Mexican Mother and Daughter


We sat around talking and drinking for another hour or so that is until my cock was able to recharge. As soon as I was ready to go I took Rosie by the hand and led her to the double chaise and told her mother to go to the singe one I was going to fuck her daughter.... Marie's eyes opened wide and she asked,

"Bill does she want to have sex with you?"

I answered with, She will once she gets my lovely cock inside of her. After all you did, didn't you?" I said jokingly.

"Yes but she's a virgin ....aren't you Rosie?"

I gave Rosie a sharp poke in the ribs and she said that she was but she really wanted to have sex.

Another ten minutes and I was slipping my cock deep in Rosie's tight pussy. She looked over at her mother and then reached behind my head and pulled my face down to hers and planted one huge kiss on me and she didn't seem to want the kiss to end. It went on and on for what seemed forever. It was as if she was showing her mother that she could fuck and make love as well as she could. Damned if she couldn't.

When she was getting ready to let go with her orgasm she pulled her face from mine and let go a howl similar to her mothers. When it happened I only hoped that there weren't any neighbors within a hundred yards of my place or they would have been calling the police thinking that some evil deed had taken place in my house. She accompanied that howl with a fierce throwing of her hips hard and high. She was letting her mother know that while this was her first intercourse she was really enjoying it. WOW!!

We all settled down a bit after that display and just sat there talking and sipping some great scotch whiskey. I got to laughing quietly as it struck me how the mother and daughter could have seen each other in the most intimate situations and then here we were a short time later just sitting around and chatting. Each of them were great in the sack but in different ways. Rosie was just getting started with sex and didn't have anything to compare it to while Marie had her husband and Lord only knew how many other guys before him. Strangely, I had gotten to care for both of them more than I had ever dreamed of. Not just for the sex but for them as people.

"Marie, I think that Rosie has to learn something about oral sex what do you think?"

"Oh God, I guess most guys like that a lot so she had better learn the best way and one that won't make her sick. Can you help her with that?"

"Sure, maybe later when we get to bed she can come in with me and I'll teach her then."

"Marie, I am sure that in your prior life some guys must have introduced you to having a cock rammed up your ass. Did you enjoy it? If so, I'll have to accommodate you and let her see what that is all about."

"Oh Bill, I only had one man ever do that to me and it was Rosie's father. He raped me like that and it almost tore me apart and his cock wasn't half the size of yours. I could never do it again. I had to go to the hospital after he finished with me."

I replied that I would have to give that some thought for I sure didn't want Rosie's sexual education not to be complete.

"Hey folks, I just realized it but darkness has fallen and maybe we ought to think about going skinny-dipping in the pool with just some underwater lights on. They really make it romantic."

Rosie led the way and I was right on her heels. Marie was bringing up the rear and I was getting the feeling she wasn't thrilled with swimming. No problem, we could stay in the shallow end of the pool. Both girls clung to me with each of them having their lips almost plastered in my ear. Rosie was the most forward and soon had her hand encircling my cock and started a slow and easy jerking motion. I lifted her out of the water and sat her at the edge of the pool and for the first time felt what it was going to be like burying my face in her newly shaved pussy. YES, it was a lot better than pushing it into that shaggy bush she used to have. I took one of Marie's hands and dragged her over to where I was and lifted her up to sit alongside of Rosie. As soon as she looked comfortable I buried my face in her pussy. Yep, a hundred percent better and I think they each liked it a lot. I never mentioned it before my barbering jobs on them but now they were going to have to get used to having to shave themselves somewhat frequently rather than having the stubble aggravate their tender parts down there.

Just to even things out I pulled them back into the pool and slid up on the edge where they were just sitting and then turned to them and pulled Marie's face up against my cock. I was still soft and I took it in one hand and sort of slapped her face with it and she laughed but quickly opened her mouth and took a few soft inches in. Hmmm, she was going to be a great blowjob if she could handle that much cock in her mouth. I leaned back and slipped it out of her mouth and pulled Rosie over to take her mothers' place. She didn't get quite as much of me in her mouth but she didn't do badly. By then my cock had a raging hard on and the question in my mind was which of them was I going to let take my load in their mouth. I didn't have a good reason but I decided on Rosie and she didn't disappoint me. She swallowed my load down perfectly.

Up until now they slept in the queen-sized bed in the apartment above the garage but I thought that this was sort of a special day and would let them join me in my king-size-bed in my bedroom. Besides, I had no idea what might take place between me and them during the night!! By morning I realized that the three of us were so exhausted the previous night from our sexual activity that nothing was going to happen that night in my big bed. Damn!!

I called her over to me and said, "Rosie, you and I need to get something straight, besides my cock, before this relationship goes any further. I hired you to take care of my house and in addition to the financial benefits I would provide to you for doing so I wanted you to learn a ton of new things such as English, typing, computers and American customs and our culture and history among other things. Your mom is very welcome to stay here with us but taking care of her cannot replace the other things you need to do. Do you understand that?"

"Oh yes Mr. B. I haven't forgot and I am so happy you are letting my mother stay with me. She didn't tell you but the house she has been staying in for years was only rented and now with my father gone she didn't have rent money for it. So, if she couldn't stay with me I don't know what she would have done."

"That's all fine but remember what we agreed upon. You will do all of those things I asked of you initially. The sex we have enjoyed recently has NOTHING to do with your obligations. OK?"

"I understand and both my mother and I appreciate what you have done."

"Rosie, you can do one more thing. Teach your mother what you are learning. She'll be a lot better off if she knows that stuff. Particularly English and how to take care of her hair and pick out nice calmer clothes."

She ran her hand through her hair and just smiled. "Yes, I know I look more American without all of that oil I used to use."

"Yes you do."

A few days later one of the mothers of the kids Rosie helped amuse in the local playground asked her if she would like to take a drive up to a big outlet mall an hour away. Rosie came running into my office all out of breath to ask me if she could go. I assured her she could but made her promise to behave and she swore she would. I was laughing to myself afterwards for worrying about Rosie misbehaving was one of the least of my worries in the whole world. The girl is a saint. They left the next morning saying that it would be mid afternoon before they returned.

A half- hour after they left I called Marie and asked her to come down to my living room. She was there in a few minutes and I stood and pulled her to me and planted one of my big kisses on her.

"Oh God Bill, I miss you when I am not around you."

"Well honey, you are going to be around me for most of the day today. How about stripping those clothes off and getting into my bedroom while I finish up a few pages I have to do here?"

When I went into the bedroom she was just sitting there looking at me with her lovely tits staring me in the face. Her breasts make Rosie's look like a young kids but I dared not make that comparison in front to Rosie. She is very sensitive about the difference. I sat along side of her and took a nipple between my lips and let my tongue slide all over the tit. It turned her on and she was soon beginning a moan that I had become used to by then. I stood and dropped my pants and whipped off my shirt and was standing there nude with my cock almost touching her face. She reached up and began a slow jerking motion.

"Marie, I want to fuck you a different way today. I want to lie on my back and have you straddle me with your lovely tits dangling over my face. You can lower yourself on to my cock at whatever speed you would like and go down as deep as you can want. When you get there we can both start thrusting together."

I had remembered to talk to my doctor friend and had him call in a prescription for birth control pills for Marie and the pharmacy delivered them that morning so we were all set. I only hoped they worked this quickly.

It didn't take her long to figure out what I wanted her to do and she was soon lowering her lovely pussy onto my raised cock and I had a hand on each of her tits. God they felt great.

"Fuck me Marie, Fuck me." I almost shouted.

And fuck me she did. She drove her pussy hard on my cock and when she was at the bottom of her thrust she squished her pussy around my balls. I pulled her face to mine and gave her another kiss while I was running my fingers around her nipples as fast as I could. She was the one who was going to explode first as I could feel her hips shaking from side to side as I knew what was coming next. She was. She let go with one of her howls and then reached down and pulled herself even harder on me. Whew, this was the best yet.

She lowered herself down on my chest and began some serious deep breathing as she came down from her orgasmic high.

"Bill, that was the best sex I ever had." She whispered.

"It wasn't too bad was it?" I answered and she only laughed.

We lay on my bed for what seemed like hours just chatting and running our fingers all over the other one. I couldn't get enough of her nipples and she seemed to be enamored with the head of my cock.

"Bill, what are we going to do?"

"What do you mean honey?"

"Well, I think we each care a lot for the other one but I am Rosie's mother and I am in the country illegally but even if I wasn't what would we do? Could we ever be together like a boyfriend and girlfriend and then go on from there? Where would that leave Rosie?"

"Hmmm, I don't know and it is a problem I have thought about a little but always put it out of my mind because I couldn't come up with an answer."

"Why don't you go out into the kitchen and make us a sandwich for lunch? and by then my cock will be hard enough to fuck you again." I said with a big laugh.

We ate the sandwiches and then just lay there talking. Once again she was running her fingers up and down my shaft and then tracing the veins in my cock. A little of that goes a long way and I was soon harder than hell again.

" Marie, lay up higher on the bed. I want to fuck you hard and deep."

She scooted her ass back and I followed right behind. When she had her head up on the pillow I reached behind her and lifted her legs up and had each of them supported on my shoulders. I leaned far forward and kissed her deeply as I was getting ready to drive my cock into her. She knew what was coming for she positioned her ass so that her pussy was in a direct line with my cock so when I drove it forward it would have a straight shot in. Sure enough I went in to the hilt in one thrust and she gasped,

"Oh God Bill. You are going to split me open."

"No baby but I am going to be touching parts of your insides that I hadn't touched before. I then began a slow but deep thrusting and was pulling her ass up to meet my thrusts. I was supporting myself on my knees with my hands on the bed alongside of her chest and under her arms. Every now and then I would lift up one arm and let that hand lightly massage a breast. That seemed to turn both of us on even more. As I felt the heat rising in my balls I began to go faster and deeper if that was at all possible. She was moaning but sounded as if she was on the verge of crying. "Oh Bill, you really are going to split me open."

"No I won't baby. But here comes my load right now. I don't have a condom on so I am going to pull out of you and move up so you can take my cock and load in your mouth just in case the birth control pills don't work this fast."

I did that and she took at least five inches deep in her mouth and swallowed every drop of my load and then licked the head of my cock to get the final drops. As she doing her final licking she was also jerking me off to make sure she got it all. When she was finished I pulled her face up to me and asked,

"Where did you ever learn to suck a cock. You are magnificent at it?"

"I don't know. A few years ago I sent away for some porn books and they told me what to do. I just followed their directions but didn't have anyone to practice on until now."

"Whew, you sure learned well."

I slid down and buried my face in her crotch and made a few fingers of my hand into the form of a teepee and then slid that into her pussy as my tongue was working its magic on her clit. As I felt her getting hotter I started to drive my teepee shaped fingers in and out of her faster and deeper and it didn't take long before she was exploding and letting go with one of her howls. She was tossing her head from side to side as her juices began flowing out of her like a raging river.

''Oh God Bill. You make me feel so good. I never knew in all of my life that sex could feel so good. My husband was only interested in pleasing himself .... never me."

"I am glad that I make you happy Marie. I am getting to like you too too much."

"Oh, what does that mean?"

"Well, I do like to fuck you that's for sure." I said with a huge laugh and she gave me a sharp poke in the ribs.

"You really can be a smart ass can't you?" she said with a big smile"

"I am going to do something to Rosie when she gets back that you might not approve of. I am going to fuck her ass."

"Oh Bill, your cock is way too big for her tight little ass. She is only half the size of me and I would have a terrible tough time getting your cock up my ass. I think I told you that my husband raped me that way one time and I had to go to the hospital. Please don't do that to her. If you have to fuck an ass let it be mine. I'll cry and scream a lot but I will have a little bit easier time taking it than she would."

"OK Momma, I'll forget all about ass fucking and concentrate on your pussies."

"Oh thank God." She said appreciatively

Rosie came bouncing into the kitchen in mid afternoon all out of breath.

"What are you so excited about?" I asked

"Well, Mr. B, as you will remember my one year with you will be up in a few weeks and I think I have found a job. The woman that took me to the shopping mall today, well her husband is a lawyer and she said his company is looking for a girl who is bilingual and can use a computer and that's me."

I thought I would play the hurt man and said, "So you will be leaving me and probably never come back to see me again."

"Oh yes, Mr. B. You know I will."

"Sure, that's what you are saying now but as soon as you get the job you'll forget about me."

"No, No, No. that's not true." And she began to cry. "Mr. B. I'll always come back. I think I love you"

Marie was standing there listening to all of this and knew exaclty what I was doing and jumped in saying, "Oh Bill, she'll come back and see you every year or so."

"Oh Momma, that's not true."

"Oh so you won't even come back every year. Well, how about that Marie? and all along she has been saying I'm her best friend and how much she likes me. What a load of crap."

"Oh Mr. B. Please don't say that. You know it isn't true. You are my best friend and I'll always come back to see you."

By then the tears were flowing like a river but I thought I would give her just a little more crap.

"Marie, she's probably found some other guy she wants to wrap her legs around and then suck his cock and all the time she is telling me how much she cares about me. C'mon Rosie, tell the truth, have you already fucked him?"

"Ooooo Godddd, No no no. I haven't and I won't. I am going to call that woman and just tell her that I can't take the job. Her husband will have to find someone else."

"Don't bother calling her Rosie. You can take the job and I'll just have to find someone who likes me better this time."

"Ooooo no Bill. I don't just like you I think I am in love with you." As the tears flowed freely.

Well, enough was enough....

"Rosie, your mom and I were just teasing you. I am thrilled that you seem to have found a good job and since the man is a lawyer maybe he can find a way to help make you and your mom legal."

"You mean you weren't serious when you were saying that you didn't think I would come back to see you."

"No, honey, I was just kidding."

She balled her fists and came running up to me and as she faced me pounded my chest with her fists crying even louder than she had been and saying,

"I hate you, I hate you."

I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her to me saying,

"No you don't. I think you love me as much as I do you." I am so sorry for teasing you that way. You sure didn't deserve it."

I put my hand under her chin and lifted her face to me as I kissed her deeply.

"Rosie, you will always be my girl. Now let's sit down and see where we go from here"

It took a good few minutes for her sobs to stop but eventually they did and I felt even worse for teasing her than I did earlier. What an idiot I am.

"First, where is his office?" I asked.

"I don't know exactly but his wife says it is only a few minutes away and he frequently walks to the office." Rosie answered.

Rosie looked at her mother and said, "Let me make this simple. Mom if you would like to stay here and take my place as Bill's housekeeper you and I can stay in the apartment above the garage and I would go to work every day from here and you would just clean his house and do the other learning things I do. If you would rather not be his housekeeper you and I can move out to an apartment and Bill can get a new housekeeper just like he would do if you weren't here Mom. Doesn't that pretty much explain our choices?"

I nodded yes and was impressed that she was able to explain it to her mom so simply.

Just to be a bit of a smart-ass I grabbed my crotch and said, "Now keep in mind if you gals move out to a new apartment, this thing doesn't go with you."

"Marie roared and said, "That settles it. I am going to be your new housekeeper Bill if you will have me. If Rosie wants to take advantage of that benefit, pointing at my crotch, she'll have to ask me about it." And was laughing herself silly as she said this.

"Ask you about it my foot. I'll have first priority on the use of that thing." And she was laughing hysterically as she said it.

Well, Rosie got the job, her mom became my housekeeper, the two of them primarily used the apartment above the garage as their primary dwelling and they both fucked me to the point where I now walk almost doubled over. What a great life!

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