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Mexican Vacation


This is my first submission after many years of reading the stories on here. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thank you.


Lisa & I on Vacation

It was the first vacation for just the two of us in years. My wife, Lisa, is now 37 and we'd been married for just over 15 years. She's short, about 5'3", weighs about 135, has great tits, that although sag now due to the years and 3 kids, are a beautiful 36D, and a nice big round as. She's never failed to please me sexually. Matter of fact, our sex life has always been incredible. For some reason though, I'd gotten hooked on the "share the wife" stories, pics, and vids on line and I'd always harbored this little itch to watch her with another man. But, to say the least, she was not going for that sort of thing at all. She just didn't fancy a one night stand or a full blown lover; she didn't want the baggage that came with it she would tell me in those moments when I brought it up.

Of course, those same moments always elicited a major orgasm, so I always felt there might be a chance. Once a few years ago, we were in Vegas staying at the Stratosphere and we learned they had an "adult pool". We joked about going up there and there we were in the elevator and I pushed up, intending to just joke with her and we wound up going to it anyhow. She showed off her tits, I was hard as a rock and her pussy was wetter than I'd ever seen it once we got back to the room and fucked our brains out.

Well, this vacation took us to Mexico to one of our timeshare resorts for seven days. It was beautiful in Puerto Vallarta and we took in the sun and the sand and the water for the first couple of days.

It was the 2nd night there that we met Chris, a single black man visiting from San Diego. He was our neighbor and we met over the railing of our deck that faced the ocean. I was grilling a couple of small steaks and drinking a beer when he walked outside his room onto his deck.

We said "hey", introduced ourselves, and chatted about the view and other small talk when my wife walked out still in her swim suit. She wore a one piece, which irritated me to no end, because she felt her tummy was a little too big to be showing off. Personally, I'm a Renaissance Man and I love my woman with curves. But I lost the battle of the swim suit . . . but that mattered little because she still looked great!

Especially the part that showed off a great quantity of her tits.

Anyhow, she stopped short when she realized I was talking to someone – or maybe it was because it was a handsome man without a shirt on with a rather nice upper body – but who am I to judge. She seemed a little flustered, so I introduced her to Chris and she got over herself and before we knew it, we were inviting him over for dinner.

We ate, talked, and had a rather good time that first evening. She may not have been able to realize it, but she flirted with Chris nonstop all evening – he didn't blink, he just flirted right back, but he did so respectfully and no feelings were hurt. All in all, it was a fun time and I shook his hand as he prepared to crawl back over the railing to his room; Lisa came over and gave him a hug, which I found surprising but didn't think anything of it – she'd had a few drinks and was a bit tipsy.

Lisa and I went back into the room and she immediately turned to me and pulled down my shorts exposing my modest 5" dick. I was hard in seconds and soon her suit was on the floor and my face was between her legs, preparing to eat her pussy which had the same look it had that day she'd bared her tits at the Stratosphere Adult pool. Counting my lucky stars, I ate her to a record quick orgasm and slammed my dick inside her and pounded her the way she liked to be pounded when she was overly stimulated. Thankfully, I'd been drinking, so my own orgasm was a little slow in building, so about five minutes later, I released inside her. We got off the floor, crawled into bed and snuggled, going to sleep.

We spent the better part of the next couple of days hanging out with Chris. He joined us for meals, at the pool, at the beach, even on the tours we took. Lisa spent as much time holding his hand as mine, but for some reason, I wasn't overwhelmed with jealousy or anger. We were all having such a great time, none of that seemed to matter. Besides, she was giving me her pussy practically anytime I wanted it and who was I to complain!

Then things changed.

It was our 5th night at the resort. We'd spent the day with Chris down on the beach tanning, swimming, and tossing the Frisbee around. Afterwards, we'd gone and enjoyed a good seafood dinner together. Chris told us he was gonna give us the night alone as he wanted to check out the local clubs. He invited us, but Lisa & I were pretty bushed and just wanted to cuddle up together and maybe watch a movie. So, after dinner, we parted ways and Lisa & I went back to our room after stopping at the local cantina and buying some fruit flavored tequila that Lisa liked and a bottle of rum for me to go with the Coke I had in the fridge in the room.

So, we had few drinks, got more than a little tipsy and watched some mundane TV. I was wearing a pair of shorts and Lisa was wearing a thin pajama top (not quite see through, but left little to the imagination) that stopped just beneath her breasts and the matching "boy short" panties that went with it. We were feeling good and enjoying a few little make out sessions in between watching the TV screen when we found the movie Unfaithful on one of the pay channels – the one with Richard Gere & Diane Lane. Very hot. It never fails to get Lisa's panties wet – especially the scene where Diane Lane is taken from behind in the stairwell.

I was sitting on the couch with one leg on the floor and the other leg behind Lisa as she sat between my legs, both of us facing the TV. We'd just gotten past the sex in the stairwell part of the movie and I had my hands on her breasts as I kissed her neck when we heard a voice outside the deck screen say "Hey, you two still awake?" It was Chris.

Well, with the TV on and a couple of low lights on, I guess we couldn't say no, but we didn't move to cover ourselves, I just told him to jump over and come on in. The look on his face was priceless after he'd walked in and shut the screen behind him.

"What's wrong Chris?" I chuckled at him.

It took him just a second to recover, "There's nothing wrong with what I see." And he sat down at the other end of the couch. He told us that the local club just wasn't his style and he hadn't met anyone that was real friendly, so he decided to come back to the room. When he saw our light on, he didn't realize he'd find us nearly naked.

"Well, considering it's my room, I'm not getting dressed." I said.

Lisa said, "I'm not getting up, I'm too comfortable. My legs are crossed and this top isn't see through, so I'm ok."

He laughed, "Hey, I'm not complaining," he said as his eyes played over Lisa's chest, belly, and crotch area. "I'm just stating the facts. Matter of fact, if you don't mind, I'll kinda join you." And he leaned forward and took off his shirt.

You have to understand that Lisa had seen Chris without his shirt on several times on the beach and at the pool. But for some reason, seeing him at the end of our couch without his shirt caused her to softly moan, "Woah". I think only I heard it, but who knows. I knew he had a better upper body than I, but I didn't know she actually liked what she saw.

The movie was soon over and Chris started flipping the channels. Both Lisa and I were still turned on. Me because we'd been making out all night, but mostly because my wife's body was practically on display to this handsome black man sitting inches away from us. And Lisa's nipples were totally hard and totally on view to both of us. I had my arms wrapped around her and had a great view of looking down at her beauty. Chris on the other hand had the full on view from his vantage point and had to be enjoying it.

"How about this?" he asked, as he had found the porn channel.

Lisa quipped, "Fred, you know I've never watched porn, but this could be kinda fun."

"If it's ok with her, it's ok with me." I said and Chris pressed the button and the next thing we knew the sex we had been very close to having was on display on the screen! It was a husband pounding his wife from behind and it was very hot. I looked down at Lisa's face and her eyes were at half-mast and kinda glassy and then I noticed that her hips were gently rocking. She was turned on big time.

I decided to hell with it and reached up and took her tits into my hands and began to squeeze them and knead them the way she likes it. I had assumed she would swat my hands and make me stop. Instead, she moaned and pushed her chest out.

I looked over at Chris; his eyes were locked on my hands on her tits and I could tell that he wanted that top off of her. So I swiftly removed my hands, moved under her shirt and lifted it up showing off her big tits to Chris and began to fondle them again.

Lisa moaned even louder and I whispered to her, "Chris can see her tits honey, he can see just how hard your nipples are." All it did was make her moan even louder. Chris reached down and began to rub his cock through his shorts and I decided to take the game a step further.

"Lisa," I whispered, "would you like to show Chris your pussy?"

She bucked her hips and then moaned softly, "Yes."

I motioned to Chris and then said to Lisa, "Lift your ass up so Chris can remove your panties." She complied, breathing heavily all the way through it. Chris' eyes got big and he had a smile on his face like a kid with his hands in the cookie jar.

"That is a fine looking pussy," he said softly and reached out to rub her leg.

Lisa spread her legs, showing off her hairy pussy to Chris and giving him full access. I whispered again to her, "Chris can see your pussy honey, do you want him to touch it, to rub it?"

"Yes!" she cried and bucked her hips again.

Chris reached up and slid a finger inside her soaking wet pussy. "Yes," she cried again, "I can't believe-"

"What honey," I whispered, "You can't believe another man can see your entire body and he has a finger inside your pussy? Is that it?"

She was bucking her hips more and more and gurgled out a "Yes. Oh yes."

"Would you like to see Chris' cock?" I whispered again.

Her eyes opened wide and she moaned, "Yes!" again and I nodded to Chris. He slid his finger out of her pussy and stood up, sliding his shorts down at the same time. His cock was magnificent. I guessed about 7 to 8 inches and very thick. Lisa's eyes were glued to his cock and she reached down and began to touch her own clit as she looked at it.

Chris reached out with his hand and took hers and gently pulled her to a standing position. He took her into his arms and, pressing his very hard cock against her, held her and kissed her. His tongue slid into her mouth and his hand each held a soft globe of her ass, squeezing them and making her moan even more.

He slowly pulled away from the kiss and sat on the couch before her, taking her tits into his hands and began to suck on them. My own dick was hard as a rock but I was afraid I'd cum if I touched myself, so I left it alone.

His hands were all over my wife's body as he sucked her nipples. She stood in front of him with her hands on his shoulders, rubbing him and moving her body against him. Her eyes, however, were on me. And all I could do was look right back at her. She had the serious "I'm ready to fuck" look on her face and all of a sudden, Chris leaned back and pulled her up onto his lap. Her married, hairy pussy was inches away from his enormous cock.

He looked up at her and said, "I've waited all week long for this, but if you want me, I want you to put me inside you."

She began to reach down and then stopped and looked at me and beckoned me with a finger. I slid over and she pointed at his cock and waited. I knew what she wanted, so I moved around behind her on the floor and grabbed his cock. It was the first cock I'd ever held in my hand besides my own, but it was much different than mine. It felt alive in my hand and as I pushed down on her ass with my other hand, I wandered how alive it would feel to my wife.

I moved the head of his cock across her crack and heard her moan and then I slid him inside her and pushed down again on her ass. His cock began to disappear inside her hairy pussy, so very slowly and I was hypnotized watching it.

"OH!" she cried, "too big, wait." And then he slid another inch inside her. It took awhile, but finally his entire cock was lodged inside her soaked pussy and her entire body was trembling.

"Oh Lisa," he said, "you feel just as good as I thought you would." She began moving her hips back and forth. "Yes, Lisa! Nothing feels better than tight, white, married pussy."

Lisa moaned and moved faster and then she began to slide up and down on his cock. "Oh Fred, he's so big." She moaned. "So big, so good."

Lisa's big ass had never looked so good as it did riding that big, black cock. I rubbed her ass and moved around to their side and she looked over at me and kissed me deeply while riding Chris' cock.

"Does he feel good in your pussy baby?" I asked.

"Oh yes," she moaned, "Fred his cock is so big, I . . . I . . . Oh yes, fuck me Chris."

She'd never in all our years of marriage called my cock a "cock" – it was always a penis. Hearing her use that word to describe Chris' cock made me so hard.

She reached out and took mine into her hand and said, "I love you Fred, I do enjoy your penis, but Chris' cock is sooooooooooooo wonderful." She cried out. She was slamming up and down on his cock, moving up to the tip and slamming down to his balls.

Then she moved off and told him to "fuck me from behind Chris, fuck me hard with your incredible cock!" and got on all fours. Her big tits were hanging down, her belly was sagging some and her big, beautiful ass was sticking up in the air. "Please," she cried, "Fuck me now Chris!"

"Who am I to not give the lady what she wants."

He leered at me and got on his knees behind her. He looked at me and I was unsure what he wanted, then he said, "I believe she wants me to fuck her Fred."

Lisa turned her head and told me, "put his cock inside me Freddie, quickly, I need it now!"

It finally dawned on me. I grabbed his very wet cock covered in my wife's pussy juice and moved it to the entrance of her very swollen pussy. I placed the head against her and he slid forward in my hand, sliding in to his balls.

Lisa cried out, "YES!"

Chris began to slide his cock in and out, sometimes fast, sometime slow. It was incredible watching her ass as it rippled every time he slammed against her. His ability to hold back from cumming was amazing – I could never last longer than 10 to 15 minutes. He'd been at her for over 30 when she pulled off of him and turned over. It had been ages since I'd seen her nipples so hard. She looked so damn sexy with her legs spread and this black guy in front of her ready to slide in again.

Knowing my job, I reached down and took a hold of his cock again and stroked it a couple of times as I led it towards my wife's pussy. Lisa must've seen what I've done as she moaned and said, "That was so hot Freddie, stroke him some more before you put him back inside me."

I looked at Chris and he just stood there on his knees between my wife's legs waiting for me to do something, so I began to stroke him.

Lisa's pussy had made him very wet and very easy to stroke. His huge cock felt so masculine in my hands; my little 5 incher was jutting straight up (with a little curve in it), but it was nothing compared to what Chris had. Lisa reached down and touched her clit, moaning all the time as she watched me stroke him.

Then she whispered, "Kiss his cock for me Freddie. Just this once, kiss a man's cock for me." I looked at her, looked at his cock and realized that in the heat of the moment, I wanted to. So I bent down and kissed the tip of Chris' cock and ran my lips down the side. I heard Lisa stroking her own pussy busily and moaning "yes" again and again. "Take it in your mouth for me." She cried.

So I did as well as I could and she came HARD, her hips jerking up and down, one hand buried in her crotch, the other squeezing one of her tits. I pulled off his cock and moved away and Chris took his own cock in his hand and slammed it back inside Lisa's very, very wet pussy. She came again HARD.

Then he began to stroke in and out. Her legs moved up around him, her feet rested on his ass as he pumped over and over inside her well used pussy. They were kissing now, their tongues intertwined and that was all it took as I came all over myself without even touching my . . . penis. Again and again his ass slammed back and forth as I watched our new found friend fuck my wife of 15 years mercilessly.

She cried his name and kissed his mouth and face. At one point he was fucking her slow and he put one of his fingers in her mouth and she gave his finger a "blowjob" that made my spent penis rise again. Her eyes were on me the entire time she sucked it while Chris moved slowly in and out of her pussy. Finally, she popped it out and began to kiss him again. My penis was so hard and ready to cum again.

Chris began to pump faster and finally he told her, "Oh yes my little married slut, I'm gonna cum! Tell me where you want it Lisa – all over you or all inside you?"

I nearly came again when she moaned, "Give it to me Chris, let me feel you cum in my slutty married pussy. Just keep fucking me Chris, cum inside me. Please, I need you to cum!"

At last, he slammed his cock deep inside her and held his body still. I could see the muscles in his body quiver and he unloaded his cum inside my wife. Her legs were locked around him as wide as they could be. She held him with one hand on his ass and the other around his neck as she kissed him deeply.

He finally relaxed and they lay together kissing and touching. My penis was still raging hard and so eager to cum, but I was hoping to get it inside Lisa's pussy before I came again. Chris rolled off of her and she looked at me and asked in a husky whisper, "Did you enjoy that?"

I moved over and kissed the mouth that just seconds earlier had had a different tongue inside it and told her "yes, Lisa, it was incredible."

She noticed my hard on and smiled. "I guess you did enjoy it, someone is still hard. But my pussy is a little raw. I'm not used to the kind of fucking I just got." That statement made my hard on jump.

She whispered, "Maybe if you lick me a little, that will make her feel better. Maybe even better enough to take you inside, if I can still feel you inside me."

I moved down between her legs and looked up at her, then at Chris who was smiling the smile of a man who had just fucked my wife better than I ever had. I looked at her pussy, which was red, very raw, and very wet. Her juices were everywhere, but Chris' cum was also everywhere. It was leaking from her pussy down to the crack of her ass.

She whispered to me again, "Lick me, kiss my slutty married pussy Freddie." That was all it took, and I moved in and began to lick her, suck her, and taste her like never before. I'd eaten her pussy thousands of times during our marriage, but never after fucking her and now my face was buried in her hairy pussy that was full of another man's cum. It poured out as I licked her more, right into my mouth and I swallowed every drop.

I could hear them kissing and talking, but I kept licking. I peeked up and Chris' mouth was locked on one of her tits, the other one in his hand. Her hips were bucking and finally she cried out and came all over my face. She held me there for a moment with her legs, then let go, her legs relaxing.

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