tagBDSMMessy Ch. 19

Messy Ch. 19


"Dammit girl," I muttered to myself as I tied my boots. "Your first time legally drinking and you get carried away..."

I trudged down the stairs and locked up the house, let myself into Tori's. As predicted, she was sitting on the couch, watching TV. At least there wasn't a drink in her hand. Not that I had ever been a paragon of sobriety, but depression ain't something to mix alcohol with.

"Hey, neighbor."

She looked over from the screen. "Hey"

"Sienna just called, her and her friend need a designated driver. Think you could help me pick their car up?"

I got a shrug in response and she grabbed her shoes from the mat by the front door before following me out.

The April night was warm, and I let my arm hang out the window as I drove. It was nice to feel a cool breeze after months of ice and snow and freezing temps. Buds were starting to appear on some of the trees, and though I knew we would see cold and snow and gloom yet again, I felt exhilarated to know that we were gaining daylight and warmth with each checkmark on the calendar.

"I'm gonna give those tickets you gave me to Sienna as a birthday gift," Tori said quietly. "You guys go and have fun."

I'd given my neighbor the tickets that Senator had given me. A little online searching had resolved the address to a couples retreat of very private cabins stocked with high-quality fetish gear and a promise of absolutely privacy. The price tag for the rentals had shocked me, apparently Senator was quite a fan of me.

My hope had been that Tori might hang on to them until she found her way out of her depression, that I could spend a nice weekend torturing and fucking my best friend into an orgasmic stupor, but apparently that was not to be. "Ok."

"I'm not feeling it right now, she is. I just..."

I reached over and put my hand on her knee. "You don't need to explain to me. Just let me know if I can do anything for you, alright?"

She smiled softly, her face lift only by the street lights and the dashboard lights. "You can't. I just...I just miss them so much. I feel hollow. Work helps, and then I get back home and even around you guys its just... Empty. I have time to think, and it sucks. Everything reminds me of Nina."

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be. Its not your fault. I'll pull myself out eventually. I always do. Right now...I just want to sleep."

We found Sienna and her friend giggling next to their vehicle in the parking lot. "Someone call for a ride?" I asked out the window, pulling up alongside.

"Um, yeah!" Sienna swayed in place slightly, tilted too far to one side, and leaned heavily against her friend. Both of them burst out laughing at the almost-fall, and I rolled my eyes. "Get in. Who has the keys?"

"The bartender?" Sienna's friend grinned maniacally. "One of the guys we were dancing on took mine and gave them to the bartender."

I looked out at the entrance to the club, the bouncers, the thick lines of people waiting to get in. Dammit. "I'll come back and get em for you in the morning. You have a hotel or a place close by, or were you planning on crashing with us?"

"We got a hotel," Sienna said. "Er, Hazel did. 's a nice one."

Taking directions to a hotel from a pair of tipsy young women was aggravating, especially when they kept trying to reroute me to fast food joints for drunk snacks. They had no idea where they were going, couldn't even tell me the name of the hotel, and burst into laughter constantly at my frustration. Tori however seemed to have come out of her shell a little bit, and was trying to make them laugh, interrupting to give me obviously false directions they started talking over each other and trying to decipher street names in the dark.

After an hour of driving aimlessly around Minneapolis with the two young women pointing at street signs and various tall buildings on the horizon, Hazel finally laughed and said "Wait, wasn't it by some big mall?"

"The Mall Of AMERICA?" I asked, feeling a little frustration.

"That's the one, I think. They all look the same out here." Sienna stuck her head between the front seats. "If you don't mind though, I've got something WAY more important to do now than play GPS. Excuse me." She giggled and launched herself at her friend, tackling her back into her seat.

I kept an eye on their makeout session in the rearview as I drove to the Mall. Both tipsy girls were aggressive, hands roaming, bodies twisting and arching together, lips pressing, grinding together and then moving to another body part before coming back together. They were in shadow, so I couldn't get a good look, but what saw was enough to get me hard. See had mentioned her friend Hazel occasionally, and now I connected the dots and couldn't help but wonder if this girl had been the one to lend a helping hand during her sexually frustrating previous relationships.

We arrived at the Mall and the two young women broke apart long enough to give us giggled, breathless directions to what they thought was the correct parking lot. As soon as my SUV stopped moving they spilled out, opening our doors. "C'mon in," Hazel said, pulling at my hand. "C'mon up and drink with us."

I sighed and locked the car, and we followed the girls through the parking garage, down to street level and then into the lobby. The massive room was a study in space and light and elegance - gauzy curtains hiding a view of the street, expensive wood benches and tables set with arrangements of real flowers, long sweeping arcs of tables and desks, and towards the back, lounge areas with soft, off-white chairs and and chrome modern art sculptures.

If they had meant to give an impression of opulence upon opening the door, the hotel has certainly succeeded.

In the light now, I finally got a good look at Hazel, and was immediately struck with a sense of...familiarity? I'd seen her before.


Had I slept with her?

She was short, two or three inches shorter than Sienna, just a hair below Tori's height even. I'd sensed strength in her grip when she was jokingly trying to pull my hands from the steering wheel, and now could see lean muscle sliding under light golden-brown skin. Her forward-charging yet playful attitude and obvious strength reminded me of a pitbull - she wanted to have fun, roughhouse, and she was strong enough to fight as well. Hazel wore a short, black, sleeveless dress, the hem showing off sleek, firm, rounded leg muscles. It was tight over her midriff and squat-rounded ass, and tied behind her neck, cut low between small, almost flat breasts. Her face was small and triangular, always crinkled with smile or laughter, the fine, angular features a mix of multiple ethnicities. What should've given away her identity was her hair, shockingly, outrageously pink shot through with what I assume was natural black, a grown out bobbed cut that she had partially tied at the back of her head.

Sienna had gone in the opposite direction, stylistically. Her long legs were sheathed in tight faded jeans that looked to be more rips and worn white strings of fabric than actual clothing. She wore a simple white tanktop, and through a rip from the collar to her sternum I could see a basic black bra cupping those firm round tits I enjoyed so much. She'd done her makeup in a manner I'd seen before, heavy burgundy lipstick, dark eyeliner and mascara, the "warpaint" matching a black velvet collar around her neck. Her middle-of-the-back hair had been changed from its usually silky mane to a tangle of blonde braids.

One looked sophisticated, one looked casually sexy.

I got disapproving looks from the two night staff working the desk, as I typically did as the only man in the company of a bunch of hot young women. Oh well. Their disapproval meant nothing. I'd been INSIDE two of these girls.

Sienna fidgeted through the elevator ride, too much energy for her body, it needed to escape somehow, and she burned it off with finger and head twitches and constant shifting. When the door opened, she laughed and sprinted down the softly carpeted hall, Hazel racing unsteadily after her on black high heels.

Through the hotel room door and I instinctively caught the small item flying towards my head - a vodka mini. "Catch!" Sienna called out belatedly, and I nodded to her as I twisted the cap off and took a sip.

The hotel room was as opulent as the lobby. Thick white carpet, thick white cushions on the dark wood furniture, modern art light fixtures. The living room area had a massive window looking out onto the parking lot, a gigantic couch on the right side and a desk that angled down into a bench on the left, the chrome and leather chair looking like it cost more than some economy cars. Dammit, that TV... over the desk was suspended a flatscreen way wider than I was tall.

A short hallway led to a bedroom with one fluffy white bed visible, a bathroom off to the left, both does made of thick frosted glass.

The whole apartment gave off an air of money.

Sienna practically dragged Tori to the couch, and I shrugged, let Hazel take the desk chair, took a seat on the bench. The blonde lifted a mini, caught my eyes across it, grinned and took a long slug. "Having a good birthday?" I asked.

"Awesome! Hazel took me out on the town. Dinner, dancing, she got this hotel..."

Beside me, Hazel rolled her shoulders. "This is my FAVORITE place to stay when I'm in Minneapolis. I had to show you."

"It certainly is beautiful," Tori said. "I don't think I've ever stayed anywhere as nice as this."

"And you should see the place we went for dinner," Sienna gushed. She drank the rest of her mini. "Even fancier than that place we went for Black Friday!"

I snickered. "That's not hard, See. You and Tori were the fanciest parts of that whole trip."

"Awww, you're so nice. However, it's hard NOT to be fancy wearing four hundred dollar lingerie..."

"Shit, I thought my clothes were expensive..." Hazel piped up.

"They are," Tori replied. "But great for out-of-doors. Especially snow-mobiling. Very warm."

"Aw thanks."

"And speaking of expensive gifts..." Tori dug in her purse, handed Sienna the two passes Senator had given me. "I think you and Gary will be able to put these to better use than I could."

The blonde read each one, front and back. "What is this?"

"Passes to a, uh, couples resort. I did some googling and it seeks like the kind of place you'd like."

"Thank you." Sienna blushed, then waved the passes at me. "I'll start looking for a weekend to use these."

I felt Hazel's eyes on me and could feel my own flush spreading. "You do that. Let me know."

"And speaking of intimate moments..." Sienna brushed her braids away from her face and leaned in to press her lips to Tori's in a long, gentle, lingering kiss. The Latina seemed to relax into it, then pulled back with a gasp. "See, I... This isn't..."

Sienna stroked her friends cheek. "Let me do this, sweetheart," she whispered, before leaning further forward to kiss her way across a a soft brown jawline to the curve of Tori's neck.

Tori surrendered, sinking back into the couch and letting the blonde kiss her, moments later responding, kissing her back forcefully. I could feel myself growing hard watching the sapphic display. I shook my head to try to clear the lust, and guiltily looked over at Hazel. " Should we, uh...go?"

She was grinning.

With a fluid, athletic grace, she hopped out of the chair and over the corner of the desk to straddle my lap. "To the bedroom maybe. Sienna wanted this for her birthday..."

I looked up at her, shocked, and she laughed, them kissed me. I could taste alcohol and seafood on her as her tongue darted into my mouth to move against mine aggressively. I moved my hands to her side, slid them up and down her firmly muscled back, cupped her small, round ass.

She pulled back and grinned at me. "Hi, I'm Hazel. I don't think we've been introduced yet."

"Gary." I reached awkwardly between our bodies and shook her hand. "I feel like I've met you before though. Have I?"

Her green eyes lit up. "You've seen me, I'm sure of it."

"Where though?"

Another wide grin split her face, and before she leaned back down to kids me she said "I'll leave that for you to figure out... While I try to distract you."

We made out for a while, hands roaming, mouths either locked together or sliding, trailing wet kisses across skin in search of more sensitive areas. I reached up and untied the straps of her dress from behind her neck, let it fall to her waist. Hazel bit her lip, smirked. "You like my little boobies?"

I slid my hands up her ribcage, lifted her breasts with the webs of my hands, moved over those little mounds and applied pressure to her stiff brown nipples. "These? They're fantastic." I cupped her butt again, pulled her towards me and took one hard nub in my mouth, wetting it with a roll of my tongue before sucking it hard. Hazel arched her neck back and groaned, then yelped when I delicately took it between my teeth and applied slight pressure.

"Sienna said you like to give out pain with your pleasure..." She ground her crotch against mine. "She also says you eat her pussy SO good."

"I like to to think I'm dab hand at it."

Hazel pulled her feet up along my legs, stood slowly to a partial, leaned-back squat above me, arching her her groin into my face.

"Yes?" I asked with a smirk.


"Please what?"

"Please eat my pussy, sir."

"Sienna should also have told you I like to be in charge." I glided my hands up her warm, muscular thighs, raising the hem of her dress to expose a little lacy thong. She reached down and pulled the gusset to one side, giving me an up-close view of delicate golden-brown vaginal lips already swollen with arousal, parted to show pink flesh that was weeping feminine lubricant. I gripped her ass, supporting her unsteady posture, and leaned in.

She tasted warm, wet, soft, a hint of sweat, and she shook as I probed between her labia with my tongue, teasing into her wet hole. "Fuuuuuuck..." she whispered above me, bucking her hips forward, stepping just slightly to more fully straddle my face. I licked upwards, and from the pause in her chanted expletives I discerned she didn't like having her clit sucked on. Fine, I can go sole tongue action.

I couldn't see much looking up, just a bit of skin and a black dress, but she didn't stop quivering and moaning until well after I stopped flicking my tongue furiously over her clitoris, slowing down to a grinding squirming pressure, then sliding back up, over and over. I spurred her on by relocating one hand from supporting her, sliding two fingers into her slippery box to piston back and forth as I worked quickly with my tongue. When I slowed down, I changed up the penetration, moving wet fingers from her pussy to tease around and shallowly push into her relaxing sphincter.

Hazel didn't seem to stop cumming from the combined stimulations, and it finally took her banging her fist on the top of my head for me to stop eating. I helped lower her back down to sitting on my lap, and the look on her face was exhausted elation. "I've never..." I cut her off with a forceful kiss. She responded passionately, seemingly turned on by the very apparent taste of her own juices all over my lips.

The girl felt great in my hands. Sienna was gorgeous, a wonderful partner, and a great fuck, but since Tori had turned in on herself, I'd missed an athletic, muscular body against mine. Dammit this was good.

I pulled away from, her and she followed my gaze to the couch. Sienna was laying on her back, Tori laying on top of her, back to front. One of Sienna's hands was around the Latina's neck, the other jammed down the front of her pants, both girls writhing with enjoyment.

Hazel hopped off my lap and practically dragged my to me feet, pulling me forward with a series of quick kisses as she padded towards the bedroom, passing only to shimmy her dress and panties down and off, giving me a great view of a toned back and perfectly rounded ass.

We collapsed on the bed and she immediately straddled me again, grinding against my jeans while tugging my shirt off breathlessly. I sat up to shrug it off and her kisses were wild. Once we parted again she kissed her way down my chest to tease my belt open. "Sienna never really liked oral," Hazel said, low and sultry. "I've gotten her off with it when she couldn't get what she needed from those two bitchmales and that abusive asshole, but she never really LIKED it... Means to an end. Now I know why she likes it with you..."

My prick was tugged out by a slim, strong hand, and I sat up. "Sienna was abused?"

Hazel looked up at me from where she was brushing soft lips against my rock-hard erection in a series of there kisses. Her dark eyes turned... Violent. "Her last boyfriend, I think it was. There was the consent nag, the one who didn't want sex, and then, yeah, the guy that beat her. Dave, I think. Last year. Called her names, treated her like shit. I finally convinced her to break up with him after he broke a couple ribs."

"Dammit, " I said under my breath.

She went back to work servicing me, taking the head in her mouth and jerking me methodically before pulling back again. "You're the first guy to fuck her that hasn't been an asshole. Sienna usually goes for a type."

Back down and now Hazel had me fully in her mouth, sucking, bobbing, blowing my mind with wetness and friction and vacuum. I reached down and pulled her up. "What's her type?"

The pink-haired girl rolled her eyes. "Bad boys. Really. Immature assholes. Boys who are bad. Then she overcommits and can't let them go. Now if you'll excuse me..."

This time when Hazel went down, she spent most of her time on my balls, sucking, licking, gently rolling one then the other in her mouth, tonguing the base of my shaft. I don't usually like having the boys handled, but she was fantastic at it. The sensation didn't last too long though, because as I had done to her, she kept switching up stimulation, sucking at my testes, then my prick, then grinning at me as she jerked me up and down with a saliva-wet fist.

"There's a new box of condoms in the nightstand," Hazel said, her girlish voice breathless. I rolled to the right, fumbling with the drawer to pull out the box, my partner sitting up to grin at me, running her hands over her toned, muscular body. From the livingroom came a cry of feminine pleasure, and we both looked towards the door.

I pulled a foil packet from the box, tore it open, and rolled the rubber down my length, and the action brought the smaller girl's attention back to me. She moved aggressively, pushing me to my back as I rose, once more sitting on my lap and grinding up and down. I could feel her heat and wetness as she dragged her smooth-shaven vaginal lips along the length of my dick, and then she reached back and positioned me against her opening, rolling her hips back to try and take me inside.


Her pussy was tiny, and the moment of penetration felt like incredible constriction. There was a moment when I didn't think I would fit, and then she pushed slowly back, groaning in pleasure, discomfort, or both as her tunnel stretched around me. "Fuck, you're big," Hazel breathed.

"Fuck, you're tiny."

She smiled absentmindedly, lost in the sensation. "Give me a minute."

The pink-haired girl took several moments to push back on me, arching her back, lifting up and then sliding down, grinding on my pelvis to force my member up inside her and become familiar with the feeling. Then her eyes lit up and the hands on my pecs tightened into claws, and she began moving, a sinuous roll-and-push that didn't involve so much entry and reentry as it did a constant changing of wet angle and hot clench.

I looked up at Hazel above me. She was clearly enjoying herself. Her short pink hair whipped around her face she rocked on me, small breasts swaying with the motion, her mouth was open in a gasping expression of surprise and ecstasy, and he eyes were mirthful. I grabbed her buttcheeks and held her in place while experimenting with upward thrusts. Dammit she was tight. Freed from the responsibility of movement, she straightened and began running her hands over her face and tits, stroking her hair before adopting a naughty, playful expression and reaching down to our joining to begin diddling her clit.

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