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Message Interruptus


The ringing of the phone wakes me, and I fumble with it until I finally get it open. No one there....oops it was a text message that read, "girl, get your lazy ass out of bed...my house 30 minutes."

The sender is well known to me and a smile spreads slowly as I look at the clock. Climbing out of bed and stretching, the phone rings again, text message..."don't pee, don't get dressed, NOW, in whatever you are wearing."

Shaking my head...no way, my bladder has been holding this river all night long and needs to be released, the pressure increasing at the very thought of waiting. Ringing, text..."I mean it, and I will know...NOW....grab your keys."

Looking down at my nightshirt, I brush my teeth at the sink, the sound of the water making me dance. Sighing aloud, I slip my feet into sandals, and pull a thigh length coat over my nightshirt. Grabbing my purse and my keys, I check my watch...he knows it takes 30 minutes to drive there. Setting me up for his own brand of punishment. Text..."tick tock." Grimacing, I climb into my car.

Text..."Door is open, come in, strip and climb onto the chair...ass in the air." Watching the clock and my speedometer, I cruise along the highway, the sun just peeking over the horizon.

Text..."ten minutes and counting, 5 stripes for each minute late." Gritting my teeth, squeezing my legs together, I press the accelerator a little firmer, watching the needle just peek over the top of the 120 kmh mark. The clock showing my need for speed, it seems to mock me as the minutes click off faster than I anticipated. Passing in the shadow of the trees, still dark on this section, I can see the red lights flashing in my rear view. Biting on my lower lip, I flip my turn signal and touch the brakes, pulling slowly to the shoulder. Tears of frustration in my eyes, the urgency of my bladder overwhelming...I wriggle in my seat. Text..."5 minutes."

Rolling down my window as the officer approaches, I swallow the lump in my throat and force a smile. I will admit to speeding, take my ticket and then take my punishment...oh...this one is gonna hurt in so many ways.

This officer, all business, asks to see my license, which I promptly offer up. Then my registration and insurance. He scrutinizes each piece of paper and turns away, climbing in his car. In the near darkness, I can see his face lit by the glow of his on-board computer. His lips held tightly together, frown lines creasing his forehead. I wiggle and bounce in my seat, panting with the sheer effort of holding my bladder in check.

After what seems like a very long time, he approaches my open window once more. As he turns to lean in my window, my phone bleats its text tone. As he opens his mouth to speak, it rings again...a constant string...5, 6, 7 messages, one after the other. Tears shining in my eyes, he raises one eyebrow and asks if I have been drinking. "No, Sir." I answer quickly, my voice trembling. He leans in and surveys my bare legs sticking out from the hem of my jacket. "A little cold for shorts isn't it?" he inquires. "So exactly what is your hurry?"

Taking a deep breath, ready to try to explain the urgency of my bladder, the phone rings once more, and he reaches with long arms into my lap to retrieve my phone. "I think I should check to see what is so urgent that makes you speed."

"NO!" my voice cracks as I scream the answer to him. He ignores me completely and flips open my phone. A hint of a smile, he looks into my eyes and says "Give me your keys." Confused I stare open mouthed at him. "Give me your keys now...I think you need to come with me."

Shaking my head in disbelief, I implore him to give me a ticket so that I can go. Explaining my need to pee. "I have read your incoming texts, I understand your plight, but, you must come with me NOW!" with that he pulls open my door, reaches across me, pushing me back into my seat, and removes the keys from the ignition. He grips my shoulder, helping me from the car.

As we are standing beside my car, I question why he is doing this. I acknowledge my speeding, offer to accept the ticket gracefully...as I cross my legs in the hope of holding back the pee that wants to exit. Pissing on his shoes will surely get me in more trouble than I already am.

HE grabs me and turns me, spreading me across the car. He kicks my feet apart and pulls my hands behind my back. My face crushed against the cold metal, I shudder as I hear the ratcheting sound. He leans into me, and speaks softly into my ear, "I need to search you, do you have anything sharp on you or in your pockets?" Shaking my head in response, too afraid to speak. He wrenches my arms tight behind me and says..."ANSWER THE QUESTION!" I force one word between my lips, teeth tightly clenched, "No."

His hands start at my ankles, running them up along the outside of my thighs, his hands track inward, and I hear a chuckle as he discovers my nude and shaved pussy, his hand lingers, feeling it quiver. His body presses hard against me as he feels up over my hips, my belly, my rib-cage, finally stopping as he finds my erect nipples. He pinches them hard as he says..."These feel like concealed weapons to me...sharp and pointed."

At that my bladder lets go, a stream of hot urine soaking me, running down my thighs, filling my sandals, pooling on the ground at my feet. He pulls hard at my nipples before letting go...."Damn, now you're going to mess up my car." He pulls me back, lets me get my balance, gets my purse and locks my car. Guiding me to the trunk of his car, he tosses my purse in and pulls out a blanket. He wraps the blanket around me and pushes me into the backseat of the car. He climbs in and tells me to slide over in the middle so that he can keep an eye on me. My phone jangles again and I see him not only read it, but answer it as well.

"Spread your legs, show me your wet cunt as I drive." Point of no return , I lean back, my arms aching and spread my legs. Nervous and scared as I am, I can feel my traitorous pussy juicing up under his gaze.

Closing my eyes to the hopelessness of my plight, I brace myself with my feet as I am jostled back and forth, each turn threatening to toss me from my seat. Feeling the car stop, I open my eyes and to my surprise, he has taken me to my text messager's house. Shocked I look up at him in surprise as he opens the door and tells me to slide out. Hesitating, but seeing the fierce look in his eyes, I slide over and put one foot on the ground, with his hand under my armpit he pulls me out. Looking at the door I see that is ajar. "Come on, I think someone is waiting for you." He pushes me forward, holding my elbow as I climb the stairs. Once inside, he shuts the door with his foot, pulls the blanket from my shoulders and surveys me, in my jacket and nightshirt, sandals still squelching. He stoops and pulls each foot free, undoes the cuffs and quickly pulls my jacket off, ratchet sound as the cuffs are once more secured.

He steers me to the bathroom, starts a shower and guides me in...he strips off his clothes to the waist, laying his gun carefully on the counter. A knife appearing in his hand, he cuts the nightshirt from my body and walks away leaving the door open. Standing in the warm spray, it washes over me...shuddering as I hear voices, straining to hear...but not making out the words.

The silence driving me crazy, waiting, the anticipation ...omg....I am quivering, my cunt pouring freely with lubricants to ready my body. The officer returns, still bare chested, I sneak a peek and see the rippling muscles. He turns off the water and pulls me from the shower, drying me quickly and roughly with the towel. Bending me as he probes my folds with thick fingers.

He chuckles, no sense in drying you there, you are dripping like a faulty faucet."He tugs me and guides me to the living room where the chair of correction is placed. A big leather arm chair. Wide enough to kneel in and keep your legs spread, revealing my wet and glistening pussy as I lean my chin on the back. As I assume the requested position, I hear the other one enter the room.

Quiet conversation, I can hear the mention of a coin toss...my ass cheeks trying to clench closed, as I hear them moving closer. Without warning the spanking begins. Can't tell who is doing it, but the hand soon turns to the leather paddle. The distinctive whoosh and the resounding smack, has my ass cheeks dancing. Screaming as the force of the blows increases, until my ass is a writhing mass of red marks.

The heat emanating and spreading, I can feel the juices from my cunt running over my thighs, my entire body shuddering as I scream. The spanking continues until my entire backside from rounded ass to knee has been riddled with stripes from the paddle. Sweat forming from the effort of holding my position. My bottom lip chewed and bruised by my own teeth.

Finally a voice...instructing me to suck his thick cock, my messaging friend is standing in front of me, his turgid tool pointing at my lips. Moaning I take the offered treat, tongue instantly swirling the tip, air pushed forcefully from my lungs as the spanking continues. Working over my already heated flesh. As my throat is filled mercilessly with no regards for my need of oxygen, my cunt is similarly impaled, no warning, just a quick thrust. His hand continues its torment of my red ass cheeks. Filled at both ends, gasping, eyes wide...hands reaching for and pinching my nipples, fingers on my clit...as one thrusts, it pushes me hard onto the other.

A battering ram between two hard cocks. My senses reeling as my body quivers and shakes, a rolling orgasm takes over, screaming onto the impaling cock. Cunt spasming, choking the pistoning penis that fills me wall to wall. As the orgasm wanes, it saps the little strength left in my body, and I collapse onto the chair. Hands lifting me, half carrying, half dragging my tired and sore body, the cuffs are removed allowing me to flex my sore shoulder muscles. I am pushed roughly onto the bed face down, and the cuffs are passed through the rung on the headboard and fastened once again around my wrists.

Bound and helpless on the bed, I can only watch as the two men remove the rest of their clothes, my eyes widening in appreciation of the large cock that springs free from the officers pants. Both men stroking their tumescent penises, my mouth watering, I lick my lips, hoping to get a taste. He shakes his head and says no, the cocks are destined for someplace warmer and tighter.

My friend maneuvers under me and I feel his cock poking at my puffy pussy lips, he pushes in until just his cock's head is embedded in my entrance. I wriggle and pull at the cuffs, watching the officer approach, his weapon in hand. He mounts me from behind, as my muscles tense for the assault. He pulls my ass cheeks apart, and poises his tip at my puckered back door. He counts slowly, one, two and before he says the next number he pushes hard and deep, one long stroke from tip to base in my ass. This pushes me fully onto the cock underneath me.

Both of my holes are stretched and filled. Screaming, body writhing between the two men, my arms pulled tight over my head. In unison they hammer at my greedy fuck holes, all the way in and all the way out, my body squeezed between them. My legs are hooked from underneath with his legs, and pulled wide, so exposed in all the right places.

Hands reach to grab at my nipples, pinching hard, pulling, as a hand finds my clit. Roughly handled in every way, my ass is spanked and I soon find myself cumming once again. Pouring sweet oils, screaming, my body being used to its fullest. My spasming cunt and ass, squeezing the cocks tightly, both men, within moments of each other, fill my aching voids, the force of the splashing spunk pouring out of me. Fingers relaxing as they let go of me, my body slumping, eyes closed.

Gasping as my heart slows, my body still quivering. Hearing voices, I open my eyes, the crackle of the officers radio, as half a dozen voices affirm that they will be right over to answer the 'officer needs assistance call.' Groaning I look up, the cuffs are unlocked and I am dragged to my feet.

A low voice growls, "Go get a shower...we're expecting company."

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