tagGroup SexMexican Delight Ch. 02

Mexican Delight Ch. 02


The darkness was not total and some light filtered through from the full moon. Her sleep was sound as she had the covers pulled up to her waist, exposing her pink silk night shirt. Her breathing was calm and unlabored as her long black hair flowed over the white pillowcase. Her chest rose and fell as the light exposed the deep cleavage and the swell of her well formed breasts. She always dreamed such active and colorful dreams, but tonight she seemed so calm and serene as she lay there in her shimmering beauty.

Somewhere deep in her subconscious she felt a sensation of warmth and well being as she floated in her dreamless sleep. Her body felt light and opened and she was having the best night's sleep in a very long time. She had recently recalled a very vivid and disturbing dream which had made her fearful of falling asleep after that event. It was a dream of being taken and used by a group of men who were complete strangers to her. Her memory of that night was as if she had been having a dream that she woke from, only to be involved in another sexual dream after awakening. It was so strange and confusing. Fortunately for her, the dream did not come back and now, several months later she was again able to fall asleep and allow herself to lower her guard and get the relaxation that a good night's sleep is supposed to provide.

But somewhere in her mind was the memory of what those men did to her and how her body had reacted to so many men using her and stimulating her. That memory was still there inside her and she knew how she had not only allowed them to have her without any fight, but that she begged them for it. They had been using her tits and nipples until she couldn't stand the erotic sensations. She had called out to them to suck harder on her inflames tits. She slept, but as she slept the old dream was coming back and her body was stirring and becoming aroused from this buried memory. Her deep sleep was so relaxing and yet she was somehow very conscious of the feelings on her flesh. Letting the sensations enfold her, she was drifting with them and enjoying herself as she had not in so long. At first it was totally non-specific as her body was just open and restful and feeling blissful. Her breathing was slow and steady and her chest rose and fell as she was flowing in her own space and time. She always wore a light top to bed and nothing else and this made her feel less confined.

But the mood was slowly changing from one of total rest to one of enjoyment as her body was becoming more aware of its sensuous nature as she was spread on the big bed in her darkened bedroom. There seemed to be more than just this luxuriating feeling overcoming her sensitive skin. Again, she moved slightly as if trying to capture the feeling some more but not really knowing what it was or how to make it continue. But it did continue and for that she was grateful. She knew that a slow passion was building in her body but didn't know why or from what lovely source it came. Her arms rose over her head and her legs were spreading to allow the wonderful sensuous pleasure to have access to her. Her mind was blank but her body was responsive. It yearned for more and her skin seemed to seek out the light touches that she now was able to isolate in her mind and then on her body. It was as if her legs were being softly stroked from her feet up to the tender insides of her thighs. Then the feelings continued up over her hips and stomach until they lent their feathery touch to her breasts. Her nipples had immediately responded to this pleasure and became hard and long under the lightness of this sensation. Touches continued up to her shoulders and onto the wonderful swell of her neck, like soft kisses from a lover's lips. Her ears and then the sweet cavity of her beautiful eyes were caressed but this time it felt like a tongue. A very light moisture was left on her skin as the tongue and fingers moved up her arms before descending down again and retracing the same path in reverse.

Her body was coming alive with need and desire, and in her dream-filled sleep she gave herself to all that it offered. Now as it traveled down over her firm breasts she could feel the vaguely rough texture of the surface of the tongue caress and tease her nipples on their path lower. She could tell that her light top was pushed up over her breasts exposing her to these wonderful touches. She heard a moan coming from somewhere and became aware that she was making sounds as this erotic tasting continued. Moving lower over her hips, the tongue and lips briefly captured her sensitive clit and the open aroused wetness of her womanly secrets. Her hands took hold of the metal vertical rails on the bed's headboard as she signaled her openness to the insistent source of this magical sensation.

"Oh. Yes," she moaned as the tongue moved inside her wet and accepting cunt lips. But this time was not as before and the lips and mouth stayed glued to her sensitive clit and the tongue caressed it so very slowly back and forth.

"Please," she gasped when she now felt her breasts also being tongue lashed and then sucked at the same time. She didn't know what she was pleading for, except perhaps for this to continue. Hands took her soft, toned thighs and pulled them further apart as a tongue now dove deep inside her and moved in and out with an insistence and sexuality that increased her enjoyment.

"Yes," she groaned, "oh, yes," as her legs felt hands softly rubbing her inner thighs as her cunt and clit were bathed in her own sweet juices.

Lips sucked gently on her clit and her nipples at the same time as she began a slow and sexy movement of her hips. The feelings inside her were so enormously arousing that she gave herself completely to the sexual violation of her body. Her nipples were so hard and sensitive to the mouths that sucked them and tongues which circled the sensitive tips and then sucked them back inside hungry lips.

"My tits," she quietly called out in her sexual arousal, "suck my tits," she whined as the mouths attacked her flesh.

Her state of excitement was building so quickly that she knew she would need her release soon. She forced her hips up to meet the tongue which drove her higher and in need of more of this. The sounds filled the quiet bedroom with wet sucking noises and the odor of her sexual arousal surrounded her. Hands softly stroked her soft, silky hair as a finger moved to caress across her full lips. It was so magical to feel all these sensations at one time and to be so relaxed and yet excited by it too.

As the finger moved lightly inside her mouth she found herself opening her lips and slowly sucking the finger into her warm mouth and caressing it with her tongue. The finger then moved out slightly and the wetness was spread over her plump lips. This pattern repeated itself many times until she was sucking on the finger and then releasing it. Her eyes were still shut and her sensual dream rolled on and on in the warmth of the dimly lighted room. Her hips were rolling in a sexual rhythm as her cunt was eaten so masterfully by the attacking tongue. As the finger pulled away from her lips she suddenly felt the unmistakable size and texture of a hard cock replace it. It pressed lightly on her lips and rubbed itself all over her wet, soft mouth. Her tongue slid out to lightly taste it and caress it. Her mouth opened more, as she took the head inside and began to suck and lick it. The cock moved in her mouth going deeper as she sucked it harder and bathed it with her tongue. Her hands gripped tighter onto the metal rails above her head, her body moving to a steady passion filled erotic beat. The hands stroking her hair took the flowing silk into a firm grip, turning her face to the side of the pillow. With one hand pressed to the side of her face, the cock began to fuck her mouth in steady strokes. It felt so good to have it saw back and forth as the rest of her responding body moved to the urgent tongues and lips. Her mind pictured herself spread wide on the bed with eager heads between her legs and hanging over her breasts and now pushing a large cock between her accepting lips.

Hands slipped under the firm cheeks of her ass to grip her tightly as her cunt was teased by the insistent mouth that never left her clit except to slowly glide lower to briefly enter her welcoming slit. She knew that this unbelievable torture and erotic bliss was so profound that she needed it to continue for a very long time. Wanting to talk to these wonderful people and tell them how she needed more of this, she opened her eyes and again realized, as in the previous dream, that this was real. Her eyes looked up to see a dark Mexican man with his hard cock pushing into her mouth as she sucked him like her special lover. Looking down with just her eyes, since he held her head firmly to the pillow, she saw two more men sucking her tits as their black hair contrasted her white skin. Then further down between her undulating thighs she saw a dark Mexican woman looking up at her through large dark brown eyes.

She knew this was almost the same as before. They had come back to her while she slept, to take control of her body and make her their sex slave with their tongues. She knew this would last until they were all satisfied and their bodies had used her in ways she knew she needed and wanted. This dream that had scared her and panicked her was back but it no longer was a fearful thing. It was another chance to free herself and give herself up to her deeper desires and to allow these Mexican intruders to have their way with her. This was real and she knew it and welcomed it.

The woman between her legs now lifted her beautiful face from her wet cunt and moved up to take the place of the man to her right who had so skillfully teased and sucked her nipple. The woman now dropped her mouth to the swollen nipple and sucked it and rolled it in her mouth. As she took her breasts in her small hands, the Mexican man moved between her legs and slowly placed his hard cock between her juice soaked pussy lips. Teasing her with just the head, he moved it up and down over the dampness until he stopped as he nestled the head just at the tight opening. The man whose cock was in her mouth pulled it out and rubbed it all over her lips and face as the woman cried out in passion to the man between her thighs.

"Fuck me," she whined at him, "please fuck me."

Looking down, she watched as he pressed forward and she felt his hardness enter her and drive all the way inside. The feeling was incredible as he took up a steady pace as he moved in her. At the same time, the man on her side pressed his cock into her mouth again and matched strokes with her other attacker, he began to fuck her mouth again. Looking just beyond him, she could see the third Mexican move behind the woman who was sucking her nipple as he entered her from behind. She moaned deeply and then reached across to take the other nipple in her fingers while she sucked on the swollen tit in her mouth. Both women were being fucked hard and used by these dark men but it was an erotic adventure that was indescribable. The sleeping woman to be awakened like this again and to be brought to such an erotic peak was astounding to her. She watched the other Mexican man banging hard at the Latino woman from behind causing her to occasionally bite and scrape her teeth on the woman's tit. The sight of watching this sexy dark woman being taken so forcefully as she, herself, was being brought ever closer to her orgasm was the most erotic thing she had ever experienced. The hard cock in her mouth stayed still to allow her to suck it and tongue it in her sex filled frenzy. Her hands stayed in a tight grip on the headboard rails as she felt her body being used and taken as her hips moved hard against the man whose cock was battering her cunt. Her hands were holding the head rail tightly as if she were tied to it.

The Latina woman moved forward until she was at her mouth and started to share the cock that was being sucked by the white victim beneath them. Both women were sucking and licking and also kissing each others hungry mouths. She had never had any interest or experience with bisexuality or with other women, but here she was licking this sexy Latina woman's lips and kissing her as deeply as she would any male lover. Then they both were back on the hard cock between them as they wrapped it in their sexual frenzy.

"Oh, yes, please fuck me hard," she cried out into the pretty face of the dark Mexican woman. Her eyes were rolling back and she was about to cum on the hard driving cock of the man hammering her cunt.

Oh, fuck, I'm cumming," she screamed as the waves of sexual release washed over her.

"Oh, yea, like that, oh fuck me good." Her hips were pounding back up as the man unloaded his cum inside of her and drove her crazy with an incredible orgasm. He then pressed deep into her and held his cock like that as it pulsed and spasmed inside her convulsing cunt. It seemed as if they were lost in this moment as they help still and let the feelings run through their bodies until after some time she slowly began to relax as he slowly withdrew his cock from her cum filled cunt. Her legs dropped as her hips rested from the exertion and she turned again to the hard cock in her face and began to slowly suck it once again.

The man who just fucked her got off the bed and she watched the other Mexican who had been deep inside the Latino woman pull back and then get in between the white woman's thighs. Without any preliminaries, he drove fully into her and began to fuck her very hard. She was very wet and it felt good to be filled again as this man grabbed her ankles and pulled her legs up high, positioning the smooth legs so that they rested beside each shoulder. She was so wide opened and helpless in this position that it both embarrassed and excited her to be so defenseless to his attack on her aroused body. Her body began to move with him as it had done with her other attacker. Her hips pumped with him as she moaned from beneath him and his relentless battering.

The cock in her mouth was moving again and the man held her head so he could keep her face wedged tightly onto the pillow as he began to fuck it with deeper strokes. She knew he was going to cum soon and tightened her lips around him and tried to use her tongue on the invading Mexican. Being bent back with her legs up high and now having her mouth fucked as well was giving her an amazing submissive feeling. She was being used and taken and made into their fucktoy and it drove her to an even higher state of sexual arousal. She liked it. She wanted to be used and fucked and passed around and have her body invaded by these people. The cock was driving deeper and was almost in her throat as it went deep but she wanted it to fuck her like that. She wanted him to use her this way. Then it happened and he began to cum in her mouth as his pace slowed and he allowed her to use her lips and tongue to milk him of this big load of warm cum. As he shot more and more into her she swallowed and sucked and teased with her tongue until she knew there was no more cum left. But she loved the feel of his heavy cock in her mouth and was disappointed when he finally pulled it away and left the bed. She tasted his cum in her mouth and looked up at the man who continued working her cunt back into a frenzy.

"That's it, fuck me with your cock. I need it. Please, oh God, please, please," she begged as he looked down at her driving hips. She was meeting his pace with a need she never knew she possessed.

As she worked hard to match his every thrust, she felt the bed move beside her and looking over, she saw the naked Mexican woman move towards her. Her Latina body was so beautiful with full breasts and well formed tan legs. She watched as those sexy legs positioned her themselves on each side of her face and blocked out any other view but the totally hairless and smooth pussy in front of her.

Looking up she saw the face of this dark haired beauty looking at her. She saw the naked Mexican nod slowly down at her as she took the white woman's hair in her fist and pulled her face to her wet cunt. There was no choice as she was forced onto her and then felt her own mouth open and her tongue slowly begin to taste and lick this woman. The Mexican was holding the top of the headboard as she began to slowly move her hips so her cunt pumped onto the white woman's probing tongue. Although she knew she had no choice in this, she also was totally helpless to stop tasting and eating this young Mexican's sexy cunt. She wanted it. She loved the taste of her and the sight of watching her move above her as her own cunt was being taken again by a hard cock. Her own orgasm was almost there once again. She knew that the cunt she was licking had just been fucked by the cock that was now inside her and her mouth and lips and tongue began to work on this beautiful Latina's cunt. Feeling for and finding her swollen clit, she teased it with her lips and then attacked it with her tongue. She knew the younger woman was nearing her orgasm and she wanted to feel it when it happened and taste her juices when she came in her mouth.

The Mexican woman was moaning and moving above her as her body began to convulse from the amazing orgasm this white woman was giving her. Still licking and sucking her clit, she felt the explosion and heard the loud cry as the Latina beauty was grinding herself onto the mouth of the white woman beneath her. It lasted for sometime as the Latina woman was screaming and twitching and tightly gripping and pulling the white woman's face to her climaxing pussy. When is finally slowed down, she felt her head released from the grasp of the dark beauty and she swallowed all the sweet tasting juice she could.

Then the woman rose off the bed and there was the man between her legs who pulled his cock out of her and then turned her on her face. He pulled her up to her knees and then entered her from behind with the same savage pace as before. It was so deep and hard that she knew she was going to cum very soon.

"Oh, yes, oh yes, oh yes," she panted as she gripped the bed sheets in her hands as her cunt once again exploded and made her scream from the sheer pleasure of the moment. He began to cum inside her and she felt him bath the walls of her contracting pussy with his cum. His strokes continued as more and more cum rocketed inside her and she moaned and cried out and whined as the feelings surrounded her and fired every nerve ending in her body. The orgasm was so intense that she felt lightheaded as he finally pulled his cock from her upturned ass. The flow of cum was dripping down her legs as she tried to catch her breath. Her eyes closed and she drifted off to sleep in this position: ass up and head on the soiled sheets.

Later, she awakened and realized that she was still in this position with her cunt being presented to whoever was going to take her next. Moving her head to the side she looked around the room. No one was there. They were gone. She felt a bit empty and lost and needy and yet satisfied and happy. It had happened again and this time she had learned something about herself and her needs and her submissiveness.

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