Merrily, Laci and Me

byJust Plain Bob©

"I'll call a lawyer first thing in the morning. Make a list of what you want to take with you and start packing. I'm moving you out when I get home from work. Sleep on the couch. I don't want you bringing your lover's stink into my bedroom."

That night when I got home from work I found dinner ready and waiting for me complete with two bottles of wine opened and on the sideboard 'breathing' (Lacy was really into the wine thing). Lacy was waiting in a sexy black lacy thing and high heels. I took one look at her and said, "I thought I told you to pack."

"Don't be silly baby. You were mad and I'll admit it was my fault, but it wasn't what you think baby. We will share a nice dinner, drink some very good wine and then we can sit and talk. I love you baby and I know that you love me and I know that we can work things out"

According to Lacy the wetness of her pussy was her own juices. "You know how wet I get when I'm horny." She had gone to a bar to have a few drinks to help her mellow out.

"We have been at each other's throats lately baby and last night I wanted to sit down and talk about things and I wanted to be relaxed when we did it.

She had a few too many and lost track of time and let herself get a little too carried away. She danced a lot with some guys, got felt up more than she should have let happen and then let herself get talked in to going outside for some fresh air and ended up on some guys back seat. She'd almost gotten laid, but at the last minute she had regained her senses, pushed him away and had hurried home to me.

"I was horny baby and I needed to be fucked in the worst way. I rushed home meaning to fuck your brains out. I can understand your thinking what you thought baby, but you are wrong, dead wrong. You are the only man for me baby. I'm sorry I made you mad. I'll make it up to you I promise."

I didn't believe her story, not one little bit, but I did love her and I hoped that maybe her brush with almost becoming divorced had changed her and that she would make things up to me.


"She what?"

"She wants me to set up a gangbang for her. She wants me to round up ten or twelve guys and then she wants them to fuck her until she can't get them up any more."

"Has she lost her mind?"

"No, she just wants a baby."

"Well I'm going to be there too, only Lacy isn't going to know it."

"Why do you want to be there?"

"I'm going to hide somewhere and videotape it."

"What are you going to do with the tape?"

"Just something for me to look at when she's gone."

"Is she ever going to see it?"


"She'll know I gave her up."


"So she is my friend sugar."

"So am I Merrily and you chose between us the day you didn't cover for her. You didn't know that I wasn't going to go right home and confront her with the lie and you didn't worry about it then so why now?"

"You're right, I guess I did chose, didn't I."


For the next month Lacy was the epitome of a loving wife. No arguments, sex almost every night, she just couldn't do enough for me. Meanwhile Merrily was busy rounding up brown eyed, brown haired men for Lacy's impregnation party. The day came when Lacy told me that she was going over to Merrily's on Friday night for an Avon party.

"I know all the girls who are going to be there and I know how they are. There will be a lot of drinking and I'll probably stay the night rather than try and drive home."

The big night came and I was ready for it. With Merrily's permission I had cut a hole in the wall separating the spare bedroom from Merrily's bedroom and I had installed a see-through mirror on Merrily's bedroom wall. I had two video cameras, one hand held and one mounted on a tripod and I also had a digital camera handy. I had already told Lacy not to expect me home for dinner.

"Since you are going to be over at Merrily's anyway I thought I would stop for drinks with some of the guys from work. I'll catch a bite at Denny's. You have a good time and I'll see you when you get home."

I was in the spare bedroom an hour before the first guest arrived and I had the door locked to keep anyone from coming in and finding me. Merrily's part of the gangbang had fallen through because she ended up having to do a bachelor party so it was just Lacy and thirteen guys. I guess she had forgotten that thirteen is an unlucky number. Lacy and the guys all got naked and then Lacy stood up on the bed.

"Listen up guys. The purpose of this get together is to get me pregnant. No oral or anal until you have all cum in me at least twice. I fully expect my husband to call here sometime tonight to check on me. He thinks I am here with a bunch of girls for an Avon party so nobody is to answer the phone except Merrily or me. That said, I'm here and you can fuck me all you want until seven tomorrow morning. Who wants to be first?"

I had watched Merrily at the bachelor party where we met and I had been fascinated by the way she took on those sixteen guys, but it was something else again to see the same scene replayed with your "loving" wife as the centerpiece. From the matter of fact way that Lacy took on those thirteen guys I knew that this wasn't her first time. As I watched the thirteen guys fuck her one after the other I wondered just how long she had been cuckolding me. Once all thirteen had fucked her twice Lacy moved to the wall and propped herself up so that her legs were up along the wall and her weight was on her shoulders.

"Okay guys, blow job time while I give all your stuff time to drain as deep into me as it can."

It was a sight to be remembered; she might as well have been standing on her head. One guy after another stepped up and fed his cock into her mouth while she stroked the cocks of the guys sitting on either side of her. Next she put two pillows under her ass and started doing two holers - one in her ass and one in her mouth - until all thirteen had cum in her for a third time. That done she said, "Okay boys, pick your poison" and all thirteen went at her like Dobermans after raw meat. The ease with which Lacy took cocks in her mouth, ass and cunt at the same time spoke volumes about things I'd never known or been aware of.

It was eleven thirty when Merrily got home and looked in at the orgy going on in her bedroom. It was what I had been waiting for. The timing was perfect, Lacy had a cock in each of her three holes when I took my cell phone and called Merrily's number:

Merrily: Hello? Me: It's me. Merrily: Oh hi Roger. Me: Put her on." Merrily: Lacy, it's your sweetie.

On the bed Lacy raised her hand and gave the one finger salute and then waved at Merrily to bring her the phone. She took her mouth off the cock she had been sucking, reached for the phone with one hand while using the other to stroke the cock that had been in her mouth.

Lacy: Hi sweetie. Me: Just calling to see if you still plan on spending the night. Lacy: I won't be in any condition to drive baby. I've all ready swallowed too much. Me: I could always stop by and pick you up on my way home. Lacy: No baby, this thing is going to go on for hours yet. Me: Well okay babe. Have a great time and I'll see you tomorrow. Lacy: Bye sweetie, I love you. Me: Love you too baby.

I disconnected and then heard Lacy say, "Stupid fucking doofus" as she handed the phone back to Merrily and then went back to sucking the cock she had been sucking when I called. I taped for another hour and then I packed up the gear, hung a picture over the hole in the wall and then I headed on home.

Lacy came home around noon on Saturday, pleaded headache and went to bed. Sunday Lacy was back to being the loving, adoring wife. She did her best to fuck my brains out five and six nights a week while I played the part of the clueless loving husband. The day came when I got home from work to find Lacy waiting for me in nothing but a pair of high heels and with a full wine glass in each hand. She handed me one and I asked her what was the occasion.

She raised her wine glass, "A toast. Here is to the happy couple who now have a little one on the way."


"It's true. I've just come from the doctor's sweetie. I'm pregnant - you are going to be a daddy."

I chugged the wine, set the glass down and took her in my arms as I said, "Great! That is great news honey." I picked her up and headed for the stairs. "I guess I better get all I can until the doctor says it is time to stop."

There was no change in the loving wife/adoring husband routine for the length of Lacy's pregnancy. We fucked like sex crazed teenagers right up to her eighth month. According to the doctor Lacy was due on or about September 10th. On the 8th I came home from work early, made myself a drink and went into the family room. Lacy was upstairs when I got home which was good because it gave me time to make preparations. I sat down on the couch, put on a long, sad face and waited for Lacy. I was watching MSNBC when Lacy came into the room.

"You're home early. Is everything okay?" She noticed the sad look and asked, "What's wrong baby?"

"I just don't feel right. I've been bothered by something for a long time now and today it finally got to me.""

"What is it?"

"Well, here you are, nine months pregnant, going to have the baby anytime now and I've selfishly kept the father to be from knowing about his baby."

Lacy's face lost a little of it's color and then she said, "What are you saying?"

"What I'm saying you fucking worthless slut is that you should be letting the father of your baby know that he is about to become a daddy. That is if you can pick him out of the herd" and I hit the PLAY button on the VCR remote and there on the TV was Lacy standing on the bed, "The purpose of this get together is to get me pregnant."

I handed her the remote, "You might want to watch this for a while and see if you can pick the daddy out. I want you out of this house by noon tomorrow" and then I walked out of the room and left her there staring at my back.

I left the house and went to a bar and I was sitting on a bar stool sipping Jack with water back when my cell phone went off. It was Merrily.

"Where are you?"

"In a bar, why?"

Lacy's water just broke and she's frantic. She can't drive in her condition and you aren't there."

"Tough shit. Let her walk to the hospital."

"That's cold Roger."

"Not near as cold as what the bitch was going to do to me."

"You aren't going to help her at all?"

"I already did. She wasn't due for two more days. I speeded up the process for her, saved her from having to carry the kid for two more days."

"What did you do?"

"I showed her the tape and told her to be out of the house by noon tomorrow."

There was a long silence on the other end and then Merrily said, "There is something that I think you should know Roger."


"She loves you. She's been over here crying on my shoulder off and on for the last six months about the stupid thing she did. She even tried to get an abortion, but she waited until it was too late. She regrets it Roger, she really does. She says she has busted her ass to be a great wife since that night and she planned on doing it for the rest of your life. She meant it Roger, I know she did."

"Too late Merrily. It was too late the night of the gangbang. I'll never forget the absolute contempt she had for "the stupid fucking doofus" that night."

"So it really wouldn't have mattered if I'd told you this a month ago?"

"Not at all. The gangbang, the ease with which she did everything and all that I heard and saw killed it for us."

Lacy had a little girl, but I have never seen the baby and I have no idea where they are nor do I want to know. I boxed up all of Lacy's stuff and put it out in the garage and when no one had picked it up after four months I gave it to Goodwill. Merrily and I moved back in together and resumed the comfortable relationship we'd had before Lacy came along and I now feel pretty much the same way about marriage that Merrily does. It is a weird relationship, but hey, it works for us.

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by Anonymous

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by ScorpioJJ04/13/18

Baby with defects from all the STDs

He watched her with all these scumbags and then kept having sex with her. She was a walking petri dish.

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by Anonymous03/28/18


Ok. I don't see a husband complaining about adoption. Even artifical.
But a gangbang. Where she insults the husband?

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by Mbgdallas11/18/17


He was a stupid fucking dufus to walk away from a loving wife.

The biggest problem with JPB’s stories is how weak the husbands are that they can’t take the time to talk with their wives and try tomore...

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