Mia's Stranger


What a terrible day at work. All Mia wanted at this point was to relieve the tension after such a long day, preferably with a bottle of wine and some meaningless sex.

No sooner had she walked in the door when she texted Paul. Paul could usually be counted to come over at the drop of a hat, fuck her good, and leave before she got annoyed by his presence. Paul was exactly what she needed right now.

"Wanna come over a watch a movie?", Mia texted. They both knew that "watch a movie" really meant "fuck my brains out".

She got two wine glasses out of the cabinet and opened up a bottle of red, pouring herself a glass. Her phone buzzed.

"Sorry, babe. Can't right now, dinner plans. Maybe later?"

Ugh. First of all, he knew she hated it when he called her "babe". Second of all, she didn't want to wait until later. She wanted it now.

Mia quickly downed her first glass and poured herself some more. Damn, her panties had already started to moisten at the thought of Paul's cock. At eight inches long, her pussy had been pounded by bigger guys, but Paul knew exactly what he was doing with his package and they had been doing this long enough to know exactly what the other one liked. He knew that nothing got her wetter faster than whispering "slut" and "whore" into her ear. Likewise, she knew that he liked it when she really let loose and moaned his name at the top of her voice. She usually was on her knees sucking him off within three minutes of him walking in the door. She loved it when he gripped her long brown hair in both hands, guiding her mouth up and down his cock. She loved looking up at him and seeing the look of pure ecstasy on his face. She knew exactly how he liked his blow jobs: she would run her tongue up and down his cock as she sucked, and when he was close to cumming she would reach up and gently squeeze his balls. His load was always huge and while she tried to swallow it all, a little bit inevitably spilled out and dripped down, landing on her huge tits. She would scoop it up with her fingers and lick it up. It never took long for him to get ready for round two.

By the time she had finished her second glass of wine, Mia's panties were soaked. She needed release and she needed it now. She went through her contacts, wondering who else she could booty call. She passed a few guys. Too needy. Lived too far away. Talked too much.

Cradling her wine, she walked over to her bedroom window, opening the blinds to let the evening sun in. She loved this apartment, especially it's view. It overlooked a park, but also another apartment complex across the street. It wash't much of an eyesore, though; it was one of those historic buildings which had been renovated recently into expensive lofts. It was close enough that she could see people through their open windows but far enough that she still felt comfortable walking around naked as she got ready in the mornings, even with her blinds open.

Setting down her glass, she stretched out on the bed, moving one hand down under her skirt. Jesus. She was even wetter than she thought. Her black lace thong easily moved aside and her fingers quickly found her clit, rubbing it softly. She was so horny that it took mere seconds for her to begin to moan. She thought of Paul's lips expertly kissing her neck, moving down to gently suck her nipples. Whenever she started to moan, her began to take small nips, sending sparks of painful pleasure down her back. God dammit she wished he had been able to come over.

She pulled her top and skirt off, her large tits almost spilling out of the bra that matched her panties. This bra was one of her favorite; unlined black lace, she knew her nipples showed easily poked through. She knew because she always caught guys staring, although she pretended she had no idea. She liked the idea of guys looking at her, watching her. It turned her on even more.

With her left hand she began to massage her breasts, pinching her nipples through the sheer fabric. Her right hand continued to maneuver around her clit. She wanted to take her time; whenever she felt herself get close, she backed off, letting her hand wander back down her thigh, just as Paul would be doing if her were here. During one break she turned to look at the window, still rubbing her nipples through her bra.

"What the...is that guy watching me?! Jesus Christ."

She had spotted a man standing in a window of a loft across the street...a man with what appeared to be binoculars. She quickly jumped up to close the blinds. But just as she was about to, she realized how turned on she was. She reached up, but instead of closing the blinds, she opened them all the way. Mia paused, staring back at the man. He definitely was holding binoculars up to his face...and now he definitely was unzipping his pants and pulling out his cock. She couldn't tell for sure, but it looked rock hard and huge. Standing there watching him watch her, her juices really started to flow. Soon they were dripping down her leg. Still standing by the window, she pulled off her wet panties and unhooked her bra, letting it drop to the floor. Before heading back to the bed, she pulled her vibrator out from her nightstand drawer. If this guy wanted a show, she damn well better give him a good one.

Laying back on her bed, she positioned herself in a way she thought would give the stranger the best view. Again, she began to massage her breasts, but now she had her vibrator to help her out with her clit. She turned it on and slowly began playing with herself. First she plunged it in her wet hole, moistening it with her juices. Then she rubbed it back and forth over her clit. Faster and faster. She knew she was getting close. Her nipples pointed out, demanding attention. She knew if she looked back across the street, the site of the stranger would make her cum. She wanted it to last longer still.

She slowed down her movements, spreading her legs further apart, hoping she was giving him the best view possible. She wouldn't be surprised if she was so wet her could clearly see her juices, even from this distance. She held her left hand across both breasts, bouncing them like they would bounce if she were riding Paul's cock. Or the stranger's cock. Oh, how she wished there was a cock in her right now.

She looked up. The man was stroking his cock, faster and faster. She knew he was close. She knew he would cum when she did.

She turned her vibrator to it's highest setting and went to town on her clit. It took less than two minutes before she came. The orgasm rocked her body; it was probably the best orgasm she had ever had by herself. She couldn't help but scream out while her back reflexively arched. She tried to get a look across the street while she came. The stranger was cumming too. She could see his cum splash against the window as there was too much to contain in the tissues he held in his hand. She could feel all her muscles tighten and then relax. She kept the vibrator at her clit as long as possible before it got too sensitive and she had to stop. She lay back on her bed, panting, trying to catch her breath. Glancing up, she saw her stranger leaning back against a wall; it seemed that he was breathless as well.

Once she caught her breath, Mia got up and stood at the window. The man was still there, and when he saw her looking at him, he gave her a thumbs up. Laughing, she returned the gesture as she closed the blinds. Maybe one day they would actually meet, but for now, this was more fun than she had with Paul. And it definitely relieved all the tension she had felt from her long day at work.

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