tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMia's Fantasy Ch. 02

Mia's Fantasy Ch. 02


Mia looked down in shock to see Deon put a chemical-soaked cloth over Noah's face. Her husband passed out, limp as a puppet with its strings lopped off.

"No, please. What are you doing?" Mia begged. The 21-year-old blonde was cuffed to the headboard completely naked, helpless as she watched Deon drag Noah off the bed. The sick part of it all was that this deep, inner part of her psyche loved what was happening. For so long she had nursed a secret rape fantasy - of being accosted in her home, her husband tied up, forced to watch the unspeakable unfold - a fantasy she'd only revealed to her husband when they'd married a few months ago. Now it seemed it was coming true...only with darker implications than Mia wanted to acknowledge.

"Quiet, little cunt. Your husband's going to take a nice 'nap' while we take you downstairs to play with you some more," Deon growled. Deon, by far the most intimidating of the three intruders, was a muscular black man at least 6'7 tall. A swirl of ominous tattoos covered his bare arms like battle scars. He proceeded to unlock Mia's cuffs, but it had nothing to do with mercy. He fondled the girl's shapely breasts as he drew the cuffs away. He pinched her nipples, wresting a loud groan from her lips. Meanwhile somewhere deep down her libido flared to new heights - like fire given a fresh batch of oxygen.

"Take the slut over there," he said, gesturing Emmett to drag her to the other side of the room. Mia felt strong hands grab her, pulling her off the bed. She felt the blood rush back into her hands, sighing as Emmett curled one strong arm around her, pulling her back against his chest. She felt his hard cock graze her backside. It made her shiver.

"Take a good look, cute bitch. Your hubbie's getting a nice, comfortable spot to rest on the bed. Isn't he a lucky man?" Emmett murmured.

The beautiful young blonde watched as they cuffed Noah to the bed in much the same way they had cuffed her a short while ago. He lay face-up, his legs spread wide. His wrists were both cuffed to the headboard. Unconscious, his boyish face lolled to the side. His cock lay flaccid between his legs. He looked almost peaceful...which seemed so incredibly wrong to Mia. Mia felt the urge to cry out to him, to shout 'Noah, wake up. Help me. Save me from these brutal freaks!' But of course she knew it wouldn't do any good. Whatever the three young black men had used to drug Noah, he was completely out for the count.

Deon glanced at Cameron, the third part of this sadistic trio. "Come with me out to the van. Let's get our special 'toy' for Mia so that the real fun can begin. Yeah?"

When Cameron nodded, Mia's eyes bulged. The willowy girl shuddered. All three men had already raped Mia. What could they have planned next? What could possibly be worse? The girl whimpered as she felt the dull throb in her pussy from all their cocks fucking her without mercy. But the memory of her unexpected orgasms sent a new burst of arousal between her legs too. She felt so conflicted, her darkest desires stoking feelings she'd never wanted to acknowledge even as she felt the burn of shame in her chest. Even though they'd forced Noah to lick out their nasty cum from her snatch, she still felt unclean everywhere - as if some residual jism from their three raping cocks had seeped permanently into her soft, inner folds. She felt as if she could feel their warm cum nestled deep in her womb.

"Wh-what are you going to do?" Mia wailed as she saw Deon and Cameron start to leave. But Emmett just put his hand over her mouth. He petted her pussy with his other hand and told her to be quiet.

Meanwhile, as Deon and Cameron exited the room, the leader called over his shoulder, "Keep the bitch up here for a few minutes. I want to have the special 'toy' all set up for our hot, sexy girl when she comes down those stairs."

What special 'toy' was he talking about? Mia wondered. The possibilities terrified her. When Mia struggled a bit, Emmett tied Mia's wrists together firmly in front of her with a length of rope. The next few minutes were a cruel torture of anticipation. A tiny sliver of Mia actually felt excitement. That scared her almost as much as the thoughts racing through her mind.

'Where is all this leading? What are they going to do with Noah once he wakes up? What if Noah doesn't wake up!?' Fear somehow managed to dovetail with the latent lust pooling between her legs, though. She felt like someone had lit a terrible, unholy fire deep inside her loins. Right and wrong had been replaced by primal, feminine instinct. The need to be dominated. To submit. To be controlled...

"OK, we're ready for the white bitch. Bring her down," Deon called.

Emmett grasped her by the arm and tugged her down the steps with him. They walked out into the wide-open living room which was furnished with two huge, comfy coffee-colored sofas. Hardwood floors stained a deep red contrasted beautifully with the furniture. At first Mia frowned. She saw a duffel bag opened, with odds and ends splayed around it. But that wasn't what made her knees go weak. That wasn't what made the young woman nearly pass out right then and there. Mia's blue eyes looked imploringly at her captors.

"No. You can't...it's not...possible," she breathed, half in awe, half in horror.

There, in the center of the living room, sat a saddle-shaped device lined with rubber. Springing up out of the center of the device was a long, thick rubber shaft colored bright pink. It had to be a full foot in length. And that wasn't the worst part of it. The shaft was covered in a series of ribbed layers - sharp, little bumps EVERYWHERE. The further down the shaft, the more pronounced the ribbing became. The phallic monstrosity took Mia's breath away. The gorgeous young blonde trembled as Emmett guided her towards the device. Meanwhile Deon laid down the ground rules.

"Listen up, bitch. Me and the boys are going to play some poker to relax - but lucky YOU, little whore, YOU get to be the added entertainment." He gestured at the obscene rubber dildo. "You are going to hump that big cock like a cock-teasing slut. I want full eagerness from you, like the fuck-slave you are. Oh, and I forgot...we have one more way to make your ride on 'Cuntsplitter,' as we affectionately call him, all the more memorable." Deon took a vial of some liquid from the duffel bag. Unscrewing the lid, the black man poured the contents on the tip of the giant dildo. Then he rubbed the oily fluid up and down until it coated the entire length.

"This is a special hot sauce, diluted with just enough oil to give the shaft some extra lubrication for your young pussy. As you bust your cunt on the shaft, you are going to FEEL more than just the size of the shaft, bitch. You are going to feel the hot sauce. It's going to be a FUCK unlike any you've ever had in your young life."

"No! I won't. I won't do that!" Mia wailed. Meanwhile, her libido gently prodded her. The traitorous whispers of that same libido made this awful, horrific prospect seem almost enticing. The idea that she might be forced to experience something totally new sent a shiver of excitement through her sex. She looked away though. She wouldn't acknowledge it. Never.

"It looks like this bitch needs convincing," Cameron muttered.

"Oh, I've got that covered," Deon purred. He took a pistol out of the duffel bag and came over to Mia. He grasped her by the neck. As she gasped, he pressed the barrel of the gun directly against her quim. The metallic barrel of the weapon felt so cold pressed against her cunt lips. "You want me to put a bullet in your pussy, bitch? You've got two choices. You can have hot sauce in this cunt or you can have hot LEAD. Which is it going to be?" The deadly sheen to his eyes made her practically melt in fear. As if her libido and her fear were somehow locked into some complementary dance, Mia was stunned to realize that she was turned on by Deon's threat. It was enough to make her question all her assumptions. It was enough to drive her mad.

She finally did the only thing she could do. She surrendered. She felt her pussy quiver as she sighed. "OK, please, don't hurt me. I'll do it. Please..." Deon stood back and spread out his hand in a gesture that said, 'Go ahead. It's all yours.' The girl approached the saddle slowly. Ever so gingerly, the lithe blonde straddled the huge rubber penis. She positioned her labia just above the cruel, bulbous-shaped head of the rubber cock. She spread her bound hands carefully on the front of the saddle to keep herself upright. She looked down at the obscene member, which actually looked more like the manhood of a sadistic god. She felt the tip tickle the opening of her pussy and then, readying herself, she prepared to slowly engulf the shaft inside her soft folds.

She took in the first few inches. Biting her lip, the young blonde felt her cunt enfold the uppermost part of the pink dildo. Then she lowered further...further...and further still...until she had nearly encased the entire dildo inside her sex. Nearly. But it wasn't enough. Cameron had crept up behind her. Now Deon growled, "Help the slut get ALL the way on it. We don't want to see any of that shaft peeking out when she bottoms out her pussy on it. Make her bust that sexy cunt. Come on, Cameron, help this bitch learn to fuck like a good slave." As he said this Cameron's hands slid over Mia's slim shoulders and pressed down - HARD. With one swift movement she felt herself slam down the rest of the way onto the phallic masterpiece. There was a moment of extreme discomfort followed by intense lust that made her cream up almost instantly on the huge cock. Then she was moving her hips, pumping her young sex up and down, up and down, letting the oil do its work as the shaft sped up into her slit like a thrusting sword.

She began to moan, "Oh...Oooohhh...Ahhh!" but then something happened. A few seconds passed and the hot sauce began to take effect.

"Oh god! Oh fuck! AAAHHHHH!!!!" Mia squealed. She cried out as the hot sauce felt like a sudden inferno had singed the walls of her cunt. Her pussy convulsed on the shaft as the burning sensation filled her loins. It wasn't pure agony. It was bittersweet agony. The gorgeous blonde could feel the burn of the hot sauce combine with the delicious friction of the ribbed dildo to create the most conflicted brand of pain and pleasure racing through her helpless body.

"AAAHHHH!!! AAAAYYYY!!!!" she screamed as the hot sauce made her eyes water, but the intense pleasure in her snatch only grew. Her cunt juices trickled down the shaft even as she felt it hammering upward towards her cervix. Even as she felt the hot sauce penetrate her deeper and deeper until her screams and her furiously pumping body became one. The three black men watched as the slender girl humped the pink dildo with panicked fervor, her breasts bouncing violently as she impaled her pussy hard, again and again, while the hot sauce burned inside her loins.

"AAAAAHHH!!! PLEASE! NO MORE!" she squealed. "MERCY!" Tears streamed down her face, but her darker half begged for more. She screamed louder as the hot sauce filled her pussy, and the faster she pumped her cunt on that tall, rubber slab, the more the hot sauce spread until it reached every corner of her love-hole.

"NOOO!!! AHHHH!!!! AAAAYYYY!!" she screamed, her supple cones topped with hardened buds of arousal that seemed to mock her cries. She couldn't handle the assault of stimulation inside her poor, ravaged cunt. She felt like she was going to pass out.

And meanwhile, the three horny young black men just watched.

Deon grunted as he dealt out a hand of cards.

"This little slut's quite the screamer. She's twice as loud as the last girl we raped."

Emmett nodded as he picked up his cards and arranged his hand. "Damn, look at the slut go. She's moving that pussy like a real whore. She's loving that cock deep in her fuck-hole...she just doesn't know it yet."

Cameron joined the other two, chuckling as they made light of the woman's suffering. Meanwhile Mia slowly found herself overcoming the worst of it. The heat of the hot sauce gradually began to dissipate. In its place she felt a fresh wave of lust. Her pussy was creaming up fast on the pink shaft. Her fluids and her scent mingled with the hot sauce, further diluting it as pleasure replaced pain. Euphoria began to overcome agony, and the girl's breasts bobbed in time to her continued plunges each time she bottomed out on the shaft, her pussy fully engulfing every last inch of 'Cuntsplitter.'

"Too bad white boy is fast asleep. He's missing out on all his slut-wife's delicious moans and screams," Emmett said. He threw down a card as the turn passed to Cameron.

Cameron looked up as Mia's pussy made an embarrassingly wet sound of suction the second it came up off of the pink phallus - only to slam down as the cock vanished completely in Mia's snatch.

"Uhhh!!! Ohhh!!! Oh god!" Mia moaned. "Please Masters...may I stop? My pussy is getting so sore." The sensations were pleasurable, but Mia couldn't help it - the constant friction of the bumps along the dildo were as cruel as they were maddening. Her bound hands were clenched. So was the girl's buttocks as she writhed on top of the rubber dick. She bit her lip, moaning louder as she felt need, want, aching frustration build inside her aroused sex.

"Please.... Ohhhhh... have mercy. My pussy is so sensitive," Mia moaned.

Deon stood up abruptly and walked over to the girl. He leaned down, gently, palming the girl's breasts as he gave her a slow, tender kiss. Her mouth opened for him as she gasped in surprise.

"Mmmm... Seeing you ride that shaft makes me love you even more, cute bitch. Now shut up and just do as you're told." Deon's gaze flickered towards the stairs. "Or would you rather we wake hubbie up, bring him downstairs and force him to bust his ASS on that dildo right in front of you? Hmm?" As soon as Deon brought up that horrific idea, Mia pumped her sex with newfound zeal. She stopped complaining and merely moaned her way towards an orgasm. Her pussy flew up and down the ribbed dildo. Her fluids glistened up and down the shaft until all three black men could smell the pungent aroma of the girl's arousal from across the room.

"She's getting there," Emmett grunted. "The little slut is shameless. An absolute cock-hungry whore."

Cameron grinned. "Yeah...maybe once she gushes on Cuntsplitter, we can give her a nice reward."

Deon snapped his fingers. "Good idea. I've got just the thing."

Overhearing them, Mia wasn't sure she wanted any so-called 'reward' they might have to offer. She had a feeling it would be demeaning at best, terrifying at worst...and yet the thought of something unexpected - something totally beyond the realm of her experience or anything she could hope to predict - sent a fresh surge of lust from the tips of her breasts to the very core of her young sex.

As if Deon's awful promise had been the culprit, no sooner had his words slipped out, Mia cooed loudly. She rammed her pussy down viciously onto the waiting dildo, feeling it fill her completely. Then she opened her mouth for a long, wordless cry of ecstasy. Her juices flooded the shaft, coating it in her scent, her pungent arousal at its peak. Her cunt clenched up hard around the pink dildo's girth as she saw stars explode behind her closed eyelids.

"AAAAHHHH! FUCK! I'M CUMMMING!" she shouted, her hands clenching up every bit as forcefully as her cunt muscles around the unyielding pink phallus. Her tits shook as she trembled on the saddle, riding out her orgasm for what seemed like forever. Her cunt cream flooded the shaft so completely that excess fluids trickled down either slope along the curve of the saddle, staining the hardwood floor with her wetness. The slender girl's drawn-out moan petered out until only the sound of her heavy breathing in the aftermath of her orgasm could be heard. Her head tipped forward. She tried to catch her breath, all too aware of the enormous dildo embedded so completely in her slit that even the slightest movement was enough to make her groan.

"Did I say you could stop fucking that dildo, bitch?" Suddenly Deon was leaning beside her, smacking her shaved pussy with the riding crop Emmett had used on her earlier. The loud SMACK startled her as much as the stinging sensation from having that crop slam against her sensitive young flesh. She wiggled on the saddle with a yelp. She moaned as she felt the cock rub against the walls of her sex.

"OW! Please, I just came in front of you. You've...you've humiliated me, degraded me. May I please...have a break? May I please...see my husband? Make sure he's okay?" Mia's innocent-looking face and beseeching blue eyes begged her captor with every shred of her being. What were the chances the sadistic bastard would even listen though? Her heart pounded as she waited for his answer.

Instead Deon merely smacked the riding crop harder - right against her shapely ass cheeks.

"Shut up, whore. You're here to FUCK, not to talk. So get busy. Keep busting that pussy on Cuntsplitter until we say otherwise!"

The beautiful young blonde moaned and began moving her hips again even as Deon slammed the riding crop's tip with vicious glee against her breasts and pussy. The ironic truth was that the contrast of pain made her nerve endings come more alive, and the feeling of being so alive and dominated gave Mia a strange thrill of pleasure. Satisfaction even. So the overstimulated girl pumped her love-hole up and down the shaft while Deon continued to smack her with the riding crop...SMACK...SMACK...SMACK...SMACK... until finally, exhausted, she collapsed after her second orgasm on Cuntsplitter, her pussy so sensitive and sore that even the slightest movement of the dildo inside her snug sex had started to make her cringe.

She had pitched sideways onto the floor. Her cunt cream just covered the dildo like a thick layer of ooze. She moaned as she curled up in a fetal position. Her hand slipped protectively over her brutalized sex.

"Please...no more Master. I can't take anymore," she sighed. Deon threw down the crop with a snarl of disgust and nudged the naked girl with his foot.

"What do you think, brothers? Should we let this pussy rest? Does she deserve it?"

Cameron and Emmett exchanged a long look. Emmett spoke up first. "Hot little sex-slaves don't deserve rest, D. They deserve to have their holes filled with hard cocks, day in and day out," he growled. "I have an idea. Let's give the slut a reward - but she has to pay the price."

Deon smirked. "I'll let you take the lead on that soon enough...but first we finish gambling. Deal out a new hand. This slut can wiggle her sore pussy on Cuntsplitter a while longer as she watches us play."

Mia frantically shook her head no and tried to plead with them, but Deon just roughly picked her up by her hair and forced her to straddle the dildo all over again. She trembled as she felt the ribbed phallus slide up her pussy again. She bit her lip, trying not to cry out as she felt Deon slip his strong hands underneath her armpits and lift her up a little, only to drop her back onto the shaft.

"You hump that shaft some more while you watch us player poker, bitch. Slack off too much and you'll be begging to be put back on Cuntsplitter compared to what other things we can do to you."

Mia dutifully began humping the awful pink cock all over again...except there was one fortunate difference. As the three men played hand after hand of poker, distracted by their game, they paid her less attention. She didn't have to slide her pussy nearly all the way up off the shaft and bring it crashing back down to impale herself. She was able to wiggle her sex on top of the pink dildo monstrosity, moaning softly in the background. Her moans and constant grunts as she fucked the obscene artificial penis were just ambient music to the three men as they played out one round of poker after the next. An hour must have passed this way, maybe more.

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