tagSci-Fi & FantasyMicca Ch. 02

Micca Ch. 02

byGoldie Munro©

When Micca arrived at the entertainment parc of Sector 7, some of her anxiety returned. She stepped out of the hover-train and into the middle of a bustling rotunda. She stood still for a few minutes to take stock; to take in her surroundings and to watch the people go past. People – mostly men but to her surprise quite a few women too - walked here and there, some stood chatting in groups or sat at the pavement bars eating and drinking. Sector 7’s entertainment parc was frequented by the flyers, the docking bay and cargo workers. There was always a smattering of Ulldonians, the only other species the Glian authorities did business with and allowed ‘on world.’ The artificial sky above was a luxurious dark blue, with Glia5’s night sky projected perfectly in all its glory. The street lights cast a soft golden hue over everything and soothed her rattled nerves a little. She pulled herself together and crossed the rotunda towards the side street where she would find Sam’s Bar and Grill. She strode confidently with her head held high, looking straight at her goal, unaware of the many glances she was attracting. She also would have blushed furiously if she had known how many cocks she had made twitch in their pants!

She pushed open the door to Sam’s and entered the noisy bar. She was glad she had worn her gown as she looked around her. Sam’s had certainly gone upmarket since she was last here! Dark wooden tables and chairs seemed to have been thrown willy nilly into the space, the upholstery was of a ruby velvet and there was gilt ornamentation every where. Christ, there were even candles on the tables! A little man, not much taller than Micca, dressed in a black and white checked suit with a crimson bow tie, approached her with a leer. Micca took a step back.

‘Can I show Madam to a table?’ Micca laughed to herself. Madam? What the hell was going on here?

‘Em…Thank you but I’m meeting someone.’ Micca strained her neck and stood on tiptoe, trying to see if Llyr was here already.

‘Tell me the gentleman’s name and I will see if he is here, Madam.’ The man’s bow tie bobbed up and down as he spoke. Micca bridled at his assumption that she was meeting a man but then the odds did bear that out!

‘I’m meeting Captain Sommers,’ she replied.

‘Ah, of course Madam. Captain Sommers is here. Let me show you the way. Follow me!’ Micca followed the funny little man through the crowd of tables to some booths at the back of the room. She could see Llyr sitting in one, examining the menu. He didn’t seem to have changed a bit! His dark hair was still cut short, his frame still powerful and arresting. They stopped at his table.

‘Captain Sommers, your guest has arrived.’ The man made a quick bow, and then scurried off. Llyr looked up from the menu and could not hide the surprise on his face.

‘Micca?’ He stood up and extended his hand to her. ‘Micca…? He asked again taking hold of her hand and looking her up and down.

‘What’s the matter Llyr? Has two years made so much difference to me?’ Micca asked, a little taken aback. His puzzled look disappeared and he threw his head back and gave a throaty laugh.

‘God almighty woman, I’ll say!’

‘What? What is it…?’ Micca stammered, she was feeling her anxiety rise again.

‘Let’s just say you look a hell of a different out of a flysuit! And that dress! Do you want every man in Sector 7 cumming in his pants?’ Micca reddened, shook off his hand and sat down quickly.

‘I don’t know what you mean. It’s a little low cut but it’s a perfectly acceptable off- ship dress!’ She hissed at him. He sat down too, still laughing.

‘It would be my dear, if it wasn’t translucent!’

‘What? You mean…’

‘Yes – maybe it’s just this light but…lets just say you maybe should have worn underwear!’

‘Shit! Shit! Shit!’

‘Micca,’ Llyr’s tone softened, ‘don’t worry! You look stunning. I don’t think I would have recognised you! Relax, you’ll have brightened up many a grey day and you have certainly made mine!’ He took hold of her hand and gave it a squeeze. ‘It is good to see you again!’

Micca felt herself calming at his touch. She managed a smile.

‘Really? Well it’s good to see you too! I thought you were off on a trip to Bieto. Why are you here? How have you been? What have you been up to?’

Llyr chuckled again,

‘You haven’t changed that much! Still the twenty questions! There will be plenty of time for that – lets order some wine, eat some food and then talk shop. Ok?’ Micca felt his dark eyes on her face, his broad grin lit up his face.

‘Ok but I haven’t had off-ship food for months so I stand back, clear the table and bring it on!’

They ate and drunk a hearty meal. Micca gave herself up to the taste sensations which came her way; fresh food prepared perfectly and glorious Glian wine. The wine was heady and she soon felt herself relaxed and enjoying Llyr's company. He was a lively dinner companion as he explained the changes Sam’s had undergone from a fairly ordinary bar and grill to what was now a themed restaurant. It was trying to create a ‘Belle Epoch’ atmosphere from the 19th century. It was all the rage, apparently, on ‘God’s Own Planet’ as Llyr always called Earth. He always mocked the arrogant assumption that Earth was the ‘Chosen’ planet and that her replicas throughout the galaxy were of little worth.

‘I like it!’ said Micca, ’Kind of grand but cosy at the same time!’

‘You could say that! I feel comfortable here. Aston, the owner, the man in the checked suit, is an old friend of mine, so I come here often.’

‘He’s the owner?’ Micca asked incredulously.

‘Yes!’ Llyr laughed, ‘Don’t let that little frame fool you – he is a powerful man.’ Micca shook her head in disbelief.

‘Well, it just goes to show you shouldn’t judge a ship by its hull!’

‘You, of all people, should know that Micca.’ Llyr said softly.

Micca felt herself redden but laughed and changed the subject.

‘So are you ever going to tell me what you’ve been up to?’ She felt Llyr’s eyes on her face again.

‘Of course but first we dance!’

Ten minutes later she was laughing uncontrollably as she and Llyr tried to follow the hologram dancers in ‘The Ballroom’ which had been created at the back of Sam’s. They were apparently trying to dance a ‘waltz’, and simple though the holographs made it look, they weren’t getting the hang of it. Micca could feel Llyrs hand resting on her waist, could feel its warmth through the thin material of her gown and although it felt good she felt a little uncomfortable too.

‘Let’s sit down! People are staring at us,’ Micca laughed.

‘Mmm, think that’s more to do with your dress than our lousy dancing,’ whispered Llyr in her ear.

‘Space Hog!’ Micca hissed at him but they made their way back to the relative quiet of the restaurant tables.

Once back at their table Llyr ordered some more wine and said,

‘Ok, so you want to know what I’ve been up to? Well, I ‘m afraid I can’t tell you much.’ Micca looked at him.

‘What do you mean?’ she asked.

‘Just that, Micca. I was given Captainship of Scarlet Dragon 9months ago and have been doing the odd trip to Bieto but something else has come up which I can’t tell you about. It means I will probably be gone for a time.’

‘Gone? I don’t understand! We flyers are always gone!’

‘Don’t I know it!’ he smiled, ‘This is different. I’m going intersolar.’ Micca’s glass stopped half way to her mouth.

‘Intersolar? But, Llyr…’

‘Micca,’ he interrupted her, ‘I’ve told you all I can, more than I should but once I knew you were coming to Glia5…I don’t know I just wanted to see you and tell you so you wouldn’t…Oh I don’t know!’ Micca couldn’t believe it! Llyr Sommers stumped for words?

‘So I wouldn’t worry? Think you had disappeared? Gone renegrade? Christ, Llyr this isn’t making much sense to me. Are you still working for Outmine Com?’

‘This was a mistake,’ Llyr rubbed his chin with his hand. ‘Micca I can’t tell you, but just don’t worry ok?’

‘Why did you think I would?’ She looked defiantly into those dark eyes which were staring back into hers and saw straight into his soul. It made her shiver – could she have seen what she thought she saw? Was Llyr in love with her? And just as importantly, was she in love with him?

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