinking of my dad as his penis was inside the hairy gash, forcing her to accept his full length. Her large flabby legs around him while he gave her a good fucking. I fell asleep shortly after, I was almost dreaming when I felt someone's hand on my leg. It was Mother, she was standing by my bed, her robe barely containing her drooping breasts.

I rubbed my eyes, "What's wrong mother? Is everything alright?"

Her finger went to her lips, "Shhhh! Scoot over, make some room." and she climbed into my bed. She held me close to her breasts and opened her robe, exposing them to me in the moon's light as it flowed into my room from the window.

"Suck them for me Ron, Nurse them." and she took me by the back of my head, placing my face in front of the large dark nipple. I had to place my hand around it so that I could indeed suck it, it had no shape other than laying flat on her chest. I felt the nub of her nipple when it hardened in my warm mouth. My penis was erect as soon as she opened her robe.

I could not help but think, all these years Jane, my Step Mother a good Church going woman, always telling me about the sins of sex was now making me have sex with her. But here I was with her nipple in my mouth sucking it like I had never had a meal and this was giving me life. Mother moaned as my lips surrounded her thickening nipple, and she pushed my face further down on it. The shapeless breast filling my face and mouth as she did. I sucked on one then she moved me to the other letting me suck it for awhile.

"Now Ron, I want you to perform oral sex on me again. It seems you need to practice some and I want it to be now."

Well, I can't argue with her, not and stay out of trouble. And I did need practice, and I also wanted to taste her again, But I never heard her go to the restroom to wash herself after having sex with my dad. She had to be full of his spunk, and I wasn't sure what to do.

"Mother, did you clean yourself? Uh, After you and dad had sex earlier?"

"As nasty as you are? Your concerned about my cleanliness?"

"I'm sorry mother, No, I just wondered is all."

And I moved my face between her flabby legs as they opened to accept my face. Her hairy gash was matted with their sex, thick white fluids on the curly black hair. I stuck my face in her vagina and licked her clean, It tasted different tonight, a slightly salty taste as I licked her. I liked it and stuck my tongue deep inside her slick hairy gash, the darker outer lips opening for my tongue as she pushed my face deeper in the dark mass of hair.

My erection was sticking in the bed causing me great discomfort as I humped my hips to an imaginary pussy. Mother grabbed my hair and pushed me further between the flab of her thighs, the mixed juices of dad and mother covering my face as I licked her deeply inside the warm recess's of her inner vagina.

I held her hairy pussy open with my fingers, this was the first time I had ever felt a woman there. Mother did not attempt to stop me as her pleasure was increasing with each stroke of my tongue. The flab of her legs pressed against my face as she began to hump against me, the juice now flowing from her as she was nearing her orgasm. I felt her as her body began to shake and her legs clasping around my head as she cried out.

"Oh Yes Ron, kiss Mothers pussy baby. Make Mother do it for you, make me cum."

I was sure dad would hear her she said it so loudly, but the sleeping aid she had given him worked as she had planned. Her thick clit was throbbing under my lips as I placed them around it, and she pulled my hair roughly to her making me take all of it in my mouth. She took my hand and placed it n her large breast.

"Pinch it Ron, hurt me, I deserve to be hurt for my sins!"

I pinched it but not hard enough because she told me to pinch it harder. When I began pinching it hard enough for her approval, she came on my face, flooding my face and bed with her thick creamy pussy juices. I heard her sigh deeply as she came again, and an animal grunt escaped her mouth as she forced me to continue to suck her pussy and pinch her thick hard nipple in my fingertips.

She had enough and told me to stop, and when I rolled over on my back she looked at my erection with a frown.

"You nasty boy, I see your excited again from your punishment aren't you!"

"I'm sorry mother, I can't help it. I tried not to but it happened anyway."

I didn't really try but since she was not in her right mind I played her game to stay out of more trouble. I had nothing to lose so I asked her.

"May I masturbate mother? I need to so badly that I am aching down there. Please mother let me."

"Your such a vile creature, but if you must then hurry. Get it over with, I will observe you to make sure it is down correctly."

Whatever worked for her, I didn't care as my hand wrapped around my penis and I slowly jerked it as I stared at her bush and breasts. Her eyes never left my hand as I jerked it off, I saw a gleam in them I had never seen before, almost like she was not here but it was someone else. I knew I would not last long so I slowed my hand down wanting to see her large body as long as I could.

When I came it shot out with so much pressure that it hit me on my face then chest and neck as it slowed its spurting. The last bit oozed out onto my hand, I was covered in my own sperm and didn't mind in the least. Mother looked at it like it was honey on me, then she took her hand and smeared it on my body like a lotion that I would use on her. I watched as she finished and put her hand to her face and smelled my hot cum in her hand. A strange smile came to her face, and not saying anything to me she got up, closed her robe and left me to think about this.

The next day mother had some shopping to do and dad was left with me.

"Son, I don't know how to bring this up but, Mother isn't quite well. It seems that she is slipping into some sort of depression or something. And I want you to be as nice to her as you can so it won't disturb her more. Can you do that for me Ron?"

"Yes Sir, I have noticed that she is doing strange things, things that I cannot tell you dad."

"I think I know what you are trying not to say son, I know that she has molested you, perhaps it is a good thing. A man needs to know how to please a woman and even though society would not understand your mothers actions towards you, perhaps it can help her during these trying times. I don't blame you son, and I am not upset with you or Mother. Please believe me."

"I do dad. I just don't want you to be hurt."

Dad got up and came over to me and gave me a firm hug, knowing that I had not been the one to instigate the sex between Mother and I. He never brought it up again, nor did I. Mother continued to have sex with dad and then come to my room and make me perform oral sex on her.

A couple of months later dad was called on to leave to take care of some business across state, leaving Mother and I alone for 2 weeks. I was not sure what to expect from her since this had never happened before. As dad was leaving he gave me instruction to be good to mother then got in the cab for the airport. All went well for 3 days and I was sleeping when mother came in, waking me to perform for her again. I would not have minded so much but she never reciprocated anything for me. She would always leave me to masturbate myself. I was tired of it.

Tonight would be different, I decided to try to take charge, something neither my dad nor I had ever done before. When mother came to my room and climbed into bed with me I did as usual, I licked her pussy making her have the orgasm's she required and as she was getting up to leave I stopped her.

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