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Mexican Delight


It is the early morning and you are awakened by light touches on your warm skin. You believe you are still sleeping so you lie there enjoying these dreamlike sensations take hold of you. You are on your back with your hands above your head as the feelings become more intense and more pleasurable.

Your breasts feel as though they are being sucked and pulled by a set of hungry and eager lips. Then you feel the electric jolt of a tongue enter your pussy and explore your moistness with intense probing. Your eyes stay shut and you enjoy the tingling all over your body. With your legs now spreading very wide a tongue is felt on your swelling clit. This is so magical and erotic that you never want to wake from this wonderful dream. Your body has a mind of its own and the incredible pleasure sweeps over you in delightful waves. Your hips begin to thrust back at the insistent tongues. Oh, so good! Your nipples are so alive with feeling that each time they are sucked and rolled you can't help but moan loudly and writhe in ecstasy. Your body is totally on fire and a slave to these erotic sensations.

Without knowing why, you open your eyes and realize that this is not a dream at all. Naked, dark Mexican men hang over your totally exposed and helpless body and use their tongues and hands on every sensitive erotic place you have. You are too aroused to be afraid or offended or even puzzled by their presence. You have given in totally to their wonderful sucking of your naked flesh. You watch as your body becomes their plaything. You don't want them to stop. You have become their willing toy and sex object. Mouths and hands are everywhere on your helpless body. You watch as their naked, dark bodies move over you. You see their hard cocks are fully extended and so very hard. Your moaning intensifies as the one Mexican takes his long tongue and shoves it deeply into you. You love the way it moves in and then out and over the entire length of your juice covered pussy lips. The tongue is so overwhelming and you are moving your hips in a slow rhythm to meet the attacking tongue. The two men working skillfully on your extended swollen nipples have taken your wrists, pinning them above you and are holding them down. You are helpless against this erotic sexual assault and are further aroused by this.

Your ass moves up to force the Mexican's tongue deeper into you, while the other dark man rolls his mouth and tongue so gently over your swollen clit. He applies just the right amount of pressure, increasing your sexual excitement to an even higher level.

"Oh yes, my cunt," you cry, "eat my cunt." They follow your urgent instructions as the sucking continues.

The other two men are now pulling your hard nipples and rolling the swollen sensitive tips against their tongues as they pull and release with a loud popping sound. You watch as the black haired strangers work together making your nipples feel so hot and tender and in need of more attention.

"Oh my tits feel so good," you gasp from your passion filled haze.

"Suck my tits," you moan.

They follow your urgent directions, as each man is fully engrossed in your erotic pleasure. Their hands surround each full tit, holding it captive for their adoring mouths. The sounds of sucking fill the room.

The fire in your body is incredibly intense.

"I need you to make me cum," you cry out, "Please make me cum."

You feel so close to orgasm, so hot and wanton and horny. You are their fuck toy. They increase the attack on all your erotic senses and bring you to the very edge. You know that your climax is only moments away when suddenly a full hard cock enters your inflamed cunt and slams in and out with a wild frenzy. Desperately pulling your hands free, you reach down and grab onto the Mexican who is buried deep between your legs, crushing your inflamed cunt with his savage attack. Your ass moves off the bed as your hips move to meet each thrust. You are cumming now with an incredible intensity as the orgasm starts rolling through you. As you hold on to the Mexican, his cock explodes, filling you with his hot cum. The cock is twitching and pulsing as it keeps hammering deep inside you. The two Mexicans on your tits are now biting your nipples and hurting the tender flesh. The orgasm is slowing a bit but the deep sexuality of the moment still captivates your senses. Then, another Mexican moves between your wide spread legs and shoves his erect cock all the way into you with one fierce stroke.

"My God," you think, "they are all going to fuck me."

His pace is relentless as the wet sounds of your cum filled cunt join the symphony of sex. Instinctively, you reach down and pull your legs back to open yourself wider to him. Then yet another orgasm hits you hard, slapping your nerve endings again and again. Your body is on fire and this chain of cunt convulsions won't stop. You are pulling this new invading cock deeper and relishing the way you are being fucked and used by this stranger. Your pleasure is non-stop as the Mexican begins to cum deep inside you. Your tits are being mauled as your orgasm continues.

Gradually you begin to come down from the throws of this monumental bliss. Your head falls back as the second cock slowly leaves your cunt. Your tits are finally released from the hungry mouths. Your eyes close as your body enters a feeling of relaxation and ultimate peacefulness. You lie there radiating in the glow of the multiple orgasms you just experienced by these erotic strangers. You want to know how they got there. Why did they choose you?

You open your eyes after several minutes and see no one. Your body is covered with the evidence of their hungry sucking mouths. Your thighs are covered with cum and cunt juice. Your breasts and hard nipples are spotted with cum. They must have cum on your tits while the other two fucked you. How long were they here? You wonder if they will come back to use your body again. They have left and you drift back to sleep with a contented feeling of sexual completion.

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