tagBDSMMessy Ch. 08

Messy Ch. 08


"Dammit, Tori! How much does one girl need to pack for one weekend away?"

"A lot of it is for you, ok?"

I got a chuckle watching the flannel clad girl stomp on her duffel to hold the lid down, then wrestle the zipper shut. The action gave me an excellent view of the naked body under that flannel shirt, and I found myself growing hard.

"For me?"

"Yeah you." Tori flopped down on the blankets next to where I was sitting, propped her head on her arms, looked at me.

"So what is it?"

She grinned. "Wouldn't you like to know."

Thanksgiving night and I was staying over at Tori's. Tomorrow we'd head to Bloomington to the Mall Of America for an extended hotel stay and lots of shopping, a yearly mini vacation that we'd been taking for years.

Tori rolled to her side and slowly began working the buttons of her shirt free. "Did you like the pictures we sent you?"

I thought back to the pictures I'd gotten on Tuesday. Tori had set up a lunch date with Sienna, and the two of them had gone out to eat, and then back to Sienna's apartment. Tori had asked the blonde if she wanted to join us for our shopping trip, and the two of them had decided to start packing that day.

The first picture they'd sent was a selfie of them eating tacos at the restaurant I'd visited with Sienna. The next was them waving and acting goofy for the camera. The next was them in Sienna's SUV, kissing, soda-stained blue tongues touching, Tori squeezing one of Sienna's breasts through her shirt.

The final item I'd gotten was a short video, the two girls making out in the entryway to Sienna's apartment. Slowly. Seductively. Passionately. Bodies sliding against each other, lips never unlocking, hands roaming.

They'd packed, filmed, and then Sienna has driven to southern Minnesota for Thanksgiving with her family. She was coming back early tomorrow, would meet us here, and would join us for hectic Black Friday shipping and two days in a nice hotel in Bloomington.

"I liked them," I replied guardedly.

"Probably not as much as I liked making them. I CAN'T wait to spend some time with that girl again. She tastes SO GOOD..."

"Probably the soda you were drinking," I told her. "That IS a limited edition flavor."

Tori laughed and took a swing at me, awkward because she was laying down. I caught her wrist and pulled her to my lap, one arm under her back as I learned down to kiss her, my other hand sliding under the hem of her shirt. She moaned into the kiss as I rubbed at her bare-shaven pussy, then slowly penetrated her with my middle finger. She was already wet, and my finger slid in easily. I stroked her, and she squirmed in my arms. Pulling back, I looked down at the beautiful Latina in my arms. "You're a dirty girl, you know that?"

Her smile and nod turned into a gasp and a shift in my lap as I continued stimulating her.

"I bet you're not even looking forward to tomorrow, you just want to play with her, don't you? "

"Uhhhhhnnnn..." Tori closed her eyes, bit her lip, and concentrated on the sensations coming from between her legs. "She wants... She wants to know if she can play with us..."

I withdrew my finger, glistening wet now, and pushing open her shirt, teased it around a darker brown nipple, drawing out a gasp. "Think we should let her?"

"I like her. I'm jealous you got to see her naked and I didn't. I want to taste her. I think we could --oh, don't stop!"

I had two fingers in Tori now, frigging her clit with my thumb. I held eye contact with her as she came, silent but strong, convulsing in my arms and clamping down on my fingers.

Breathing heavily, she crawled from my arms and slid between the sheets. I turned out the light and slid in beside her, pulling down my boxers and tossing them out of the bed once I was covered. I snuggled up behind Tori, pulling her close, one arm under her and cupping her breast, the other on her hip. She wiggled back, shifting until my erection was resting between her buttocks. She had discovered she liked sleeping like this, skin on skin.

It didn't bother me much either.

Morning found me woken up by a gorgeous Latina sucking my cock. Actually, less sucking and more mouthing and drooling on it. Once she confirmed that I was awake and enjoying her attention, she held it vertical and mounted it, sliding my slippery member into the hot confines of her pussy. With her back to me, the angle of penetration was very much more upright, and she was able to bring me to the brink of orgasm in minutes, hopping off to take my cum in her mouth.

We showered, dressed, and ate, and then I lugged my one duffel bag and Tori's three out to my vehicle. A RAV4 pulled into the lot while I was heading back in and I smiled. The cold day suddenly seemed warmer.

Sienna looked absolutely mouthwatering in ripped jeans, a loose peasant shirt, and her leather jacket and boots. She slung her duffel bag into the open back of my SUV and then darted over to give me a hug and open-mouth kiss. She felt exquisite against me.

"Have a good Thanksgiving?" I asked.

"Yeah, did you?"

I nodded. "It was alright."

Inside, Tori abandoned the boots she was trying to yank on and jumped up to embrace Sienna. It was my first time seeing them together in real life, and seeing Tori embrace the slightly taller blond, then pull her into a kiss was hot beyond words.

And the two seemed to like each other. That was good.

"So. I've got a surprise for you." Tori grinned wickedly at Sienna.

"Uh oh."

The Latina pulled two small fabric pouches from the pocket of her fleece, handed one to the blonde. "Gary told me to wear these, and I have an extra set..."

Sienna pulled the drawstring on the pouch and withdrew the contents -- a pair of latex and plastic kegel beads. She rattled them as she arched her eyebrows at me. I raised my hands. "Her idea, I swear."

She turned back to Tori. "Sure. Why not. Bathroom is...?"

"Upstairs. There's some personal lubricant in the medicine cabinet."

Sienna kissed me and waggled the beads on her finger. "I'll be back soon." Halfway up the stairs she leaned down over the banister. "Tori? You coming?"

Tori gave me a surprised look. "Thought I'd let you go first," she replied.

"Well, you need to put yours in too, and since I've never used them..."

I got a wide grin from the gorgeous Latina, and she headed for the stairs.

They returned a few minutes later, Tori fighting to control a smile, Sienna walking gingerly. "You alright?" I asked.

She nodded. "It's just an interesting experience. I'm constantly aware of... Its like... Like I'm being fingered with every step."

The drive to the Mall took more than an hour, and the hunt for a parking space seemed to take longer, a crawl through parking lots and ramps interspersed with profanity and slamming brakes. We pulled our hats, gloves, and jackets tighter against the cold and snow and hurried in through the bustling crowds, pushing and jostling through the hurried sea of humanity.

Once we were inside, we took a moment to find a free spot of floor and talk. I pulled two envelopes out of my jacket and handed one to each of the girls. Tori was used to the routine, but Sienna -- still looking distracted and slightly out of breath -- seemed confused by it, especially when she opened the flap and found a thick stack of hundred dollar bills. "The hell?"

"Donations," Tori said simply.

"I want you two to start on the lower level and put a hundred dollar bill in every donation box you see. Red kettle, charity box, whatever. I'll take the top and work down, you work up."

"Fuck, there's a couple thousand dollars in here!"

"Try to keep it down," I hushed her. "Yeah, you each have two grand to hand out, and there's five hundred each for you to buy stuff for yourselves."

Sienna's confused look softened. "Why are you doing this?"

I shrugged. "No family. Few friends. I save a lot of money during the year and I don't need much. This is what I do for Christmas. I give to strangers and spoil the friends I have. Go have fun. I'll see if I can set up a reservation for us to eat somewhere for lunch."

Tori stepped up and gave kissed me goodbye, and I gave her ass a light slap as she turned away. She grabbed Sienna by the hand and excitedly tugged her away, and then I was alone in the crowd. I stepped into the rush and let myself wander, moving mindlessly through the frenzy.

I took stairs to the third floor and let the people choose my course, moving with the flow. The third floor was the restaurant level, surprisingly packed for nine thirty in the morning, and I took a moment at every kettle and donation box I saw to drop in a tightly folded bill from my vest pocket, hurrying on before anyone could thank me.

The smells were fantastic, and I stopped at each menu, looking over the foods, looking into the restaurant to gauge its activity and atmosphere. Nothing seemed right to me, so I kept walking, jotting down restaurant names in my phone. I knew I didn't want fast food...

I'd lost track of time by the time I hit the second level, and I lost it even more as I actively started shopping, wandering into stores, weaving between the customers, struggling to get close enough to look at the displays. I had some idea what I wanted to get for Tori, a couple of ideas of things I needed for up north, and no idea what I was going to get for Sienna.

I also had to find somewhere to eat...

I found it on the second level, the rustic bar and grill of a mall-attached hotel. It looked nice but not overly hoity-toity, tasty food but not too heavy or expensive, and there was a decent selection of alcohol behind the bar.

I sighed. I'd drink at the hotel tonight, not here.

I stood in line and grabbed the soonest reservation -- one thirty -- then texted Tori to tell her the time and place. That done, I resumed shopping and donating. I was in the Swiss Army store when I got a text from Tori. A series of them actually.

They were all photographed in a dressing room.

The first was at Sienna's arm's length, showing Tori pushing her against the wall of a dressing stall, one hand on her throat, the other down Sienna's jeans. Another was from Tori's arm's length, held away to show the back of a blonde head, face held to her bare breast.

The final pic was a down-body shot from Tori's point-of-view, one hand stroking Sienna's hair out of her face as she knelt, nuzzling against the front of Tori's panties.

It constantly surprised me that the Latina could be so submissive with me, but dominant with other women.

My brain was surprised, and my pants were tightening at the thought of tonight.

I bought the knife I was looking at, then headed out, once more moving with the crowd. My next purchase was at the technology store. I picked up a new convertible for Tori, one that doubled as a drawing tablet. She would be up at the cabin with me for two and a half weeks at the end of the year, and she usually burned through a few reams of paper sketching out idea for her next furniture build. On a whim -- they were pretty inexpensive as quality tablets go -- I picked up another one for Sienna. I was certain she could use it in class.

Standing in line, moving forward slowly, I was struck by a thought I could only barely articulate, and didn't want to acknowledge. "Dammit..." I growled under my breath, and went back for another one.

I stashed the tablets under a pile of gear in my SUV, and the walked back to the restaurant. The girls were already seated, seemingly wedged into place by large bags from clothing retailers. I grinned and slid into the seat opposite them. "Having fun?"

We ate, and then started shopping together. The girls helped me find a new heavy-duty winter jacket, as well as boots and gloves for my upcoming weeks of hunting. We finally quit shopping at six, and wended my jeep through the slushy, snow-trenched streets to the hotel about a mile away.

The lobby was a welcome haven from the cold and wet night. I checked us in, and sent the girls up to the room with a bag each, while I carried the remainder in. The elevator ride felt like the first moment of peace since leaving the house this morning, and the doors seemed to open too soon, forcing me to haul again.

Our room was on a high floor, providing an excellent view of the atrium, a festively decorated clearing ringed by fountains, waterfalls, and artificial trees. To the right of the hotel entrance was a low wall separating the atrium from the in-house restaurant and bar, and my mouth watered at the thought of the food there.

I made this a holiday tradition for a reason.

The rooms were actually suites, each one featuring a livingroom, windows looking out onto the balcony. That always struck me as odd, and I made a mental note to make sure the blinds were pulled in our suite. I dipped the card in the lock and pushed into the suite.

The livingroom featured wood and leather seating on the front and back walls, and a tv and microwave cabinet on the wall leading into the bedroom. I dropped the bags on the floor, shut the door behind me, and checked out the bedroom. One large bed, same dark, heavy wood décor.

The bathroom to the right of the bed was small, and Tori and Sienna were making the most of the space, Sienna sitting on the edge of the counter, her legs wrapped around Tori's waist as the older girl tenderly kissed her neck and collarbone. I smiled and left them to their making out, checking the view from the sliding balcony door. Dark streets, the curbs piled with snow. Wrought iron fencing kept me from stepping out onto the tiny platform, and opening the glass let in a blast of cold air and a few whipping curls of snowflakes on the wind.

I shivered and slammed the door shut, and heard a scramble of movement from the bathroom and both girls appeared in the doorway. "You two ready for dinner?"

Sienna blushed. "Actually, we've got plans. Why don't you go down and get a drink, and we'll be down soon?"


"You'll like them," Tori told me. "Just go. Trust us."

"Ok. You all are the bosses right now, but if you think that's going to last..."

I let myself out of the suite and headed down to the corner bar. It was busy, many people having reserved rooms for Black Friday shopping. We could've easily driven back tonight, but I enjoyed this tradition.

I leaned on the wooden arc of the bar and perused their liquor selection. Nothing had changed since last year, and they still didn't have anything I liked drinking. I noticed a flat brown bottle emblazoned with a nine at the back of the rows of liquor. That'd do. I ordered two doubles and took my alcohol to the restaurant, asked for a table for three. I set the extra tumbler of whiskey at Tori's spot and sipped at mine, ordered a basket of onion rings when the waiter stopped by. And then I sat back and relaxed, letting my mind go blank, letting go of stress, letting go even of the buzz of anticipation of the days and nights to come. Instead, I soaked in the gentle murmur of voices, the faint kitchen sounds, the burble of the fountains, the relaxing atmosphere of the artificial jungle planted around the dining area.

I had needed this.

"Dammit," I muttered appreciatively to myself. The girls wanted to ruin my relaxation, get my heart rate up apparently. They strode towards my table, looking like a million bucks. They'd both pulled their hair back in severe ponytails, and both wore the same dress, a sleeveless short, black, sparkly piece, the neckline cut to below the breasts. Both wore black heels and a black velvet choker.

The effect of the forced sameness on such different women was stunning. On the smaller Tori, the look was bewitchingly exotic, while the taller Sienna looked like a celebrity.

Both looked like they were dressed for sex.

I stood and pulled out their chairs, seating Tori first, then sat down myself. I felt a little underdressed, wearing black slacks, a white button up, and a smooth, fitted black leather vest. I should've worn a tuxedo next to these two.

"Have fun today?"

"Oh yeah," Tori replied. "We got SO much shopping done. What do you think See? I'm almost done for the year, you?"

Sienna counted off on her fingers while Tori took a sip of her drink. "I'm like, seventy five percent done. Somewhere in there."

"I'm done. Probably." The onions rings arrived and we ate in silence for a while, hungry after the shopping rush. I sighed contentedly and leaned back in my chair. "This is the life. Good food and drink. Vacationing with two beautiful women. I should do this more often."

Tori smiled softly at me across the table. I could tell she was happy, and happy for me. Then the moment of emotion passed, and she put her hand on Sienna's. "And the night is young..."

Sienna blushed, but didn't pull her hand away. "I hope so," she said quietly. "Cuz I'm going fucking insane over here." She squeezed Tori's hand. "I don't know how you do it."

"Practice, See. Practice. And getting some, uh, assistance in the dressing room helped too."

The blonde groaned. "This feeling is so...frustrating!"

I just grinned. I had a feeling that keeping the younger girl in a daylong state of constant arousal was going to pay off later. And it showed her willingness to obey, she hadn't asked to remove the beads, despite their continued stimulation.

We ordered and chatted until the food arrived, learning more about Sienna than I had previously. With another girl next to her, she seemed more comfortable opening up more about her family and childhood. Tori in turn described her time growing up in California, cutting her anecdotes just short of her move to Minnesota. I knew she didn't want to ruin the evening, and Sienna seemed to sense it too and didn't push.

The food was excellent, but we took most of it in boxes, an unspoken agreement between the the of us not to fill up too much for fear of slowing down later.

"Back to the room," I asked with a grin after the waiter brought the check.

"Not for you." Tori's grin matched my own.

"You young ladies are getting dangerously demanding," I growled playfully.

"And you can have that out with us later..."

"Besides," Sienna interjected. "We're definitely not 'ladies.'"

"So what do you want me to do?"

"Go to the bar. Get a drink. Come on up and get your swim trunks in like fifteen minutes. Join us at the pool and swim some laps."

"Ok...but just remember, I don't like being ordered around." I stood and pulled the girls chairs out, helping them to their feet. I gave each of them a kiss on the lips and then watched them walk away, their butts twitching side to side under the black dresses.


I got a refill on my single barrel at the bar, and wasted time on my phone, then dropped the glass and a tip on the bar and headed up to the hotel room. Neither of the girls were in the room, but I checked anyway. Their bags were in the bathroom, their dresses on hangars on the door.

They'd precisely set out their underwear on the bathroom counter, and arranged the kegel beads on each set of panties. I shook my head and laughed to myself.

Changing into trunks and a t-shirt, I headed down to the pool. It wasn't a particularly nice poolroom, just a a long four foot deep main pool with a hot tub at one end and a shower stand at the other, all separated from the atrium by a steamy glass wall.

A few parents shepherded their children around the pool and its edge, and far down the room I could see Tori and Sienna during together in a the hot tub, heads huddled together in conversation.

All sorts of ideas flitted through my slightly foggy head, and I quickly thought of something else before my trunks could betrayed my mind.

I doused myself under the shower with water that was definitely more "luke" than "warm," then slid into the even colder water of the pool. I bounced in place for a minute, then pushed off, cutting through the water. Back and forth, back and forth, working any bit of stiffness out of my arms and legs, losing myself in the exercise.

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