Finally! With our crazy schedules, my wife Lori and I found a weekend where we could get away from the stresses and strains of our jobs and enjoy! she's a nurse in a large hospital so if she's not scheduled for work on a weekend, I'm off on a business trip

"Where should we go Honey?" she asks excitedly as we sit by the dinner table eating a late night meal she whipped together.

"How about some fun in the sun?" I reply as my mind runs through some vacation spot options.

"Okay. You call for a reservation and I'll clean the table."

Let me give you a visual of us. I'm 50, six foot with an average frame that I take good care of. I decided to go bald years ago because I was losing hair and refused to walk around with the "monk" look. The only hair on my head is a graying goatee that I love because it goes with this whole biker life my alter-ego is into.

Her 46 year old Italian frame is just over 5' with an hourglass figure and brown hair that flows around her beautiful face. Her eyes are big and brown and can melt a convict's heart. When she walks, heads turn and a contributing factor of their glare is her ass. It's perfectly round and full with no sag at all. I can't keep my hands off of it. I'm a butt man so her beautiful ass is great! Then there's her tits. They are a 34c and sensitive to the touch. I can make her scream in an orgasm just by making love to them alone sometimes.

So I decide to surprise het and fly us down to Miami Beach over the weekend to tan, drink, and dance and make love. We left early on that hot and sunny Friday morning and headed straight for the beach from our beach-side hotel. I knew a certain area away from the general public fairly well because I've been there before but this was her first time to Miami so I thought I'd try something to see what she would do. Those parts of the beach that are somewhat secluded also have women lying on the beach topless. They don't run around with absolutely nothing on like a nudist beach but while they tan, they'll remove their tops so there are no tan lines.

As we get closer to our destination, her eyes focus on the beach bodies and I hear her gasp.

"Jeff! They have no tops on! We can't stay here!" she whisper's loudly with her eyes exploding.

"Relax. This is what they do here but not everybody does it. See for yourself." I say in a calm tone. She scans the area timidly with her head down and notices that some of the women had their tops off and some didn't. There were maybe 20 people in the area - some with partners, some alone, some younger, some older.

After a big huff, she lays out everything around her chair and attempts to relax in her bright red two piece bikini. I do the same around me and pop open a couple of wine coolers for us. She downs that one quickly and asks for another, which I found to be odd. She usually nurses her drink but either the heat or her nervousness made her drink that one fast. I hand her another from the cooler and adjust my chair slightly behind her yet to the side so I can watch her.

The reason for my adjustment and mild excitement is because alcohol puts Lori into, what I like to refer it as, the 3 levels of sensuality brought on by alcohol. Lori is gentle, shy, and extremely conservative in her everyday form. She was brought up that way and it's just who she is and who I fell in love with. When we make love, the room is dark and the sex is..... Okay. She rarely drinks so when she has one or two, she's feeling it. Level 1 is when she has one or two drinks and slips out of being shy and soft spoken into being bold and risqué.

Sure enough, as she lies back down, she looks around the area and notices that more women had taken off their tops. She reaches behind her neck and unites the top string of her red two-piece, which exposes the top half of her tits. As time and wine coolers go by, she looked around again, looked at me and noticed I was laying on my back with mirrored sunglasses on, so she doesn't know if I'm sleeping, and quickly takes off her top and lays back down. I said "niiiiiccceee" in a low pitch and all she did was turn to me and give me a devilish smile. She actually stayed that way for some time while polishing the last wine cooler we had and turns around to lay on her stomach. I'm still watching and am beginning to get hard. Her bikini bottom is, as you can imagine, very conservatively cut so imagine my shock when she suddenly, and nonchalantly, reaches back and moves the sides of her material toward the center as if to make it a thong! After I put my eyes back in my head I murmur to myself "yeah, she's in level 1"

I had to peel my eyes away from her to reduce my bulge so I could go to a nearby hut and get us some more drinks so as I scan the area, I noticed a lot of guys suddenly looking our way. I knew who they were looking at and I loved it. Here I was with my sexy wife and other guys were drooling over her.

I decide that this would be the best time to get those drinks so I ask her what she wanted and luckily she wanted a margarita. Cool! I think to myself. The drinks just might be getting her to level 2, which is when she not only gets bold but very flirty.

Getting to the hut and coming back with the drinks took forever. The woman in front of me at the hut couldn't make a decision to save her life! When I get close to our spot I noticed something that convinced me that she was at level two. Sitting on the sand next to my wife was a guy! He must have given her a large margarita type of drink and they seemed to be in a humorous conversation because Lori was lying on her back on her lounge chair, laughing as he's talking and her tits are just bouncing away. That's right, she wasn't even covering herself! The alcohol was definitely having an effect on her because she would NEVER have done that sober. The guy she's talking to was muscular, rugged looking and over 6' tall and maybe around his early 30's. Kind of like those volleyball players you see on TV. I decide to keep the drinks, find a place to sit, and see what develops because this is what I've fantasized about. As I move to my spot, Which was about 20 feet behind him, I make eye contact with her while he reached for his drink and suddenly that devilish smile comes out for a second before resuming it to his eyes. At that moment I knew that I was in for quite a show.

They resume their animated conversation while chugging down their drinks and now that she knew I was watching, she started to use every flirtatious move you can think of. I literally had to look closely at her because I could not believe the woman I was watching was my wife.

Remember that she is in her lounge chair and he is a foot away from her on the sand so suddenly she turns to face him, leans back on her hands, and parts her legs. I could visually see his head go up from her face, down to her slim red material between her legs. I'm just in awe of her hot body, under a hotter sun, with sweat beads running down her breasts with her legs open so you can see two different shades of red on the material which tells me she is either sweating down there or wet from the excitement. My heart is pounding out of control at the sight! Suddenly their conversation goes from being animated to more sensual in a clandestine way since they were in public.

After more flirtatious moves like wiping the sweat off of her tits and bringing her knees up to her chest, they both stand. She turns her back to him and gives him a front row view of her ass (with the material still wedged in her crack) and bends over to reach for her suntan lotion. I look at his reaction and he looks down to admire the view and then looks up to the sky as if to say "THANK YOU"!!!! She turns to him, hands him the lotion, and lies back on her stomach with her beautiful round butt sticking straight up in the air. He then sits on the edge of the lounge she's on and starts applying lotion to her shoulders. Then he pours some more of the oil on her back and not only coats her back but also starts massaging her entire back and shoulders. I look at her and she has her head to the side facing me with her eyes looking at me. She smiles, looks at him in the corner of eyes and says something I could make out as "that feels so good!" He then moves his hands lower in a rubbing motion to the top band of her bikini bottom and tries to pull them down but she reaches back and lightly brushes his hands away. He goes back to rubbing her back but lowers his lips to her ear and whispers something to which she smiles and nods an approval. He then collects more oil and starts to massage her butt cheeks. At first it was a normal lotion rub like one might do to a relative but quickly it turns erotic. He starts gripping her ass cheeks while rubbing and every so often a hand goes underneath the bikini - first for a quick second but then his hands are rubbing up and down her ass but underneath the wet red cloth. I look at her and her mouth is now in an "o" shape and her breathing is heavy. Suddenly I see that his right hand is still under her bikini but it's no longer rubbing but bobbing up and down. OMG! Is he doing what I think he is?! I'm going nuts! My heart is pounding, my breathing his hard and I'm shaking! His hand maneuver only lasts a half a minute before she jumps up to stand, along with him, and they talk quietly for a few moments while she nervously looks around to see if everybody was watching. Lori and the beach stud's bodies were close to one another talking and smiling for a few minutes. He then nods and collects his things to go. She looks visibly flushed and plops down in her chair and attacks her drink after taking a huge gulp of air.

I start to come back to life but also wait a bit before running over to her because of my raging hard on. When I reach her she says" OMG! I can't believe that just happened! I'm so sorry honey but I knew you were watching and I know how this turns you on but with the drinks and the sun and his hot body I didn't mean for it to go that far but he got me so horny with his accent and his words and..." I cut her off to calm her down and to reassure her that I was not mad at all and actually loved it and her.

She felt a lot of relief after that and calmed down a bit in order to tell me what happened. She said that she was just about to fall asleep when he approached her with a drink. "He said his name was Trent and he was here from Australia visiting friends. They decided to come to the beach, near his hotel to play volleyball and party but he went to get a couple of drinks and saw me on his way back he just had to say hi and tell me how pretty he thought I was" as she blushes a bit. "His voice mesmerized me and he was so easy to talk to. At first I covered myself but Trent said "please don't cover that pretty chest of yours. I already seen it and you have beautiful breasts." I felt so embarrassed but he quickly put me at ease with his words. My heart was JUST pounding and I was so nervous and wet and excited because I felt so naughty but when I saw you watching, I just kept going to see how far we would go. I never believed it would go that far!" She took a second to catch her breath and then went on. "All of a sudden I decided to do something I've NEVER done and swing my legs over so he could see between them and I thought I would die but I suddenly felt like teasing him. As soon as I got naughty, so did he and he said things like "I sure would like to see what's under your bikini" which only made me do more. He said that the sun might be burning me so he should put some lotion on me so I let him, making sure I stuck my ass up to tease him some more. His hands were magic Jeff! I was melting in those large hands. I wanted him to touch me in areas only for you but I was too wet and nervous to tell him. Suddenly he put his hands under my bottom and I pushed him away but I knew he knew I didn't mean it so he put his hand underneath again and... and... "I asked her excitedly "what!" She continued "he put his hand underneath and put a finger up my pussy and I didn't stop him right away because by the third stroke, I was cumming! I came with him barely touching me Jeff!" I stood up right when it was done because I came back to earth and realized we were on a beach so I said we needed to stop and that's when he felt he should go because we both knew that if he kept doing what he was doing, we wouldn't be able to stop. Can you believe that!?" She exclaims like a kid that just got a huge piece of candy. "It gave me Goosebumps! I thought I was going to pass out because it was so wrong yet hot!"

"Let's go!" I state as I grab all of our belongings hurriedly.


We need to go to our room and fuck. I want you bad!"

"I so agree" as she helps in a rush.

At that moment I knew she went from level 2 to that final level and I bet it's all because of the drink he gave her. Level 3 is where she is horny as hell and ready to do anything to crave her sexual appetite. Shy Lori is gone and slut Lori is there!

True to form, we ran up to it on the third floor, took off our clothes and didn't leave the bed for the next 5 hours. It was incredible! She was only in this level a couple of times but each time was the best sex ever!

Our hotel was right on the beach on Ocean View Ave. It was nothing fancy but nice enough to enjoy. I told her I would like to take her to dinner. I wore a nice pair of khaki pants and a polo shirt. She surprised me with a short black dress. Where did that come from? She was so beautiful. It was loose below and came down just under her round ass. The neckline plunged low enough to show half of her breasts and she wore a type of bra that stuck them out and together for an unbelievable cleavage. As I watched her put on her clothes, I noticed that she put on a pair of white French lace panties. She knows that drives me nuts. As soon as she slid them slowly up her legs, she gave me a devilish look and smile that said we were not done having sex for the night. To complete the ensemble, she wore high heeled black shoes and thigh highs with the seam going right up the back and connecting to a garter belt. I felt so lucky!

Right below us was a night club you have got to experience to believe. Its front is open for people to look into because of its atmosphere. The waitresses are all gorgeous and they wear leopard body suits to show off. Even the bartenders join in on some of the reggae music they play all night. There's a dance floor in the center where the hottest and dirtiest dancing goes on because that's just what you seem to do when dancing to that type of music. The club itself is lit up internally with neon lights so if you're wearing white, you glow. It's a lot of fun.

We went out for a nice dinner down the street and you can imagine what our conversation was about. All we could talk about was the encounter on the beach. The one thing I found odd was how she avoided answering me when I asked her what they talked about after he gave her an orgasm. After a wonderful meal and some wine, we headed back to the hotel. On the way, she asked if we could go inside the club under our hotel. I said sure and we went inside. It was crowded but we got lucky and found two chairs at the bar. We both ordered a fancy type of margarita that came in neon green glasses. We joked and laughed but she seemed to be real nervous. That drink went down quickly so I ordered another. As she was drinking that one, I noticed during our conversation that she was turning slightly toward the crowded tables and dance floor and opening her legs. Then she would turn toward me. I asked her if everything was okay and she quickly said that she was fine. I knew that because of the Margarita and wines, she would be getting well into level 2 but the drinks don't make her this fidgety.

Something told me she was up to something so I made an excuse to go to the men's room. I came out of the bathroom and tried to make my way back to our stools but it was crowded so I took another way. Sure enough, there she was spreading her legs and smiling at a table of four guys. As I got closer to them, I saw why. One of the guys was her beach buddy!

That's why she avoided my question and that's why she wanted to come here! He must have told her where he was going to be tonight! At that moment I felt like a fool and a bit betrayed so I was gonna take this to the limit!

When I arrived, she was like a kid with their hands caught in the cookie jar. She closed up her legs and said "Oh hi!" in a surprised tone.

I said "Give it up. I know now why we're here."

After a second of conjuring up a lie, she said "It's not what you think. He told me he was going to be here but it was so crowded and I didn't know what time he would be here and..."

"Don't worry about it" I interrupted her. "I'd like to meet him."

"WHAT?!" WHY!?

"Why not? Again, give it up. I know the real reason is because he did something to you that excited you and now that he's here, you're showing him just what he can't have...Or can he?!"

"No! Absolutely not! I'm sorry we even came. You must think I'm horrible. Let's go"

By that time I had already gotten off of my stool and approached him. I could hear Lori behind me crying out "Jeff! No!" but I continued.

I think he thought I was coming over to take him out but I first introduced myself calmly and then asked if he would care to join us and he hesitantly said that he would. He excused himself from his friends (with a lot of punching in the arm and remarks like "go get her dog").

I won't bore you with the small talk we had but Lori was still sitting on her stool and Trent was standing next to her and I was on the other side of her. She seemed very uncomfortable but after a third margarita, she seemed to be settling down. While she was looking around, Trent and I made eye contact. He understood what I was up to and I knew what he wanted so we nodded to each other in agreement.

Trent then turned to Lori and asked if she would like to dance. Before she could object, he took her hand and pried his way to the dance floor with her in tow. It was very crowded so all I could see were the top halves of their bodies but they were dancing body to body for a while and in deep conversation. Suddenly she smiled and her entire demeanor changed. She then turned her back to him and they were grinding to the music. I didn't know Lori knew how to do that because she never did that to me but there she was, dancing the most erotically induced dance with another guy.

After that dance, they both came back flustered but I don't think it was because of the heat. She floored me by stating that it was getting hot in the club because of all the people so we should head up to our room. I assumed she meant the two of us but she grabbed both our hands and Trent and I followed while looking at each other in disbelief!

The walk up the steps set the tone for the night. She put both of her arms through ours but I think that was because she needed a bit of help walking. Then she said "me with two hot guys going to our hotel room. This could be fun!" I then realized my fantasy was about to come true. She was at level 3 with her husband and a hot Australian and leading us to our room!

When we get in the room, she excuses herself to go freshen up and asks me to pour more wine. I did and Trent and I sit in chairs facing each other. He told me I'm a lucky man but before I could reply, we hear the bathroom door open and out comes my Midwestern, shy, conservative wife in a red silk robe that barely covered her panties. She kept the stockings and shoes on. The robe was open wide enough where you could see her push-up bra. My heart stopped and my mouth opened. She looked like a VS model! Trent said under breathe "OMG you're beautiful!"

She stopped, took a huge breath of air, as if to nervously say "okay! Here we go!" and approached me. She then looked down and said "we always knew your fantasy Jeff but I never divulged mine." I asked "what is yours honey?" She looked up at me with a smile and said "to be taken by two guys".

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