tagNonHumanMercurial and the Beast

Mercurial and the Beast


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Father always warned me to avoid the fathomable places where mundanes may roam. I'm a wild creature and never heed. Danger excites me. Humans perversely intrigue me.

I've explored the threshold of my pond countless times. The orange red lances of fading light mesmerized me with reflections on the water. The moss and grass at the shore formed a comfortable nest.

I am Mercurial. That's my name or at least what I'm called. It suits me. I blame my namesake's capricious ingenuity for my love of surprises and trouble always courting me.

Surprises often turn troubling. On the thinning day when mundane reality touched the sublime world, trouble turned surprisingly delightful. Large hands snatched me, causing sudden staggering shock. I found myself face to face with a human. It was an ugly human. Well, they all are. It might be regarded as a pretty specimen of its kind. I'm not a good judge of such things.

Anger surged when the brutish creature's paws rent my gown without regard to the artistry destroyed. The beast was tall. Its hands encircled me in dull hide lacking any sparkle. It wore baggy clothes so ill fitting that hairs could be seen on its chest where a tunic draped. The creature employed a crude length of tanned leather to prevent its leggings from dropping to its ankles.

I struggled in the vice-like grip, but it was futile. Without heed, I slapped it across the face the way it deserved. The jolt of impact surprised us both.

"Ow!", it bellowed with the force of a gale.

"Beast!", I replied.

Pieces of my lovely tattered gown dropped from my sight. My rage and absence of fear disconcerted the human. It peered more closely, fending off my blows with one hand while holding me aloft in the other. My struggles accomplished nothing.

"Does this mean I get a wish?" The lumbering idiot croaked.

"That's leprechauns, you dolt. You won't like any wish granted by one of those fiends. You stay far away from their affairs if you know what's good for you."

"What do I get for catching you then?"

"You get to free me and hope I'm distracted before vengeance is opportune."

"I shall tote you in my bag and show you to my fellows?" it said. Actually, I can't remember the exact mode of anything it said in its strange slow speech. It meant something like that anyway.

Escape hinged upon return to my world before dawn. I didn't dare let the beast carry me away. Keeping the creature near the portal to my realm required enticement. If it remained by the pond, I intended to distract it or trick it into releasing me. Humans are none too bright. I had reason for optimism. I tried reverse psychology.

"You better not eat me," I warned counting on its ignorance of ancient law.

It scowled uncomprehending. "Eat you?"

"Don't deny your hunger for me. The scent of it betrays you." I pouted and fluttered my eyelids.

"Eat you - like roasted on a stick - with garlic?"

What horror was this? I was in worse trouble than I thought. I needed to turn its thoughts from that path at once. "No, dunderhead. Eat me like 'eat me out'. That's the most you're due, so don't think you'll get more."

"Huh?" The beast was not smart. 
"You know, eat me out? Your tongue between my legs? Cunnilingus?" I imagined the gears grinding out its thoughts. I couldn't risk any chance of misunderstanding, so I spread my legs wide and pointed. "Lick here."
 "You confound me, you wild creature," it said or something meaning that.

Subtlety never served me. I needed to pay the price without delay if I hoped to escape in time, so I shed the remnants of my gown revealing my sex for its inspection. At last, I had the beast's focus where I needed it.

My scent mesmerized the creature as expected. It had no idea who it captured. As a Naiad, my nature compels me to explore exotic interludes. As a daughter of Aphrodite, my nature compels lovers to serve me.

It tentatively nuzzled between my legs inhaling through the gigantic nose. The air current tickled, and I giggled enchantingly - exercising my power.

The tongue licking its lips extended to lick mine. Moonlight cast deep shadows hiding details of the face I didn't need or want to see. The thick wide tongue felt as large as my palm. It dragged against my flesh pulling slick folds until they stretched taught.

I grit my teeth and instructed, "slower, softer."
 The creature was not yet wholly mine and a slow learner. Its pace slacked, but the pressure remained. Partial compliance showed some promise at least. I concentrated on the positive sensations and explored the novelty of rough handling. Riding the beast surprisingly exhilarated me.

The tongue's rough texture dragged relentlessly spreading me wide. Somehow, it pressed my button without the slightest pause for relief. Sinuous muscles wriggled against me. My legs yielded forcing me to squat on the cushion of the human's parted lips. My thighs separated, my knees bent, and my toes touched its ears. Slow strokes dipped inside withdrawing moisture and drenching my entire bottom in the mixture of its slobber and my arousal.

I enticed the human to obey my nature and the law, but I found myself lost in the experience. The intensity of stimulation defied imagination. Where were my limits? My lewd posture, its hand supporting my back, even the flow of air from its nostrils tingled and tantalized. I wondered how I missed this experience all my life. The creature sensed my surrender and my desire. Each thrust of the thick muscle widened my channel, questing deeper and deeper.

I teased my nipples and relaxed, wriggling my buttocks against creature's lips. The rhythm as I bobbed against my captor threatened to push me to the brink. I tried to memorize the exotic sensations of a tongue wide enough to caress my thighs and my clit at the same time. I planned to recall details and relive the experience, but my body overruled my mind. Shivers rippled through me. The long tongue twisted, seeking and savoring. I writhed with my head lolling out of my captor's giant hand. My pussy throbbed.

The flash flood of orgasm surprised me.
 When it mercifully lifted me away from its mouth to inspect its work, I flopped like a rag doll. Juices cascaded down my legs. The human lapped, unwilling to part with a single drop of my orgasmic release. Slurping strokes traveled up my legs in a way reminiscent of deep muscle massage. My thighs and buttocks liquified under the pressure.

Warm tingles rippled until the afterglow settled. I noticed my own panting just before I regained control of unfocused eyes. Catching my breath, I gradually calmed, and my flush faded. The beast studied its accomplishment with fascination.

Damn the law! Paying the fee for release only deepened my obligation. Oral stimulation of the scale and quality just demonstrated must be rewarded. Even as I gained power to command my new disciple, I hesitated. I needed to unburden myself from this new debt or face cosmic justice.

Sensing my unvocalized preference, the human set me standing on the bank of my idyllic pond. He remained knee deep in the reeds looking lost and confused. As fate dictated, my level gaze beheld the bulge in my creature's leggings. It clawed helplessly at the leather gather threaded curiously through loops of hemmed fabric.

I calmed it with my thoughts enough for its own muscles to remember the motions needed. Once unbuckled, baggy leggings drooped to its thighs taking the leather strap with them and revealed strangely stitched white form-fitting short pants. Stretched and tented cloth suggested the presence of an enormous cock. When my beast shed the last obstruction, a monster the size and length of my forearm sprang free knocking me back to the ground.

I studied the majestic oddity while gathering myself back on my feet. The stiff rod jutted from the beast ending level with my face. My index fingers and thumbs encircled the shaft. I never beheld a sight so astonishingly male.

My creature swayed in its dazed confusion under my control. I considered punishing it, but dreaded tilting the balance of debt further in its favor. Fate promised opportunities for mischief at the creature's expense after my debt cleared. Besides, the cock swaying inches from me discouraged thought. The monster attached to my human required attention.

My hands clenched its shaft, and I tugged leading the creature out of the reeds and up onto the bank. My arms stretched above my head to maintain my grasp when it stood full height. Yanking down lifted my feet from the ground. The beast grunted and moaned.

"Such a long leash," I chuckled and commanded, "Lay down!"

The lumbering giant of little intelligence knelt and toppled onto its back. Its shaft pointed to the stars like a young tree trunk. The mushroom tip waved slowly in response to its owner's labored breathing. Stretching my jaw painfully wide barely encompassed the head. What exactly was I prepared to do with the thing? Full throated oral looked out of the question.

I stepped up onto its thighs to experiment. Squatting pressed the cock against my sopping wet lips. Sliding back and forth along the head produced a shiny slick surface, but each time I positioned for penetration, I lost my nerve. It spread me wide without even properly entering my channel.

"I'm going to have to cheat," I admitted to myself with resignation.

As I straddled the monster, I ground my teeth. It hurt, and the supernatural power I invoked incurred more debt, but the head passed the threshold at last. I lowered myself onto its thickness. Perverse excitement smoldered within, and the challenge made me hotter.

I rode the girth of his cock with wild abandon. It reached places no other lover touched. "Yeah girl. You can take it," I sang to myself for courage between moans.

The captive human grunted. Its arching back lifted us both from the ground. I sat impaled riding the bucking stallion. I squealed and stretched for him. The coupling activated new pathways of pleasure and overwhelmed me. It hurt, and it was good. The boundary between pain and pleasure blurred. I panted and cried.

Pride for my accomplishment welled along with tension for release. Another orgasm became inevitable. Most of my body went limp and numb as my mind failed to process any sensations other than the ones between my legs. The cock reached the end of me, and its slightest motions rubbed places wired to my clit.

The human's orgasm hit me so hard it triggered my own. My muscles seized tight against him with no room and no leverage to bear down. New strain produced new pain that made it even better. I saw stars. Everything dimmed to darkness deeper than night and time stopped for me when my creature gently lifted me off.

I woke in the beast's arms. It cried. I supposed it thought I died. Only moments remained for my escape, so I willed it to release me at the edge of the fathomable world. After it wiped away tears, I kissed my giant's hand showing gratitude for such a delightful surprise.

"If you understand me," I told it, "return next year. We'll do this again."

Its eyes scanned my spent body and glowered at its own crotch. My human clasped its limp penis now dwarfed within its immense palm.

"Yes, that's a more manageable size," I agreed and winked before fading out of my beast's world.

I am Mercurial. Failure to accommodate the full length of my human's cock troubled me. I surprised myself with such a cleaver solution: My pussy couldn't grow to accept the monster, so I shrunk the monster until it fit. I did the beast a favor. He'll find many more compatible lovers now that he wields a more modest tool.

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