tagIncest/TabooMetamorphosis Ch. 04

Metamorphosis Ch. 04


As Heather was leaving her sisters to head home, Sean was sitting on the living room couch mindlessly flipping through the channels. The house phone rang and with a sigh of annoyance, he got up and headed for the kitchen to answer it.

"Hello?" he said without looking at the caller ID

"Hey stud." His mother's voice playfully replied. "You want to go out and get some pizza with a smoking hottie?"

Sean couldn't tell where his mom's sudden playfulness came from but he didn't mind it. Thinking quickly he said, "No... I'd rather just skip the pleasantries all together and just take her home with me." He had expected his mom to give a 'Hardy Har' and stop joking after that, so he quite surprised with what came next.

"Ooo? You think you could handle her?" Heathers playful tone had taken on a new level of sultriness. "Well you better hope so buddy boy, because you're getting your wish."

Sean was becoming hard just by the sound of her almost seductive playfulness. He couldn't keep it up or he'd blow it. All he said was, "Hopefully. Anyway, what's the plan?"

"How about I pick up a pizza on the way home, you pick out a movie, and we'll enjoy each other's company in about... say an hour?"

"Sounds good to me. Any idea's for the movie?" Sean asked.

"A movie you wouldn't mind watching with your mother I suppose." Heather said

"Well in that case you can pick the movie when you're back and we'll order it."

"Sounds like a date." Heather said before she hung up. Both Heather and Sean smiled to themselves.


An hour later, Sean was flipping through the channels on the TV when Heather walked in the front door carrying a pizza. They both greeted each other with a casual "hey", trying not to let the anxiety in their voice creep out. Heather kicked off her shoes, walked into the kitchen, and put the pizza box on the counter. By the time she was opening the cabinets to get the plates Sean was walking in the room.

"Smells good, thanks for dinner." he said as he pulled a can of Coke out of the fridge. "How's Aunt Olivia, everything OK?"

"Yep, everything's fine in her world. I just thought I go over a catch up for little." Heather tried to say casually. "She says hello. Also she wanted me to tell you she'll give you a call sometime soon." She handed one of the plates to Sean and headed back into the living room. Sean couldn't help but watch her ass move as he followed her. They both took a seat on the couch, and for a second, they both forgot their secret agendas and ate pizza together in what felt like a moment of normalcy.

"So tell me handsome, what's the movie going to be?" Heather asked as she put her plate on the coffee table and picked up the remote control.

"It's your show, so you tell me." Sean replied. "Something you're comfortable watching with your son I suppose." He couldn't help but smirk after using his mother's own words against her.

"OK." Heather said playfully. "But tonight you're my date, not my son, so why don't we watch a date movie. Either a romance or a horror. Hmmm..." she thought out loud. Sean had to keep his growing excitement under wraps in response to his mother's comment, so he tried his best to sound unenthusiastic about both.

"Both sound lovely" he said sarcastically. Truthfully though, he was excited about where either could end up.

"Well since you sound so enthused, we'll go with romance since I'm sure that's what you'd enjoy best." Heather surfed through the on-demand options for romance movies, until she finally settled on a newer movie that starred a middle aged actress and a young actor half her age. Coincidentally, the movie was about a man that falls in love with his fiancé's mother. Both Heather and Sean hid their excitement for the plot when reading the synopsis. Heather hit the play button and they sat in silence for the first few minutes of the movie, like two teenagers on their first date together.

Heather finally broke the silence after a few minutes and asked, "So stud, you're not embarrassed having a date night with your old boring mom, are you?" She could hear the playful tease in her voice building on its own.

"Are you kidding? I don't think you're old or boring at all! I actually think you're... " Sean said without thinking. He hadn't meant to sound so excited. He was a bit embarrassed about that actually. He toned it down to finish his comment. "...fun." he said. Heather actually laughed out loud a little at that and smiled.

"Just fun? Come on, be honest. Say what you were planning on saying... that you don't think I'm old and boring, but actually ancient and dreadfully boring." At this they both laughed a little uneasily.

Sean wanted to be sincere, but he didn't know to way extent. "No, I don't mom. I think you're beautiful and interesting." he said. Even after trying to tone it down, it sounded genuine. He was too embarrassed to look away from the TV. Heather couldn't help but feel a jolt of happiness surge through her body.

She wanted to keep the conversation playfully naughty though. She said, "I forgot that guys will say anything to get some."

The conversation stayed flirtatious like this for about an hour, until the movie became increasingly sexual and a tension began filling the air. Both Heather and Sean we're highly turned on by the movie at this point, and Heather realized this was it, the chance to get her foot in the door.

"I don't understand what it is about older women that make guys your age so attracted to them." Heather tried saying nonchalantly, all while she was secretly bubbling inside. "Can you shed any light on the subject?" she asked.

"Ummm..." Sean started, already clearly uncomfortable. "I don't know. We just are I guess." His heart was beating a mile a minute. They both watched the TV screen as a actress in her 40's slowly leaned into the kiss of a man half her age. They both throbbed with nervousness and lust.

"I mean, just look at that guy. He's practically going to have a heart attack just by the anticipation of kissing her." she said. "Is it really like that sweetie? Is just kissing an older woman really that enthralling?" she asked, finally finding the courage to turn and look at her son.

Sean briefly turned and made eye contact with his mother, but only for a few seconds, before he filled with embarrassment and nervousness and his cheeks blushed. "I um... I don't know. I've never kissed an older woman before." he said, now fully embarrassed. "But I'd ah, you know..."

"Like to?" Heather asked before Sean could finish.

"Ya" he replied dimly.

Heather moved in closer to her son. Close enough they could feel each other's heart pounding. "Then do it. Kiss me. Find out if it's all you hope it is."

"But you're my mo...."

"Shhhh" Heather interrupted him quickly. "Tonight I'm just your date remember?"

They stared at each other for what felt like hours. They both knew what they wanted and what this would start. Lust surged through them like a static frequency that pulled them closer together. After a few second, Sean closed his eyes and leaned forward until he felt the softness of his mothers lips pressed against his own. Both Heather and Sean were engulfed by the sensuality of the moment, both lost in a maze of lust. Everything seemed like a catalyst to this very moment. Neither of them wanted to pull away from the warmth of the other's lips, but after ten seconds that felt more like ten hours, Heather pulled away to look at her son. She felt like her control was slipping away.

"So... was it better? As exciting as you hoped for?" Heather asked her son. She thought it was funny hearing herself try and sound calm about it. She didn't want Sean to know about her feelings just yet.

"Mom... that was... that was..." Sean tried.

"...just a kiss sweetie. It was just a kiss." and with that she planted another quick kiss on his forehead and stood up. "I got to clean a few things up and grab a shower, so I hope you don't mind if I cut this date a little short." In reality though, she needed a little time to regain herself and think about what had happened, and Sean was too shocked to be upset about anything. Heather headed up the stairs and closed her bedroom door behind her.

************************ Sean heard the bedroom door close upstairs, but it wasn't until a few minutes later that he actually processed it. He was still sitting on the couch in a daze, unable to come to terms with what just happened. For a brief moment he considered the idea that it happened at all, but the lingering sensation of his mother's lips against his was too convincing. The moment starting seeming not as distant, and when Sean accepted it as reality, his head flushed with excitement and energetic bliss.

"Did that just happen? Is this happening?" he asked himself with an internal giddiness. He became aware that he was rock hard. "I must've been the whole time" he thought. Sexual energy pumped through him as he became more and more engulfed by what had just happened. He moved for the stairs without thinking or hesitation, and hurried up them two at a time.

Sean was in his bedroom with the door closed behind him before he knew it. He paced around his room with a wide smile on his face and running his hand through his hair. Thoughts and images ran through his head faster than he could follow them. He could see his mother face closing in on his again in his mind's eye. He thought about the new found playfulness that was quickly developing between them. It was all becoming too much.

It wasn't long at all before he was on his bed masturbating. Imagies of his mother and the feeling of her their kiss surged through him. His fantasy world took hold behind closed eyes, and it was his mother's hand stroking him. He looked down into her eyes as she stroked him. Her face was full of seduction as he looked up at him. The image was crystal clear behind closed eyes.

"Oooo ..." he moaned out loud, taken away by the fantasy playing in his imagination. "That's it mom, I'm so close. I'm gonna cum mom..." he moaned loudly, completely unaware and uncaring of his volume. He was engulfed by his lust, and quickly climaxed. He thought it was possible that he came harder than he had ever before.


While Sean was running up the stairs and into his room, Heather was already pacing around her room just the same. She examined the moment chaotically, filled with the same excited, confused haze that overtook her son. She felt like a woman in transition, like a woman watching her own transformation from a far.

She sat down at the foot of her bed and thought introspectively. "Is this really happening? Am I'm going to do this? I shouldn't. I know I shouldn't." she questioned herself.

"But..." A lingering 'what-if' pulled at her, a prominent split in reasoning. Her rationality was succumbing to her emotions.

"But... It... it feels amazing. I feel more turned on than I ever have." she thought. "I shouldn't... but I want to." She was high on lust. Heather sat on bed thinking about the kiss, thinking about what Olivia had said, thinking about how far she was willing to take this. The last thought was the pressing matter on her mind.

Even through her domineering libido, she knew there were limits she couldn't ignore, limits that seemed to be underlying and predefined in her morality, as if they'd been there all along. Her rationality become more primitive, and although she didn't acknowledge having ever set them, she was aware of barriers that were set. Despite this instinctual feeling, she had no idea where these limits lied. As she sat contemplating the prominence on the moment, she heard her son's voice his bedroom next door. She quickly stood up, leaning against the wall between the rooms and listening closely.

As Heather clearly heard her son moaning "I'm gonna cum mom" clarity seemed to fall on her. She knew Sean wanted her, and she'd come to terms with the fact she wanted him. Right then and there, listening to her son moan for her as he masturbated, she decided she would go for it. She wouldn't take it as far as Olivia suggested, she couldn't she thought, but she decided she wouldn't ignore the attraction between the two of them. She was turned on by the thought of this. Her thirst for taboo was growing.

Heather knew what she wanted, and she knew she wanted it soon. She decided if she was going to find out her limits, she wouldn't hesitate. She planted the seed between herself and her son, and she knew it wouldn't take much for it to grow. As Sean grew silent on the other side of the wall, a smile came across her face. She knew that very soon things would very different.


It was a couple hours after their kiss before either Sean or Heather came out of their room. After Sean masturbated, he surfed the internet and wrote for a few hours while in the room next door Heather took her time getting a long shower. It wasn't until Sean started to feel a bit anxious that he finally decided to go down stairs and evaluate the situation.

When he was down there, he realized his mother was still in her room, so he wandered around the first floor aimlessly for a while before sitting down in the living room. He turned on the TV and flipped through the channels uninterested. Late night talk shows and news channels passed on and off the screen rhythmically as Sean sat, still trying to process the evening.

He had figured his mother had just gone to bed for the night, so we was surprised at the sound of her bedroom door opening upstairs. He could hear her quiet footsteps as she walked down the stairs. His heart started racing immediately and the sexually energy he experienced earlier filled him again. He wanted to seem casual though, so he didn't turn around to look at his mother coming down the steps. Instead he seemed try to seem unfazed by it.

"Hey babe" Heather said, sounding forcefully casual herself. She was just as nervous and anxious as her son, and also like him, she wanted to act as if everything were completely normal.

"Hey..." he said, still not looking away from the TV. "...thought you went to bed."

He heard her reach the living room Sean, looked to his left, and watched his mother walk into the kitchen. She was wearing sweat pants and a tank top and her hair was wet and in a pony tail. He loved the outline of her body and imagined what it would feel like to hold her tightly by the hips.

"Nope, just decided to relax for a little while. What are you up to?" Heather asked warmly. Like earlier, she could feel her son's eyes on her as she stood at the kitchen counter. She didn't have any idea what she was doing, but her actions were taking on their life. She opened the cabinet and spent her timing reaching up on her tip toes for a glass. She liked the feeling, or at least the thought of her son's eyes staring at her ass.

"Nothing, trying to enjoy my Friday night." he said. "...Even though my date ditched me." He didn't plan to say this last part, nor did he know where he was going with it.

Heather felt a jolt of electricity shoot down her spine. "Any luck?" she asked slyly. She finally pretended to be able to reach the wine glass she was aiming for. She opened the refrigerator, took out a bottle of white wine, and poured herself a glass. Sean turned his attention back to the TV a second too late, and Heather just caught her son's eyes darting away from her. She still could hardly believe that Sean was so attracted to her in the first place.

"I suppose so... as much as you can enjoy such an uneventful night." Sean said. In his peripherals, he saw his mom walking in from the kitchen. She came in and took a seat on the couch next to Sean, tucking her legs up under herself. She took a sip of her wine and reached for the remote control on the table.

"Uneventful? You got a kiss on the first date tonight." she said nonchalantly. She flipped through the channels unconcerned with whether or not Sean was watching something. She knew he wasn't.

"You're a funny one" he said playfully. "A pretend date with your inexplicably flirtatious mother hardly counts." He heard his own cleverness and couldn't help a brief smirk. Heather found her son's word play amusing as well, and their playful banter heated up.

"Inexplicably flirtatious" she repeated half laughing. "Like it bothers you at all. Your smile was a mile wide after our little kiss" Both she and her son lit up at the sound of her saying 'our kiss', even though neither knew of each other's excitement. Heather knew she didn't have any intentions to stop her pursuit, but she hadn't yet figured out how much or how quickly she would let on to her son.

Sean couldn't deny her claim. "Nope doesn't bother me at all. I just don't think it counts as a real a date, a little peck or not."

"O no?" asked Heather. "Then I guess you wouldn't be too embarrassed to take your old boring mother out tomorrow night... on a proper date." She turned and looked over her wine glass towards Sean as she took a sip.

Sean returned her gaze and he suddenly appeared more serious than before. "Mom, I don't think you're old or boring at all. You're perfect." He suddenly heard the sincerity in his voice and became slightly embarrassed. He turned back to towards the TV blushing slightly. He hadn't intended to veer away from the playful flirtatiousness they were speaking to each other in.

Heather wanted to be honest and tell her son how happy that made her, but she played her role well. "Well then, it's a date. If you don't have any plans, you can take me out tomorrow night and we'll do whatever you like."


"Whatever" she repeated.

"All right, deal." Sean said. He wasn't able to keep the excitement out of his voice completely, and Heather knew how much he much reeling inside. "I'm going to figure out something much more entertaining than the generic dinner and a movie date. You'll see."

"I hope so buddy boy" she said before taking the last sip of her wine. She put the empty glass on the coffee table. "Now... about that 'little peck...'"

Sean almost froze when he heard her say this and his heartbeat felt like it doubled. He didn't know what to say or if anything at all. In his shorts he could feel his dick growing harder with each throb that pulsed through it. His mind took on it familiar pace of 1000 miles an hour.

Sean couldn't believe what he was seeing as his mother got up and stood right in front of him. He looked up at her as she stood looking down at him, and their eyes seemed instantly glued to one another. His heart beat so hard it threatened to jump out of his chest. He took in the sight of his mother standing in front of him. Her grey sweatpants and white tank top hugged her curves and Sean could easily tell she didn't have a bra on. He couldn't believe how firm and full her breasts still were. She has the body of a girl my age Sean thought to himself. But the face of a sensual and loving mother. He studied her beautiful hair pulled back in a pony tail.

Heather moved forward putting her hand on Sean's shoulder. She spoke much more seductively than before when she said, "We wouldn't want you thinking your date was some kind of prude, would we?" She now put both her hands of his shoulders put her knees on both sides of Sean's lap. As she sat down on her son's lap, she could immediately feel his throbbing dick under her crotch. Immediately she shuttered and felt herself almost dripping with sudden wetness

Sean couldn't believe what was going on, as if their earlier kiss hadn't happened and all this was completely new. One second his mother was sitting next to him on the couch drinking wine, and the next she's straddling his lap. They playfulness left his voice as he spoke like someone quite nervous.

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