Metamorphosis Ch. 03


"Liv I'm here" heather announced.

"I'm in the kitchen babe, come in" She was standing at the kitchen counter pouring rum into a blender.

"Hey sis" she said as she walked into the kitchen. They exchanged the half kiss/half cheek rub that women are famous for, and Heather put her keys and purse on the counter.

"Hope you want a daiquiri" Olivia asked, looking over her shoulder and shaking her ass. Her eyebrows rose with the word daiquiri as if she was the exclamation point.

"And I hope you can make it strong enough..."


Heather was sitting on the couch next to her sister, but they were turn towards each other. Heather had her third daiquiri in hand and was passionately discussing a woman from work.

"...I mean, I'm SOO thankful I don't work in the office or I'd choke that little bitch. Always having to be right, always getting in the last word. AND... she's a whore. She slept with like... every guy in the fucking office." and with that she must have thought she'd told the world funniest joke, because she laughed whole heartedly to herself.

Olivia smiled at the sight of this. She hadn't seen her sister loosen up in years. She was dressed casually in short cotton shorts and a tank top. Her dark hair was up in a make shift bun. Naturally the same shade hair as Heather, she added a few white streaks underneath to liven it up. She smiled and laughed and let Heather finish her thought before she decided it was time to interrupt. Olivia never held back or sugar coated anything... nor did she beat around the bush. So when the time presented itself she spoke quickly and gracefully.

"Ok Heath... good gossip... but get to it. Stop tip toeing around and just jump in already." Olivia said with the same smile.

Heather tried being believable when she said "That's it actually... I just wanted to bitch about work and have a few drinks." but she looked all around the room when she said it. Olivia just laughed.

"Heather... get to it" She kept the smile hoping it'd help Heather, but when she saw Heather's face drop and tears well up in her eyes, she stopped smiling and put her drink on the coffee table. She reached over and nudged her sister's chin up and looked her in the eyes. "Heather... whats wrong? You should know by now you can tell me anything."

"I just... It's just that... I feel so... fucked up. There's something wrong with me Olivia"

Still being nice but a little more assertive all Olivia had to say was, "Heath..."

Heather whipped her eyes, took two deep breaths and began. She told her sister all about how she first saw Sean typing last night and how that led to snooping around on the computer earlier today. Then she spared no detail telling her about what she read. She told her everything... how she had been so turned and excited by it. She told her about fingering herself right there and how she squirted for the first time.

"I mean... I've never cum like that Liv. I couldn't even explain it to you, and when I came, I felt the surge or liquid rushing out. I literally soaked the chair and floor" Heather was speaking with energy now, wanting to leave no stone unturned. Olivia didn't feel it was necessary to interrupt Heather and tell her how incredibly hot that sounded. She listened as her sister told her about crying afterwards and the confusion and guilt. She even told her about the routine shower and drive over. When Heather was finished she let out a huge sigh, whipped her ear and finished by telling Olivia how much better she actually felt.

"I know it's all ridiculous, but I feel a lot better and I know It was just a crazy 24 hours. I'm sure It's out of me." Heather told her sister. Although, when Olivia didn't say anything back and kept looking at her, Heather felt her easiness slip away. "Right? I mean it's over with right? What do you think Liv?" Olivia collected her thoughts and began.

"What do I think? Shit... where should I start? Should I start with how I think your fooling yourself or how you're fighting nature? Maybe I should start with your sexual needs... or maybe.... I'll start with where it all begins, Sean's and his little fantasies." She took a sip of her drink and put it back.

"Sean's sexual desires are not abnormal, nor are they unhealthy. Think of his story but with another woman in it. He's obviously longing for an older, loving, open-minded, woman. More specifically, he's longing for an emotional, psychological and sensual connection romantically. He's attracted to the idea of an older woman who will caress his appetite and curiosity. A woman that seduces him with ...

"With motherly love..." Heather interrupted. Her eyes were wide with attentiveness.

"Exactly Heather. He wants sex but with the motherly love you raised him with. That's half of it at least" Olivia said matter-of-factly.

"Wait what?" Heather was confused.

"O there's more. There other half of the fuel for his fantasy is the same as yours, and in that regard you two have the same thing in common." Heather wanted to interrupt because she was lost but before she could Olivia answered her question. "Heather you and Sean are both turned on by the 'forbidden fruit'. Sean wants he can't have, because he's not supposed to want it let alone have it. The idea of of being wrong, of going against the grain is what you two thirst for. You don't want to think about your son like that, but the more you tell yourself its wrong, the more you'll want it. Sean wants to fuck his own mother because generally, that's considered sick and dirty and wrong."

Hearing Olivia say the words 'fuck his own mother' sent a shock through her she hadn't expected, and Olivia recognized the look from a mile away. She knew what she said pushed a little button somewhere in Heather and she wanted to push it more.

"And you too Heather. You've been conditioned to feel guilty about taboo sexuality. Part of your psychology is going to tell you to stop, no, this is wrong, your wrong, whatever... but you need to forget that side. Another part of you is much more thirsty, a more primitive and instinctual part that you can't ignore. Part of you wants to be wrong and dirty and sick, and the idea of it makes you wet. Part of you wants to fuck Sean silly, and BECAUSE he's your son, because it's wrong and sick and so on."

"Olivia... no. To think is one thing but I could never act on it. Ever. I mean... I want lie to you... yes your write about the forbidden being a turn on for me... but Sean IS my son. I just couldn't ever..." Heather trailed off. She was soo confused. "Right?" she asked is if for confirmation.

"You want to know what I think Heather? My conclusive opinion?"

"Ya Liv, please."

"I think you need to embrace it head on. Not only that, but you should nurture it. You need fulfill everyone of Sean's fantasies, not because he's a man and you're a woman, but because he wants his mother's love, and possibly your discipline too. You should embrace your own sexual appetite. What you should do, is read his writings again and find a scene where you seduce him. Then... live it out for him. As your own sister, and Sean's aunt, I'm telling you blatantly... fuck him... because you know part of you wants to already."

Heather didn't say anything for what felt like minutes. Finally, she looked up at her sister with all seriousness, looked her in the eyes and said.... "OK. But I'm going to go slow. And can you talk to him first? Can we figure out a way to get him to tell you everything?"

"Ooo that's easy hun. Ill get every last detail from him before you do anything. I'll take care of it so don't even worry about it, and when I report my findings back to you then you can begin. That work?"

"That works, and thank you Olivia. I'm so glad I told you everything" and with that she got up and hugged her sister. They discussed a few minor details of the upcoming days and after 5 minutes, hugged again and Heather was in the elevator. She felt like a weight had been lifted. Still confused, but much less so. She was even kind of excited to see where the next few days were headed. When she pulled her car out of the parking spot, she had a faint smile on her face....

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