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"Hi honey. ...yes, I'm leaving now so I won't be long. I want you to meet my new friend Kevin from work, so I invited him to have drinks with us." I'd been teasing Kevin for nearly a month about how much my beautiful wife likes to expose herself occasionally, so he was VERY anxious to meet her as soon as possible. "I don't know why, but she's anxious to meet you too, though you may have to be willing to play a little too, to give her a 'green light'." When I told him she often rode the metro for fun in a school girl outfit, he said he could be persuaded to play however she wanted. It was time to step up the teasing. "She'd let the tiny plaid skirt rise or be lifted by other passengers and let them check if she had panties on. Depending on her mood and the crowd, she'd lean forward and let them rub and palm her bare ass, sometimes letting them finger her pretty pussy or tiny asshole. She usually had the white shirt fully unbuttoned and tied at the bottom. The black tie let her perfect nipples pop in and out of view while she pretended ignorance. She could even climax with no one touching her. There's no telling if she'll be the lady or the exhibitionist tonight, but you'll probably get a peek at her exquisite nipples if you keep an eye out." Needless to say, he nearly soiled his pants when I revealed her penchants.

He accused me of lying about her, but I ignored him. "I spilled some crap on my hands. Walk me to the washroom so we can talk about tonight ...and wash up while we're there." On the way to the metro home, I tested Kevin with a confidence. "In the month I've known you, I 've wanted to share something I haven't told anyone else. I think I can trust you to keep this to yourself. I'm only telling you this since I think you're as big a perv as I am. Can I trust you?"

"What are you blabbing about? You want me to take a blood oath? If you ask me to keep a secret, I will, so what's the big secret?"

"You can't even tell my wife! Sheila must never know. I'm sure you've wondered why I stay late even when there's no work to do. It's because I wait for the crowds to break on the Metro... and THIS!" I unfolded a small scrap of paper and showed him a rough drawing. He scrutinized it and asked rudely what the hell it was.

I took the prized drawing back and pulled a carefully wrapped object from my jacket and slowly, ritualistically and reverently peeled its sheath. Finally revealed was the ugliest, bulkiest and most awkward 'ring' I believe has ever existed. "Maybe the real thing is more obvious? I made this myself, as you can guess from its crude design, based on plans I found after some years of searching. I can't tell you whose plans these were ...except to say they came from medieval alchemist designs. They were experts in combining crystals for their purposes. The scrolls I found from the lesser wizards showed that the best of their iconic wands were secretly self crafted and were hollow and stacked with some complex layers of crystals. As you probably know, different crystals vibrate at their own rate and can affect our own harmonics, auras and functions. Everything is in flux at the atomic level, but crystals are best at sustaining their vibrations. They are too weak on their own to project power though you can feel their energy if they are close to your body and you focus on them. Wizards knew how to focus their own energy thru the crystals, use that to channel the energy all around us then project the combined harmonics over greater distances. Yet, for most of them, prolonged control of the energy and harmonics was impossible manually or with the poor technology of the day. The best info I got from the scrolls was a list of each crystal's base frequency, what it affects and what each harmonic affects in us. No wizard had any idea what a piezo crystal did or that they even existed. And I don't have their ability to focus my own energy thru a wand, so I came up with this."

I put the ring away as we reached the Metro. "With today's hardware, I knew I could pick any frequency and make the crystals hum as I liked." I looked around furtively before I continued. "Most of the effects are still subtle, but I locked on the formula for influencing people's choices. After many experiments, I found that I could use a piezo crystal tweaked by a battery to make the right combination of five crystals around the ring vibrate efficiently. My early attempts were still too weak to truly influence people. Finally, I got to this ultimate, WORKING prototype that includes an amplifier that's the same size as the 9V battery. This improved design lets me slide the battery and amp up my sleeve, out of sight. The stones are arranged like a sector of a tiny parabolic dish antenna that I can focus on my target. I told you much more detail than I'll ever tell anyone since you can handle it. Are you ready to see it work?" His jaw was hinged open for most of my explanation.

"How,,, err does... umm have you told the boss? No, you said you didn't. Awww, you're pulling my leg, right?"

"Well, let's find out. I've been playing with this on the train every night. It doesn't seem to work on everyone and the most tired seem most easily affected. Once I make contact, I have to stay focused and project my thoughts directly to them. Eye to eye seems the best way. Let's get on and find a victim... ummm, subject. The next car has several empty seats." We got on and moved to the next car where we found two sets of three facing seats. When the train pulled away, there were just four empty seats anywhere near us. I whispered, "See the guy in the brown suit across and to my right? This test is to make him do something out of character. He's one seat from that hot babe and looks bored to death. I'm going to make him unzip his fly, pull his dick out and offer it to her."

"Ha! I'll believe that when I see it." I unfolded the ring and slid it onto my index finger. Kevin watched me squint and focus on the stranger as I turned on the ring. The man never looked our way and we didn't make contact. I emptied my lungs from the effort and gave Kevin a disappointed look. He nudged me and nodded toward the beautiful blonde directly across from him. "She's looking a little sleepy and I'd much rather see her naked than him. Try her."

"I don't know about naked, but let's see what I can do. If I connect, my finger movements will help tell her what I want. I'll try to whisper my commands to her so you can hear me. She's already got great legs showing under that short skirt. No tits, but her nipples, even now, look like they're about to shred her shirt. I'll first tell her to relax and open her knees. Shhhhh." I smiled broadly as I set my sights on the blue-eyed beauty while also watching Kevin's anticipation. After flipping the amp switch on again, I casually locked my hand on my knee, aimed it at her and raised my index finger toward the beauty.

She had her hands folded in her lap, causing her skirt to rest far up her creamy thighs, but also to cave in and hide her treasure. Kevin watched her scanning everyone on the train until she looked at me. Her eyes shifted to him then did a quick double take back to me. Her eyes suddenly bulged and her pretty, oval face locked on mine. Kevin's mouth dropped when he saw her reaction. My eyes stayed on hers even as I squinted my energy into her and her head popped up straight.

"OMG! It's working! She's on the hook. How is this possible?" Kevin rambled, his skepticism finally crumbling, but I ignored his excited words. Whispering, I told Kevin to watch my finger... and her skirt. When I aimed my finger at her hands and slued it, they dropped off her lap and fell to her sides, onto the seat. Her lifeless fists forced the pleated skirt to tense straight across, like a drum skin, and slightly above her shapely thighs, giving us a better, tantalizing view up skirt. I lowered my aim to her calves and again slued. Her knees shuddered slightly and began to shakily move apart while her expression remained wide eyed, yet emotionless. Two men across the main aisle from Kevin pretended not to notice. "She looks familiar... like umm... that beautiful actress, ummm Rena Sofer, a few years ago! Wow, she's hot."

"Except for the blonde hair, she could be her very sexy clone with the same deep blue eyes. Let's see if she's wearing panties." Slowly, ever so slowly, my magic wand... umm ring, signaled our blonde to widen her legs. As she did, the tiny, grey skirt crept higher and higher until it reached the fold of her groin and revealed her gleaming white panty. Kevin and all the others nearby stared at the sexy, toned legs that were completely exposed. Rena finally reached the limit the train seats allowed her legs to spread, so I signaled her to slide to the very edge of the seat. With her ass barely on the edge, her legs opened wider and the shadow of her sultry slit darkened her bright panty. Several light blond pubes peeked teasingly around her panty. In the cold, bright light of the train, sexy Rena's lips began puffing up and forming a thick, hard-to-ignore camel toe. Kevin and a nearby woman groaned at the enticing sight. A lusty bump formed mid vulva as her little man grew taller. Near the gusset, a small dark spot appeared and slowly spread larger. Even MY breathing sped up at the mouth-watering sight.

Using a spiraling down motion, I silently signaled Rena to push her panty down and off. A flicker of panic briefly ran thru her vacuous eyes, and her mouth stuttered a useless attempt to scream NO. When she hooked her thumbs in the panty waist and began to slowly roll them down, Kevin gasped loudly. As her panty slipped past her knees, her skirt fell over her groin and hid the treasure she was hopefully about to expose. We watched her mindlessly move the panty past her ankles and off her feet, her eyes never left mine. Per my instruction, Rena dropped her panty on the empty seat nearest her and opened her legs again. The skirt still blocked most of her pussy, but the glistening bottom of her hairy raphe did demand our drooling attention. Kevin carefully claimed her damp panty and inhaled her musty fragrance.

I decided to let the skirt tease us as it was and signaled her to begin unbuttoning her blouse. Still entranced, she steadily opened one button after another starting at the top. As her shirt shifted, her aureole tightened and darkened obviously through the singlet. Even the small bumps in her nipples were apparent, but her central silos stood tall and made us hope to squeeze them and feel their firmness. As she pulled the tails from under her skirt, one side or the other ballooned open and exposed each braless tit for a second. "Her A or small-B cups aren't impressive in size, but still shapely and obviously firm. I can't wait to get my lips on them." She shirked the shirt off her shoulders and let it fall to the seat behind her. Several men and both women moved nearby in the aisle and were rubbing their crotches while I had to ignore my own stiffness.

The express train pulled into its first stop after passing six local stations. The few who entered our car saw our half naked Rena and gasped loudly. All but two moved to the far end of the car. My stop was next, after passing fourteen local stations on this slow stretch, so we had about ten minutes left to enjoy our vict... umm subject. Rena didn't seem to notice the two new gawkers or their tented pants.

Though she continued to cling to the edge of the seat with her shapely legs spread wide, she was still sitting on part of her pussy; so I ordered her to pull her hem up and lean back. The unshaped, untrimmed yet sparse bush that tempted us so much a moment ago was forgotten ...nearly. Her beautiful, plumped labia opened wider, followed by her swollen and protruding, wet inner lips that momentarily clung together then launched apart like two hands applauding. Their lusty crimson sculpture contrasted irresistibly with the pink moistness within. I caught Kevin licking his lips. "You know, Kevin, this is almost too easy. I bet she was looking for an excuse to expose herself without guilt. Lucky us and them, we get to help her." Rena finally, furtively glanced at her expanded audience.

I spiraled my ring clockwise and up, telling Rena to stand; she did. I wiggled my finger toward me and she took two steps closer, bringing her near naked body closer to Kevin. Pointing at her hands, I signaled her to raise both arms over her head. Besides flexing and shaping her naked tits nicely, that also moved her skirt higher and got the attention of more people farther down the car. They stared, buzzing to each other, then gawked silently. After taking another step, she was nearly in arms' reach. I aimed my special ring at her skirt and pointed up. Rena grabbed the hem of the short skirt with both hands and slowly, slowly raised it. No smile, no scorn, no sign wether she were reluctant or thrilled to be naked with strangers, she kept elevating that short skirt.

When the waist band finally limited her lifting it, the hem was just under her bare tits. I ordered her to spread her feet wide for better balance on the moving train and more importantly for our better enjoyment. Her puffy pussy lips opened wide again and let more of her nicely carved, deep crimson, wet inner lips pushed out of their sexy shelter. Enslaved, or willing participant, her sex box oozed copious, tempting nectar that I couldn't bear to waste. "We have less than ten minutes to the next express stop, so I have to hurry this along. Let's see how far she's willing to go. What a beautiful pussy!"

When I checked the aisle, the men were slowly pumping their exposed cocks next to the two women. One was opening and slipping her jeans down while she kept one hand on and in her own pussy. The red-haired woman had her dress up and one hand in her panty, fingering her noisy, hairy snatch while her other hand pulled a large, naked tit from her open top. Both stared at Rena and the two exposed cocks next to them.

I pointed at Rena's skirt, visualized and whispered, "Unfasten it and let it fall to the floor." No reaction ...for a second. Then she fumbled for the hook, unzipped the short skirt and let it drop to the ground in dramatic slow motion. She stood staring at us, naked but for her shoes and the grounded skirt around her ankles. Kevin tentatively reached toward her as I ordered her to step out of her skirt. "Careful, Kevin, if you break the trance she's likely to scream bloody murder." He gingerly clamped onto her left thigh and wrapped his other hand around her left, tiny tit. As he timidly slid around and up her soft, sexy, firm and magnetic thigh, I decided to follow his lead. I got to her pussy first and opened her fattened, moist outer lips and got a slight scent of heaven. Kevin tugged her soft outer and inner lips open again. We stared quietly into the warm, wet depths of her fragrant, pink pussy. Keeping my magic ring aimed at her eyes, I brailled her supple tit and tugged her perfect, tall nipple. Her eyes briefly rolled up into her head. Barely beating Kevin, I leaned forward to push my nose into her aromatic well and deeply inhaled her heady, sweet scent. I was too weak to resist, so my tongue entered her dense, elastic hollow and I drank deeply of her intoxicating nectar. Selfishly, I plunged two fingers into her wet, trembling box and stole more of her juices before surrendering her snatch to Kevin. "Yummmm, I uhhhh mean, this may be a mistake. She was so easy to control, how do we know she isn't a whore and her box isn't a petri dish of bubbling contagions?"

Kevin rapidly pushed two then three fingers deep into her sopping, fragrant pussy. "Isn't it a little late to realize that? My big brain says it took a brief yet close look and she seemed clean. I know that doesn't count for much, but my little brain is screaming 'FUCK IT, PLEASE SUCK IT DRY' and I can't resist. She may be killing us both, but THIS is living in the moment. Now shut up!" He pulled and twisted a hard nipple while his three buried fingers kept collecting more and more of her freshest pussy juices. Ignoring my own big brain, I licked my fingers dry and waited for Kevin to vacate their cunt condo. Waiting. Waiting. Ignoring the two nearly naked women in the aisles sucking on strangers' cocks until FINALLY, Rena's pussy was empty! "Mmmmmmm, she is so tasty and fragrant. You can have her a minute while I lap my soaked fingers. With all her dripping dew, I'm surprised she hasn't climaxed yet."

Three fingers quickly dove into her pool of delicious juices, but this time I used my thumb to help her climax. "You're right, Kevin. She's been very cooperative, so I'm going to help her too." Each time I plunged deep into her pussy, my thumb slid along her inner lips all the way to her clit hood. I loved seeing her ornately sculpted inner lips swell, change shape and push out. "Look at this beautiful pussy! Her clit is growing thicker and taller. Soon her breathing will be out of control, her chest will glow red and she'll explode on us." I swivelled my thumb around her clit and pushed her hood back each time. The next few thrusts, I blew warm breath softly on her exposed clit. Grinning, I turned to show Kevin how tall her clit was and noticed that he'd wrapped his fingers with her remaining juices around his exposed, thick, hungry cock. While he stared at her drenched cunt and jerked off, I licked Rena's clit. She lurched and I wrapped my tongue around it and sucked it taller. When I orchestrated my twisting fingers and clit-sucking tongue, she began gasping, shuddering and spraying my hand and face with her divine nectar.

Kevin saw her cum quietly, but emphatically and he blew his load onto his hand and her leg. She fell back, onto the edge of the seats and into the groping arms of the man and woman who were also near naked and wet. The train began braking. Just as it stopped at the station, I rushed to take control of Rena again. Using my magic ring, I ordered her to scoop up all her clothes and get off the train immediately. Struggling to shake off the effects, she did as commanded and barely got past the closing doors. "Well that was fun! And this damn thing seems to work perfectly." The audience around us silently pulled on their clothes and dispersed. Kevin stuffed his deflating dick back in his pants as we pulled away. "Look at her! She's still standing on the platform NAKED. We can see your cum still clinging to her thigh. I wish I could see when she realizes everyone around her is staring at her beautiful naked body. Look! Is she grinning now?"

"Ummmmm, wasn't that YOUR stop too?" He was right. We'd missed our stop.

"Damn! We could have stuck with her and seen her reaction to the others in the station. I wonder when she'll put her clothes on. We'll turn around at the next stop. It's about ten minutes away, so we won't be too late to meet my wife. You didn't forget, did you?"

"Rena was a wonderful distraction, but as soon as I calmed down I remembered. Hey, I'M the one who noticed we missed YOUR stop." He pulled Rena's panty from his pocket and sniffed it again. Twenty-five minutes later we were back at my station. During the brief walk to my place, Kevin commented, "I hope Sheila doesn't notice Rena's distinctive aroma. It's all over my hands and your face."

'Well, we can't both wash at the same time, so I'll have to distract her somehow. Let's play it by ear. Enjoy Rena's relics for now." I grinned thinking of how we'd deal with Sheila. I unlocked the door and shouted, "Sheila, honey, sorry we're late. Come meet Kevin." She shouted her greeting from the kitchen, said we were having Sex-On-The-Beach unless we preferred a Blow-Job, and appeared seconds later.

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