tagInterracial LoveOne Fan's Fantasy

One Fan's Fantasy


A fictional tale written at the urgings of a fan who thought he would like to see his ideas for me come to print.


The neighborhood was scary, with half of the buildings abandoned and most of the rest of them looking as if they should have been. Luckily, it was dark so when I parked the car so one saw me as I took a deep breath and looked up at the house I was about to enter. It was a run down little house that had seen better days, but then again, so have I.

"What are you doing here, Marie?" I said to myself as I held my little fist up near the door, trying to figure out the real reason I was there.

Ralph was such a nice guy. Why didn't we just go to his place? I was horny as the blazes, and Ralph's cock was always hard. I could have just stopped by and surprised him, and by the time the door closed behind me, I would be on my knees in front of him, sucking his thick tool hard and fast. He would shoot his load down my throat in less than a minute, and if the past was any indication he would have a couple more loads to coat my throat with before he was through. The last time we met, he came four times, once in my pussy, once in my ass and two in my mouth, with his last orgasm coming right after I licked his anus until he got hard again.

"It's Ralph's fault," I concluded. He was the one that talked me into it that first time.


"It's a guy I just met," Ralph had said to me, and even though I kept telling him that he was more than enough man for me, he was insistent.

"I want to see you with another guy," Ralph kept saying. "It would really turn me on."

I could have said no, but I didn't, which is how I ended up in that motel room with Ralph, waiting for this other man. Ralph kept telling me how proud he was of me, and while we sat on the end of the bed making out, all I wanted was to have Ralph. I just wanted to suck his cock and let him put it anywhere he wanted. His finger was in my pussy as he kissed me hard, when the knock at the door made me jump.

"He's here," Ralph said, helping me up to my feet and straightening out the little nightie that was all I was wearing. "You look so hot."

"I'm scared honey," I told Ralph as he went to the door.

I didn't even know the man's name.

He was hardly even a man, which was disturbing enough to me. Furthermore, he was black. A skinny little black lad who didn't look 18 although Ralph insisted he was.

"This is Reggie," Ralph said, and the way the kid in the crooked ball cap looked at me made my skin turn to goose bumps.

"He's just a baby," I told Ralph after the kid went into the bathroom, and as I heard the shower turn on, Ralph assured me that he was old enough. Nineteen, to be exact, even though he had a baby face. He might be about 5'9" but couldn't weigh more than 125 pounds soaking wet.

"The stories you wrote, Marie," Ralph reminded me. "You fantasized about being with a black guy."

"I know, but..."

"You always wanted to experience a guy with a big cock too," Ralph added.

"Yours is fine for me babe," I assure him.

"Nothing like this guy Marie."

"That kid?" I said. "I doubt that he's..."

"You'll see," Ralph interrupted me as the shower turned off. "Are you excited?"

"A little but I want you Ralph," I insisted.

"You'll have me," Ralph told me. "Later, after he's through with you."

The bathroom door opened and that lad came into the room, his skinny frame clad with only a skimpy little towel. His chocolate brown skin was hairless and glistened from the shower, his bony knees and a scrawny chest making him look so innocent.

"Here she is Reggie," I heard Ralph say as he stood behind me and lifted my nightie up and over my head. "What do you think?"

My hands instinctively went up to my breasts, trying to shield Reggie's eyes from my sad little titties, but Ralph reached around me and brushed them away, taking my pliant titties in his powerful hands and kneading them roughly.

"Bitch looks fine," the boy said, smiling as he undid the towel and let it fall to the carpeting. "This what you want lady?"

I felt Ralph's hands on my breasts tighten up as he saw what I saw, and my knees got weak when I saw what had been hiding behind the towel Reggie had dropped.

"Look at him," I heard Ralph hiss in my ear, as if I hadn't noticed the long flaccid penis which hung between Reggie's thighs like an elephant's trunk, and I could feel Ralph's stiff cock poking me in the back through his clothing.

Reggie stood there a few feet in front of me, enjoying my terror at seeing how well endowed he was. It wasn't much thicker than Ralph's but it was so long - and it wasn't even hard yet. It would be soon, because as Reggie backhanded his organ and started pulling on it, it seemed almost elastic.

"Come get some, woman," Reggie said, and I felt Ralph nudging me in Reggie's direction. "I didn't come here just to have you just stare at my stuff."

I don't even remember going down on my knees in front of him. I think Ralph helped me down, and when I hesitated for a moment, with my trembling hands on the lad's bony hips, Reggie took his limp dick and slapped it against my cheeks a couple of times.

"Ain't you never seen a cock before?" Reggie sneered as I felt my face flush. "Open that mouth up woman."

Maybe he was right, I thought. Maybe I never had seen a cock before. Certainly nothing as long as this deep brown snake was, at least in real life, but I found myself opening my mouth as he asked. His cock tasted musky despite him just being in the shower, and the scent aroused me for some reason. My hands went to the shaft of Reggie's cock, replacing the young man's fingers, and as I moved my lips down over the ridge of the head of his member, I looked up.

Ralph was standing next to Reggie, looking just as excited as the he was. "Suck it Marie!" Ralph was saying. "Suck that big black cock."

I did. I don't know why but I did as Ralph asked, and soon the long flaccid penis was even longer and harder. My mouth couldn't even get down to where my fists were on the shaft before the tip of his dick was poking my throat.

"Cummin'!" I heard Reggie say, and when he said that I looked down between Reggie's skinny thighs. Ralph's hand - his hand was down between Reggie's legs, and his fist was clenched around Reggie's scrotum, kneading and squeezing his dangling balls as if to try and make him cum more.

The hot jizz erupted out of Reggie, filling my throat with wave after wave of his spunk, while Ralph kept milking the young man's balls until he was spent. Reggie pulled away from me, his cock swinging limply again as he moved, and then Ralph had taken his place. Ralph held the back of my head by my hair as he pushed his fat stub into my mouth, which was still full of Reggie's cum, and in a matter of seconds Ralph was groaning as he refilled my mouth with sap of his own.

"Woman loves dick," I heard Reggie say as he looked down at me still on my knees, semen dribbling out of the corners of my mouth. "Gonna fuck every hole this bitch has."

"Please don't call me that," I said to deaf ears, grateful that at least I would get a break now, but that wasn't to be.

"You want to eat her out?" Ralph was asking Reggie.

"Ain't gonna put nothing in that cunt except my cock," Reggie said. "You eat that pussy while she gets me up again."

Ralph was helping me over to the bed, and after putting me on my back my man dove between my spread thighs, his expert tongue finding me wet and ready. As Ralph went down on me, Reggie was climbing onto the bed, straddling my face while looking down at what Ralph was doing.

"Here you go lady," Reggie was saying as he flopped his cock on my collarbone and made it clear what he wanted. "Suck them nuts for me."

He dropped one of the ebony nuggets into my mouth, but not before rubbing his sweaty sac over my face a couple of times. I sucked on the brown egg as best I could, while I heard Ralph telling Reggie that I liked my tits played with hard.

"Woman ain't got hardly no tits," Reggie sneered, and I felt my face burn as I realized that with me on my back, my puny breasts had all but disappeared, but Reggie's fingers were on my nipples, twisting and squeezing them like he was trying to lift me off of the mattress by them.

"Bitch is cumming!" I heard Reggie yell as my body started jerking wildly on the bed, with the weight of the two men barely able to hold me down. I think I accidentally bit the testicle that I had been sucking on, but Reggie didn't seem to care and instead just lifted off of my face until my orgasm stopped.

"Crazy white woman," I hear Reggie cackle as he dropped his balls back down on my face. "Can't wait to fuck that pussy. Get me hard."

When me licking his balls and the underside of Reggie's cock wasn't working fast enough, Reggie declared that he knew something else would work.

"Here you go woman," his muffled voice said as he moved a little bit down. A first I thought he wanted me to lick the ridge under his scrotum, but when he kept moving down I realized too late what he was looking for. I tried to protest but my muffled cry was ignored, and soon my tongue was sliding up between Reggie's bony ass cheeks until it was pressing against his puckered anus.

"There you go lady," Reggie chuckled. "Lick my asshole. Get that tongue in that thing."

This was vile and disgusting, what I was doing, but I couldn't help myself, and I felt the bed moving.

"What you doing, man?" I heard Reggie say as I felt Ralph's presence up beside us. "Oh, you want some too? Help yourself man. There's plenty."

I didn't know what Ralph was doing to the young man. I know for sure by the way the bed was moving that he was jerking Reggie off, and the thought of my man's hand pulling on that long black cock just like I had was strangely erotic to me. With Reggie's ass covering my face I could not see of course, and while I suspect that Ralph might even have sucked on Reggie's manhood to get him erect again. At the time, my tongue was busy swabbing Reggie's asshole so I'll never know.

Either way, when Reggie climbed off of my face his cock was hard and the end of it was wet and sparkling, and as he went down between my spread thighs I watched that incredibly long prong bobbing up and down like a diving board as he moved. This was going to happen.

You wanted to try a big man, I told myself as Ralph bent over my face and kissed me. Well, this is it. 8 inches or maybe more was in Reggie's fist, and as he brought it between my pussy lips and pushed into me I screamed. Ralph covered my mouth up so we didn't end up with the cops at the door, and as Reggie sank his long rod into me farther than any man had gone before, the pain and pleasure blended into one emotion.

Reggie was not an artist like Ralph was. While Ralph would tease and make the lovemaking an erotic experience, Reggie was just the opposite. He mounted me like an animal, and when he started thrusting into me he was like a machine. A machine that had only two speeds. Fast and faster. He was brutal, using his huge cock like a weapon as he pounded into me. I came at least three times before Reggie did, and even Ralph came before Reggie.

Ralph knelt beside me watching this black boy have his way with me while his fingers went up and down his own fat stub, and when he started cumming he leaned over me and ejaculated all over my face while Reggie laughed. When Reggie finally came it was an act of mercy, and after he climbed off of me and went to the bathroom I struggled to my feet while Ralph's help.

We looked at our reflection in the mirror, and I was shocked to see my pale skinny body looking so ravaged. My pussy was still gaping open, and cum was hanging off of my labia and pubic hair.

"Omigod," I said. "Look at me."

I said omigod again when Ralph eased me back down onto the bed and buried his face between my legs. "What are you doing?" I asked, feeling Ralph's tongue lapping at my sore pussy, but while it stung a little, it also soothed me. Reggie came back into the room but Ralph didn't stop, and as he licked my pussy Reggie sat in the chair and watched.

"My man likes a cream-pie," Reggie cackled as he drank a can of beer. "You gonna do that to her asshole after I rip that mother up?"

My asshole? Certainly he wasn't going to try and put that big thing in my rear-end. No way in hell.

"Please don't," I whimpered.

"I'll do it to you first," Ralph said. "That will loosen you up."

Ralph climbed behind me and lifted me up onto all fours. His tongue felt nice as he licked my anus, and then after I was lubricated I felt Ralph mount me. His big hairy body felt nice against my skin, and then I felt the head of his fat cock penetrate me. It hurt, and I hear Reggie laugh when he heard me cry out.

Reggie was standing next to the bed watching Ralph thrust his cock into my ass, and as he watched he was greasing up his cock, making the long hose sparkle as he pulled on it. Ralph's cock hurt. What would Reggie's do to me?

"Don't you cum in that ass man," Reggie declared. "Just prime her up for the main event."

"Ralph?" I cried out after he was through fucking me and came around to hold my hands. "I can't. He's too big."

"It's okay," Ralph said, his beefy hands holding my wrists down as Reggie climbed onto the bed and moved in behind me, rubbing the head of his dick against my anus. "He wants it so bad."

"I can't," I repeated just before I felt Reggie force his cock into me.

The pain made me scream, and as he kept pushing his huge cock into my tiny asshole Ralph looked down and watched. Ralph was breathing hard, enjoying the black lad sliding his greased cock deep into my bowels.

"Can't," I whimpered. "I can't take all of it!"

"He's only got a little in you. He's only in your ass halfway," Ralph answered, but with each thrust Reggie went deeper.

I came. It hurt so bad but it felt so good that I couldn't help myself, and after my orgasm I collapsed onto the bed. That didn't stop Reggie, who just slid down on top of me and kept pounding into my anus, impaling me with his huge cock until he came. I felt his hot semen fill my rectum, soothing the tortured orifice until he went limp and slithered out of me.

I think I passed out from exhaustion then. When I woke up, Ralph was down at the foot of the bed, his tongue soothing my burning anus and telling me how much he loved me.

"That was so hot," Ralph said. "Seeing that guy put his big cock into all of your openings was a dream come true."


That was then, but this was now. I had called Reggie and asked if he wanted me again.

"Your man want to watch and join in again?"

"No," I said. "Just me."

"Can't get enough of that big black cock, can you? Bet that's all you think about."

Reggie was right. Once I had experienced what his cock could do I was hooked. So was Ralph. That was why he had told me to go to Reggie's place and let him have me again.

"I can't go there alone," I complained.

"I'll be watching," Ralph had assured me, and as I knocked on the door Ralph was sneaking around the side of that little house, looking for a window he could see through.

"Come on in," I heard Reggie's voice call out, and as I turned the knob and let myself in, my heart was racing.

Reggie was standing in the middle of the dump, wearing only black sweatpants. I could see the bulge against the snug fabric, the outline of his long cock going halfway down to his knee. He was standing there smugly as I closed the door behind myself, and as I walked toward him I heard a toilet flush. Suddenly a door opened and another black man entered the room, another young man who was even taller and more muscular that Reggie.

"This the bitch you fucked?" the man asked Reggie.

"Oh. I'm sorry," I said. "I didn't know you had company. I'll come back another time."

"No no no!" the bigger man said, cutting off my escape route by blocking the door. "I ain't company. I'm John. Big, motherfucking bad John. My man Reggie says you like black cock. What you think of this?"

This John character had taken his cock out, and his was even bigger than Reggie's was. He stood there arrogantly jacking his absurdly long tool with his fist while cackling at my reaction.

"Here lady," John said, easing me down to my knees. "You know you want it."

I was at eye-level with the biggest penis I had ever seen. Ralph had shown me pictures of men with large cocks, but this was inhuman. It had to be close to a foot long and so thick that even the owner's big hand couldn't get around the bottom of the shaft.

"I can't," I protested.

Reggie was behind me, lifting my blouse up and practically tearing off my bra while John waved his monstrosity in my face. He was not circumcised and when his foreskin slid back and exposed the plum-sized head, which was crimson in comparison to the charcoal toned organ, I wished that Ralph would come in and save me.

"Suck that cock woman," he said.

It was all I could do to fit the bulbous head of his pungent tasting cock into my mouth. My jaws ached from opening so wide and my fingers only went half way around his shaft, but I licked and sucked as best I could before Reggie took his place. He seemed small in comparison now, and after I primed his manhood cock they carried me over towards the bed and pulled off my slacks.

I felt helpless as they forced me down onto my knees again next to the bed. The two men stood at either side of me and had me take turns sucking their cocks like I was some porno slut instead of a nearly 60 year old woman, even trying to get me to suck both tips at once, which was anatomically impossible but they enjoyed making me try.

They were both hard now, with Reggie's 8 inch penis no longer looking as huge as it had that first time, not with John's cock swaying in front of him frighteningly close to a foot long. They hauled me up to my feet, their big black hands grabbing my puny breasts and squeezing them roughly as they disappeared in their palms.

"Bitch got the littlest titties I ever saw," John laughed as he twisted my nipple.

"Please don't call me that," I asked nicely, and was tossed down onto the bed in response.

Reggie held my hands down while John spread my legs and shoved a couple of greased fingers into my pussy.

"Bitch is wet," John commented as he squeezed more lubricant into my pussy along with another finger. "Tight cunt too, but I'll fix that."

"No," I cried out as I felt John rub the fat head of his cock between my pussy lips, and it was then that I saw Ralph's face, his eyes bulging wide as he stood out in the dark.

Was he jerking off? His face looked like he was, but then I felt my pussy give way as John pushed his cock into me. The pain was excruciating as he started thrusting hard into me with a wild expression on his face as he began pushing more and more of himself into me with each lunge. Sweat was flying off of his muscular body as the rickety old bed moved around with every thrust.

"AWW!!!!" I heard myself scream as my orgasm began, and the two men were laughing as my body began jerking around uncontrollably beneath then.

"Crazy bitch!" John said as he pulled his cock out of my tortured pussy, and as I looked down he moved his fist up and down his massive manhood. Jets of his cum squirted all over my stomach and chest, with one rope of his hot cum even hitting my collarbone.

Reggie was next, and I could hardly feel his cock as he slipped it into me easily despite his size. As he mounted me and began humping away like he was doing push-ups on top of me, I looked back at the window. Ralph's face was pressed against the glass like a kid at a candy store, and the sight of my lover watching me get fucked and abused by these brutal black men made me cum again.


It was after midnight when I finally left. My jaws ached and my pussy was sore, but the worst was my bottom. I felt like I was torn up inside after John had forced his cock into me, and walking was almost impossible as I made it down the steps.

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