Mexican Mother and Daughter


"What do we do next Bill?"

"Well, the final act is intercourse or simply crudely called 'fucking'. Now here is something you will have to give some thought. If you want to go ahead with it you will never be able to call yourself a virgin again. My cock, as it penetrates your vagina, will part your hymen and that's it. You will never be a virgin again so you have to think about that very carefully."

"I already have and I don't care if I won't be a virgin again. I just want to learn all there is to know about this stuff."

"OK honey, I am going to put on a condom so I won't be making you pregnant if I come inside of you. OK?"

"Oh God yes, I don't know what I would do if you made me pregnant."

"OK honey. If you really want to eliminate that possibility you can get pills from a doctor that will avoid the problem. I can make an appointment for you later."

My cock was getting a little harder just thinking about putting it inside of her tight little pussy and I unwrapped a condom and slipped it on. They were the lubricated type so it would help with her virgin pussy. By the time I had it on I was hard again.

"Rosie, there are a number of different positions to do this in but for now we'll just do it in what is referred to as the 'missionary' one. You will lie on your back and I will be on top of you as my cock goes in and out of you. It might hurt you a little when we start but you will quickly become used to it and get to love it."

I positioned her the way I wanted her and let the head of my cock open her pussy lips. I gave a slight push and the head of it was in her an inch or two. I then gave her one hard long thrust and I was in to the point where I was touching her hymen. I gave another harder push and I was in past the hymen and in to the hilt and she gasped. "Oh God Bill. That feels strange."

"Just relax honey and you will soon be having your own orgasm again."

I began slow thrusting and she soon had the idea and began to match my thrusts with those of her own. She was throwing her hips up at my downward thrusts as hard as mine were coming down. I began covering her mouth with my kisses and she responded in kind. "Oh God Bill, I am so glad you are doing this to me."

We didn't last too long at it before I was exploding again and she soon followed me with her own orgasm. Damn, I had forgotten how tight a virgin pussy was and how wonderful it felt.

Later that afternoon she was asking if we were going to do anything again and I assured her we were. I again ushered her back to my bed while explaining that we had only done it two ways out of four. We had done it manually and vaginally but had yet to do it orally or anally. As I explained that orally would have me using my mouth on her pussy and her using hers on my cock and anally would have my cock up her ass. I told her that considering the size of my cock and the tightness of her ass I felt that anally was out of the question but we would do it orally right then. She seemed all excited.

She lay back and I slid my hand down to that hairy bush of hers and slipped my fingers into her pussy. While I was doing this I moved down and positioned my mouth opposite her pussy and got ready for what I was going to do next. I then moved my mouth to the lips of her pussy and slipped one finger between her pussy lips and then buried my face between her tight sweet lips. She went a little wild and threw her hips up to me as I let my tongue search out her clit and then began working it slow and easy at first and then moving up to fast and furious. She began tossing her head from side to side and moved her hands down to clasp my head between them as she threw her pussy hard at my mouth. With her hips throwing her pussy at and her hands pulling herself to me I knew it wasn't going to take long before her pussy juices would be flowing out of her like a river. It didn't take a few more minutes of that and that's exactly what happened. I let my finger finish entertaining her clit and moved my mouth out to her stomach and simple kissed all over it. She went absolutely nuts.

"Oh my God Bill, I never knew anything could be like that."

"Honey , I'm happy you enjoyed it. We'll have to do it again sometime."

She rolled over on top of me saying, "You mean right now?"

I roared with laughter saying, "No honey, not so soon. As much as you think you could 'come' that soon afterwards it will take a little time."

"It's your turn to give me some pleasure with your mouth. Remember?"

"Yes, just tell me what you want me to do."

"Well, you are going to take my cock in your mouth and do with it what you did with your hand before. That is you are going to move your mouth up and down just like you were jacking me off. You won't be able to get all of me in your mouth so you will have to hold the lower part of my shaft with your hand while you are sucking me off. After a little while I am going to shoot my come into your mouth and you will have to swallow it down quickly. You might think it is going to make you sick but it won't as you realize just how much pleasure you are giving me. When you feel me stop shooting in your mouth I want you to sort of milk the rest out of me as if you are milking a cow and lick it up.

She followed my instructions perfectly. About half way through I was holding her head between my hands and looked down and saw her looking up at me with my cock penetrating her sweet little mouth. I simply said, "Yes honey, you are doing it perfectly. I am going to come soon." She moved even more aggressively hearing those words. When I felt the first stream hit the back of her throat I looked down and could see and hear her gulping and moving her hand on my shaft as if she were jerking it off. I shot stream after stream and she swallowed each and every one. Whew, just seeing her do that got me even more aroused and I unloaded even more. As my orgasm wound down she slipped my cock out of her mouth and asked if she had done it right. Done it right? Hell, she couldn't have done it any better.

"You did just fine honey. You'll get even better every time you do it." What was even better was that she swallowed it down without any problem or argument.

My poor cock was exhausted. It had performed just the way I had demanded of it with no problem but it was now rather tired.

I pulled Rosie up to me and held her tightly and suggested that we get some sleep before we even thought of doing anything again. She whimpered her sadness at those words and I slapped her ass lightly saying, "You are one hot mama and are going to wear me out." to which she only laughed. "It's time we got a little sleep honey and since you were so nice I am going to let you sleep with me in my big king-size bed. Ok?"

"OK Mr. B. The sex is over for now and I am going back to calling you Mr. B. Is that right?"

"That's exactly right. We don't want anyone to think we are closer than you just working for me."

Sometime during the night I got aroused again and pulled her over on her back. She sort of woke up but not completely. My cock was harder than a rod again and I slid on top of her and lifted her legs up on either of my shoulders and then slipped the head of my cock into her tight little pussy. She felt that and responded with "Oh yes Bill, do it again." This time I rammed it home and began some serious thrusting. My cock was hitting bottom if that is at all possible but anyway it felt terrific.

"Bill, Bill. Bill, you are going to split me wide open the way you are going"

"Hush baby, I am going to fill that pussy of yours with some of the sweetest juices it will ever know. As I said that it dawned on me that I didn't have a condom on and I quickly pulled out and slid up on the bed saying,

"Take it in your mouth Rosie and suck me dry."

I think that she was glad for me to stop the pounding I had been doing to her tight little pussy and she was only too happy to take it in her mouth

"Take me in as deep as you can sugar."

She buried it deeper than she had when I was teaching her how to suck me off and it didn't seem to gag her much and then I let go with one humongous load. I was amazed that I had so much in me after all of the fucking and sucking we had done the previous night.

She lapped it all up and we went back to sleep instantly.

We went on like this for weeks afterwards. But, I did take her to my doctor friend and he gave her a prescription for birth control pills that she took faithfully every morning and that eliminated one of our major concerns.

Sometime during her third month with me she got an emergency phone call from home telling her that her father had been killed in an auto accident. I found a way to get her home without any legal problems and she went home to the funeral and to be with her mom. I got a call almost two weeks later from her saying she'd like to come back and if it would be at all possible could I find a way for her mother to be able to join her. If I wouldn't mind it she'd let her mom live in her apartment with her and she'd use money from her salary to pay for her food. I laughed and told her to be ready to leave at a moment's notice and I'd get working on it. Several weeks later I had it all worked out and her mother was soon gracing us with her presence.

I had only met her father when I was hiring Rosie and as I heard the details of the death of her husband I could see that she wasn't grieving very much over him. Apparently he had been a real SOB to her and she had thought many times over about divorcing him but her Catholicism kept getting in the way. I had never met the woman but was I ever missing something. She had had Rosie when she was just seventeen and was now thirty-six and had the body of a teenager ... tits galore with a small tight ass. I just knew I was going to have to introduce her to my cock before too long.

My job began taking more and more of my time and I was fearful it would consume me so I drove down to LA to met with my boss to see if we could work out something that would give me some relief. He had no idea of the time I was being forced to put in on the research for not only the main newsmagazine, but also another one on politics. He obviously respected my work and immediately had me drop the political work and he gave that job to one of the new hires. I promised to look in on it from time to time to make sure the kid wasn't screwing up too badly. The relief gave me back the time I needed to be able to once again lead a somewhat normal life. That means I could do all the fucking I wanted. I had told Rosie that I would probably stay overnight in LA so her and her mother would have to fend for themselves.

But, with the quick resolution to my problem instead of overnight I was back on my way home by late morning. I pulled into my drive around noon and could hear some voices coming from the area of the pool. I quietly walked around to the rear and was pleasantly surprised to see Rosie and her mom out on the chaise lounges getting some sun....bare ass naked.

Neither of them saw or heard me open the gate and walk between them. I stripped naked and dropped my clothes on one of the poolside chairs and then moved over to Rosie's chaise They were talking to one another without opening their eyes. I finally walked over to Rosie and gently touched her leg and when she opened her eyes I put my index finger to my lips in the universal sign of 'hush be quiet.' She looked at me and then at her mother and gasped. That did it. Hearing that her mother opened her eyes and saw my soft cock about a foot from her face and she too gasped.

"Oh my God, Mr. B. We were just sunbathing." The mother said.

"No problem at all Marie. But since you are on the queen size chaise and I too want to get some sun I'll just have to lie beside you and share the chaise lounge. OK?"

She stuttered and stammered but did quieten down as I lay beside her.

She said, "you must think we are a pair of cheap whores lying like this nude."

"Don't be silly. This was exactly the reason I bought this house. The pool offers complete privacy and me and any guests can enjoy the sun without the bother of clothes. Just lay back and relax. Would you like a drink?"

Sometime over the last several weeks I had a small room type of icemaker put out on the poolside bar area so I always would have some ice and I had a few bottles of various types of booze put there as well.

"What would you like? I'm having scotch and water and I'll bet that Rosie is going to have the same. How about you Marie, want to join us?"

"Sure why not? I never tasted scotch before but I'll try it."

I brought the three drinks out and toasted the three of us.

The three of us lay there having a few more than just the first drink while I couldn't take my eyes off the pair of black hairy pussies that were in front of me. The scotch must have gotten to Rosie for she was asleep after a half-hour or so of this.

The more I looked at Marie's nakedness the harder my cock became. She had one fantastic body and was only a couple of years older than me. I was wondering how Rosie was going to accept me fucking her mother.

Just about the time my cock reached a full hard on Marie sat up to get a cigarette off a chair side table and saw my hard cock inches from her face. Seeing this I reached over and put one hand on the back of her head and pulled her to my cock. She looked up at me and shook her head 'No'.

I climbed around behind her on the chaise so her body was on her right side aimed towards Rosie and I was lying behind her. My cock was aimed at her pussy from the rear and it only took a little push and I was in about half way. She reached behind her and had her hand on my hip and pulled me hard to her and I was in all the way. I began a slow but steady thrusting and she turned her face to me and I leaned over and planted my lips on hers. She was throwing her hips back at me in time to match my thrusting and I knew it wasn't going to take long before this was going to end with me exploding. It was with whom I was fucking and where it was happening and who was so close by that was getting me aroused even more than I was when I started. I reached down and had one of my hands on her lower hip with my other hand cupping a lovely breast and I was pulling her even harder to me when I began to unload. I was thrusting harder and harder and she was throwing her hips back at me as hard as I was driving mine forward. Whew, a great piece of ass.

I reached over to the next chair and grabbed a couple of towels for us to wipe off with and then got up. Marie acted as if nothing had happened and certainly didn't want Rosie to know that her mother just had been fucked by her boss.

We both walked into the kitchen I took her in my arms and embraced her with a huge kiss. I then said, "Rosie is going to have to know about us. Don't you think?"

"I guess so but I wonder what she will think?"

"I think she'll be glad that you have found someone with whom you can enjoy life again. She knows that you weren't happy with your husband."

"No, he and I hadn't had sex for years. In fact, that was the first sex I had in probably four or five years and that time he was drunk and raped me."

"That is something I won't do. Now what are you going to think if I get around to fucking Rosie too?"

"Oh gosh, I hadn't thought of that."

"Well, we are all living in the same house and I know you liked the looks of my cock the first time you looked at it didn't you?" She smiled big time as I said that. "Wouldn't you like for Rosie to enjoy the same cock for her first time?"

"Well, I guess so but what will she think if she knows her mother is having sex with the same man she is?"

"I don't know but let me think about it. I would guess that she would rather have it that way than for her to think that you were horny and were having sex with some guy you met in a bar someplace. Now going back to what I asked you before. What would you think of Rosie and for that matter me if you found out the two of us were having sex?"

"I guess that I would have to think that you are two good looking people and living as close together as you two do having sex would be a natural thing for you and her to do."

"Then you wouldn't be angry with her?"

"No, of course not."

Just then Rosie came into the kitchen and asked what we were talking about. I jumped in with, "Well, I know you two ladies would like to become Americanized as quickly as you can. Right?"

They looked at each other and nodded yes as they said it.

"OK then. You both need a shave."

"A SHAVE What the heck are you talking about?" asked Marie.

I didn't say a word but pointed to her crotch. "That isn't very American at all."


"Mom, he thinks we ought to shave our vaginal area."

"Ladies, I have a pair of very sharp scissors and an electric razor and then some brand new Bic razors with soft and creamy shaving cream and I would be happy to do the job for you. Just say the word."

They looked at each other and both ended up nodding in the affirmative.

"OK, let me get the stuff and I'll meet you out at poolside."

I gathered together the razor equipment and a white sheet and went out to meet them. "Rosie, you are first since you are the youngest."

"What the heck does being the youngest have to do with anything?"

"Nothing at all. I just decided that your pussy is the hairiest."

She laughed and got up on the nearest chaise after I had put the white sheet under her. I used the scissors first and then the big clipper teeth on the electric shaver and then the regular side of the shaver before smearing cream all around the area and then got the Bic out to play. Marie couldn't get her face any closer to the action if she had fallen face first into it.

I thought I would have some fun and see where it led and as I was using the Bic down near her pussy lips I slipped a couple of fingers inside of her and Marie saw what I had done and looked at me sort of questioningly. I moved my fingers in and out as I was shaving in that area and I could feel Rosie move her hips in time with my movements. I finally removed my fingers as I finished the barber job.

"There you are. A real American pussy." I said with a huge laugh.

Rosie laughed and Marie just stared at me.

"OK Momma san. It's your turn."

Rosie took the sheet that had been under her and moved over to the side of the yard and shook the pussy hair over the fence.

"Ooooh good. Maybe a pussy will grow over there." I said and they both roared.

She put the sheet back on the chaise before her mom got up on it and I then repeated what I had done to Rosie on Marie. When it got time to use the cream and Bic razor I made sure Rosie was near to see the action I was going to use on her mother's pussy. With Rosie, I just used a couple of fingers in her as I was shaving in that area but with Marie I folded three fingers into a teepee fashion and slipped it all into her as I was shaving in that area. I also moved my teepee formed fingers in and out of her deeper and faster than I had with Rosie. That was all it took and Marie was throwing her hips up to meet my hand and moaning big time. Rosie just stared at her and her eyes got bigger and bigger as it was obvious her mother was enjoying this and she was going to explode quickly. Sure enough Marie let out a little howl and reached down and pulled my hand deeper inside of her as she threw her hips up wildly and let her juices start to flow.

My cock had once again risen to the occasion and I pointed to it and then pointed to Marie's pussy and raised my eyebrows in a questioning look as I nodded to Rosie. She gave me a very slow nod yes and I lifted up and positioned my self over Marie and then lowered my cock down so it was going to bury itself quickly. Rosie had no idea I had fucked her mother an hour or so earlier while she was sleeping out on one of the chaise lounges. I was in her to the hilt before Marie knew what had happened and she let out a huge moan and a kind of howl I had never heard before. It was wild but I loved the sound of it. I began to drive my cock in and out and looked over at Rosie and her eyes were stretched wide open as she was watching her mother getting laid. It wasn't long before Marie and I each had an orgasm and she had reached up to pull me down so she could kiss me. Seeing me fucking her mother was one thing but having her kiss me was almost more than Rosie's jealousy could handle and she lifted herself up and moved into the kitchen away from the action.

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