tagLoving WivesMetaMorph Ch. 02

MetaMorph Ch. 02


His discovery happened like most discoveries of this nature do, because of a moment's decision to do something different.

An opportunity had come up for June. It was on a Sylvester Stallone action movie, being shot in Louisiana – in New Orleans. Sylvester Stallone – long a champion of those up and coming – had requested June work on his project, and he'd given her a full producer credit and a full time job, rather than purely short term contract. She would make twice as much as she normally did, get a full producers credit – which was worth gold in Hollywood – and she was now at the point where names in movies were requesting her presence.

After hearing about it, June came home to find Dan sitting on the couch, trying to better his score on Call of Duty.

She stood right in front of the TV and said, "We need to talk, Dan."

Dan went cold. These were words that no man wants to hear. He instantly imagined the worst.

He turned off the TV and just sat there, waiting for her to end his life.

June started to explain the offer. It was shooting in New Orleans, but the actual shoot was budgeted out at 11 weeks. She'd be on staff for at least a month before that in LA, and then three months in post. She'd been offered a three thousand dollar a week stipend for when she was out of town, and as she explained, that money could be a down payment on a house, for the two of them, a dream they both shared. At the end of the explanation, June simply said, "It's a producer credit Dan. A producer credit. You know we've both been waiting for this. But I won't do it if you say no. It's your call."

Dan balked. He knew it was a good offer – a great one in fact. But it would take her away, and he was low enough already.

But he had to be strong. This is what she'd worked for. And he wasn't contributing much, so he had to support her, even if he didn't want her to go. He was a little resentful that it had been presented in the fashion it had; he couldn't very well say No when it was phrased the way it had been by June, but still, he loved his wife and he wanted her to be happy and successful, so he just said, "Sure, you should do it. But please, lets not make a habit of this."

June had smiled delightedly and thrown her arms around his neck, covering his face with kisses. That night, they had the best sex they'd had in months, although afterwards, Dan knew it was just because she had gotten what she wanted – that and the fact that soon she'd be gone.

The next day June confirmed her acceptance of the position, within a week she had reported for work – this time she had gone full on 1940's screen siren. Her hair had grown back and she was a chestnut brunette – with long luxurious draped hair and full on 1940's style makeup.

She took Dan's breath away the first day they had breakfast before she reported for work.

The first month was grueling for both. June had to get up to speed and get production moving on the movie and Dan had to sit there watch it, helpless to assist. And then it was time for June to go. Dan took her to the airport, and they stood at the security gate, professing endless love for each other. For the first time since he had proposed, Dan saw a tear on Junes face as she kissed him and held him. And then it was time for her to go, and she left, waving at him through the security line until she was swallowed by the airport.

Dan returned to an empty apartment and sat in the dark for hours, drinking Jack and Coke and wondering how he could be so lucky and so unlucky at the same time. He had the most awesome girl in the world and he was miserable because he didn't feel like he deserved her.

For the first 5 weeks, she called every day, sometimes twice a day. Then it became every other day, and the calls became shorter. She sent emails, and most of those started to go down to two or three lines. He could see the stress on her – being a full producer was a seriously higher level of stress over what she'd been carrying so far in her career and he could read between the lines that she'd been unprepared for it.

Then an email arrived telling him she'd be back for a couple of days – apparently one of the actors they'd used and finished with needed to re-record some lines since some dialog had changed and she needed to be back in LA to supervise the ADR recording. Dan was overjoyed.

He met her at the airport and was surprised at how tired she looked. All the way back to the apartment he peppered her with questions, but she just wasn't interested in answering, staring out the window the whole way. Dan put it down to jet lag, tiredness in general and did his best to make sure she had a good meal when she got home.

Once she was home, June sat at the dinner table and just complained about everything. The movie, working for a super star, the other production staff, how hot it was, how New Orleans was too loud – how they'd been put up at a hotel one road down from Bourbon Street, which was great to start with but by the second week, when all anyone wanted was sleep, they were kept up all night by the rowdy crowds. They would have moved, but the production company had gotten a great deal on the rooms and as such, they were staying.

Then she lit into Dan, saying the apartment was a mess, he was a slob and what the hell was he trying to serve her for dinner?

Dan was taken a back. This was a side to June he'd not seen much of and while he understood she was tired, there was something underlying her outbursts. When the got into bed, he tried to give her a foot massage and she snatched her foot back and said, "I'm just tired Dan. You have no idea what it's like to be nursemaid to those assholes." Then she turned her back and went to sleep.

The next day she was gone before he woke up and he found a note saying she would be out all day at the recording studio, and back late, and that she had to leave early in the morning.

When she got home, Dan hadn't prepared anything, thinking they could go out for a meal. When he was honest with himself, it was because he didn't want to prepare anything and have her attack him again. He thought if they went wherever she wanted, she had no reason to be as pissed off as she evidently was.

So they went to Katsuyua Sushi, in Brentwood – one of her favorite places. She actually managed to be in a better mood and they had a great night. She explained how the movie was staring a new up and coming actor, and this guy had seriously let one good review go to his head. His ego was out of control and it was her job to keep him happy. She did impressions of him demanding stupid stuff and making outrageous demands, and it was her job to say no, but not piss him off unduly while doing it. Dan began to see how wearing that could be.

After dinner, they went home and Dan poured a glass of wine for the both of them, and went for the foot massage again. This time June was receptive, and basically sat back, watching him.

When he was done, she put down her drink and sat down on the carpet next to him and said, "I really don't deserve you Dan. I honestly don't."

She was near to sobbing, something Dan had never seen before. He just held her until she got herself under control, then took her to the bedroom where they made love. Or at least that was the plan. When they got to the bedroom, June just changed. Suddenly she was desperate for his cock. She just pulled down his pants and stuffed her face in his groin, catching his rapidly hardening cock in her mouth. She sucked and licked at his cock like a madwoman, keeping her eyes on his as she did it.

She kept popping his cock out and rubbing it over her face and saying, "You like that baby? You like your cock over your little wife's face? You wanna coat me with cum, do you? Tell me, tell me you do."

That was also new. While June could be verbal while they were having sex, it was normally moaning or the occasional "Fuck me" – actual conversation, particularly a nasty as this – was a new thing. Not that Dan was complaining. It was new but also rather novel – he was getting off on his efficient and prim wife saying such nasty things.

She wouldn't let Dan cum though. She kept him hard, and then, pausing only to pull her clothes off franticly, she turned and got on all fours and presented her ass to him. She looked back and said, "You gonna fuck me stud? I need it. I need it now."

And Dan did. Without any messing around or preamble, he just shoved his cock in hard; just like he had the very first time they had sex. And like that time, he just slid right in. June was wet – she was dripping – and his cock just plowed her.

Her back arched and she started the moaning, interspersed with statements like, "Oh god yes." And "I need this. Fuck me. Fuck your wife. Fuck your wife's cunt."

First the verbals and now the bad language. This was getting interesting!

Dan just kept on going to town at her pussy. At one point he almost pushed her over, he was banging so hard. When that happened June moved forward and Dan's cock popped out and he almost cried out with frustration.

June looked back, smiled and told him to lie down. She then mounted his obscenely hard cock that was jutting up with reverse cowgirl and just did all the work herself. What was even hotter was that the long mirror in their bedroom just happened to be pointing at the bed, so Dan could raise his head a little, crane it a bit and he could see June in the mirror, impaled on his cock, bouncing up and down, with her eyes closed and a finger clamped to her clit.

He could feel her getting closer and closer until she moaned loud enough to wake the neighbors, shook all over and then collapsed back on him. That hurt, since he was still full engorged and still inside her, and when she tilted back, it took his cock to a painful angle.
He had to push June off and dis-engage his rapidly softening cock before something got torn.

June rolled over and slowly her breathing returned to normal. She smiled up at Dan and said, "Christ I needed that."

The she looked down to Dan's slowly wilting cock and frowned and said, "Did you get off yet?"

Dan just looked at her and then shook his head. He started to say, "It doesn't matter" when June interrupted him and said," Yes it does. Don't be so stupid. Hmm... I know what we need to do..." and she got a wicked smile on her face.

"Think I'm wet back there?" she asked Dan, who had a birds eye view.

"Err, yes," he replied, "I'd say so."

"Good," said June. She got back on all fours and wiggled her ass at him and said, "Do me, Dan. Do me in the ass. But go slow. But do it."

She wasn't entire coherent but Dan didn't care. He was mesmerized. He'd wanted to fuck her ass for years, but every time he'd tried, she'd either yelled at him or moved herself so the angle wasn't there.

Now she was inviting him and he didn't need a second invitation. By now his cock was rigid again – in fact you could probably have pounded nails in with it by now.

He dipped it in her pussy again, to get it lubricated, and she groaned as he did it. Then he pulled it out and stuck three fingers in instead, to lubricate those too. She groaned again and pushed back on his fingers, needing the invasion.

Once his fingers were well coated, he rubbed them around her anus, and slowly inserted one, doing his best not to get his fingernails in the way. He was aware how sensitive the inner walls could be and he didn't want to tear anything.

As he pushed the first finger in, June stiffened and jerked forward, away from his finger, but he just went with her, leaving his finger inside. After a moment or two, June started to relax and he began pushing his finger in and out, slowly. She got into the rhythm and started to push back on the finger, until Dan added a second one, and then a third. Each time it took June a few moments to become used to her ass being stretched, but after a few moments, Dan got back into finger fucking her ass and she started to get into it.

Then, after he had three fingers in her up to the knuckle, he popped his fingers out, and positioned his iron cock back at her pussy, thrust it in and out a few times to recoat it with her juices – and he noticed that June was starting to pant again, signaling how into the whole situation she really was – and then he popped his cock out and positioned at her brown ring. He slowly pushed forward and suddenly his helmet pushed into her ass.

All the books say that now, you stop and just wait, while the lady adjusts internally. Certainly moaned sharply, and not the 'fuck me harder' kind of moan. This was pain. Dan instantly went to move and pull his cock out when June said, "No, leave it there. I just need to get used to it... give me a minute."

So Dan just knelt there, waiting for June to make the next move. And she did. Very slowly she inched backwards, impaling herself more on Dan's rigid cock. He could hear her gasp as she did so.

For his part, he couldn't believe how tight her asshole was. Beyond that, it was just velvety, but right around the asshole itself, it clenched at his cock and he loved the feeling.

Slowly, June built up a rhythm, of pushing back and Dan moved in the opposite way. Within a couple of minutes, the rhythm was starting to move faster and June suddenly said, "Christ Dan, fuck me. Fuck my slutty ass. Fuck it hard, lover. I want to feel you cum."

Well, that pretty much did it as far as Dan was concerned, and he suddenly became a powerhouse of fucking. He banged his wife's ass with all his three hundred pounds behind it, and she'd know she was fucked in the morning, that was for sure.

It didn't take long for him to loose control, not with the new and nasty experience of him doing her ass, and he begging for it repeatedly. After ten minutes, he felt it coming on, and it engulfed him, and he spurted deep inside her, gasping for breath as he did so.

His cock softened and flopped out of her, and he sank down on the bed next to her. June rolled over and looked at him through long eyelashes and smiled. "You like that?"

Dan just nodded, still trying to catch his breath. Once he did he said, "Why did we wait so long for that?"

June looked into the distance and after a while said, "I just need you to know how much I love you. This was for you. You deserve it. You are the best man I know and I need you to know that."

That was an unusual statement from June, normally after they had made love, she got a drink and made silly small talk. A heartfelt statement was out of place. But then, Dan reasoned, what they had just done was out of place too, so perhaps that was ok. Either way, he was content to go with the flow.

However, the next morning, June was in a less pleasant mood. They both got up early, and June repacked to return to New Orleans, knowing better what she'd need this time. She couldn't find anything she wanted and her temper frayed very fast.

When Dan made breakfast, she just looked at it and said, "I don't have time for this." And then marched out to the car.

The drive to the airport was made in tense silence, June again alone with her thoughts. The only thing she said on the entire drive was, "I really wish I didn't have to go back. I don't like it there."

Dan looked at her, wanting to say something but didn't really know what to say. He offered the statement, "You don't have to go. You can stay here if it's that bad," to which he got a scathing reply of "It doesn't matter what I think. I have a contract and I need to get this done."

And that ended that conversation.

She insisted he drop her off rather than come in and she literally just jumped out of the car, had the trunk open and yanked her carry on out before Dan was out of the drivers side and round the car.

She stood waiting for him, radiating impatience as he came to give her a kiss goodbye and turned her head a the last minute so he got the side of her face instead.

Dan was taken aback, this wasn't the June he had made love to – no fucked – last night, or the June he'd live with for the past few years. The stress of the job was obviously eating her and he made an internal pledge that this would be the last time she worked away from home, if he could help it.

Not even looking at Dan, June took hold of her bag and walked off into the terminal. Dan stood staring after her in dismay, until he was yelled at by an airport cop for leaving his car running at the curbside.

He scrambled back into it and with one last glance at the terminal doors, he drove off.

Two days later he was sitting in his friend Donnie's, basement. Donnie was a classic dopehead dropout. Young, stupid in lots of ways and incredibly smart in others, he lived in the basement of the house he'd inherited from his mother when she died the year before. No one quite knew why he still lived in the basement when he had the whole house to himself and when questioned, he just shrugged and said, "I'm used to it, man." Donnie worked at the same comic book store as Dan, handling the comic ordering chores.

They sat there, playing Zork on a laptop and with Dan pouring out his heart and fears to Donnie, who sat there, nodding interestedly even though he was patently stoned out of his mind. In fact, this was the only reason that Dan even was unburdening himself, because he knew Donnie would never remember anything he said when he sobered up.

He didn't expect much from Donnie – Donnie was one of those people who believed in the romance of life – whatever life threw at you, true love could overcome. No one knew quite why Donnie believed this so much because besides his mother, Donnie had never had a relationship with a woman last more than twenty minutes, and even then money usually had to change hands.

Donnie listened politely, sparking up another joint, taking a deep breath and handing it to Dan, and said, "Dude, why are you still here?"

That was unexpected. "What do you mean?" asked Dan, genuinely curious.

"Well, why the hell aren't you there with her? I mean, why are you here and she is there? If it's all such true love, why don't you go with her? What's keeping you here?"

That one stopped Dan. He simply hadn't thought of going with her.

"Besides," continued Donnie, "Think of how romantic it would be. You show up at her hotel, blasting music and protesting eternal love. Throw rose petals on her bed. Wake her with Champaign. She can't resist man!"

Donnie took back the joint and took another deep drag.

"Er, Donnie, I think that's the plot to that Jon Cusack movie? The one with the ghetto blaster?"

Puffing out the smoke, Donnie said, "Whatever dude. You know it's right."

Dan sat there, thinking it through. The idea wasn't half bad. He had enough cash to buy himself a return flight – even if he didn't stay, he could at least have a week with her, and they could patch up whatever was bothering her.

The more he thought about the idea, the more he wanted to do it – surprise her. The worst that could happen is dinner with his wife in an exotic city and some bumming around a place he'd never been before while she worked in the day.

So that's what he did. He bought a Southwest return ticket – that way he could come home when he wanted rather than being set on a specific day, so he wouldn't outlast his welcome. He packed up a bag, included a bottle of Champaign and even rose petals in a plastic bag. And off he went.

Dan had never been to New Orleans before, and drank in the trip for the airport to downtown, marveling at the French influence in the architecture, and looking at all the Hurricane Katrina damage with depression.

He was dropped off at the hotel the production company just after 8pm. He wanted to surprise June, so he approached the main desk to get a key card to her room. In the end it took both his ID and a fifty note to get the card, but once he had it, he went up to her room.

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