tagBDSMMessy Ch. 04

Messy Ch. 04



I groaned appreciatively as Tori bobbed her head up and down on my morning wood, her eyes looking up at me from where she crouched on all fours further down the bed. She tucked her hair back behind her ears yet again, dislodged by her movement and mine, and pulled off with a slurp.

Since Tori had moved into my spare bedroom last month, we'd pretty much shared a bed every single night, except for those nights when one or the other of us has stayed out with a buddy.

She'd called me from inside Halloween Bash to say that she was going home with the Lone Ranger, and both had come out to the car when she'd heard the tension in my voice. The cowboy was a friend of mine, Michael, and both he and Tori had been worried enough that they'd checked on me.

I wasn't freaking out in the drivers seat anymore, and I didn't tell them what was wrong. No need to spoil their night. I thanked them both for their concern, wished them a very nice evening filled with lots of rough sex, and headed home to my empty house.

I had a feeling that if I started drinking I wouldn't stop until I was on the floor, and I was too amped up to sleep, so I put on the most boring movie I could think of, sprawled out on the couch, and started drafting a new, custom economics test while watching Ben Kingsley shuffle around in sandals and a sheet.

Tori had come home two days later high as a kite on endorphins and orgasms, sporting an impressive collection of bruises, and I hadn't told her a damn thing about that night since. She hadn't pushed, fortunately. For all the ribbing she'd done, I think she knew that any type of relationship with a student was an incredibly bad idea, and would've tried to talk me out of my crazy plan.

Which wasn't THAT crazy. Sienna wasn't going to be my student for very much longer.

I looked at the bedside clock. About ten more hours.

The bed shifted and Tori rose from her oral activities and knee-walked up to my lap, swung her legs over, and straddled me. She looked back over her shoulder with a smile and ground her lace covered groin against me, rubbing her heat up and down the length of my dick. I grabbed her hips and tried to stop her torment.

Lifting up, Tori pulled the gusset of her panties aside, pulled my erection vertical, and lowered herself onto it. The feeling was incredible as I sank into her hot, wet snatch, stretching her open until she was again seated on my lap.

"I love having you in me every morning,"Tori said, rolling her hips."I hate waking up early but this is SO worth it."

She'd been rewarding me for letting her stay at my place for a few weeks by waking up either before me, or waking us both up early for some morning sex. Some days I'd been woken up by the feeling of a warm wet mouth sucking on my morning wood, other days she pushed me into the shower half an hour early and then got in with me, throwing a leg over my hip and pulling us together so I could pound her up against the tile. Other days, like today, she just wanted to ride me.

I wasn't complaining. I was pretty apathetic about sleeping with her literally, but metaphorically was always fantastic. And coming home to a little hottie cooking dinner in just an apron was always fun too.

Any normal person would want to lock this down, put a ring on it, "wife her" or whatever the stupid phrase of the day was. We both enjoyed our freedom a little too much for that - if Tori wanted to go get slapped and fucked around by Michael, that was fine by me, I didn't own her. Likewise, if I wanted to have Skypesex with Jessie Rigg like I had already done once in the handful of days since the party, that was totally ok by Tori.

Hell, I was hoping against all odds that I'd be bedding Sienna before too long.

And if Tori and I wanted to fuck each others brains out, we didn't need a document to do that. We just asked each other.

"Dammit, that feels great..." I groaned as Tori ground her pelvis into mine and swiveled her hips.

"How about now?"

Her posture tensed slightly like she was concentrating something, and then I felt her pussy contract around me. She swiveled her hips again, and it felt like she was going to tear my cock right off... But in the most pleasurable way possible.


She lowered herself backwards until she lay back-to-chest against me, her head on my left shoulder. I relocated my hands from her hips to her breast and clit, rubbing her already stimulated erogenous zones, drawing a pleasured squeak from her as I lifted my hips up, slowly thrusting a short ways into her, deeper penetration impossible due to this angle.

"I've been using those sets of beads you got me over the summer, working on my kegels. I wear them out shopping..."

I thrust up harder, spurred on by the thought of Tori walking around town with the kegel balls tucked up inside her hot little pussy, jiggling and rubbing with every step.

"We should go out for drinks some night, with you wearing them," I whispered in her ear. "I bet it would turn you on if I ordered you to go to the little girls room and come back with them and your panties in your purse."

"Ohhhhh..." Tori shivered at the thought and at the stimulation from my hands.

I levered us over, lifting myself up to look down at the hot little Latina face down on the sheets. Her hair was tangled from sleep, and she gave me an adorably happy smile as she turned her head to the side. Opening her legs wide, she arched her ass up at me, still squeezing.

"You want to be in control this morning?"

I responded by gathering her wrists together over her head with one hand, and began a torturously slow drilling of her wet twat, tunneling into the fleshy confines as far as I could go, slowly dragging my way back out until just the head remained inside her, then pushing back in. Tori squeezed me tight as I withdrew each time, forcing me to pull back through clenched muscle. The feeling was amazing, and before long I could feel my climax approaching. I picked up speed, a steady hard pace, the bed and the girl beneath me squeaking as I hammered away

Tori shrieked, trying to pull her hands free as she writhed and thrashed under me, and her contractions set me off too. I held as hard as I could against her body, my dick straining for a few millimeters more penetration as I drenched the depths of her pussy with what felt like a quart of semen.

My alarm clock rang, and I pulled free of her with a squish, rolled over and turned it off and the bedside light on. I lay back and pulled Tori to me, her overheated body melding to mine as she calmed down from her orgasmic high.

I needed this. A constant relief valve for tension, and a little tenderness. I felt like my life had been in crisis mode since the semester started. After today I only had a handful of online classes to teach until a bit into December, and then I didn't teach again until after the first week of January. I wanted time to relax, to hunt, to destress. I caught my eyes starting towards closed and slid out from under the arm and leg Tori had thrown over me.

"Time to go make the chimichangas, gorgeous."

Tori giggled at my quote and rolled over, kicked the sheet off.

I gathered my clothes from my closet, turned back when I heard her say "Hey Gary?" in a sultry voice.

She had her legs spread open, her panties pulled to one side of her shaven pubis. She gasped as she slid two fingers into herself, moving them about before pulling them out, covered in gooey white. She sucked her fingers clean, then slowly stroked them down her body again. "I'm just gonna lay here for a while and enjoy the feeling of being filled up with your cum." She smiled and it turned into into a plaintive look of pleasure as she penetrated herself again.


Last days of the semester are never particularly difficult for me. While there are a handful of students who look only at the length of the class, the majority of those who take the shortened, accelerated classes are the type to apply and do well.

Sort of like me - I kick butt two months a semester so I can have, essentially, one month off.

Consequently, there's very little to do on the last day besides hand out any tests left to any students who didn't blow off the essentially useless class period. My classroom is usually empty - if you didn't do the work beforehand, showing up now wouldn't help you, so I use the time to work on the internet classes, reading and responding to questions as I sit in the deserted concrete room.

"Mister Galloway?"

I looked up at the sound of a girlish voice. So engrossed was I with the correspondence of my online class that I hadn't noticed anyone in the room, or the passage time. Damn, it was past six in the evening. No wonder I hadn't heard anyone, it was well after my classes had ended, only evening classes remained in the building.

I looked towards the voice. Dammit.

Sienna was standing at the left side of my desk, holding out an apple.

Fuck me, she was hot. Painted on gray jeans tucked into knee high leather boots, and a thin, very-not-weather-appropriate blue cotton shirt that hung far off one shoulder exposing a blue bra strap, a weirdly heavy duty molle-covered backpack hanging off her other shoulder. Her blonde hair was mostly hidden by a sleek black watch cap, but a few whispers of pale yellow fanned her ears and her heavily shadowed eyes. Ruby red lipstick seemed out of place on her clean, pale face, but she was gorgeous nonetheless.

"For you."

I took the apple, and her fingertips were warm. "Thanks." I put it in my backpack since I wouldn't be coming back to the school for a while.

"I wanted to thank you for a great class. I learned a lot."

I'd been mentally steeling myself for another encounter with her all week long, but I found myself suddenly annoyed at her bullshit. While she'd done well at the class, her disinterest had shown through all semester long. I wasn't upset that she was making up an excuse to see me, I was pissed that she was lying.

I raised my eyebrows "Really."

"Really." Sienna looked at her boots, then back up at me. "I didn't get everything I wanted out of the class, and I while think I may have been a little inappropriate early on, this was a good class." Her emphasis on "everything" and the way she'd widened her made-up eyes at me have me little doubt what she was talking about.

"A little inappropriate?" I hissed, keeping my voice down due to the open door. "You could've killed my entire career!"

Her eyes darted side to side as she remembered back. "I didn't think that..."

I found myself getting turned on, even as I got more mad. It was like this was a chance to verbally punish the girl before me. I was mad, yes, the frustration and anger at her actions at the beginning of the semester coming back, but I was also remembering an apple or two every day, the way she'd looked at me from the front row.

Adoringly. Intelligently. Expectantly.

Fuck this was messy.

Sienna stepped back as I rose from the desk and shut the laptop I'd been working on. I grabbed my backpack from the back of my chair, tugged my NorthFace on. "You didn't think. Exactly. You're smart, your exams say that in spades. But that was one hell of a lack of judgment."

"I know, now." She looked embarrassed. I didn't think girls that went to Halloween orgies to get whipped could get embarrassed, but what the hell do I know. "Can I fix it?" when she looked up from the floor, there was hope in her dark eyes.

I took a breath. Decided.

"You're not my student any more. There's nothing to fix. Have a good rest of the semester."

And I walked out. The janitors would clean and close up the room, tell Sienna to leave if she was still standing there in two hours.

I heard one pair of shoes on marble floor all the way down the hall, and I successfully fought the urge to turn and look back as I rounded the corner. I walked alone through a few more hallways, pushed through the doors and out into the frigid November air.

Three weeks away from Thanksgiving and the air was already cold as January. I breathed in the harsh dry air and walked to my car.

A breathless Sienna caught up with me across the parking lot. What is it with hot young women scaring me this week.

"I left by a different route, so no cameras or anybody would see me with you." She'd put on a surprisingly sensible leather racer jacket and Mechanix gloves, and the run across several lots didn't seem to have phased her.


"So... You didn't answer me."


"Can I fix it?" We'd stopped by my Jeep, one of the few cars in the lot. The night was cloudy, the moon trapped behind waves of gunmetal gray like a lemon under the surface of a frozen pond. The lights in the lot cast everything in a harsh acidic orange color, sharp relief of shadows making all the edges and shadows hard, the whole scene looking like I was watching a digitally filmed movie.

The night was as beautiful as the girl before me, and I was as hyper aware of her presence by me and the choices and possibilities my words would start and end as I was of the biting cold and hard wind rustling the bare branches of the maples overhead.

"Why do you want to?"

Sienna's mouth twisted wryly, and I was struck by the coincidence that I'd talked with two beautiful women in the last seven days who looked intelligent and had faces that looked made for smirking. "That'd take a conversation longer than I want to stand out here for."

"Then maybe we can have that conversation in the future, as long as you don't take any more of my classes. Right now though, I'm freezing, and I want to go home and eat, have a few drinks."

"Can I come with you, have that conversation?"

"You don't quit, do you?" I opened the Jeep door, threw my backpack inside.

Sienna stepped closer. "Only when someone stops me." He voice went soft. "Please."

"No." I didn't think I was on any security cameras, so I reached out and put my hand in her shoulder. "I ain't leaving here with one of my former students. But if you see me again, we can talk. I promise."

Her eyes widened, and then that intelligent smirk crossed her face again. "A girl can hope. Goodbye Mister Galloway."

"Goodbye Miss Schneider."

"As she walked away, she turned, walked backwards, calling out to me. "You should get that leak in your car fixed."

Huh. I looked down, didn't see anything, stepped back and knelt. A big puddle, she must've been more observant than me as we walked towards my vehicle.

No way I was getting anywhere with a puddle like that under my car. I pulled the Triple-A contact up on my phone.


It took 3 hours to get back home, and I was not in a good mood when I got there. The tow truck had taken its sweet time getting to the college, and once we'd gotten my Jeep winched up, it was another long ass time to get to the garage. Felt like I'd called a tow from St. Paul.

Then the mechanic had given me some news more chilling than the November air.

My brake lines had been cut. All four of them.

The garage would fix my car over the weekend, but for now I needed a lift back to my house. Tori was visiting Michael again so I called Triple-A again and pondered who hated me so much that they'd want to fuck with my brakes. I sat in the squalid little office, drank lukewarm hot chocolate, and fumed.

I threw my backpack on the table, tossed my coat over a chair and stood in the darkened kitchen for the longest time, trying to control my... What? Rage? Frustration?

I needed a drink.

I poured way more Chopin into a glass than was recommended, opened a can of peas, and sat in my cheerily lit living room getting lit and feeling anything but cheery. I put on some mindless television and surfed the web, drank and ate, and tried not to feel like my life was spinning out of control. There's only so much shit that can happen before it can no longer reasonably be chalked up to random assholes, and the next shoe to fall would mean someone was linking all of these little shitstorms in my life.

I also tried not to think about Sienna. Tried not to remember the dream I'd had. Tried not to remember those dark eyes watching me during class. Tried not to imagine peeling those gray jeans down her long legs.

Tried not to hope that she'd found my message in a bottle, and that someday we could have a conversation outside of school property. She seemed like a smart girl. A decade my junior, but tolerable unlike most college girls. Someone I'd actually want to have a conversation with.

I pictured us momentarily, in a restaurant, talking as we ate. I wondered what her favorite food was. She was built like a giraffe, she couldn't eat much. Probably salad.

Fuck, I was drunk and mentally wandering in the clover. Time to shut this shit down.

The glass was empty and instead of pouring another I exercised some self control, set it on my desk. I lay down on the couch, head pillowed by my arm, and closed my eyes as talking heads droned on about politics.

I woke up to a ringing doorbell. I jerked awake, shaking my head. The clock said midnight. Exactly midnight. Woken up at at exactly midnight.

I looked around the room blearily, listened for the doorbell. Maybe the painters were back. Maybe I should go next door and get one of Tori's guns.

I shook my head, and someone had been fucking with the horizontal hold. I really was drunk. Probably just a tenant complaining about something broken.

I staggered to the door, composed myself. Put my hand on the knob, ready to either punch a fool or listen to one of my renters. I opened the door.


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