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Mercedes Bends


Authors Note: Welcome to my latest story and...hard to believe it's been four years since I have posted in this category. A couple of notes about this story; one, it's on the longer side and features a story, not just 'action' so if you enjoy shorter pieces, this may not be for you. Second, this story is part of my Circle series and hopefully will leave you wanting to know more about the group. It also for my longtime fans features a brief cameo of an old favorite. Enjoy. Lovecraft68


Sitting back in the comfortable leather recliner, The Lady Mercedes took a long drag on her cigarette and checked the time on her cell phone. She'd left- her eyes narrowed as she had to struggle to recall his name-was it Rick? Exhaling she gave a mental shrug, did it really matter? She'd been referring to him as dog for the last hour; that was good enough.

She'd left him alone five minutes ago and her experience told her she had maybe another five minutes before the vibrating cock ring would bring him to the point of no return. The ring was on its lowest setting, barely a tease, but she'd been edging him for close to an hour now.

Taking the final drag from the cigarette, she sighed and crushed it out in the small ashtray next to her. Picking up the bottle of water from the ice bucket on the end table, she took a sip then placed the bottle against her sweaty face. She'd turned the heat up to over ninety in the other room and the cold felt damn good.

Letting her head fall back against the chair, she trailed the bottle down her neck and to her chest, letting it rest between her small perky breasts. Putting down the bottle, Mercedes picked up an ice cube and sliding her black robe and the lingerie she was wearing beneath, to the side; pressed the ice against her nipple and winced at the sudden chill.

Sliding it to her other nipple, she held it there longer, enjoying the mixed sensation of pain and pleasure the cold brought to her sensitive skin. Closing her yes, she pressed the cube hard into her now swollen nipple, pushing the silver spike pierced through it deep into the soft skin of her breast. The increased pain caused a warm sensation to build between her legs, as for the first time since she'd started tonight's game, she began to become aroused. Well on that note, she thought, she may as well go get this over with.

With a grunt of disgust, Mercedes rose from the chair and walked over to the door of the room. She was in a small suite in the upper level of her club; The Velvet Rope and like the other suite's this one had a small cooling off room as she referred to it and the bedroom, or in the case of some of the suites, a small dungeon in the other. The door featured a full length mirror and standing before it, Mercedes untied the long black robe she had been wearing, even in the heat of the room, and let it fall to the floor.

Beneath the robe she was wearing a yellow lace teddy that tied in the middle leaving her hard flat stomach bare. The material over her small firm breasts was transparent, showing off her brown nipples. Below the waist all she had on was a yellow thong, leaving her long well toned legs exposed up to her hips.

Reaching up to remove the clip in her hair, Mercedes rolled her eyes. She was not a fan of the color, but had been told many times it looked amazing on her ebony skin. So being that tonight was all about the over grown teenagers that shared the Circle's table getting a show, the lingerie would work fine.

Mercedes pulled the clip out and with a shake of her head sent her long black hair cascading down her back. She noticed that because of the heat it was starting to curl and knew she'd have to get it straightened yet again. But again, it had been pointed out to her by several of the men how her hair looked better curly and after all, this was the groups night, not hers, so even better to please them with. She reached down to the doorknob, then struck by an idea walked back to the ice bucket and grabbed a couple of cubes.

Mercedes walked back to the door and entering the room, quickly closed it behind her. Turning around she paused to take in the sight of her handy work. Rick, she was pretty sure that was his name, was not in the bed, but a modified reclining chair next to it. His wrists were bound together over his head, the other end of the rope affixed to the bottom of the back of the chair. He'd learned the hard way, that if her pulled forward the leg rest would rise and he definitely didn't want that to happen.

Rick's legs were spread apart with his feet on the floor, straddling the leg rest. The position would not be uncomfortable, but for the fact Mercedes had tied a thin rope around the base of his cock and around his scrotum, separating his balls to the point she was able to tie each one individually as well. The end of the rope was attached to the leg of the chair and if the leg rest rose the rope would tighten on his already painfully swollen balls.

Rick's rather large cock was tied tightly at the base and with the exception of an occasional loosening of the knot, had been for close to an hour. His turgid cock was standing at full attention and attached to it was a vibrating cock ring. Ricks eyes were closed and his breathing was shallow and rapid. Each of his breaths ended in a pathetic whimper and even from across the room she could see his legs shaking.

Walking up to the chair, Mercedes glanced up at the corner of the ceiling and saw the small red light blinking. There were five cameras mounted throughout the room all with a direct feed to a lap top in her suite. When her show was over she would send the videos' to be spliced and edited down to the final product that would be shown at the next meeting. Normally they went to Loki, a surveillance specialist, but this time would be different. Reaching the chair Mercedes stood and watched Rick moaning.

Between the heat of the room and his body's desperate need to reach an orgasm he was no longer completely aware of his surroundings and had no idea she was standing there. Mercedes looked down at his cock and saw it was twitching. As she had calculated in the other room, he would cum, and soon. To confirm that thought, Rick released a louder moan and his hips jerked. He immediately whimpered when the movement tightened the rope around his testicles and Mercedes felt her nipples stiffen at the sound.

Unlike the rest of the Circle, Mercedes had become indifferent to the actual act of sex, for her it was about this. The thrill of watching someone totally helpless, completely at her mercy and at a point they would do anything for the release only she could give them. But tonight she would have to give in and allow Rick to fuck her. The group had rules and although she had bent them repeatedly, Mercedes could tell from Mistress Scarlett's reaction to her last one, and the fact she wanted to see her next video before Loki, she was not pleased.

Looking down at Rick, Mercedes figured the women would be pleased with her choice of sub. Rick was as dark as Mercedes herself and the muscles in his hard body were glistening from sweat and bulging as his body strained to cum. Mercedes eyes once again found the most impressive of those muscles and saw the twitching was becoming more pronounced. She picked up the remote for the cock ring and held it in her hand. She was still holding the ice cubes in the other and put that one behind her back.

"Ohhh, oh yeah." Rick groaned in front of her, his hips moving ever so slightly, trying to urge the orgasm along without tightening the rope.

Mercedes silently counted to ten and when Rick's next moan was longer and higher pitched she shut the ring off.

"Sorry my pet, time's up." She said softly.

Rick's eyes flew open and he moaned, "Oh please Mistress, just a little more I..."

"I gave you plenty of time." She answered as she tossed the remote aside and easing her finger into the rubber cock ring, slid it off.

He groaned at the contact and with a nasty smile, she wrapped her slender fingers around his cock and gave it a couple of slow pumps.

"Please." He moaned.

Mercedes squeezed his cock and could feel her pussy growing wet at the feeling of him throbbing in her hand. His eyes were wide and his entire body shaking as she stroked him. She stopped and when he whimpered shook her head.

"You sound like a dog, a pathetic dog, then again that's what you arte isn't it?"

"Y...yes Mistress." He whispered.

"And you should know that it was best you did not come. By holding back, you're showing me there may be some hope for you yet."

Reaching down between his legs, she picked up the feather that was on the leg rest and began lightly flicking it across the engorged head of his cock. She circled it twice then teased it across the sensitive underside of the tip. His hips moved, yet even as he groaned in pain he gasped.

"Oh, please let me come!"

"Yeah? You all worked up and need it?" she asked sweetly as the feather continued to dance across his straining cock.

"Yes I..."

"Then I guess we should cool you down."

Bringing her hand around, Mercedes pressed the ice cubes directly onto his balls. Rick cried out in surprise and pain and his hips lifted off the chair. His cry turned into a loud groan as the rope tightened around his scrotum. Despite the fact it was causing him more pain, he couldn't control writhing and his groans were like music to her ears.

The sight of his muscular body squirming against her touch and the fact his bound cock was still hard, sent a surge of desire through her and knowing it would play well to the group said, "Let's see how you handle some pleasure with your pain."

Parting her lips, she took the head of his cock between them, sucking on just the tip. Rick moaned and then cried out as he reflexively pumped his hips. The sound of his moan caused her to begin breathing harder around his desperate flesh and she took him deeper into her mouth. She held him there, feeling her pussy moistening at the sensation of him trembling between her lips. Mercedes slowly bobbed her head, her eyes locked on his face. His eyes were bulging and the look of mixed pain and lust on his face was one she knew Loki would use in the video.

Rick started moving his hips, his need to come surpassing the pain, and Mercedes remained still, allowing him very briefly to fuck her mouth. When he arched his back off the chair and a look of relief began to pass across his face, she quickly removed him from her mouth and with a flick of her wrist dealt his cock a slap. He yelped and she snapped,

"No thank you? I suck your worthless cock and get no thank you? You are hopeless aren't you?"

"I...I'm sorry mistress," he was still gasping in pain and was pausing between each word, "Please have..."

"Never mind the fact I wore something special for you as a reward for you not coming and you don't even notice it." Taking her hands she rubbed her tits before sliding them down her exposed stomach and across the crotch of her thong, "I guess you don't find me attractive."

"My...my mistress is v...very desirable."

"Am I now? If I were I wouldn't have had to point out my change of attire." She sighed, "Perhaps I should leave again."

"Mercedes please!" He cried out, "T...this isn't..."

His words turned into a yowl of pain as Mercedes grabbed the rope between his balls and gave it a quick tug.

"Since when are we on a first named basis?" she snapped.

"I...I'm sorry Mistress." He whimpered.

"And were you going to say this isn't fair?" she laughed harshly, "You sought me out did you not? Thought because you'd played with handcuffs a few times with your little sluts you were ready for a true Mistress?"

"But you...you keep"

"Keep what, playing unfair? Are you a man or a boy?" Mercedes grabbed his cock and gave it a hard squeeze, "This does not make you man, all it does is make you pathetic. You're all the same, all you men think about is your cock and what hole you can stick it into next. Tell me arrogant one, do you really think I'm going to let you fuck me?"

"You're supposed to fuck...ow!"

Mercedes released his cock and gave it another slap, "You didn't even thank me for the privilege of my mouth, yet you think you can have my pussy?"

"I...I'm at your mercy, Mistress."

His voice came out in a high pitched whine that caused her desire to wan. There was nothing Mercedes hated more than when a man expected it of her. Had he just continued to beg she would have let the game go on, but now she was done.

She would leave him and have one of her girls come in and untie him, he could jack himself off and leave. Mercedes began to turn when the red light caught her eye. She was expected to fuck tonight and by someone other than this pathetic fool.

Taking a deep breath she told herself to relax and just let it happen. He had been whimpering for quite some time now, she had nothing to prove. Turning back to Rick she ran her fingernail down the length of his cock.

"I'll tell you what," she said, making her way alongside the chair, "I'll give you a chance you don't deserve. You prove that tongue is good for something other than whining like a child, I'll let you cum."

"Thank you, Mistress! I promise I'll..."

"Not only will I let you come, but I'll even let you fuck me if I come hard enough, fair?"

"My Mistress is better than I deserve." He said, and Mercedes noted his eyes were now working their way up and down her body.

"That goes without saying." She said softly.

Leaning over, she pulled the end of the rope through one of the loops between his balls. The knot loosened and Rick's breath hissed between his teeth as the pressure was relieved. Mercedes waited several seconds and smiled as his relief turned into pain as the blood rushed back into his testicles.

"Well?" she asked.

"Th...thank you Mistress," He moaned through clenched teeth.

"This way you'll calm down and maybe enjoy me for more than the thirty seconds you'd last. That is of course, if you impress me."

Turning to face him, Mercedes untied her top. She did so slowly, waiting to see if he'd learned anything. This time he didn't disappoint.

"Mistress, may I see your beautiful tits?"

"Good start," she said as she pulled the string and let the top fall from her shoulders.

Ricky licked his lips at the sight of her breasts and she asked, "Do you like them?"

"They're perfect." He said his eyes locked onto her dark nipples, "Everything about you is."

"Oh, you can learn can't you?" She grabbed his cock and gently stroked it, he moaned this time in simple pleasure. "See, if you behave yourself, you get rewarded."

Leaning over she placed her left tit in his face. She expected him to lick her nipple, instead he whispered, "Mistress, may I?"

"You may." She answered, her hand sliding down his cock to begin massaging his balls.

His tongue flicked across her nipple softly several times, before he sucked it into his mouth. Mercedes released a moan for the benefit of the camera and closed her eyes to hide the indifferent expression she knew would be on her face.

With an exaggerated sigh, she allowed him to suck her tit, before removing it and sliding over so he could suck the other one. She slid her hand back to his cock and after pumping it several times, released it and rubbed her hand along his flat hard stomach.

As his tongue eagerly worked her nipple, Mercedes rubbed his chest and told herself he was attractive, if he could last more than a couple of minutes after all the teasing she would get a decent fuck out of him. Straightening, she turned so that her back was to him and hooking her fingers through the sides of her thong, slipped it halfway down her ass.

"Please let me see your pussy mistress."

His tone wasn't as sincere as it should have been, but at this point it was no longer going to be what she wanted to do, but what she needed to. That thought caused her to frown and for a brief instance Mercedes had the image of herself as an eighteen year old freshmen; nervously opening her legs for a man who had just handed her a roll of bills.

Blinking away that memory, Mercedes slowly shimmied out of the thong. Putting on a show for the camera, she bent over, bracing her hands on the chair and giving Ricky a good view of her smooth pussy peeking out from between her thighs.

Turning back around, she lifted her leg, placing it on the arm of the chair. She spread her pussy open, exposing her pink flesh through her dark lips. Rick's eyes were wide and he was breathing hard as, once again for the benefit of the camera, Mercedes teased her long red nail around her clit.

Bending her leg, she leaned forward until her pussy was directly in front of his face. This time he didn't ask and pressed his tongue against her clit. She thought about pulling away, but she'd already had enough.

"You like that pussy?" she asked in the breathy voice she'd used years ago to make the johns think she was into them. "You want to show me how good you are with that tongue?"

"Oh, yeah." He said, flicking his tongue across her clit.

His words were accompanied by a small smile that made her want to tie his balls again, but instead she lowered her leg to the floor and pushed the recliner back, so he was horizontal.

Turning around, she swung her leg back up onto the chair and over his head. Mercedes brought her other leg up so that she was straddling his chest. She lowered her pussy to just over his face and gave her ass a playful shake, pulling her pussy away from his tongue.

"Please?" he asked, she felt his chest move beneath her and realized he had laughed, he now thought this was just a game.

Even as she lowered her pussy to his eager tongue, Mercedes thought, why wouldn't he? She'd been forced to do a complete three sixty and let him have her. His tongue found her clit and she released a moan that sounded as sincere as his last 'please'.

"Hold still," she told him.

"Yes ma'am." She could feel him smiling.

Still playing her part, Mercedes started rocking, sliding his tongue between the folds of her pussy. He was wiggling his tongue back and forth, rather than keeping it still as she asked, but she faked another moan, trying not to focus on the fact he was disobeying her. Resting her chest on his stomach, she reached back and spread her ass open.

"Tongue my ass." She told him.

"I don't like that." He replied.

Video or no video, she was not going to tolerate that. Grabbing his still tender balls, she gave them a hard squeeze. He cried out in pain and rather than release them, she continued to squeeze until she felt his tongue move to her asshole. She quickly sat back so she was straddling his face and began gyrating on him, shoving his tongue deep into her ass. Facing the camera she knew was behind the mirror she played with her nipples and moaned, "That's right, lick my ass, you do what I tell you to!"

He moaned something and she leaned back down and moving slightly forward, gave him her pussy again. As he began sliding his tongue around her clit, Mercedes grabbed his cock and stroked it. Looking directly at the camera she rubbed his large cock along her face, rolling her eyes back as if she loved it.

Rick was now sucking on her clit. Typical man, she thought as she brought the head of his cock to her lips, he wasn't trying to tease or please at all, just wanted her to get off so he could fuck her.

Closing her eyes she parted her lips and moaned over his cock. She wiggled her hips, moving them up and down as if she were getting close to cumming rather than just going through the motions. Speaking of going through the motions, she took him into her mouth and slowly worked her lips down to the base of his shaft.

"Oh fuck," Rick groaned, "Damn, I knew you loved to suck!"

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