Mia Mine Ch. 02


Note, thank you for all the wonderful comments and votes for Mia Mine, hopefully I have learned from the suggestions I received. Hope you like Mia Mine 2, please let me know.


Mia and David lay together in that wondrous after sex glow for a few minutes. Nothing being said, nothing needed to be said. Just their arms around each other feeling the others closeness.

Finally Mia rose up and said, "Hey, we were going out for dinner before you so rudely interrupted my plans."

With that little jab, David began tickling her under her ribs, and what fun! She was extremely ticklish. He had her laughing and rolling all over the bed trying to get away from his tickles. Finally, both out of breath, "You know, I think I could actually go for some food."

"Ok, then" said Mia feigning authority, "time to get showered and dressed for dinner my good man."

"Once again fair maiden, I shall follow you anywhere."

"Anywhere?" said Mia with almost an evil grin. Whatever kind of grin it was, it excited David to no end. So much so that he once again had risen to the point of giving Mia his 'handle' to lead him into the shower.

They both stood there, staring at each other, smiling, as the hot water cascaded around both their naked bodies, simultaneously their hands began to re-explore the others body. This time with the aid of soap suds, their hands slide effortlessly over each others body. David turned Mia around to lather her back, and began working on those tightened muscles in her shoulders. Mia sighed and leaned back against him and basically gave her body to his nimble, yet strong fingers as they worked out those stress tightened muscles. After a bit, Mia began a slow circular motion with her luscious ass, rubbing David's still hardened cock between them. His hands picked up on her 'rhythm' and finished her back to her silent music and dance. He reached down to lather those lovely orbs that had just given him so much pleasure. Once again Mia groaned and let herself totally enjoy his manipulation of her ass cheeks. He let his fingers roam her crack, occasionally bumping into the little puckered opening, which created loud sighs.

He finally pushed one, then two fingers inside her and began pumping. Mia pushed back against each of his thrusts and before long was moaning one long, prolonged moan of deep pleasure. David reached his other hand around her and lathered her breasts, paying special attention to those beautiful and highly sensitive nipples, which made Mia almost putty in his hands. He then let his hand slide down to her now fully erect penis, and he 'washed' it carefully, running his clenched hand up and down its hardened sides, and squeezing the tip as he reached it. Mia was now bucking quite furiously and he could sense she wanted to cum again. He slipped his fingers out of her ass, much to her chagrin, turned her around, crouched down in front of her, and put her hard cock into his mouth. He then slid his fingers back to her anal canal to find her prostate. His prostate massage mixed with his growing cock sucking skill had her pumping wildly until he heard her scream "OH DAVID! FUCK I AM CUMMING! TAKE ME! MAKE ME CUM IN YOUR MOUTH! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!

With that Mia shot stream after stream inside his waiting (and now wanton) mouth. This time he was prepared and did not lose a drop, swallowing most, but saving just a bit, to give back to her with his kiss after her stood to take her in his arms and hold her tightly. Her tongue almost pierced through his lips to taste her freshly spewn semen to share it with him as their mouths converged.

Mia regained her composure, and started on him, but David said, "let's finish here and have dinner and come back, is that ok?"

"A wonderful idea lover."

With that they quickly finished in the shower, Mia readied herself with a small amount of makeup after doing her hair in a ponytail. She didn't have time to do anything else with it, and David had told her she looked sensational in her ponytail. She then began to dress, and heard David sigh as she pulled her nylons up her shapely legs. "Oh yes, it was these beauties that got your attention in the first place, would you care to help you nylon fetish guy you?"

Not needing a second invitation, David quickly moved over and helped get her nylons up, straightened, and fastened to her gorgeous black satin garter.

"I am going to shock you and not wear my thong or my panties, so you are going to have to be careful not to excite me at the restaurant."

"OK, hon" he said, with his fingers crossed behind his back.

She slipped into a lovely green v-neck sweater, and another tight fitting skirt, put on her heels, and proclaimed herself ready. David stood with his mouth a bit open, once again wordless. Mia playfully reached over and gave his face a soft mini slap, "Are you with us?"

"You really don't have any idea how absolutely gorgeous you are do you?"

"Well, as long as you think so, that is a wonderful thing, and all I need, now let's go and get something to eat, the restaurant is down in the lobby and I want to show off my 'new man'. "

"And I want to be with the most beautiful woman in the world."

Smiling, and arm in arm, they walked to the elevator. Once the door opened and showed it to be empty, they walked inside and as the door closed, David's hand slid to caress Mia's ass. Looking at her reflection in the elevator's mirror, he said, "I certainly feel under dressed."

"That is exactly the way I want to keep you, under dressed or not at all" Mia purred.

"So now I am a 'kept man'?"

"Absolutely, of course if that is to your liking."

"Hmmm, well yes, but only if you are the keeper."

Mia laughed along with David, and they continued as the bell rang announcing their arrival to the lobby. They got out and walked, arm in arm to the restaurant's reception desk.

"Well, good evening Mia! I see you have a guest."

"Good evening Grace, yes this is David and he will be dining with me. Please show us your finest and most romantic table for two!"

Grace picked up two menus, came out from behind the desk, whispered something in Mia's ear, and they both broke out a loud laugh. She then sashayed past them with a "this way please" said over her shoulder. Grace was a very pretty girl with a fine little rounded ass, which was quite proudly and prominently shown in her little restaurant outfit. Normally David would have oogled that ass all the way to the table, but with Mia on his arm he just noticed and went on.

He leaned over and asked Mia what Grace had said. "Oh nothing," she smiled.

"Well I guess 'nothing' is pretty funny then."

"Ok, if you must know, she said she was very happy to see me with such a fine looking man, with such a hot little ass."

"She did not!"

Mia patted his ass and smiled, "oh yes."

David could feel Mia's breast with his elbow the way she was holding his arm, and he thought he could feel her nipple harden. He pushed a little harder and rubbed his elbow in a circular motion and heard a little Mia sigh. He looked down and thought he could see a little bump in the front of her tight skirt, remembering that she had decided to go without panties. Mia must have seen his gaze and put her purse in front of her, poking him in the ribs and whispering "that's for dessert." They both laughed as Grace helped seat them.

"I hope you two have a lovely dinner," she said with a beautiful smile and a wink to Mia, and turned and left them alone at their table.

The restaurant, being in the lobby of a waterfront hotel had a great view of the harbor. Their table was right at one of the corners and right at the window so they could look over the water and see all the lights reflecting on the dark water.

"I always loved coming up here, such a wonderful view, and now it is even a better view."

"Well the view from here is absolutely gorgeous," David said with his eyes fixed on Mia's beautiful face.

Just then their wait person arrived, a perky little blonde with a great smile and twinkling blue eyes.

"Good evening, I am Samantha, and I will be your wait person. May I get you something to drink and perhaps something from the pre dinner menu? The calamari is spectacular tonight."

"Thank you Samantha, we'll have a couple glasses of your house white, and an order of the calamari," Mia said now in her businesswoman voice.

"Very good choice, I will be right back with your order and you can look over the menus and let me know what you'd like for dinner," said Samantha and she walked briskly away, swinging her little skirt with each step.

"I hope you don't mind me ordering, I am so used to it, I didn't give a second thought."

"Everything you ordered is fine with me Mia, I would be happy with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches if it meant having a meal with you," David said with a happy smile.

"You are really something David, I don't think I have ever been with someone like you."

"Well, I hope that is a good thing," smiled David.

"It is the best."

Samantha came back with their wine and the calamari, and they talked of Mia's job and travels, and shared some of their history with each other.

They had both decided on the surf and turf special with a top sirloin and Dungeness crab legs. They continued talking and both had this wonderful feeling of complete openness, like they could say anything they wished without judgment or misunderstanding. It was a refreshing change for both of them.

"I can't remember being able to talk to anyone so candidly before," said David.

"I know what you mean darling, I feel like I have known you all my life instead of just a few hours, you make me feel safe, warm, sexy, desired and horny, all at the same time," said Mia with a smile.

"You took the words right out of my mouth," said David with a longing smile. They ate and talked, when all of a sudden David thought he heard a clunk under the table. "What was that?" he asked.

"I don't know, you better check."

David slid his chair back so he could bend over and lift the table cloth to look under the table. As he got completely under the table he noticed one of Mia's shoes had fallen off and hit the metal table support. 'Well that explains the clunk' he said to himself, or so he thought. Mia bent down so she could see him under the table "I think there is something else that may need your attention" she said rather softly, almost huskily.

David lifted his gaze only to find Mia had pulled up her skirt, and was now bringing her penis to a rock hard state with a glistening of precum on its tip.

"I think I have found the problem" said David feigning his best attempt at a handy man voice. He moved over closer to Mia's lap, lifted her hands from her now rock hard penis, and placed his mouth over the tip to drink in her precum.

"Oh My Yes David! I do believe you have found the crux of the problem. Can you patch it up until we get back up to our room?" Mia played along.

All she heard was a muffled something, for David's mouth was doing wonders to her raging hardon.

"Is everything ok here? Is there a problem with your table?" asked Samantha showing quite a bit of concern at first.

"Oh no, Samantha, David has found the crux of the problem, something to do with the hardness of the supports or something very fixable by such a handy guy as he."

"Does he need some help?" said Samantha with her expression changing a bit from concern to an almost knowing (and perhaps wanting) look.

"Ok, I can see he has the problem firmly in hand then" she said and walked away, more backed away, trying to steal glimpses of what David was actually doing, although she was pretty sure she knew (ha, how little she really knew).

She got back to the reception desk and began talking to Grace, who turned and looked at Mia with a broad grin, licked her lips with dramatic sweeps of her tongue and a long held wink.

"Ok David, I think we had better take this to our room," said Mia with a bit of sadness in her voice.

She pushed David's head softly away, and he backed out from beneath the table, to once again join her sitting at the table with a shit eating type grin.

"So, I think I am done with dinner, would you mind if we took a little walk around the marina?" David said, staring into Mia's eyes.

"I didn't bring a coat, and it was raining" countered Mia.

"Well, the rain has stopped, so I can give you the liner from my jacket, it is very warm. I would just like a short walk with you on my arm to sorta wake up a bit. Two glasses of wine, and a wonderful dinner has me a little past mellow. You know my day usually starts at 3:30, and I don't want a caffeine buzz for what I have planned for us later."

"Well, you silver tongued devil you, you have convinced me to try this wild adventure of yours."

David stood and removed the flannel/felt liner from his jacket and helped Mia put it on, and zipped it all the way under her chin. Then gave her a short kiss on the lips and put on his jacket, took the dinner bill and the walked arm in arm to the reception desk.

"You want me just to put it on your room tab Mia?" said Grace smiling.

"That will be perfect, and give Samantha a 40% tip, she was marvelous!"

"Well," said David, "I was going to pay for dinner."

"That's sweet hon, but are you on an expense account?"

"Well, no, I guess I'm kind of a no account in that vein."

"You are my guest, and it is my honor and pleasure to have paid for the wonderful dinner we shared, it was the best I have had in a very long time..... and oh yeah, the food wasn't too bad either."

David put his arm around Mia's shoulder as they walked out of the lobby to the courtyard. She snuggled as close to his warmth as she could and they walked down the stairs to the harbor side marina. There were quite a few lights still shimmering across the water, and it was a beautiful site when the breeze blew the clouds just enough to see the full moon in the distance, and it's reflection in the water.

"This was a great idea David, it is so nice and peacefully beautiful out here. But you did mention a 'short walk' did you not?"

David could hear a slight shiver in Mia's voice and knew the salt water air was making her cold.

"Ok, let's head up, I feel a lot more awake now, and ready for dessert."

"Mmmmmmm yes, I think we shall find a scrumptious dessert."

Back in the hotel room, David helped Mia off with his liner, and got his coat off.

They both kicked off their shoes, to get more comfortable, David could help notice her feet in her nylons. Hmmm he thought, now I'm into feet too?

They stood a bit and enjoyed the warmth, and then David reached his arms out, and Mia flew into them and they kissed, like their first kiss again. Exploring each other's mouth with their tongue, and the doing a little tongue dancing.

David reached down Mia's back to start lifting her sweater off. Mia raised her arms so he could slide it all the way off. She loved standing there in front of him in just her black satin bra, with its little push up cups so well hidden in the material. It made her already perky breasts look much fuller and actually gave her an amazing, sexy cleavage. David did not miss this effect and began running his tongue up and down and all over her cleavage, teasing her just a bit, but causing enough pleasure to make Mia moan softly. His deft fingers actually were able to go around her back and unfasten the bra without much of fight (much to his excitement). He lifted each end of the bra out and began to lightly pull it away from Mia's body. Mia was happy to accommodate and helped him slide it all the way off her shoulders and arms. He let if fall in a little heap by her feet, and she now stood before him completely topless. She reached her hands to palm each breasts bottom, to lift them to him as a gift. A gift he was eager to receive and to use. His mouth was so busy sucking on each nipple, using his tongue to tweak them, and when he moved on to the other, he let his fingers do the pinching to make sure she was getting constant pleasure. He was pretty sure he was doing ok, for her moans were getting louder and longer, and he could feel her hands trying to fumble with his buttons on his shirt.

She broke away from him and said "I want to see you naked, take off your clothes for me. Take them off slowly, while I watch please.... Pretty please?"

"Ok, I will try, I have never done a strip tease before, I always seem to rush to get undressed as fast as I can."

"Do your best David, I am sure it will be fine."

So he did her bidding, and slowly finished unbuttoning his shirt, playing with the last button a bit before finally freeing it from the button hole. He then swept his arms out and slowly reached across his chest to remove each sleeve slowly, as per her orders. He finally got the shirt completely off, and twirled it a bit over his head, and then twirled it above Mia's head. She laughed and grabbed the shirt from him and said, "come on, I want more!"

Now he was feeling into it and he reached for the bottom of his t-shirt that was tucked inside his jeans. He pulled it slowly up and out of his jeans, lifting even more he revealed his relatively flat stomach. No six pack, but no rolls.

Mia began to laugh, clap, and then that loud whistle with her fingers in her mouth. David was spurred on even more by her reaction so slowly pulled the shirt up his chest. He slipped one arm, and then the other out of their sleeve and then in one fluid motion lifted it up and over his head. This time he threw it at her face. She giggled with glee, holding it tightly to her nose to take in his manly aroma.

"MMMMMMMM" she said, "I think you are going to have to give me this shirt."

David smiled and now really getting into giving her a show, for she seemed to be getting hotter and hotter as he went on.

Now, being completely topless, he had to fend off Mia's probing hands saying "the show must go on!"

She gave a fake little pout and sat like a child waiting for her ice cream cone.

He began again, slowly undoing his belt, and instead of just going straight for the button and zipper on his jeans, he decided to take the belt out of all the loops, and swing it around. He swung it softly to playfully "whip" Mia's thigh. She gasped as an "OH!" escaped her mouth, and he decided to let the belt fall to the floor.

His hands then moved to his jeans button, which he undid, holding it for a bit, before unzipping his fly. He moved the zipper very slowly and thought he could hear Mia's breathing get harder. Once the zipper was completely down, he did a little ass shake and brought the jeans down his legs to the floor.

Mia jumped up and applauded, as from all his walking his legs were quite toned. She did the whistle again, and a cat call type of "More, I need More!"

So, with just his boxers on, he decided to play a little, and pulled the front down a bit, and then pulled it back up. He started thinking of a song (Wild Thing by the Troggs- he had no idea why) and sort of danced and swayed to the music in his head. He turned around and gave her a really big ass shake, and even toyed with the elastic band there a little too, moving in up and down. He did his best attempt at a twirl to get him facing her again, just in time to catch her trying to reach for his ass.

"Ok, you've teased me enough" she said, show me, show me.

And with that, he pulled his boxers down, being careful to lift the band over his now hardened penis, let the boxers drop to the floor, and in his best attempt at a sultry walk, walked right over to Mia.

She reached for his hardened penis, but he said "wait! It's your turn now, I want to see you naked as well!"

It was a little easier for Mia, since David had already made her topless, so she reached for the side of her skirt to unzip it. David smiled as he looked at the front of her skirt, which now showed a large bulge. Mia followed his gaze and said "See what your strip tease did to me?" She found her zipper and slowly pulled it all the way down, loosening her skirt enough that it fell to the floor. She stepped out of it and stood in her nylons, garter, and now free hardon. David walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her to kiss her again. They crushed their hard penises together, and David was amazed at how good it felt to feel how excited he made this woman who was exciting him to travel to new and extremely erotic places. He felt her grind her hips into him and reached down to hold her hardness. Mia groaned and reached her hands behind him to cup his butt cheeks and pulled him even closer to him, so his hand could feel both hardened cocks as they rubbed.

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