tagLoving WivesMesmerized Ch. 04

Mesmerized Ch. 04


She moved to the couch. I joined her and watched as she fingered herself.

"I want to suck your cock. I want to suck you like your wife sucks my husband. I want to lick your balls and rub your cock all over my face." She shuddered as her fingers delved deeply.

I stroked my cock. "I want to lick your pussy. I want to taste you as you come. I'll reach inside and twirl your G-spot while I suck your clit." She reached in and found her button. Her body quivered. "I want to suck your pussy like my wife does."

"Yeah baby, lick me like she does! First suck my nipples while you finger my pussy." She said as she played with her tits. "Then suck me, and fuck me all night."

"I'll fuck you while you suck my wife's cunt."

"Oh yeah... Fuck me while I suck her... While I play with her big titties and suck her sweet pussy."

We went on like this until my excitement got the better of me and I dumped my drink in my lap. Keisha crawled over and "cleaned up" the mess... with her tongue.

"Do you want to watch them some more?"

"Yeah, sure, but first, tell me more about my wife. What else has she told you?"

"What else do you want to know?"

"You said she sucked off some of my friends. Did she give you any details?"

"How much detail would you like to hear?" she asked, taking a long lick along the underside of my cock. "Where should I start?"

"All of it. And start at the beginning."

"The first time was at one of your campouts. The ones where everyone seems to wind up drunk and naked. Anyway you were both pretty drunk and both pretty horny and had been fooling around, you playing with her pussy and sucking her titties. When she wasn't coming on your hand, she was sucking your cock. You licked her pussy until she couldn't take it any longer and she threw you on the ground and climbed up and impaled herself on your cock. She rode you until she came and then got up to go pee. When she got back you were passed out and she went to get another drink."

"Like I said she was drunk and horny to start off with, and now her motor was running at full speed. I can just picture her, walking around naked, her full tits bobbing with each step, her nipples sticking out as a testimony to her arousal. Well, she ran into your buddies Alan and Tom. They didn't have any clothes on either and the three of them began to talk. They moved out of the light and over to the picnic tables. Somehow it came out that you two had been fucking, but you were passed leaving her still horny. They asked her to tell them exactly what you had been doing and she did. She described the 'events' in graphic detail, how you ate her pussy and sucked her nipples. She told them how she rode you until she came. As she went on, she absent-mindedly began to caress her tits."

"The sight of your wife, naked, horny, cupping her breasts and pinching her nipples completely captured those two and their cocks began to grow uncontrollably. She became lost, describing how she came and came with you. Her free hand found her crotch and she started rubbing her mound. She told that them that while she came several times, she was still horny and wished you were awake so she could get some more... She really needed a good, hard cock, and wasn't sure if she would ever get to sleep without one. The more she talked, the harder your friends got, until they were stroking their hard-ons in time with her pussy rubbing. Eventually, she noticed them and became engrossed with their actions. It became harder to talk about what she had been doing, and easier and easier to tell them what she was thinking. She was thinking of those two hard cocks, pointing at her. How it excited her that she had made them so hard, and how hot they were making her. She began to fantasize about holding both of them at the same time, stroking each one, rubbing them in turn along her slit, and she told them so. She told them how she wanted to have her entire body massaged by two hard cocks."

Keisha curled up next to me. I kissed her deeply. "Tell me more." I implored. She grasped my cock as I fingered her pussy. "What else did they do?"

"The men moved closer, still jacking their dicks as she continued with her fantasy. She asked them what they wanted. What were they thinking about? And they told her. They took her hands and placed them on their hard cocks. She offered no resistance and began stroking them."

"The feeling electrified her. She had never seen two hard cocks up close, let alone held them. She stroked them and said 'tell me more!' They said they wanted to play with her titties and suck her nipples. She told them that she loves to have her tits played with, how she can almost come just from having her nipples sucked. She offered them up. 'Play with them, rub them, suck my nipples' she said. They obeyed, each taking a breast, cupping it, kneading it, and rolling the nipple between their thumb and forefinger. Her pussy began to flow as her excitement rose. 'Suck them!' she said. 'Suck my tits.'

"Both men bent before her, each taking a nipple in their mouth. She whimpered as she lost her grip on their cocks, but sighed as they suckled her breasts. They licked and sucked for an eternity, both of them completely taken with her big tits and her wanton horniness. Her hands made their way back to her pussy and began to finger her clit while your friends focused on her breasts. Her breathing became short as her climax built and they sensed it, both of them turning up the heat, driving her to orgasm."

"Her knees buckled as she came, but Alan caught her. As he did, his hand rode up into her crotch, and she clamped down on it, humping as she came. She held his head tightly against her breast and hooked a leg around him as he fingered her pussy. She cried out as she came. Tom kissed her deeply and took her hand, placing it back on his cock. She stroked it furiously as she came again on Alan's fingers."

I pushed Keisha back on the couch and climbed between her legs. "God you are making me hot!" I exclaimed. "I need to fuck you, I need you now."

She pushed me away with an impish grin on her face. She squeezed my cock and smiled. "Not yet sugar... You asked about your wife and now you're going to hear it." Stroking my cock, she smiled at me. "I'll play with it, I'll even give it a lick now and then, but you can't put it in me until I finish telling your wife's story."

I drove two fingers in her cunt and took her clit in my lips. She moaned. I had to fuck her. I went straight for her G-spot and her eyes rolled back as she came. As her orgasm slowed, I climbed up and positioned my cock at her pussy. I thought that after that, she would be ready for a fuck, but I was wrong. She pushed me away and back on the couch.

"I told you that you were going to wait now didn't I?"

She took my cock in her mouth, looked up at me and smiled. "Let me finish telling you about your innocent little wife." My cock disappeared and reappeared in her mouth. "You can fuck me when I'm done... If you can hold out that long..."

"Go on" I said. "Tell me more..."

She gave me a long lick from my balls to the head as she continued:

"Alan withdrew his hand as her climax passed. She caught her breath and he stood before her. Again, she took both cocks in her hands and gently stroked them. 'What else do you fantasize about' he asked her. 'Tell us what else makes you hot."

"She kissed them both and answered: 'I want to be the Queen Bee. I want to be the center of your attentions. I want you both to make me come. I want you to suck my nipples, I want you to lick my pussy, I want you to rub your cocks all over my body, on my face, on my tits, around my pussy, everywhere. Make me come and I'll take care of you... both of you.' She licked her lips as she stroked their cocks.

"Tom moved behind her, wrapping his arms around her, caressing her breasts. He kissed her neck and stroked her torso as she jacked Alan's dick. 'Tell us how you're going to take care of us' he whispered in her ear."

"Alan sat back on the picnic table. Terri held his cock and cooed as Tom stroked her bush and squeezed her tit. 'Tell us how you're going to do him' he asked. 'Tell us then show us."

"She kissed him. 'I want to kiss you' she said. 'I want to taste you. I want to kiss my way down your body.' She bit his lip and began to make a trail of small kisses down his chin, along his neck. She took his cock in both hands, looking up at him. 'I want to watch the come shoot out of your cock. I want to rub it into my tits as it flows from your beautiful cock.' She continued her trail of kisses down his chest, stopping at his nipples. She took one in her mouth, sucking and licking. Alan gasped and she squeezed his cock tighter. 'Do you like that? Do you like it when I suck on your nipples? Am I making you hot?' she teased. She bent down and took his other nipple and her boobs raked across his cock. Alan moaned as his cock was buried with her tits. 'Does that excite you?' she asked. 'Do you want to fuck my tits?' She squeezed them together around his cock for a second and then released. 'Are they warm and soft like a pussy? Bill loves to fuck my titties and I love it when he does.' Alan mashed her boobs together against his cock and thrust. Tom let her tits go and began to finger her pussy as she returned to sucking Alan's nipples."

I looked at Keisha. "How do you know so much detail?" I asked.

She took a long suck on my cock and held the head between her teeth, smiling at me.

"Your wife has told me this story a thousand times. It always gets me so hot" she answered. "She tells me her stories as I go down on her. I love the way she tastes and I love to hear her tell of her escapades, and she seems to like telling me about them. Our best sex has started off this way..."

I slowed my pace somewhat so she could continue. "Go on."

Keisha wrapped my cock in her breasts, massaging it with them, fucking me with them. I watched it disappear and reappear in her cleavage. I could picture Alan's cock doing the same to my wife. Keisha continued.

"Alan continued his thrusting. 'I want to fuck your titties... I want to come on them' he told her. She pushed his hands away, replacing them with her own and said: 'I want you to fuck them too. Come on, shoot your jizz on my tits.' She began stroking his cock with her boobs. His purple cock-head poked out and hit her on the chin. She looked into his eyes as she licked it. 'Do you want me to suck it? Do you want to come in my mouth or on my tits?' She held his gaze as she slowly worked its entire length into her mouth. Alan was beyond words. Tom drove two fingers back up her cunt and she started to moan. She thrust back on Tom's hand as she massaged Alan's cock with her tits. With each stroke, she took Alan's cock in her mouth, sucking the head and running her tongue under it. Alan body became tense. She knew he was about to come. She concentrated more and more on his cock. "That's it baby... come for me... shoot your seed on my tits, hit me in the face... I can take it... I can take it all." Alan's cock erupted. The first shot hit her in the chin and she mashed her boobs together, completely smothering his cock. He continued to spurt and spurt on her breasts until he lay there spent."

"With come dripping from her breast, she took his cock in her mouth, savoring the flavor, sucking every last drop. She smiled at him. 'I knew you always wanted to do that... I could tell by the way you always stare at my boobs. I've wanted it too...' She pulled him up and kissed him deeply. 'Now you can return the favor...'

"Alan got off the table and Terri took his place. Not needing any instruction, Alan immediately began sucking her pussy. 'Ooohh yeah baby... that's it...' She looked over at Tom. 'Come here' she said, gesturing to his cock. He stood next to her. She took his cock in her hand, guiding it to her lips. She kissed the head and caressed his balls. 'Tell me how you want it' she ordered."

"Tom kneaded her breast. 'I want to rub my dick on your face. I want to rub it on your tits. I want to run it all over your body, but I want to come in your mouth when I'm done.' He ran his cock across her lips and she stuck out her tongue, wrapping it along the bottom of his cock. 'I love the taste of come' she replied. 'That sounds perfect.' She cooed."

"Alan sucked her clit deeply. She looked down at him. 'That's it baby... right there... now put your fingers in.' She groaned as he did as directed, finding her G-spot while sucking her clit. Her hips began to gyrate to his motions and another climax began to build within her."

"Terri returned her attentions to Tom's cock. She rubbed it against her cheek, across her lips, and occasionally taking it deep in her throat. Alan found her G-spot and went to work. Her body tensed as she started to come and she lost her grip on Tom's cock. He quickly grabbed it himself and continued to massage her face and neck with his cock as she shook in ecstasy. He began to rub it across her breast. She took it in her left hand, running the cock-head around her left nipple as her right hand pinched the other. She jacked Tom's cock as Alan stroked her pussy. She came again."

"Tom climbed up on the table and straddled her chest. 'I want to fuck your tits too' he exclaimed and he squeezed her titties against his cock. With each thrust, she took its head in her mouth and moaned. She began to come again as Alan licked and fingered her pussy. The way her body trembled began to push Tom over the edge and his thrusts became deeper, driving more of his cock into her mouth with each stroke. He eventually moved past her tits, and began fucking her mouth in earnest. With a roar, he erupted down her throat. She swallowed every drop, but didn't let his cock go, continuing to suckle it until her orgasm subsided."

"Tom climbed off and she sat up, still holding his dick. Alan came up from her pussy and kissed her. She reached for his cock, holding both in her hands and kissed Tom. The three of them sat there quietly, she stroking them and alternately kissing them. They caressed her body, but being spent, not with the same vigor as before. Eventually she got up, took a drink and announced 'That's just what I needed guys. Maybe we can do it again sometime, but for now, I need to get back in bed with my husband.' She knelt and kissed each of their cocks and headed back to your tent."

Keisha's sucking went from teasing to a serious blowjob. I reached down and grabbed her tits as her head bobbed up and down on my cock. I was on the verge of coming when she backed off.

"Not yet sugar... You said you wanted to fuck me? Well then... fuck me!"

She pushed me back, climbed into my lap and planted her wet pussy on my cock. I thrust up into her, but she had purposely positioned herself to control our tempo. "You're ready to come aren't you? You want to fill my pussy with your come?" She ground down on to me. "Get me off one more time." She thrust her breasts into my face. I took a nipple in my mouth and sucked for all I was worth. She was clearly worked up also as it didn't take long for her to come again and as she did, she loosened her grip, allowing me to thrust deeply in and out of her pussy. It didn't take too many strokes and we were coming together, her pussy gushing around my cock as it shot deep within her.

We lay there, catching our breath, basking in the heat of our passion.

"That was incredible!" I told her. "What other stories has she told you?"

"Baby it's late. We both need to work in the morning, and besides, we have all week. As long as you promise to make me come like you've done tonight, I'll tell you a different story every day... After we check up on our hard-working spouses."

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