tagInterracial LoveMergers & Acquisitions Ch. 05

Mergers & Acquisitions Ch. 05


Chpater 5: Final Solution

Ron stood under the cold water, allowing its rejuvenation of his abused body. Images of the conniving, thoughtful preplanning Toni had conceived thoroughly impressed him. Distractions, inclusive of one voluptuous scantily bikini clad body, southern belle performance, along with the preoccupation of earlier events, vainly he attempted reasoning away explanations for losing out to the gorgeous, intelligent woman.

His head lifted, allowing the water to wash away his embarrassment at having fallen prey to a seduction more powerful than his own; he schemed for an equally creative revenge.

Reveling over Toni's attentiveness to details, Ron shook his head, smiling over the vivid images parading amid his mind. Trapping his hands beneath her thighs and ass when performing her assertive innocence on the jet, initiating one incredible limousine ride, unforgettable in content, an oral pleasuring whose intensity lingered still with euphoric results, all were impulsive yet impressive executions, using both her extremely capable assets and brilliant detail orientated mind. Her most recent successful escape enhanced by strategically entrapping his feet using his boxers and jeans to entangle him temporarily before performing the numbing oral ravishing she'd just completed, exhibited just how complicated yet resourceful his competition was.

Searching franticly for an easier, less humiliating description of his continual mental destruction, the conclusion repeatedly ended with the same results. No doubt about it, she'd set him up, leaving him a victim of her well thought out scheme. Don't sit so smugly, harshly judging his weakening resolve... Let's see you put up a better defense. The ten second count out has begun... Nine, Eight, Seven Six... "Going down?"

Washing his body, hair and face, Ron exited the shower, toweled off and dressed, wearing his typical jean and shirt ensemble. Every detail of his readying experience, brushing his teeth, combing his hair, the application of her favorite cologne continually reminded him that she still possessed the upper hand. Exiting the bathroom to the scene of her latest conquering... or is it better phrased, the scene of his defeat? Desperation spurring him onward, Ron laughed, revealing his inner thoughts.

"You can run, baby, but you can't hide. Just wait..."

Business dealings on hold amid his temporary absence, what better time for catching up than while his favorite woman lounged safely amongst the company of a mutual friend? Recovering his keys, wallet, sunglasses and cell phone, Ron proceeded up the stairs to inform Toni and Stacy of his intended whereabouts.

Toni jumped, startled hearing the door leading to the roof opening unexpectedly. Sitting upright, sunglasses removed, she nervously eyed Ron's large frame, exiting the open doorway, proceeding towards her ill prepared vulnerability. Eyes darting about, surveying a possible means of escaping should the situation warrant such drastic measures, Toni nervously toyed and tugged at her hair while teasing her sunglass frame using her talented tongue. Glancing over at Stacy, returning her attention to Ron, the realization she was trapped stunned her, exhibiting itself amid her expressions of desperation.

Ron moving methodically closer, enjoying having regained the power, if only for the moment, smiled at Toni's uncomfortable display of his sudden, unannounced appearance. Always prepared whether in the boardroom, bedroom or wherever, she hadn't achieved such success, leaving herself open to ill advised attacks. Last Friday night? One thing for certain... it most definitely wouldn't happen again. Temporarily at a loss for means of escape, Toni warned the approaching giant his intentions had better be respectable.

"Ron... Don't even think about it." Nervous apprehension emitting her tone, his sly smile, intrusive size, unannounced intentions, all contributed good measure for being query of the large man. Resorting to her only defenses, wit, intelligence, Stacy's accompaniment, Toni inclusively asked what she and Stacy might do to indulge him. "Can we help you with something?"

"No NO girl... Don't include me in this little mess." Separating her alliance with the stunning woman, Stacy steadily distanced herself from Toni's troubled position. Her sunglasses lowered, allowing her sparkling blue eyes to peer over the top, she looked quickly to Ron before returning an honoree smile to her exasperated friend. "This is your mess. You created it... You find a way out."

"Uh... Thanks a lot. Your some big help." Supposed disgust expressed, rolling her eyes, Toni felt the betrayal of her only friend, leaving her alone and vulnerable. Unsure of Ron's next move, she lay back on her towel, spread her incredible body for his viewing pleasure, smiled, shocking him with a request befitting her wit and intelligence. "Would you mind moving a little to the left? You're blocking the sun making it extremely difficult to tan in such a large shadow."

"Oh man... You're to much,... That's really cold," Ron laughed, shaking his head in the face of such boldness. Should he so desire, picking her up and carrying her off to implement whatever revenge he deemed necessary would be an enviable task and no problem whatsoever. Granting her request, moving to his right, Ron continued their mind game. "How's this? Is there anything else you'd like? How about something to drink, eat, or better yet, a vacation in Hawaii?"

"Um, let's see... No... That'll be all for now." Pressing her luck, banking on Stacy's accompaniment being her saving grace, Toni smiled, turning her head away as if to ignore his existence. Vulnerable or not, her sheer refusal of crumbling under adversity once again changed what seemed an inescapable situation into a victorious triumph.

Head shaking, bested once again, Ron relented control, returning it to the master. Speechless with no reply befitting the present situation, moving on to his original reasons for gracing the two tanning beauties became his immediate quest.

"I need to attend to some important business for a little while. Should you need me or decide to go anywhere, just call me on my cell phone. Please..." Bending down, Ron kissed Toni, gently savoring the delicate softness of her full lips. His tongue seeking entrance between the talented enticers, Toni parted her lips, allowing the intrusive entry, willingly meeting the pleasurable exploration. Oblivious to their surroundings, company, exposed openness, the two kissing passionately, selfishly ignored any distracting factors, attempting discontinuation of their seductive encounter.

"Oh my..." Stacy felt the heat radiating from the passion exhibiting from Toni and Ron's kiss. Embarrassment, frustration, jealousy or quite possibly desire forced the sudden exclamation while fidgeting about in a defensive action. Eyes wide, glancing nervously about, Stacy took a deep breath, closed her baby blues, longing for passionate relief of her own.

Toni, hearing Stacy's sudden exclamation, opened wide her eyes, abruptly ending the embrace, sitting upright on her towel. Her well guarded secretive side exposed to someone she'd never intended finding out, Toni inhaled deeply, fanning herself momentarily.

"Well... Um, ok. Sure." Flustered, unable to think clearly, she glanced nervously at Stacy smiling broadly over her flustered reaction. Quickly returning her attention to Ron, she daintily waived her hand goodbye. "Bye... See you later."

Ron, moving slowly towards the door, stopped suddenly, turned around and addressed the two women. "If you get the time, why don't you find something exciting for us to do this evening? Maybe Stacy will help you..." Turning his attention to Stacy, he inquired. "Do you mind Stacy?"

"No... Not at all. I'd love to." Stacy, though off, knew Toni hadn't any idea of how to decipher the entertainment venues Las Vegas presented. Flipping her hand playfully, as if saying run along, Stacy smiled, ordering his departure. "Go on... Get out of here. I'll take care of everything."

"Thanks Stacy." Nodding his head respectively, acknowledging the capable little blond, he lifted two fingers to his lips, kissed them and presented them towards Toni. "Bye, baby."

Winking, smiling, Ron disappeared through the doorway, leaving the two women to resume their tanning. Toni, flustered over passionate effects lingering from their kiss, Stacy's sudden revelation to her secretive side, replaced her sunglasses, lay back and warned one smiling petite little blond, "Don't you dare say a word."

"Me? I wasn't gonna say anything." Innocently presenting her remark, Stacy giggled, turned over, continuing enjoyment of the unseasonable warmth of the Nevada sun. "Nope... Nothing at all."


Five thirty, the sun relinquishing embrace of their golden bodies, Stacy sat abruptly upright, exclaiming her utter disgust at having forgotten to fulfill Ron's request.

"Shit! I'm in big trouble!" Covering her eyes, quite possibly wishing she'd disappear, Stacy informed Toni of her dilemma. "It's getting late, Ron's gonna be back and I haven't set anything up for tonight. He's gonna be really pissed at me."

Hurrying to gather her things, Stacy arose, rushing towards the door. Stopping, remembering Toni was the one she's supposed to help, she rushed back, grabbed her friends arm and tried encouraging her departure. "Come on, girl! Hurry up, lets go!"

Toni amused over the petite blonde's excitement, jumping over her expressed fear of Ron's reprisal, lazily gathered her belongings, unwilling to exhibit the same sort of compliance. Twice before, she'd altered his precious deadlines, resulting in outcomes befitting her expectations. Unwilling to conform now, Toni followed the little blonde attempting to calm her down.

"Stacy! Calm down, girl. He's not gonna do anything." Stacy behind her, pushing and prodding her the entire time towards the door, down the stairs and into their suite, listened disbelievingly to Toni's assuring explanation. "He'll be happy with whatever we choose. He doesn't bite you know... He's just a big puppy dog."

"Un hun... Maybe to you he is, but I've seen him pissed and it's not a pretty sight." Tossing her things onto the couch, Stacy retrieved the latest issue of Las Vegas Nightlife, sat at the table, and began thumbing through the pages. Anxiously she surveyed the various possibilities, inquiring Toni's input of her wishes.

"What sort of shindig are you wishing to attend tonight?" Toni laughed at Stacy's description of her evenings entertainment possibilities..

"Shindig?... What the heck is that?" Reminiscing her enjoyable experiences thus far, Toni made a decision on the sort of evening she wanted. Being final and quite possibly her last in Vegas, tonight needed to be special, memorable, lasting.

"Find something we can dress up for... Ok?" Having purchased an additional gown at Stacy's suggestion she was planning to show off her gorgeous, Texan beauty to Ron this evening. Impressing both he and Stacy last night, Toni hoped this outfit resulted in a similar pleasurable outcome. Their limousine ride? Smiling, flushed, Toni embarrassingly looked away.

Stacy, exploring quite a few different possibilities, nervously jumped to her feet upon hearing the familiar ring of her cell phone.

"Who the hell is that?" Digging through her bag, finding the annoyance, surveying the display hoping to advance her knowledge of the caller, the word, "Unavailable" scrolling across the screen mockingly greeted her. Expecting no calls, weighing the various options on weather to answer, decision made, she selected talk, lifted it to her ear and waited before answering. "Hello... Who is this?"

"Stacy... keep calm and listen carefully." Ron, exercising one of the many perks of power, receiving her unlisted number from... never you mind... "When I ask you a question, just answer, Yes or NO. Understand?"


"Is Toni right there with you?"

"Un Hun."

"Ok ok... Let's see. Find some reason to leave for a few minutes, go to the bathroom and call me back." Filling her in on how to reach him, Ron made sure his instructions were perfectly clear. "Understand? Hurry now... I've gotta request for you and time's running out."

"Sure... No problem... Gotta go. Goodbye." Pretences of being agitated, Stacy expressed her disgust over the caller's irritation. "I hate it when he calls me!"

Sitting, rejoining Toni, Stacy continued pointing out various dinner engagements, show possibilities and concerts playing that evening. Answering questions over the many vast expanses presented by such various entertainment venues, she stalled until working up a plan of escape. Nervously fidgeting about, drumming her fingers, dancing in her chair, Stacy abruptly lept to her feet, exclaiming her sudden urge.

"Oh shit! I've gotta go to the bathroom!" Grabbing her bag containing her personal belongings and cell phone, Stacy stopped long enough to instruct Toni, pushed the magazine in front of her friend and hurried from the room. Calling over her shoulder, she voiced her suggestion. "Go over what we've been talking about and narrow down the choices. I'll be back in a few minutes."

Stacy hurried into the bathroom, closed and locked the door, turned on the water in an attempt at masking her speech, and phoned Ron. Upon hearing the unique voice of the Texas native, she inquisitively begged his indulgence.

"So... what sort of request are you talking about?" His answer flabbergasted her, leaving her unsure she could pull off his intended suggestion. "Box seats? For the opera? Tonight?"

Shit! Why not request an audience with the Queen? Probably easier to pull off on such short notice. Stacy reminded him just how late in the day it was. Ron, full faith in her abilities, encouraged her onward, convincing her to at least try. Bribing her with the possibility of an outrageous bonus should she be able to pull off the improbable, Ron laughed at the blonde's sudden change from despair to a positive outlook.

"How much? I'll call you right back!"

Stacy phoned her friend, Cyndi, entertainment director for the Belagio requesting she supply tickets for tonight's performance all the time, expecting the worst. Surprisingly available due to a last minute reservation postponement, Cyndi offered the box seats to Stacy in repayment of an earlier favor she'd fulfilled. Excited, Stacy exclaimed her triumph.

"Yes! Oh God, yes!" Her friend, unsure of the sudden outburst, laughed, assuming Stacy had fulfilled a last minute bet, something she often did, usually coming out smelling of roses. Pretty, shapely and outgoing, the petite blonde had figured how to seduce the men and befriend the women to result in her desired outcome every time. Promising to repay the favor, agreeing to lunch later in the week, Stacy thanked her friend, hung up, and called Ron. His answer prompted her inquisitive playfulness.

"How much did we say?"

"Ok, ok... You've got it. Damn! I really didn't think you'd pull it off this time." Laughing over the blonde's abilities, knowing the possibilities lay in her favor, he'd raised the stakes, prodding her towards success. "Alright... alright,... let's get serious now. Keep this a secret from Toni, and make sure she dresses accordingly. Ok?"

"Sure! Un hun... Like that's gonna be a problem." She and Ron both knew no matter what Toni decided to wear, heads would most assuredly turn. Knowing he possessed more detail than she, Stacy half asking while informing, spoke her mind over the subject. "Didn't you see how hot she looked last night? She'll be ready alright... Will you? You're really gonna owe me big, buddy... Bye."

Stacy hung up, gleefully fanning herself and turned off the water, ready to rejoin her friend. Her winnings for accomplishing the near impossible totaled nearly half her yearly earnings. Chump change for Ron, this sort of incentive made Stacy's day, week and quite probably her year. Plopping her shapely ass back amid her vacant chair, Stacy fought hard to keep from revealing her recent accomplishment.

"Well... Did we find something?" Hoping Toni's selection required the elegance an operatic concerto demanded, Stacy listened as Toni filled her in on two probabilities for the evening. Giving reasons for both, she danced between the two selections, unable to make up her mind.

"Stacy... You've gotta decide. I'll never be able to make up my mind. Please?" Toni, melting her friend with her captivating green eyes, exhibited a look of satisfaction upon hearing her friend's decision. "Thanks Stacy... You're such a dear."

Decisions made, time running short, Toni scampered to her feet, exclaiming her need for additional time. Requesting Stacy ready her dress and heels, Toni headed towards the bedroom hoping and praying time would stand still long enough to make ready her evening ensemble. Stacy pushing her from behind, encouraging her towards the bathroom, she turned, surprised over her friend's sudden assertiveness.

"Move it, girl! Let's light a fire under that pretty little ass of yours!" Toni's eyes widened and her mouth dropped open. Wheeling around exhibiting shock, Toni felt relief upon hearing Stacy's playful giggle, assuring her the remarks were merely friendly in nature. "Alright already... Move along! You take a bath, ready your hair and do your makeup. I'll lay out your dress and heels... Ok?"

Parting ways amid the bedroom, Toni preceded into the bathroom as Stacy continued her journey to the closet. Private, alone yet anxious over the evenings upcoming events, Toni began to run the water for her bath, adding the befitting fragrance, Peach Blossom to the mix creating a mountain of aromatic bubbles. Lighting a few candles, creating an atmosphere of relaxation, she slipped off her bikini, stepped into the tub and slowly lowered her body into the hot fragrant combination.

Oh Ah!...Umm... Oh my." Gasping amid the extreme temperature of the water, Toni continued slowly sinking, disappearing into the bubbly bliss. Hot bordering near torture, the waters extreme heat, fragranced induced bubbles coupled with the lingering effects of Ron's recent kiss, seduced Toni to lay back her head, close her beautiful green eyes, reminiscing their previous steamy encounters wishfully longing for another.

Having retrieved Toni's gown and heels, Stacy moved to the dresser, searching its contents for the matching lingerie ensemble. Curiosity peaked over Toni's unwillingness at modeling the intimate apparel, Stacy wondered, "How revealing could they possibly be?" Herself somewhat daring and uninhibited wore what she considered extremely sexy lingerie and taking in account the conservative demeanor her shy friend exhibited, in no way could they possibly be as revealing. Opening the last drawer, Stacy found herself greeted by a sight completely uncharacteristic of the easily embarrassed woman she knew... or at least, thought she knew. The drawer was filled with an array of various sexy lingerie covering a wide spectra of colors and quite possibly the sheerest, most revealing garments she'd ever seen. Flush and embarrassment filled her cheeks over the sudden exposure of her beautiful friend's secretive side. Guilt or whatever, having made this unexpected discovery, had Stacy quickly closing the drawer, flustered and at a complete loss for words.

"Ok... Umm... Well, I guess that about does it." Embarrassed, sighing amid a failing recovery, Stacy moved to the bathroom door, nervously filling Toni in on her intentions. "Toni? I'm finished sweetie. You take your time. I'll be waiting in the living room when you're finished."

"Um hum..." Toni, refusing to relinquish her erotic memories, barely heard Stacy's instructive intrusion. Lost between the mile high introduction, Ron's oral ravishing yesterday and one memorable limousine ride last night, involuntarily her fingers sought the soft mound of her firm breast, sensually caressing the full mammary, teasing and toying her excited nipples. Fingernails gently dancing, exploring the soft swells, her erect nipple straining, leaving a noticeable gap between her thumb and forefinger, Toni teased both her body and memories, heightening her euphoric level yet higher.

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