tagBDSMMessy Ch. 20

Messy Ch. 20


"Dammit, get out of here, this is my rocket! Not yours! Git!"

On the small screen, Jessie waved her hand through cobwebs, scattering the gossamer threads to the breeze. She moved around the cramped metal confines of the nose of the rocket slide, breaking up webs and pitching trash out between the close-set bars before finally settling down cross-legged on the floor. "Sorry about that. First time I've been up here this year, little bastards forgot who owns this place."

I smiled broadly at the screen. Damn, it felt good to see her.

She was just as gorgeous as when I'd last seen her - dressed unusually conservatively in a knee-length denim skirt made entirely out of patches, and a pink and black striped tank top appropriate for the warm May air. She'd shaved the side of her head again like when I'd first met her, and the rest of her black hair had been cut to chin length and gelled into spikes. Between that and the dark eye makeup, she looked positively vampiric.

Just the way I liked.

Jessie tucked her hair behind her ears and very demurely folded her hands in her lap and looked directly into the camera. "So. How was your day?"

"It was good. I got a promotion at work, that was nice. They like the metrics I'm putting up, and they want me to make them even more money."

"Wow, you've been there what, for, five months and already a promotion. That's great!"

I shrugged. "It's work. But I'm full time now, so more money and the potential for benefits. I kinda don't want to go back to teaching. Maybe I will, maybe I won't, not sure yet." The college had promised me a return to work date of the beginning of the fourth semester as long as I didn't get arrested again, and I was hemming and hawwing privately about whether I should go back at all. "How about you, how was your day?"

"It was a day. I'm waiting on my friend McKenna to get her code running and give me a demonstration. I'll be able to do much more effective advertising when I can see and hear what our product does, and I'll be able to advertise it to potential buyers more easily. Other than that, did some sewing for the clothing company. That's about it. Looked forward to our date tonight."

"Not sure I'd call it a date..." I was sitting in my side yard watching the sun go down, a craft McDonald's burger and a mug with some high-end Wild Turkey in on a card table next to me. Unable to go Milwaukee, I'd proposed Skyping Jessie while we were both outside, and "sharing" a meal. I'd sent her giftcards for the new McDonald's meals she wanted to try, and money enough to buy bourbon a few shelves up from what she usually drank. I was going to sit on my lawn, she had taken her meal to the top of the rocket slide jungle gym thing she'd shown me back in December, and we were going to eat together.

As together as two people can be when separated by hundreds of miles and legal bullshit.

"What else is new in your life? Anything fun?" Jessie asked.

I shrugged. "Got two stripes on my belt in martial arts class. Gonna compete in a pistol shooting competition tomorrow. Achieved my personal best bench press yesterday. That's about it. Work. Sleep. Training."

"Sleep with anyone fun?" The look on her face was amused.

"Got seduced by one of the police officers working on my case. That wasn't fun. Sienna set up a rendezvous with a model on her birthday. That WAS fun. You?"

"Just a girlfriend or two," she said innocently. "Saving myself for the next time I see you."

I raised my eyebrows and gave her a disbelieving look. "Really."

Her cute smile spread to a grin. "Ok, well, there was this really cute shelver at the grocery store I go to." Her voice grew wistful. "He has a really nice dick..." Then she burst out laughing.

"More detail than I needed," I said with mock disapproval. "But seriously, I'm glad you're having fun."

"Me too. You mentioned your case... Any movement on that? Any closer to being cleared?"

"Nada. The woman I, uh, I met with said there's no evidence against me. So that's good. My college told me I can return to work later this year. Might not want to."

"I'm sorry."

"It is what it is. I'm making it work. You wanna break into those burgers now? I'm famished."

Paper rustled as we unbagged the burgers, and Jessie groaned as she took a bite. "That is some damn good fast food..." she announced after she finished chewing.

It was good, I had to admit. Better than fast food had a right to be. I uncorked the bottle at my feet and poured some into my mug. Jessie poured a few fingers into her Solo cup, and I raised my glass to the screen in a toast. "To the internet. The bastards can't keep us apart."

Jessie giggled and pretended to clink her glass with me, then took a sip. The look on her face as she swallowed was almost like watching her get penetrated- a series of winces, shivers, and finally a wide-mouthed gasp. "Shit, that is...wow...yeah. That is strong."

I'd maintained my composure a bit better, but I too was amazed by the strength. "Good though, right?"

"Great with a burger. And company. Thank you."

We ate and drank in silence, and despite the screens and miles between us, I felt like I was actually sharing a meal with the pale girl. With the convertible on her knees, I could watch her dab up sauce with a napkin, lick her fingers, fret over whether she dropped an onion on her shirt. A soft breeze blew through the rocket ship, and some of the hair which had escaped the gel hold drifted on the currents. Behind her, trees gold-lit by the setting sun rustled in the wind, and if I closed my eyes, I could feel that same warm on my own skin and imagine I was hundreds of miles away.

It didn't beat being there, but I could pretend.

We talked for another half hour, finishing the burgers and refilling our cups several times. Night had fallen, and Jessie transferred the video call to her phone as she walked home, pointing out various landmarks and the beautifully lit Milwaukee streets, all the while singing Rocket Man - a rendition I had to admit was far better than Elton's. I moved inside, carrying my convertible into the bathroom and sitting on the vanity. Sienna was working late and Tori was - predictably - drinking and watching a movie. I wanted to be alone with my internet date.

Jessie threw her keys on the counter, set the bottle there as well, and hiked herself up. She held the phone at arm's length with one hand, chewed on a fingernail. "Don't you ever try to cop a feel, Gary?"

I raised an eyebrow.

She stuck her lower lip out. "Again, I haven't been wearing any underwear this whole evening, and you haven't even asked to see. I'm kinda insulted..."

I could feel my heartrate pick up, and my pants begin to tighten. "Why don't you show me then?"

"Are you sure you want to see? You didn't seem interested before."

"Yes, Jessie, I want to see. Show me." I injected some steel into my voice.

She stiffened. "Yes, Sir." Slowly she pulled her tanktop up, and instead of pulling it off, ducked and stretched the hem behind her head. "One of the advantages of having tiny tits like mine is being able to go without a bra. Lots of guys tell me they're too small though..."

I imagined kissing around the slight curves of her chest, rolling my tongue around her obviously hard nipples before sucking and nibbling them until she screamed. "Fuck them. You're perfect the way you are."

Was that a blush or arousal that flushed her face? Probably arousal, as she began squeezing and kneading the small bumps with her free hand, holding the camera far enough back so that I could see her masturbate, and see the expression of feral joy that crossed her face, the open-mouth gasp of pleasure twisting at one corner to a smirk. Jessie kept it up, sucking her fingers erotically and teasing the wet tips across her sensitive skin, heightening her lust with soft caresses.

"Show me your pussy," I commanded.

The pale girl quit touching herself and gave her phone's camera an innocent look. "But I don't have a pussy, daddy."

I scowled at her and she fought the return of that smirk. Finally, Jessie broke down. "Would you like to see my cunt? I have one of those instead..."

"Yes, Jessie, I would like you to show me your cunt."

She shimmied off the counter and fumbled one-handed to undo her skirt. The denim fell away, and she arched her hips out slightly, maneuvered the camera down to give me an up-shot of her bare-shaven vulva. "You like?"


The lips were glistening wet, and she parted them delicately, showing me pink flesh and the small entrance they concealed. Jessie dragged two fingers up to press firmly down on her clitoris, rubbing in slow circles. The camera moved back up to her face, where her eyes were half closed, her mouth wide open in a silent exclamation of pleasure as she rubbed. Her chest rose and fell quickly as she increased the speed, a small moan escaping her lips as she tilted her head back. "I want you to be doing this, daddy. Making me wetter and wetter before you fuck me."

"I wish I was there too, darlin'."

"Do you want to fuck me tonight? You can, you know."

I raised an eyebrow and Jessie hopped off the counter, walked a short distance, the camera blurring with the movement. She dropped to her knees, and held the phone aloft, showing me a very realistic dildo hanging in front of her, likely suction-cupped to a wall or other vertical surface. She artistically locked both hands and began to stroke it, pump it slowly. "I love sucking a cock on my knees," she said breathlessly. "Especially yours. I think back to the first time we met, to that weekend we had, all the times I've knelt before you, and I get so wet I just have to touch myself..."

Her lips brushed up and down the toy, tongue flicking across the artificial skin, eyes closed as she showed me her devotion to treating the fake cock with the care and reverence she wanted to give mine. After an eternity of teasing the toy, she lowered her mouth around it, sucking gently at the head while pumping the shafted, her actions growing faster, more determined, more lustful, until she slid as far down the shaft as she could. The camera angle lowered as she rested her elbow on her hip, showing her performing fellatio from the side. Her throat bulged as she moved up and down on the toy, holding down a little bit longer each time, pulling back with a cough and a gasp, wiping strings of saliva from her mouth, smearing them on the rubber phallus before diving back down again to gag herself yet again.

The show was insanely erotic, and it conjured up memories of the lithe girl in bed next to, below, or on top of me, offering me exquisite pleasure with her mouth. Not selflessly of course, because it was quite clear she was getting off on this as well. Jessie popped off the end of the toy and moaned softly, reaching down between her spread legs. Her eyes closed as her fingers moved, and when her hand reappeared, her fingers glistened with feminine juices. "Look what you made me do," she said in that girlish voice, before sucking those fingers clean.

"Fuck, you're hot," I whispered, and the look of pure joy she gave the selfie-camera made me happier than anything else this week or month.

"Would you like to fuck me?" Jessie asked, batting her eyes at me innocently.

"You know I do."

The phone clattered as she set it on the floor, and then there was a processor-blurred motion as Jessie moved outside the frame, back into it, repositioned herself, and then pulled the camera to lay beneath her. It appeared she was now on her hands and knees, and as I watched, she reached down and back, and then she closed her eyes and inhaled as, out of frame, she slid back onto the dildo. "You fill me up so well, Gary," she whispered, concentrating on the show back and forth movements that were accustoming her to accepting the large toy. "I love the way it kinda hurts because you're so big, but you fuck me anyway cuz that's what YOU want..."

Jessie bit her lip and pushed back harder, fucking herself on the fake cock, pulling away then forcing it back in, each movement accompanied by those girlish gasps and squeaks I knew so well. Her hair swung and her small breasts jiggled and a look of joyous concentration to over her face as she pounded backward faster and harder, grunting as she rammed the toy home again and again in pursuit of the orgasm that was right... There.

She shrieked loudly and shaking arms almost dumped her bodily on top of her phone, but she managed to stay aloft, instead lowering her head to the floor next to the camera, so all I saw of her face was a blurry image of hair and smooth, pale cheek and one eye. She panted with exertion, and that cheek quirked upwards in what I guessed was that feral smile, and then she went at it again.

And again. And again.

Jessie collapsed to the floor, grabbed her phone, and rolled to her back even while still twitching from her fourth orgasm. She looked up at the camera and smile tiredly at me. Her face, neck, and chest were flushed a shocking - against her milk-white skin - pink, and shiny with sweat, and he breathing was audibly heavy. "Thank you, daddy," she said with a happy sigh. "That was wonderful."

I smiled. "You're welcome."

"Can I watch you cum now? That's SO hot..."

I slid off the vanity and undressed, difficult with the phone held in one hand, and stepped into the shower stall. I slowly played the camera up and down my body, and the tinny speakers distorted Jessie's wolf-whistle. "Very nice, Gary."

Once I had the phone angled to show as much of me as possible, I took my straining erection in hand and began pumping. On the screen, Jessie moaned at the sight and reached down out of view to touch herself. "What are you thinking about, how are you imagining me pleasing you?"

The thoughts that were running though my head was a mixed up jumble of my time with the pale girl, an out-of-order slide show of our sexual history - her cutting my thigh during a blowjob, using my belt on her, the time we'd spent in my hotel room, making her lick my cum off the shower door and then the gentleness with which I'd pinned her within the white cocoon of bedclothes and slowly fucked her, that initial incendiary encounter at the Halloween Bash, ordering her to masturbate for me and others before taking her mouth and ass, her high-pitched squeals of pleasure and pain as she submitted to my desires, the way the loincloth of Tori's space-princess costume had shifted around her muscular legs...my pumps became faster and faster and I groaned as my cock swelled further and my muscles tensed and strings of white jetted from the tip of my iron-hard member to drop onto the tile floor of the shower. I just kept shooting, six, seven blasts of semen before the muscle contractions slowed and my emission became a weak dribble.

I was sweating and my body was so clenched with aftershocks of pleasure that my toes felt like they were gripping the floor.

"Mmmm..." Onscreen, Jessie licked her lips at the display and slowly rose, walking to her bed and collapsing onto it. "Thank you for cumming for me. That was nice."

I leaned against the wall. "I'm all wore out now. That was intense."

She grinned. "Take a shower and go to bed. That's what I'm gonna do. And dream of your dick inside me..."

"Goodnight, Jessie."

"Goodnight, daddy." She looked wistfully at me across the miles and electrons a while longer, then she poked the screen with one slim finger and my device beeped and she was gone.

I felt empty as I showered. Felt weird. Felt messy. Felt like I'd betrayed Jessie with thoughts of Tori creeping between us. Felt like I shouldn't feel messy at all, what got me off was what got me off, big deal. Felt like I should feel messy thinking about Tori when there was a gorgeous, yearning, submissive woman on the screen in front of me.

I crawled into bed and sleep did not come easily.

At some point in the night, I heard the back door open as Sienna got home. Minutes passed and the microwave dinged. More minutes and the water ran in the bathroom sink and the toilet flushed. The stairs creaked and Sienna crept slowly into the bedroom. She undressed with a rustle of clothing and then the bed shifted and I felt her nude body press against mine, back to front. "Hold me?"

I wrapped my arms around her and we snuggled down together into a comfortable position. "Today was long," she said eventually.

"I'm sorry."

"I took the inventory shift so we can use that birthday gift you gave me next weekend. Is that ok?"

I thought over my work schedule. "Should be."

"Good. I need some time with just you." Sienna snuggled close and I wrapped my arms around her tighter, buried my face in her silky blonde hair.

The relationships I wanted and the relationships people wanted with me seemed to be forever off-kilter, and it just wasn't FUN anymore. I felt messier and messier. Why couldn't we go back to Thanksgiving? To the way things were.


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