tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersMexican She-Male Ch. 02

Mexican She-Male Ch. 02


After my first night with Marie I was completely enthralled by her. We spent nearly all our time together. Through our conversations, I found out Marie was originally from Argentina. She had moved to Mexico because her best friend, Pamela, was doing movies there. She desperately wanted to get into the United States and go to college. Because I was in the Army, I couldn't really live in Mexico. However, I started spending all my time with Marie.

One afternoon I showed up at her apartment with flowers. Marie was in the kitchen making drinks. As soon as she saw me enter the kitchen she said, "Honey I have a treat for you today." I was both extremely excited and nervous at the same time. When we made love Marie always seemed find the very limit I was willing to go to. She told me to go sit in the living room with Pamela and she would join me soon.

When I went into the living room Pamela was sitting on the couch. Pamela, Marie's roommate, was a beautiful Latin redhead. She was dressed in a very sexy, low cut, sundress that held her body in all the right places. She patted the couch next to her and told me to join her. As we sat and sipped Long Island ice teas, she kept moving closer to me until our legs were touching. The way she smelled made me dizzy and couldn't seem to avoid looking at the cleavage she had exposed. Pam didn't seem to mind this though. Instead she seemed to relish the fact that I was staring at her chest. Finally Marie entered the room and told me, "Honey, today we are going to be the first two people outside of the studio to see Pamela's new movie."

Pam got up and put the movie in the VCR. (At this time they were still fairly uncommon.) She winked at me as she sat on the couch next to me, opposite Marie. The movie opened with Pamela lying topless, by a pool, on a lounge chair. Soon she was engaged in conversation with a young man. (I couldn't understand the dialogue very well because it was in Spanish.) As it turns out the dialogue was generally unnecessary anyway, because the two were soon kissing. The scene progressed as Pamela had the young man lie on a towel on his back as she knelt over him in what was very close to a 69 position with her groin (still in bikini bottom) over the man's shoulder. The on screen Pam quickly removed a sizeable cock from the man's shorts and started working him with his mouth. (Now, I know in a movie there is acting but, Pam seemed to be doing a great job as the man rolled his head from side to side and moaned during her oral ministrations.)

As I sat watching the scene on the television progress, I had become rock hard in my shorts. Marie sitting to my left seemed to be enjoying my discomfort. Marie traced the outline of cock with her fingernails and whispered to me, "Try to control him for a bit and I'm sure you'll get to use this soon." From all the sideways glances Pamela was sending our direction, I could tell she was more interested in what was going on beside her on the couch then she was in her movie. I turned to try to kiss Marie but she told me not to be rude and watch the movie.

The on screen Pam had shifted position so her crouch was directly above the young man's face. When he moved her bikini bottom to the side so he could eat her a very sizeable cock flopped out into his face. Pam quit sucking and turned and said something to him in Spanish. At this, the young man started to stroke and seem to be examining her cock. I was doing my best to examine it on the screen also. It was uncut and much larger than either Marie's or mine. On the screen it looked to be about 8-9 inches long and head looked like a plumb peeking out from the foreskin. (I found out later, in its erect state it was just a hair over 10 inches with a width that seemed very proportionate.)

The couple on the screen rolled onto their sides, maintaining their 69 position. The man began to take about half of Pamela's monster into his mouth as Pamela began rubbing suntan oil all over his ass and balls as she continued to suck him. She then started working one then two fingers into his ass to loosen him for what I suspected was come next.

Marie finally took some pity on me and freed my rigid member from my shorts but only slowly stroked it. She was making sure not to do enough to let me cum but this also kept me at a very uncomfortable peek of arousal. No longer maintaining a pretense of watching the movie Pam sat and watched us very intently.

As I suspected, the Pamela on the screen soon positioned the young man on his hands and knees and was trying to work her hard cock into his ass. She seemed to having trouble and stopped several times to work his hole with her fingers. When she finally got the head in the young man moaned loudly and she held in that position for about thirty seconds. Then she slowly but steadily pushed the rest of her entire cock up his ass and held there. When the camera switched to the man's face, he had his eyes scrunched shut but tears were leaking down his face. (I knew, experienced porn start or not, Pamela's cock was definitely testing this man's abilities.)

The onscreen Pam started a slow, steady pumping motion into the man's ass. Eventually the look on his face changed from one of pain to a much less uncomfortable look. As Pam increased her tempo, she reached around him and started pumping his cock back life with an oil covered hand. The man definitely seemed to be enjoying his sodomization now. Then, the young man started erupting onto Pamela's hand and the towel below them. Pam rubbed it on his stomach and chest as she continued to plunge her cock into his ass. Then she suddenly pulled out and moved to his face. She grabbed his chin with her left hand, forcing his mouth open, as she stroked herself with her right hand. The young man's eyes seemed to bulge as the first jet of cum erupted from the purple head of Pam's cock hitting him on his upper lip. The second jet of cum was a bull's-eye, shooting straight into the back of his mouth. I actually heard him gag. Pamela continued to cum and painted a cris-cross pattern over the young man's face. When her orgasm finally ended she rubbed the cum over his face with head of her penis then forced the head into his mouth. The scene ended with the young man holding Pam's cock in his mouth as he looked up her body into her eyes.

Marie sighed and with her voice tainted by heavy breathing said, "Oh my. Pam that has to be your best scene yet."

Pam reached over to help fondle my cock and asked if I liked the scene. All I could do was nod my head yes. She then asked me if would like to "meet Pedro in person?" I was a bit frightened at the prospect but I knew I couldn't pass up the chance. Also, their seemed to be some kind of test or challenge in the question.

Marie turned my head and kissed me very deeply. At the same time, I felt Pamela rise from the couch for a few seconds then drop sit back down. When Marie finally broke our kiss, I saw Pamela had removed her clothes and was sitting on the couch watching Marie and I kiss. Marie pulled me to my feet and quickly removed my clothes. Then she gently pulled me to my knees with her so that her and I were kneeling right in front of Pam.

You always read about these monster cocks and how guys just couldn't resist…… Well, I am telling you ten inches is huge. I have seen bigger in movies, but when you have one staring you in the face ten inches is very intimidating.

Marie reached out and grabbed it. Pointing it at me she said, "Come on baby. Give Pam some love."

I reached out and stroked Pamela's huge cock. It was already hard but I was curious to see if there was any difference in the feel of hers compared to Marie's. Marie's cock when fully erect is hard as steel; impossible to bend at the shaft. Pamela's was hard but seemed to have a little more flexibility. It also had a slight curve to the left. Also, Marie's foreskin covers almost half of her cock head in its rigid state; Pam's foreskin was pulled back exposing the plumb sized head.

Marie watched me intently as I bought the head to my mouth and licked the tip. It tasted very clean but there was also the faint taste of pre-cum. Slowly, I guided the head into my mouth. I had to struggle to get the head in but I did. This bought a sigh from Pamela's lips. I pushed forward until I felt the head bump the back of my throat then pulled back. When I examined Pam's member I could tell I had only gotten about 3-4 inches into mouth because that was all the further it was wet. This time I took it into my mouth and pushed down with head. I felt it go deeper into my throat. I had never been able to get all of Marie's cock into mouth but the added flexibility of Pam's cock seemed to make it easier for her to enter my throat. Backing off, so just the head was I my mouth, I took a deep breath and plunged forward. Pam groaned loudly as 8 inches of her beautiful rod entered my mouth and throat. At this I started an up and down motion. Marie rubbed my back and neck while whispering encouragement to me. Pam sighed and groaned as I tried to demonstrate some of the tricks Marie had taught me over the past couple of months. I continued to open my throat on each downward plunge and would suck and lick at the cock in my mouth as I backed off of it. Pamela announced she was cumming, as I plunged down the eight inches that seemed to be my capacity. The first shot went straight down my throat causing my eyes to water and causing me to gag. I backed off until the head was in my mouth and continued to suck and swallow at the same time. The flood seemed continuous and before it ended I had cum running out the sides of my mouth and down my chin.

When I pulled off of Pam's cock Marie said, "Honey that was great, but you're a mess." Leaning toward me she said, "Here let me clean you up." She then proceeded to lick all the cum off face, pausing occasionally to share it with me in very deep kisses.

When we Marie and I finished Pamela said, "That was very good. I think you deserve a reward."

The girls had me lie on the floor with my legs spread. The both knelt between them and started working my cock with their mouths. Sometimes one would suck me as the other licked my balls; sometimes they would go up and down with my cock between their lips. Of the two Marie was the more accomplished cocksucker but Pam made up for this by literally fucking her face and throat with my cock. As excited as I was it didn't take me long explode into Pam's throat. She never backed off in the least. The entire time I orgasmed she kept my cock buried in her throat and I could feel her throat muscles milking me as she swallowed.

When she finally lifted her head off my cock she turned and kissed Marie. After that she apologized for not leaving her any. Marie simply shrugged and said there would be plenty more before we were done.

Pamela told Marie she should loosen my ass up for her because she intended on fucking me there before the evening was over. Although Marie had penetrated me several times during the last couple of months, it still hurt initially and it took time for me to adjust to her. Now I was faced with the prospect of having Pam's considerably larger fuck tool stretch my ass. I couldn't hide the fear I felt. Pam seemed to be enjoying my apprehension as she smiled at me. Marie was tender though.

Marie had me sit on the edge of the couch and told me, "Relax, by the time I have you ready for her you will love this."

Marie knelt between my legs and started sucking the life back into my spent member. Pamela sat on the couch next to my head, watching and stroking life back into her huge weapon. Before long Pam handed Marie a tube of KY jelly which she used to prepare my asshole. Marie continued to suck as she worked two fingers deep into me. When she was convinced I was slick enough, she coated her cock with the slick substance and got ready to penetrate me.

Marie was having a bit more trouble than usual as she started to enter me. Marie said, "Baby you have to relax. We've done this before. Don't get tensed up because of Pam." I wasn't tense because Pam was there. I was tense because I knew Pam would be trying to fuck me with that huge cock. I heard an evil chuckle from Pam and turned to see her eyeing me. She just smiled and pointed her monster at me.

Just then I felt Marie enter me and I gasped. Marie was gentle as she slowly slid her entire seven inches up my ass and held it there. I held my breath as I waited for the pain to subside to dull ache. Marie was right. We had done this many times and it didn't take long at all for the pain to subside. Soon she was stroking in and out of ass. This time she would push into my ass from slightly different angles stretching me more than she ever had in the past. I looked up at Pamela and saw a drop of precum form on the opening of her rock hard penis. She dabbed it off and wiped it on my lips. Then she announced to Marie that she thought I was ready. With some reluctance (Marie still had not cum) Marie withdrew.

Marie and I got into a 69 position with me on top and my ass sticking up in the air. The prospect of taking Pam's huge cock in my ass had started to make me go soft, but Marie sucked me back to my previously rigid state in seconds. I had just taken Marie's very hard member into my mouth when I felt Pam started to enter me. It hurt very badly. Although Marie's cock was very wide it still didn't compare to Pam's in width. I gasped in pain as I felt it enter me and had to release Marie from my mouth. Marie continued to work my cock but it had very little effect as I panted and tried to adjust to the monster that was slowly pushing inside of me. Pamela would push in an inch then wait. When my breathing became somewhat normal she'd push in another inch then wait. It seemed to take forever, but finally I felt her pubic hair in my ass crack. She stopped there for a second then withdrew only and inch or two and pushed back in. The pain slowly subsided. As the pain left me I started to push back onto Pam meeting her short strokes. With the numbing of the pain in my ass my cock began responding once again to Marie's oral attention.

Pam soon began to take long hard strokes that would drive my penis into Marie's throat, occasionally making her gag. Pushed my head down telling me not to forget about Marie. I had forgotten all about the cock just inches from my face and when I looked at it, it was dripping a generous amount of precum that I greedily lapped up, before swallowing the seven incher. It took only a few downward plunges of my head before Marie let loose with the biggest load she ever fed me. It just continued to spurt into my mouth. I gagged, but was determined to reward Marie for her patience by taking everything she had. This proved to be impossible as much of her semen ran out of my mouth onto her balls. I tried to clean the cum off of Marie's balls but my gagging seemed to have triggered some primal instinct in Pam and she was driving into me so hard I was actually being pushed across the floor. I had been pushed far enough up Marie's body that I could feel her breath on my balls and ass as she licked Pam's balls.

This was all it took to set Pam off. I felt the first shot of her searing hot load fire deeply into my bowels. Then she withdrew all but the head shot another spurt into me. Then as she plunged all the way back in I felt more cum coat my entire passage. When she withdrew her cock was covered in cum, which I turned and helped Marie clean with our tongues.

To Be Continued...

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