I lasted a couple of years at university before the authorities decided they’d seen enough and politely showed me the door. Apparently my strict devotion to sex, drugs and rock’n’roll wasn’t what they’d had in mind when they’d invited me to study there.

I suppose I could see their point but I was enjoying myself too much to change my ways. I’d finally reached average height, but stayed thin and pretty in a David Bowie kind of way. My mother bought me contact lenses and I grew my blonde hair long. I was reliably informed that my penis was above average in size. Getting girls and women to fuck me was a lot easier than I’d thought and I really went to town - there weren’t enough hours in the day to study as well.

For a few weeks after being thrown out I just partied and fucked all night and slept all day. Then my friend Jake told me he wanted to set up an independent record label but needed a partner with some capital. I scrounged the money from my mother and her loaded new husband and we were in business.

Jake and I weren’t exactly natural capitalists and we didn’t have a good ear for what would sell. We drank away a lot of money and signed a lot of crap artists before, through dumb luck, we stumbled across not one but two bands who actually sold a lot of records. Within a year of starting up we were paying ourselves stupid amounts just to go to parties and hang out with rock stars. The good times rolled.

We carried on signing duds, though. These included MFF, a completely average local pub rock band that I was only interested in because I badly wanted to fuck Sally, their keyboard player.

Sally was going out with my best friend from college days but she didn’t stay his girlfriend (and he didn’t stay my friend) for long. She was tall, slim, blonde – yes, like my mother – and slightly hippy-ish. The attraction was strong and mutual.

One afternoon, just after we gave MFF a contract, Sally knocked on my door and asked if she could talk to me. So we sat on the couch while she complained about her boyfriend. Eventually she hinted that their sex life was… unsatisfactory. This gave me the excuse I needed to turn the conversation around to my first sexual experiences.

I’d learned that this story (which is somewhere on this site if you’re interested) produced useful reactions in girls: either arousal, or sympathy, or – as in Sally’s case - arousal and sympathy. Afterwards she swore that she just meant to put a comforting hand on my thigh. What she actually did was rest her nice long musician’s fingers on my semi-erect cock.

So that’s where we had our first frenzied fuck, right there on the couch. I came quickly, but Sally came quicker. We didn’t even bother taking all our clothes off until we eventually made it into the bedroom.

She moved in a couple of weeks later but not because it was love at first sight. She needed somewhere to live, I had a big flashy flat. I made the drunken offer one night in bed, she drunkenly accepted.

But it turned out that we actually got on. Not only did we really like each other but, much more importantly, we were perfectly compatible sexually.

For a start, Sally liked watching me masturbate. This was essential. She liked it so much that she would usually have to start masturbating too, and she loved to be watched by me. And she genuinely loved to suck me and make me come in her mouth. I’d known girls who enjoyed doing it but I’d never met any girl who acted like she was desperate to do it - until Sally.

At first I thought she was putting it on just to please me but sometimes she’d go crazy, dropping to her knees, frantically pulling at my pants, muttering “Let me suck you, let me suck you”, then moaning quietly to herself while slid her wet lips and tongue up, down and around, faster and faster. It might have been scary if it hadn’t felt so good. I’d try to hold back and prolong the ecstasy, but Sally was merciless. When she could sense me coming she’d pant “Yes baby yes baby yes baby” and then take my cock as far in to her mouth as she could while she swallowed.

The strength and sweetness of my orgasms is directly related to how turned on I am, and when Sally made me come she turned me into a jerking, gibbering fool. Once she told that was why she got so excited – she just loved making me lose control, hearing me moan. When I’d finished thrashing around and groaning and she’d sucked me dry and clean, she would keep my soft dick in her mouth until she could feel it going hard again. Then she’d let me fuck her.

Sometimes when she was happily gobbling away I’d torment her by sliding my slippery, shiny cock out of her mouth and slowly stroking it in front of her face. “Look baby” I’d whisper “You’ve made me all wet and hard.” Sally would whimper and squirm, not knowing what she wanted more – the show, or my cock back in her mouth – and her own hand might slip down between her legs. She’d keep her mouth open while I wanked and came all over her lovely face.

Apart from this enthusiasm for oral sex Sally was usually passive but compliant. I mean that she didn’t do much that I didn’t ask her to do, but she did do what I asked. Making her come with my cock, tongue or fingers was easy, and she must have averaged four or five of her huge, juddering, shuddering orgasms to every one of mine. I used to tease her about how many she owed me.

To cut a long story short I was happy. I was even a one woman guy for the first and last time in my life. In my line of work screwing around was practically compulsory and Jake was baffled, but I wanted Sally to be happy too. After all, I reckoned, how likely was it that there was anything better than her out there?

So the night when Sally asked me out of the blue “Did you think that waitress was pretty?” I thought I knew what to say. We’d been out to dinner to celebrate three months together and now we were lying in a sweaty post-orgasmic tangle on the bedroom floor. Actually the waitress had been gorgeous, and I thought Sally must have caught me sneaking looks at her.

I said “No, not especially” in a convincing tone (I’m a good liar – only my mother can catch me out). Sally let it drop, but there was something odd about her reaction. I knew she believed me but she still seemed vaguely cross, as if I’d said the wrong thing.

The same thing kept happening over the next few weeks. Sally would ask me whether I thought some woman we knew or had met was attractive. The truthful answer would be “Yes” but, figuring Sally was feeling insecure and needed reassurance, I’d lie smoothly and get the same puzzling, vexed response.

Then one morning, sitting with my feet up in the office watching Jake sleep off the orgy he’d just left, a little light came on in my head. I suddenly had an interesting theory about Sally. It seemed a bit too good to be true, but if I handled it right I had nothing to lose from testing it out.

I only had to wait until Saturday night. I went to pick up Sally from the pub where MFF had been playing. The gig had finished by the time I arrived and the band were sitting drinking with their little group of hard core fans and hangers-on. Most of MFF’s fans were as boring as their music and my plan was to drag Sally straight home and into bed, but she made me wait and have a brandy while she carried on arguing with the lead guitarist about who’d played the most bum notes. “Oh” she said, turning back to me for a second, “Paul – Annie. Annie – Paul”.

I hadn’t noticed the girl quietly sitting next to Sally, but I noticed her now. She was cute but the opposite of Sally: very small – no more than five feet tall – with short, boyish dark hair (yes, a bit like Bonnie). Annie’s hair was the only boyish thing about her though. She had big brown eyes and a beautifully tight, curved little body. She was wearing faded jeans and a tight fluffy sweater that made my palms itch to cup and stroke her breasts.

I smiled and said “Hi”, and Annie blushed. She was painfully shy but eventually I found out that she’d just left school and started at the same university that had kicked me out. To save money she still lived with her parents, but that meant long bus trips into town every day. What’s more, she thought MFF were great and that Sally was beautiful and a brilliant keyboard player.

Suddenly Sally decided she was ready to go and I drove us home. She was in a weird, especially dirty mood. In the car she rubbed my cock through my pants then pulled it out, trying to make me come with her hand while I sped through the closing time traffic.

As soon as we made it in through the front door I got my revenge by pushing her down onto all fours, yanking down her jeans, grabbing her hips and ramming myself into her from behind. She was soaking wet. While we fucked I slapped her backside so hard that it made my hands sting. I was on a hair trigger, not interested in her pleasure, but she still beat me to it. All in all it took us about an hour to get from the door to the bedroom.

In bed we lay in the dark, and when I thought she was asleep and I was dozing off, Sally murmured “Did you think Annie was cute?”

Time to test my theory. “Yes. I did think Annie was cute.”

A moment’s pause, then I could feel Sally lifting her head from the pillow. “Did you?”

“Yes, I did. Didn’t you?”

Two moments’ pause. “Well… yes, she’s pretty. Do you mean you fancied her? You’d like to fuck her?”

This was the crucial moment. “I don’t think that’s the question, is it?” I began to run a fingernail up and down Sally’s spine, barely touching her skin. “I think the question is, do you fancy her?”

Her back arched, but she didn’t answer right away. There was thirty seconds of silence then she said “I don’t know… a bit, maybe.”

Bingo. My cock began to stiffen and made contact with Sally’s backside. I pulled away, trying to play it cool.

“Maybe?” I asked. “What do you mean?”

She squirmed and said “I just think about it sometimes. I’m not a lesbian or anything.”

“I know baby. Have you ever done anything with another girl before?”


“But you think about having sex with girls?”

“Sometimes. Yes. I mean, I think about us. Us having sex with a girl.”

“Us? So you’d like it if Annie was here in bed with us now?”

She didn’t answer straight away, but I carried on stroking her back and her breathing got heavier. Then she asked “Do you love me?”

“You know I do baby.”

“You’ve done it with two women before, haven’t you? Unless you made up that story. You liked it, didn’t you?”

My cock was touching Sally’s backside again, and not only because it had grown to its full length. She had pushed herself back against me and slowly began to rub herself against my erection while she spoke.

“No, I didn’t make it up” I said. “And yes, I liked it very much. I told you I did.”

Her rubbing got harder. So did I.

“I… I just want to know what it feels like. And I want to watch you making another girl come. And I want to see her making you come. Please, Paul… oh God… ”

I’d slipped my hand down across Sally’s belly, through her pubic hair and between her legs, and finger fucked her roughly until she came twice, her pillow muffling her screams. I came by rubbing myself against the soft, smooth skin of her backside.

In the morning I woke to the familiar but fabulous sensation of Sally’s mouth wrapped around my cock. I could hear it as well as feel it, the wet sucking sound and her rhythmic “Mmm… mmm… mmm”. I lay there with my eyes closed and let her do it and roared when I couldn’t hold back the orgasm any longer. She swallowed everything then rested her head on my stomach, slowly running a fingertip up and down my softening erection. After a minute or two’s silence she said “So did you mean it about Annie?”

We planned it all out. MFF had five gigs over the next two weeks and Annie was bound to be at all of them. Sally would single her out for special attention and flattery. She would get close to her, talk about sex. She would tell Annie how wonderful I was. Then she would invite her round to the flat for dinner. And, since Annie lived such a long way out of town, Sally would insist that she stayed overnight.

After each gig Sally came home and excitedly gave me a progress report. Annie was still shy but Sally was her new best friend. They hugged, they kissed hello and goodbye, they told each other how beautiful they were. Sally described our sex life in explicit detail while Annie listened goggle-eyed.

Then Annie told her that she’d only done it once, in her first week at the university – because she thought she should - with some big oaf who shot his load in under a minute then kicked her out. She’d never had an orgasm that she hadn’t given herself, and she was worried that she was masturbating too often. Sally asked her what she thought about when she did that but Annie just blushed and stared at the floor.

She came to us on a Friday night. Sally spent the afternoon deciding what to wear then went for a sort of schoolgirl look – a tiny grey pleated skirt, crisp white blouse, pigtails. I couldn’t believe that any human being on the planet, man or woman, wouldn’t have been turned on by her. I was wearing a tattered old pair of jeans and a grey silk shirt with embroidered flowers that I thought made me look gay but Sally promised me was sexy.

Annie arrived exactly on time, as if she’d been waiting outside checking her watch. I’d forgotten how small she was but she looked just as fuckable as I remembered. She gawped at Sally and stood on tiptoe to kiss her cheek, then gawped at me. Sally noticed and smiled, then said “So who’s the prettiest, Annie? Me or Paul?”

Annie blushed and mumbled something about us both looking nice. She was wearing a cheap black mini dress and a bit too much make up. I said “Annie’s the prettiest, easily” and wondered what she would look like when she came.

Neither Sally or I were cooks so we ate takeaway Chinese and drank cold vintage champagne like it was beer. Annie said she wasn’t used to alcohol so I had to keep an eye on her – we wanted her tipsy, not throwing up or unconscious. She was very nervous and hardly said a word but eventually the wine, combined with Sally’s warmth and my charm, made her relax a little and smile. I even made her laugh with some of the industry gossip about her favourite bands.

After dinner we sat on the floor with our backs against the sofa, Sally in the middle, all of us drinking and listening to the Velvet Underground. The plan was for Sally to take the lead in the seduction, at least to begin with – she was the one that Annie knew best and trusted. The trouble was that we’d never decided what she would actually do.

I solved the problem – by getting the hiccups (I still do when I drink a lot of sparkling wine). Annie giggled but Sally’s eyes lit up. “Aha!” she announced “This calls for Nurse Sally’s foolproof hiccups cure.” Then she kissed me, sticking her tongue down my throat. While we kissed I looked at Annie. At first she looked away, but then she stared straight at us. We made eye contact just before Sally pulled away.

This really was Sally’s cure and it worked, just like it usually did. Sally turned to Annie, grinning in triumph. Then the little miracle happened. Annie hiccupped.

Actually it was probably just a burp. I thought it sounded fake anyway, but Annie always swore it was genuine. Whatever. In that second the atmosphere in the room turned from playful to something much heavier. My cock began to stiffen, as if it knew what was coming next.

Sally turned to me. “Oh dear” she said. “Another patient for Nurse Sally”. She turned back to Annie, reached out and stroked her cheek. Then she leaned in very, very slowly, giving Annie plenty of time to stop her. But she was like a rabbit caught in headlights, gazing straight into Sally’s eyes until their lips finally made contact.

For a few seconds Sally just brushed her lips against Annie’s. Then, while my heart raced and my mouth went dry, Sally’s tongue appeared and pushed gently into Annie’s mouth. I could see Sally’s hand trembling on Annie’s cheek while they carried on like this for another few seconds, then Sally pulled away. “There” she murmured huskily “Is that better?”

Annie just nodded quickly. I said “I think Annie likes Nurse Sally. Was that nice, baby?” She blushed and nodded again.

“Well now Annie” said Sally in a strange, rapid voice “Don’t you think you should practice the cure? In case Paul’s hiccups come back. Try it on him now.” Then she quickly rolled over Annie, leaving her in the middle. “Go on” Sally said, as Annie hesitated “I want you to, I promise. Go on.”

Poor Annie looked scared but she closed her eyes and opened her mouth. I glanced at Sally. She was looking at us with the same expression of dumb lust she wore when she watched me masturbate.

I repeated Sally’s kiss. At first Annie just passively accepted my tongue in her mouth but then, with a barely audible little grunt, she began to respond, pushing back with her own tongue and getting more and more into it until suddenly she gasped and pulled away.

I could see why. Sally had reached across and begun rubbing a hand over Annie’s tits. My own hand stretched out and began rubbing too. Annie’s nipples were already stiff and poking through her dress. She just sat quietly and still between us with her eyes closed, as if she was afraid that if she moved she would do something wrong and break the spell.

Our rubbing got firmer. Sally tugged on a nipple and at last Annie reacted, opening her eyes and watching our hands go round and round over her body. Then Sally whispered into her ear “Annie. Paul likes you. Look how big you’ve made his thing.”

Annie looked at the large bulge in my jeans and licked her dry lips nervously. “Would you like to see Paul’s thing, Annie? It’s lovely” whispered Sally again. Annie nodded.

My heart thumped like a hammer while I undid my fly buttons one by one. I hadn’t been this aroused since that new year’s eve nearly four years ago. My right hand pulled my stiff cock out into the open, my left slid slowly up Annie’s smooth, bare thigh.

Sally followed my lead and began stroking the inside of Annie’s other thigh, then said “It’s OK honey, touch it”. Annie looked at me then reached out a shaking hand and ran her fingertips up and down my cock. Now, this was hardly the first time that a girl had touched me like that but I swear it was the first time it had thrilled me so much. All I could do was grunt like an animal and jerk my hips forward.

At the same time Sally and I moved our hands further up Annie’s thighs until they met where her panties stretched across her warm, damp pussy. Then it was her turn to moan and arch her back as our two hands fiddled about. We were getting in each other’s way, though, until Sally withdrew and let me slide a finger under Annie’s panties and into her pussy.

Annie’s chest heaved and she threw back her head when I began gently massaging her clitoris faster and faster. I looked over at Sally. She smiled back at me and silently mouthed “I love you.” Then we both focused on Annie’s face while she came.

I could feel the whole lower half of her body going into spasm around my finger. Her eyes squeezed tight shut but her lips parted most prettily as she called out Sally’s name, and I imagined how it would feel to push my cock past her small white teeth and into her throat.

I slowed the movement of my finger and Annie began to relax. Then, just before she stopped squirming and panting completely, I began to speed up again. When she came for the second time, even harder than the first time, Sally kissed her with the same passion and tenderness that I was used to getting.

There was a moment or two of heavy breathing calm before Sally said “Now kiss it Annie, lick Paul’s cock. He likes that.” I’d never heard her voice like that before – deep but trembling, pleading and commanding at the same time – and I realised that she was more turned on now than she had ever been with me alone.

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